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Adventures in Business - Training Corporate

Sally gives her corporate trainer a lesson in humility
Sally glanced down at her watch. The session should have been done 30 min ago, but Bob was still droning on. It wasn’t that Bob wasn’t interesting to watch. Her friends described him as young Alec Baldwin. But being lectured on corporate initiatives late on a Friday just didn’t cut it.

Over the course of the two week training course, Sally had tried to make a connection with Bob. Initially she tried flirty smiles and glances to no avail. Next she tried her cutest skirt and a top that showed her assets in their best light. When it was clear that she would not be noticed, she wrote him off. “Either he is gay or neutered” was the general agreement of the women in the class.

Sally stopped day dreaming just in time to hear Bob say that it was time to wrap up for the day. She started collecting her things to bolt for the door. Her partner was waiting for her and it promised to be an interesting evening.

“Not so fast, Sally. I want to talk to you after everyone has left.” Bob’s demand came as a surprise. Sally waited while everyone left the room, wondering what was in store for her. When the last person left, Bob walked over and shut and locked the door.

“Sally, I’ve noticed that you haven’t been paying much attention this week. At corporate, we’ve been told that you are one of the most promising young managers in this division. Frankly, I’m having a hard time seeing it.”

The quick response that jumped into Sally’s head was “Well, if I didn’t have to deal with this bullshit, I could actually do my job and be a good manager.” Fortunately, she bit her tongue and responded with “What do you mean?”

The response was 10 min diatribe of corporate lingo combined with examples of poor behavior on her part. She nodded and said words of agreement at the appropriate places. Mostly, she just wanted this to end so that she could start her weekend.

Finally, it appeared that Bob was done. Sally tried to look sheepish, said she was sorry, and started to collect her things. Bob sat on the conference room table and just watched her in silence. As she walked by him, he finally responded.

“I don’t think you’re sorry at all.”

Sally felt Bob grab her arm. He pulled her over her lap like an errant child. Her skirt was tossed up exposing her pert bottom, and for just an instant she was glad that she wore her nicest red panties. Then he administered three quick swats on her bottom.

She stood up feeling her face flush. Her initial shock and embarrassment gave way to rage.

“What the fuck, Bob? Who the fuck do you think you are? What the fuck do you think HR is going to say when I tell them about this?”

“Come on Sally. Do you really think anyone is going to believe you?”

“Screw this.” Sally reached down for her bag. In that moment she made a career changing decision. As Bob turned away, she reached in her bag and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. In one deft motion, she slapped one end of the cuffs on his wrist and attached the other to a pole by the table.


“Now Bob, you have two choices. Choice one, you don’t cooperate and I leave you like this for the cleaning crew to find. Choice two, you put this other set of cuffs on, attach yourself to the table, and take your punishment.”

“You BITCH!”

“Your choice, Bob. I’m already late from your dicking around. You have 3 seconds...3, 2, 1…”

Bob reached out. Sally handed him the cuffs. He put one end on his free wrist and turned over the conference room table. He had to lay his chest and stomach on the table and scoot up so that his feet were almost off the floor to attach the other end to the opening .

Sally went over and unfastened his pants. She dropped both his pants and boxers to the floor. She couldn’t help but admire is firm ass and muscular legs. She decided to up the ante. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out her 8” vibrator and showed it to Bob.

“Now Bob, if I were from corporate, I would administer this sans lube.” Bob gasped. “But, being the nice person I am, I am going to go easy on you.”

Sally pulled a ping-pong paddle from her bag. She poised it over him. “Relax Bob, this is a walk in the park.” Bob thrashed, earning him a sharp slap on the ass. “Be good.” She administered three more sharp swats on the ass.


“Now Bob, that’s what it feels to have to take something that you don’t want or need. Let me hear you say you’re sorry.”

Sally failed to hear whatever Bob mumbled. She was too distracted by the fact that his previously flaccid member had grown erect. That prick was enjoying this. She took a moment to admire his unit. Bob was clearly a straight arrow to the core. She decided that she wanted to continue the fun. She stepped out of her shoes and let her panties drop to the floor.

Crawling up on the table, Sally positioned herself in front of Bob. Sitting on the table, she spread her legs, giving him a full view. She picked up the large vibrator and held it in front of her. Bob looked at her and let out a low moan.

“Bob, it seems like you are enjoying this. I bet right now you’re wishing you could have some of this.” She took the vibrator and slowly slid it inside of her. She could feel her juices flowing onto her hand. She pulled it out and held it in front of him. She could see him drinking in her scent. “Would you like a taste?”

Bob looked at her and slowly nodded. She smiled and slid down the table so that he could reach her. He was tentative at first, licking her inner thighs and working his way in deeper. She let out an involuntary shiver. He slowly worked his way up, tasting her, working her with his tongue and mouth. She let him take his time until he reached her throbbing clitoris. She arched her hips and pushed herself into him. Grabbing his hair, she pulled him onto her, pleasuring herself with his face. She felt the wave building and came crashing on him. She fell back on the table and thought she would pass out.

“Sally, please? This is really getting uncomfortable.”

Sally climbed off the table. She grabbed her keys and saw the look of panic in his eyes. “Bob, you have to promise me that if let you go, you’ll be good.” He nodded. She pulled the vibrator out and unlocked each of the cuffs. He stood up and rubbed his wrists and thighs that had been against the table. His shaft remained at attention. Sally thought he looked sexy, cute, and pathetic all at once.

“I don’t suppose I can get a little help with this?”

Sally considered it, but knew she couldn’t show up tonight dripping cum. She tossed him the bottle of lubricant.

“Bob, you’ve taught us that we have to take matters into our own hands. We need to take control of our own destiny.” Bob started running his hand over himself. Sally took pity. “But you were there to provide us inspiration.”

Sally turned and leaned on the table. Lifting her skirt, she showed her perfect ass. Bob took a step closer. “No touching. Well not me at least.” He applied a generous dose of lubricant and began rubbing in earnest. Sally continued with various poses. When she sensed he was close to climax, she walked over to him and reached under him. Grabbing his heavy balls, she whispered in his ear “Come for me. Now!”
Bob let out a gasp. He came with a shudder, leaving puddles on the conference room table.

“Well Bob, I think you have shown yourself to be a most promising student. I will leave you now to clean up.”

Sally gathered her things and started toward the door. As she exited, she looked up and saw the small camera in the corner near the ceiling….

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