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Aggressive Tendencies

My first experience with a male was going simply enough, but I didn't know what I was getting into.
I will not give the exact age I was in this story for the sake of good sense, but let's just say I was old enough to have thought about sex often, but not old enough to have done anything with those thoughts.  I had a friend, for the purpose of this re-telling we will call him Tommy, who was a very peculiar individual.  Tommy was that boy we all knew who seemed to have a host of mental issues.  He was overly aggressive, had a foul temper, and a slight lack of good sense and judgement.  One trip to his household would clear up much of the "why" questioning in regards to his behavior.  His father was a loud spoken, wild eyed, and just generally unsettling man.  You ever met the type of guy who gave you chills even if he was smiling and asking how your day was?  Well that was Tommy's father.  His mother was a stay at home mom, although I could never figure out what it was she did there exactly.  She hardly spoke, never cleaned, never cooked, really just spent most of her time on the back porch smoking cigarettes.  Tommy also had a younger sister who was never at home.  I was always grateful for that, his sister always gave me odd looks and was far too touchy for a girl her age, which made me speculate about their family's closed door activities.

I, however, was pretty much just your normal dorky kid.  I was quiet, reserved, and usually polite to those I didn't know.  I spent most of my time reading science fiction or dazed off in my own little world.  I smiled a lot and played a lot, I was really a pretty happy kid.  Oddly, Tommy was one of my best friends.  We were total opposites when looked at individually.  Our behavior and family life were in juxtaposition with one another.  When together, however, Tommy and I were a machine for fun.  He was too rash to understand dangerous consequences and I was too timid to take fun risks.  When combined, we balanced out perfectly.  Despite his occasionally bursts of temper in my direction, he always respected my intelligence and sensibility for getting him out of trouble.  And despite his rashness, I always respected his bravery and his unbreakable sense of loyalty.  We were a parents worst nightmare, a pair bold enough to try anything and smart enough to get away with it...right up until he moved away.

I never fully understood the circumstances for him moving, but even my young mind could grasp that the reasons were of a dubious nature.  I did know it involved his father somehow, which was no surprise.  I was left on my own, which made me very sad.  Without him, I really didn't have the nerve to do anything fun.  I was about as depressed as a teenager could be.  But, I received great news shortly before my birthday.  My mother, in her kindness, had arranged it so that Tommy could come to my birthday party and stay the night.  I played it cool, as I was developing that "cool all the time" highschool guy mentality.  But in reality, I was ecstatic.  Tommy was coming and that meant it was time to get into, and out of, some trouble.  All in good fun.

And it was good fun.  Tommy and I possessed the party and bent it to our will.  Soon we had droves of teenagers roving the streets and causing all sorts of mischief.  My mother caught on however and ended the party early to curb our potentially dangerous group mentality.  But, she couldn't send Tommy home, since he lived so far, and she and she had promised he could stay the night.  Fortunately for her, we had a lot of video game catching up to do.  We soon found ourselves wrapped up in Contra 2, with the 30 life code on of course, until fairly late in the night.  At last, it was time for bed, but being young men we still had plenty of energy.  That meant staying up for at least another hour laying in bed, him on the floor and me in my bed, talking and laughing.

Now, I was a witty little bastard.  I wasn't much on violence so I tended to lean on my ability to make fun of people.  The opposite was true for Tommy.  He lacked wit, so, giving someone a few thumpings served his purposes just fine.  So Tommy and I had a pretty regular exchange that consisted of me making fun of him and him either punching me in the shoulder or chest a few times or wresting me to the floor to pin me down.  Again, all in good fun.  Well, on this particular night, such an exchange was occurring.  I was making fun of him, I don't even remember for what there was so much material I could work from, and he was running over to "beat my ass" as usual.  Now, I sleep fully clothed because I am weird, further explanation not required.  I had known Tommy for many years, and one thing I had to get used to with him staying the night was that he slept in only his underwear, that was just how he did things.  At least by the time this event had happened he had upgraded to boxers from the "tighty whiteys" of his boyhood.  So, boxer clad, Tommy came running over to me and began using my shoulder as a punching bag.  I fell off the bed, my hands protecting my face, and rolled on the floor laughing as he stood over me throwing punches.  Nothing unusual about this exchange at all until, suddenly, he stopped.  Normally he continues until I at least stop laughing, arm too sore and the amusement beat out of me, but this time he stopped prematurely and was eerily silent.  I sat up and looked at him, puzzled.  His face was frozen solid in an expression I had never seen on him before.  I was thoroughly confused, but as my gaze drifted from his eyes I immediately understood.  Everything was normal except for a spot of flesh that was out of place, sticking out of the front hole in his boxers.  Tommy had fallen out of his boxers.  I guess that little hole can be a blessing and a curse.  Less than 3 feet from my head was my best friend's penis, and he was too frozen to do anything about it.  Now normally, as a guy, I would of simply shouted "Ewww" and dove away laughing, making sure to take advantage of my friend's embarrassing moment.  But the room was too quiet and it was too awkward.  Instead, I just sat and stared at it.  I know that sounds odd, but it was really hard not to.  Not only was it right in front of my face, but I had not really seen another guy's penis besides my own before.  I purposely avoided looking in the gym locker room and really wasn't one of those boys who looked at the urinal either.  I had seen them in the occasional dirty magazine I would find, which by the way is like finding a diamond to a young boy, but I had assumed them to be more fictional representations then a model of a real penis.  But right there, in front of me, was a real penis…and it was fascinatingly different from mine.  Most obvious, he was circumcised and I am not.  It had an interesting look, at least to me, because of it.  The head was smooth and the shaft seemed more exposed, more veinish.  It had a clean cut and tidy look to it.  Tommy was also a good deal smaller than me length wise when un-erect, but a great deal thicker.  Because of that, he hung a bit differently than me.  His penis sat with the hole facing forward as the thickness and shortness of it didn't allow it to hang down loosely.  I could also see little tuffs of wiry pubic hair sticking out of the hole in his boxers and running part way down his shaft.  I guess I had always assumed all penises were generally the same in appearance, but as I sat staring at Tommy's, I understood that they must all be just as different as his was from mine.

What happened next was equally unexpected.  As I sat in awe of Tommy's fascinating penis, it began to change.  The head slowly begin to drop down slightly and the veins on the shaft became more pronounced.  Where the skin was folded and wrinkled before, it began to smooth out and stretch.  His already thick penis also thickened slightly and, with a pulse, his penis lifted from his boxers a ways and fell back down.  Then, another pulse lifted the shaft off his boxers entirely and his penis now pointed, at a down-turned angle, toward me.  Then more pulses, each successive one lifting his penis higher until, at last, it was pointing upward and curved away from me slightly.  Now of course I had masturbated before, so I understood what an erection was and I knew what mine looked like erect.  But again, his was completely different.  It was still a good deal shorter than mine but considerably thicker, and much more firm.  When I am fully erect my penis points straight out and slightly downward, but his firmness and thickness made his penis point upward.  As it continued to pulse, I stared in utter fascination.  I had never considered myself attracted to other boys before but I couldn't help but admire the look of his penis.  It was then that it donned on me, at a disappointingly slow pace, that something in this situation had aroused him.  I suddenly realized that the situation I was in was a sexual one and it immediately made me very nervous.  First of all, I was a little scared.  I did not know what he expected me to do or what he was going to do, and that pushed a little fear up inside me.  I had no plan for this kind of a situation.  I had always expected my first sexual experience to involve breasts, smooth legs, and everything else I had come to expect from watching late night Cinemax.  I had no plan that involved another penis outside my own and I wasn't even sure yet if I was turned on by it.  The moment drew out for a long time, but his erection never subsided.  In fact, drops of precum had begun to form at the tip, which only added to my sense of panic.

I know this was probably not a correct feeling, but at the time I felt very obligated to do something.  Not even sure if I really wanted to or not and too scared to be very turned on I still felt as though I owed him something, just because he had an erection.  It looked so different than mine that I was too scared to put my hands on it.  I had a slight idea of what a blow job was, I knew the word and I knew it meant placing a penis inside someone's mouth and that it somehow that felt good to the receiver.  Like I said, a slight idea.  I swallowed in attempt to quell my nervously aching stomach and closed my eyes to work up courage for my first sexual act.  Finally I opened my eyes and begin to lean forward from my hunches to my knees until my face was inches from Tommy's penis.  Not wanting to linger on that moment too long, I opened my mouth and closed it around the head of his penis.  It pulsed hard and the thickness increased so much that I feared it would explode and almost took it right back out.  Other than a slight ragged breath, Tommy stayed relatively quiet and still as the head of his penis pulsed inside my mouth.  The first thing that surprised me was how warm it was, I know I shouldn't of been surprised by that but I suppose I had expected to be just room temperature.  The other thing that surprised me was how his precum tasted.  I had expected it to taste badly, which was part of my overall reluctance, but I was surprised by how sweet it was on my tongue. 

Unsure how to proceed once the head was in my mouth, I simply sat for a long moment, neither of us moving a muscle.  His precum hadn't tasted bad which eased some of my fears about what his semen might taste like and I was kind of anxious for the experience to be over due to nervousness, but I knew I could not give him an orgasm just sitting there.  Then, I remembered what some of the kids at school had called a blowjob, so I sealed my mouth around the shaft below his head and started to suck on the head of Tommy's penis.  With the first pulse, so much precum came out that I thought he might have had an orgasm.  But it didn't seem like quite enough and, other than another ragged breath, Tommy had remained mostly quiet.  I could tell I was having some kind of an effect as the veins on the shaft directly below me begin to pop out more and his thickness increased, as did his firmness.  As I watched the shaft thicken and relax repeatedly while I sucked, I was in awe of the power of it.  The warmth, the rigidness, the pulsing, all of it gave me a real sense of being at the edge of something powerful.  It was at this point that I finally began to get aroused.  I was almost ashamed at first, I was getting aroused by having another boy's penis in my mouth.  But the feeling was utterly intoxicating.

After many long minutes of sucking on the head I noticed Tommy began to get restless.  At first I thought it was because he was close to his orgasm, but the movements didn't seem right for that.  He was relaxing slightly, but his movements seemed more out of impatience than out of arousal.  I had been sucking on his head for at least ten minutes and nothing had come out besides precum. 

Somewhere within that more relaxed mentality and high state of arousal, something possessed Tommy.  At this point, my recollection blurs slightly, as what happened next happened so fast and so unexpected that my mind had a hard time keeping up.  I had never put the pieces together I suppose, Tommy's family life and his behavior that is.  As I put him in my mouth I had never considered what Tommy's perspective on sexual contact might be.  And it never donned on me that Tommy's frustrated and aggressive behavior might transcend into the sexual realm.

I felt a sudden movement, a hand snagged the back of my head and I was pulled strongly downward.  At the same time, Tommy unlocked his hips and jerked in a powerful thrust.  His entire penis vaulted into my mouth and hit hard on the back of my throat.  I gagged hard and attempted to pull away, but Tommy was considerably stronger than me and he held my head down with both hands.  In the prone position I was in I could do absolutely nothing.  My lips and nose were pressed hard on the cloth of his boxers and I continued to gag repeatedly.  I pondered biting down to teach him a lesson, but I was very scared and didn't want to raise Tommy's anger.  I continued to gag and began to feel relief that he wasn't as long as me and that I had not eaten in some time.  Finally, my body giving up, the gagging began to subside and I finally noticed how eerily quiet Tommy was as he held me down.  Desperate for air, Tommy finally let go and I collapsed, gasping and coughing, onto the floor.  But, my break was temporary for as I lay flat on my back breathing hard I immediately felt the weight of Tommy's body straddle my chest and I found myself staring at his penis once again, this time he was boxer free.  I tried to get up but our previous exchange had left me weak and Tommy was moving quickly.  I felt my forehead being pushed down and my gasping for air was cut off by Tommy's penis, wasting little time, he begin thrusting at an undecipherable rhythm.  I made a muffled sound of objection but I was pretty well stuck and gagging again at the height of each thrust.  Tommy was holding nothing back and each thrust was as far as he could physically push himself down my throat, his testicles slapping against my chin.  I wondered briefly where he had learned to do what he was doing to me and honestly, to this day, I still don't want to know.  My gagging again subsided and I laid back, slacken and defeated, watching the repeated approach and retreat of his pubic region.  He was now fully on top of my head, his body centered directly over me as he continued thrusting unabated.  I can only imagine what it must of looked like from a distance.  A boy releasing years of frustration and anger by essentially forcing his way into his best friend's mouth.  There was nothing I could do to stop him, his power and aggression had completely overwhelmed me…and I was very aroused by it.  It took me awhile to even realize my arousal.  After the gagging had stopped and my fear had started to dissipate with his continued thrusting, I noticed I had an erection.  Again, I felt ashamed at first, it was not something that I should have been aroused by.  But I was aroused.  I even reached up and placed a hand on one cheek of his butt, feeling it flex and jolt with each thrust.

I think something about that made him uncomfortable, because he immediately changed positions.  He sat down on my chest with his penis pointed at my chin.  I took the brief moment to take in some gulps of much needed air, but before long I felt his hand snag the back of my head and pull it upwards so that I faced his penis.

This time, I willingly accepted his penis into my mouth and was again aroused by his thrusting.  His movements were so sharp that as he slid up and down my chest my whole body began to move with him.  I looked up at him, his eyes were shut tight and he head was contorted upward toward the ceiling.  His thrusting grew wild and convulsive.  They were sharp little bursts of power that seemed out of his realm of control.  Occasionally he would even miss my mouth and bounce of my cheek, but it didn't phase him.  He began pulling back so far that his penis was completely outside of my mouth and then thrusting so hard the entire thing would force its way into my mouth and it would slam my face hard against my pubic region.  All I could do was keep my mouth open and catch each angry burst willingly.  He was moving so fast now that there seemed to be no time between each thrust at all.  Remarkably, he remained relatively quiet, besides some hard breathing, and I began to wonder how long I would be at his mercy like this.  As he pulled back from a thrust I tasted something different and felt a splash of warm liquid over my cheek and past my ear.  I thought maybe it was his semen at last, but did not know it could shoot out, as at the time mine did not.  But before I had time to look or reason through it, he thrusted hard and did not retreat, holding my head against his pelvis.  There was a split second pause where I remember thinking "What's this about?", then a began to feel warm liquid spraying my throat with a good deal of force behind it.  I was in shock, first of all I didn't even know it could spray and second, I didn't know anyone could produce this much semen.  In fact, after quite a few shots I was convinced that he was in fact urinating down my throat.  I did not believe it was ever going to stop and, unfortunately, I did not get a very good breath before hand.  Just at the right time he let go of my head and, sure he was done, I jerked my head back to the ground gasping for air.  To my huge surprise, I felt a line of warm liquid draw across my face.  It turned out he was not done.  Unsure what to do, I laid there in shock as a few more lines of semen splashed onto my neck and face.  Finally finished, he collapsed on top of me with his sweat soaked stomach smothering my face.

The feeling I had at that point was beyond description.  I was not touched at all in a sexual way, hell my clothes were still on, but I felt a kind of relief I had never felt.  My whole body was relaxed and whatever worries or stress that was in my system was gone.  In short, I felt completely supreme.  He climbed off me and put his boxers back on.  Then, unable to move myself, I heard the rustle of blankets followed by silence.  When I finally did have the strength to get up and clean myself off, I noticed he was laying in his makeshift bed, turned away and starting to fall asleep.  The next day he said nothing about it and I was more than glad to avoid that awkward conversation.  I spoke to him probably three or four more times and never saw him again.  What happened was never mentioned in any of those conversations.
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