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Adventures of a Trucker

She was looking to replace a tire.
Adventures of a Trucker

I had just finished taking a shower and having a quiet dinner. As I was walking out of the truck stop I was approached by a fairly good looking short lady. My first thought was, what’s this going to cost me as I have been pan-handled to death lately, with everyone down on their luck and no jobs. I told myself don’t be a push over and go for the sex.

I was right she was looking for money to replace a tire on her car that had gone bad. She asked me if there was ANYTHING she could do to earn this money as she wasn’t a mooch. Here was the opening I was looking for well before I even had to ask. So being the horn dog I am I told her I’m always horny. She played word games and I just said well my offer stands if you want and told her which truck I was in and walked away.

I had just got my computer out and here she came walking my way. I knew I had her interest and I also didn’t want a quickie for my money as I was going to be home in a couple days. She came up to the truck and I pointed at the passenger door and watched her walk around. She was cute and the ass cheeks were large and round which I liked. She climbed up into the truck and started chatting about how expensive tires were etc. I told her I only had a short time before I had to continue on.

When she said I would do anything for help, I said how about a blow job. She hesitated for about have a second and then reached out and rubbed my dick through my shorts. I said keep that up and its going to get big. She said I should hope so. Now, please note I always work to please the girl as this is important to me, what sex if you can’t both enjoy. I told her this and she just rubs my dick while she thought about this. So I took the lead and reached over and started to rub here big tits. They were big and soft even with her bra still in the way. She didn’t stop me so I slid my hands under her shirt and rub both tits alternately. She got hard real quick. I asked her if she would she like to move into the sleeper.

We moved back into the sleeper and I took the opportunity to remove her blouse before she sat on the bed. She snaked her hand up into my shorts and grabbed my cock. The soft hands felt so good. We groped each other for quite awhile and finally she started to remove my clothes.

I was enjoying the big tits and didn’t rush to remove her pants, but I finally started to unbutton them and then ever so slowly I pushed them to her feet. She stood to take them off and I reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her close to me. My dick smashed into her pelvis and she started to move in such a seductive way. I was getting hotter by each stroke. I told her I was an ass man and just love to play with soft asses. She said she like to be caressed there but hadn’t done any anal and was scared to try. I let that go and turned her around so I could put my dick in the crack and work the soft cheeks. I moved my hands around front to her tits. She looked back at me and asked if I had condoms to which I pulled one out of a seat pocket without breaking the embrace.

She turned around and dropped to the bed and took the condom from me and put it on in one quick move. She then backed herself up on the bed dragging me with her. I knew she needed to be played with to get the juices flowing so I reached down and played with her pussy. To my delight she was well lubricated and started moaning as I continued to play with her clit. She finally said "Fuck me please."

Being the horny trucker I am I did just that. I climbed in between her legs and slowly stroked my dick up and down her pussy lips. This got her going and the teasing brought more moans of pleasure. I finally couldn’t take it any longer and started to push into her. She was amazingly tight. After a slow entry I slowly withdrew to which she groaned thinking I was going to pull out. I didn’t of course I slowly pushed back in.

We continued for some time and I could tell she was getting close as I was. I readjusted our position so that my dick was stroking up into her in hopes of hitting the G-spot. I think I got lucky as she started moaning loudly and humped back faster. I was rewarded fairly quickly as she came pretty hard. I had to stroke her several more minutes before I finally came.

When we were through I kept good on my word and asked how much did she need for the tire. After finding out I gave her enough to cover it and told her she could knock on my door any time.

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