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Afternoon Trip To The Library

*Much different than my first story!* After forcing him to the library, he forces her!
I’m in need of going to get books from the library downtown. I beg you to come to the library with me, and after much debate, you agree to come. You’re still grumbling about it as we pull up to the library.

As I walk in, I stop and look up where the books are I'll need to study with and tell you that they're upstairs. We walk up and I begin to go through the rows.

The last book I need is way in the very back of the old library, in a corner. I reach up and start to look through them, running my fingers over each spine, when your fingers run down my spine. I turn and smile at you, happy that you're not too miserable.

Before I can even react, you push against me, effectively pushing me against the books. I whisper to you, "Stop it, we're in a public place." You merely spin me around and I push past you to the table at the end of the rows where I had stacked my other books.

The blood has rushed to my cheeks and I’m angry that you’re pushing me around. As I pick them up, I drop one back onto the table, as I reach across to grab it, you come behind me again, grabbing both my hands in one and pin me against the table. I tell you in an angry whisper, "Get the fuck off! I know the people here!"

You laugh and lean down saying, "I know. You forced me here, and I can't help it. You shouldn't have worn that cute skirt." You flip my skirt up, keeping me pinned down and push my panties all the way down. I'm angry, but I'm also incredibly turned on and soaking wet. You rub your fingers over my tight pussy and grin, "You fucking love this!"

I moan as I hear your zipper come undone and I am still worrying about other people, because if they walk past the row all they'd have to do is turn their head to the left to see me bent over and you behind me. I then feel your hard cock rubbing my dripping pussy, and I start to squirm as you rub the head on my clit. I am squirming and whimpering, trying to stay quiet.

You slam into me, all the way, pushing the table forward at least two inches. I can't help but let out a loud moan. You move your hands from my hands and place one over my mouth, fucking me as hard and rough as you can. "I wanna feel that tight fuck hole squeeze me baby, it's so hot." You grab a hold of my hair and pull back on it, moving the hand on my mouth down to my neck and squeezing, making me squeeze my pussy down on you.

You eventually get tired of not being able to see my face as you fuck my brains out and you push me down to the floor and get above me, pinning me down again. I start to push on your chest again, as I hear a few people laughing and whispering a row away.

You rip my shirt open, the first two buttons flying this way and that and you pull my tits out of my bra and start to suck on them as you slam your big cock into my tight pussy again. As I moan, you clamp a hand on my mouth. We hear the students walking closer, now just a bookshelf in between us; between them - seeing you fucking me silly.

I stare up at, terrified in them seeing me, in getting caught. As I hear one of the men speak, I notice it's my professor!

You lean down and whisper into my ear, "I know you want to cum. Cum on my cock. Fucking cum for me right now."

I wrap my legs around you and you feel my tight hole squeeze hard on your cock, you slam in once more and then I feel you squirt all of your hot, sticky cum in me, deep. I lay there on the floor, feeling your cooling jism running out of my pussy and you pull me up and put your cock in my face.

I dutifully suck you into my mouth, cleaning you quickly as I can, listening to my professor walk away with the student.

Pulling me up, you push my skirt down. I try and cover my chest some. You pick my books up and carry them for me and as I reach down to grab my panties, you tell me to leave them and grab my hand and walk down the stairs with me.
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