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Alternate Realities - Selena Gomez at sixteen

Bryan, a time traveler, seduces what in this reality would be a mere teen idol. 16+ characters
An accompaniment to the story "Happy Birthday Selena!". This is meant to be set in a world where alternate realities spring up from the pocketbooks of the financially astute, and renegade technicians that just want to set things right in their world. Bryan, named Joshua Loorman in this reality, is being pursued by these renegades and takes full advantage of being a few steps ahead of the competition.

This chapter is yet another alternate Earth where Selena Gomez never really came into her own beyond her first few bit roles in film and on television. She later would become one of those "whatever happened to so and so" celebrities

Two years earlier:

When I announced my departure from one department of a lucrative government agency, responsible for reproducing and reverse engineering both foreign and 'alien' technology, predictably they weren't too happy. Larger and increasingly profitable business ventures were on my horizon and my abilities sold for a higher asking price than the government was willing to offer. I was encouraged to continue my work in time travel and later developed a device. It enables the user to journey to any point in time, during their life span. The trouble with that is returning to the future you left. You might get back to exactly where you left from, or return to a changed world that hopefully didn't alter horribly. To correct it, you would have to return to the past.

This also allows for the creation of alternate realities, where the same people exist in different futures. Some may never have become famous, others took the chances that made them celebrities, while a small section remained in obscurity, regardless of what they did or didn't do.

I took my career minded self to a town in California and immediately witnessed the single most beautiful woman out on the beach with her family. Her eyes searched the beach dunes and watched me approach. To blend in, I wore a pair of shorts and removed my shirt. Everything I brought along stayed secure in my car - a baby blue 1980's Oldsmobile fully restored to its original specifications, thanks to a twenty year stint on a governmental payroll.

"Hi. My name is Joshua Loorman and I'm with Teen Scene Magazine." I shook the hands of everyone in their group, lastly I cradled Selena's hand in mine for a second longer than I should have before I continued. "I was curious if you could grant me the exclusive rights to interview and photograph Selena for an article we hope to run in our summer issue. It happens to be our first issue and I know we'll never get off the ground without such an attractive actress featured on the cover."

The sixteen year old turned around to face me, clad in a tiny two piece bikini. If she had large breasts the top would have been stretched to overflowing. Luckily for her, she hadn't developed beyond the small and perky stage, which was more than enough for me. I peeked for a moment at where her bottoms snugly embraced two cheeks. They struggled to hold everything inside. Should she bend over or otherwise contort herself awkwardly, the strings around her waist would snap and reveal her world to me. At least, I hoped as much.

Her long, almost black hair reached the middle of her shoulder blades and hung in loose waves. She possessed a peculiar beauty mark on her right breast. I wanted to taste every inch of her young curves and fuck her every way possible until the only thing either of us wanted to do was sleep. But patience is a virtue and waiting makes the heart grow fonder.

"Umm, okay." She bowed her head closer to me and whispered, "Can we do this interview closer to the water? Those guys in the dunes are making me feel weird."

I nodded kindly and walked beside her to the water's edge. The warm waves lapped at our legs, foam ran over our feet and it tickled as its remnants returned to the ocean, only to repeat the process as I interviewed her. Seagulls cried overhead, mourning the heat as relentless as it was and the fleeting daylight which cooled the air gradually. At first, I didn't have anything to ask her because I was adoring her beauty. Then it came to me.

"Where do you see yourself in five years, Selena?"

"Um, possibly doing movies. I did one a few months ago and it really inspired me to want to try more challenging roles. It was called 'Another Cinderella Story'."

"I did see that. You did a good job in that role. Did they train you to be so agile, or did it come about naturally?"

"Some of our instructors helped the cast and guided us through stretches. I needed a lot of help with lifting my legs up onto the beams and splits. When we finished, I could bend like a pretzel. I still limber up every morning so I don't lose the ability." She smiled and squinted her eyes a little in the sun.

I moved closer and acted as her shadow, then began with another question. "What kinds of movies interest you?"

"That depends. Sometimes I want to see a movie that scares me a little. Or is happy and romantic where the girl and the boy live happily ever after. I know it's unrealistic, but usually I choose for the mood I'm in."

"It's not. I do the same thing."

Her hands were behind her and subconsciously she pushed her chest out at me.

"Have you been to any concerts lately?"

"Concerts? I saw a few. They were at a club downtown and no matter how much I begged, they wouldn't let me in because I wasn't eighteen."

Her lips pouted playfully and I know I shouldn't have, but I leant in for a kiss. In the moment, she seemed to want it. Our mouths touched and the slow swirling motion of my tongue ignited a bout of horniness within the cute teen. Her parents; well, her mom and new boyfriend didn't pay us any mind. We ran down the scorching sand and dove headlong together into a huge wave. Before it slammed over us, I grabbed Selena from behind and shielded her. The water sucked us out several feet from the coast and nearly took her out of my arms. She turned her head and sought my lips again once the waves calmed. We kissed like lovers might and soon her breathing became labored.

My erect cock strained between the two of us. I knew she must be able to feel it trying to escape through my shorts because her hips pushed back and she rubbed her bikini covered slit over the tip. I reached a hand in through the leg of her swimwear. My fingers lovingly began to caress her already saturated little pussy. She emitted a series of soft moans as I discovered and massaged her swollen clit. Selena rested her ass over my tented shorts and sighed in defeat.

"I want to be inside of you." I groaned in her ear.

"But I'm a virgin!" She weakly mewled.

"I'm aware of that, sweetheart. What I'd like is for you to follow me back to my car. Tell your parents that we'll take a ride out to a local park. That is where I'd like to photograph you."

I recoiled the hood which protected her delicate nubbin.

Selena shook her head as I fingered her clit and eased my other hand in the leg of her bikini. She shivered and pleaded, "I'll do it. Just don't make me cum. My mom will know."

I stopped and cupped my hand over her mound. Two fingers pried apart her labia as we floated innocently, concealed in chest deep water. "Do you promise?" I asked as my middle finger stroked her clit.

"Yes." She quivered and must have been seconds from ruining her bikini.

I withdrew my hands and hugged her. I instructed her to follow me back to shore. We swam back and emerged holding hands until her mother noticed us. "I need to bring your daughter to a different location. This is too public. If you want to follow us, feel free."

I led Selena to where I had parked. Her mom and stepdad hesitated, then packed up their things to follow us. We found the park and I hid my vehicle along a single lane path near a huge field. There wasn't a single person around, nor did her mom ever discover our location. I brought her down to a spot beside some trees and took out my camera. She grinned and knelt on all fours as I directed her. We both were still dripping wet from the ocean.

"Keep your butt in the air and lower your chest to the grass."

"Like this?" She wondered and wiggled her round ass.

"Good enough to eat, baby. Stay like that."

Obediently, she remained in that position for a good ten minutes while I exhausted a roll of film and captured different angles, deep focus and a couple of inches away from her full rear.

"Now, I need you to lay on your back and hold your ankles for me. Try and get them as far back as you can."

She blushed as I clicked the shutter. I noticed her reluctance when my hand slid down the front of her bikini and onto her mound.

"Keep still, Selena." I whispered and took more photos.

She bit her plump bottom lip uneasily. Her backside looked fuller and I recognized the faint outline of her slender pussy through the fabric. I knelt by her head and got a shot down the front of her body, posed directly above the bridge of her nose. She bent her knees instinctively and held them apart. I got a few more pictures and replaced the roll of film, then placed it in a black tube. After another dozen or so close up images, I asked her to reposition herself.

"Stand up and bend over all the way, facing me."

Selena did as I wished and whimpered in distress when I untied the strings of her bikini top and bottoms. They fell to the ground for a split second before I grabbed them in my hand. I inhaled her sweet slightly musky scent and set the garments on the trunk of my car. I rubbed my hand between her thighs and knelt down behind her. She cried a broken sob as I dipped my tongue inside of her pink slit. I danced my tongue around her clit and drew the nub between my lips. Her asshole clenched then released while I ate out her pussy. I listened to her strained gasps and guided her to the ground. My mouth latched onto her tasty little cunt and swept around her labia. From her position on all fours with her ass in my face, I gathered a mouthful of her juices and sensed my cock swelled painfully in my lap. I was in disbelief, but my cock dared to cream the insides of my shorts. She looked between her splayed legs and watched my overt bulge grow.

I turned her onto her back again and held her wrists to the sides. First one nipple bathed under my tongue's focus, then her pussy ground along the tip of my tented shorts, moistening them further. I was sure that between my precome, her secretions and the fresh salt water, my shorts would literally erode from our friction. And they did through some miracle. Selena's wet mound grazed the tip of my bare cock head and she froze. I removed my shorts completely and threw our garments into the opened trunk. My arms hooked underneath her knees and she whined as I popped her cherry in one long stroke. I eased gradually deeper and knew she must feel raw. Once the two of us were pressed groin to groin, a mix of dark pubes mashed against each other, I heard her speak for the first time in nearly an hour.

"You're so big!" She sadly whimpered.

I was too afraid of cumming right then. Somehow, I managed to withdraw and left the head in her softness, then pushed forward. I enjoyed every millimeter of her narrow slit, with my lips covering hers to muffle any screams she might emit. There was no way I'd last beyond the scope of a few minutes and the uncomfortable sensation in my balls agreed.

"I'm cumming! Oh shit!" I groaned and rammed my prick to its limit inside of her before I graciously pulled out. As I stood, not a drop went inside her tummy as she laid there in a daze. I wrapped her hands around my shaft and helped her stroke me a few times before I blew. She leaned forward with her mouth wide open as the cream landed on her tongue. Ropes of pearly white streaked her chin and cheeks wildly, which she sexily licked clean. I'd never cum so hard and so much, but this time was an exception. Her mouth held what appeared to be a pint of seed in its clutches. She swallowed a few times and showed me it was all gone.

Her lips cradled the end of my prick and lowered further down its shaft. I grew stiff after having cum seconds earlier and she seemed surprised.

"Maybe you and I have a lot more to do together, Selena."

She swirled her tongue around my crown and popped her lips off the end. "I'm sure you'll think of something."
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