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Alternative Payment

When her credit card is denied, Ashley must offer alternative payment.

I am going to try something a little different for this story. I find it awkward for myself as a writer to smoothly include character descriptions in the actual story, so here’s a short bio of the characters in this story. Let me know if you like this idea as a reader or not.

Ashley - Main character, age 28 and is 5'4". At 150lbs, Ashley has curves in all the right places with a modest 34C bust that matches her rounded ass nicely. She is also married and has a three year old son.

Steve - Mechanic in charge of the repairs on Ashley's car. Age 24 and is 5'10". Steve is the typical mechanic type with a chiseled body and soft smile.

Robert - Shop owner. Age 37 and 5'9". Robert is the well-kept owner of the shop. He always wears a tie and slacks to work, even though he gets his hands dirty from time to time. He is known to be strict on his rules, and runs a successful business because of this.


A bell rings as Ashley enters the small local shop. She had dropped her electric blue 2000 350Z off early the previous day for some major repairs after the transmission crapped out. Robert greets her as she approaches the counter to pay.

"Hello," he says with a smile. "We are almost finished up with your 350Z, I think you will be quite pleased with how things turned out; it runs like new." he boasts as he hands her the repair order and bill. Ashley scans it as Steve enters from the shop, tossing the keys to Robert.

"It’s all done, boss." He says cheerfully.

"Wonderful, this young lady here is the owner; I was just telling her you were almost finished. Would you mind starting to close up the shop while I finish up in here?" Robert asks him.

"Sure thing." Steve says as he goes back into the shop and grabs a broom.

"Do you take credit?" Ashley asks as she pulls out her card from her purse.

"We sure do." Robert says to her as he takes the card from her hand and swipes it in the computer. He pauses a moment before hitting a few buttons and trying again. A puzzled look comes across his face as he swipes the card for a third time.

"Ma'am," he says as he sets the card on the counter, "it’s not letting me accept your card. I'm going to need to ask for some other form of payment is that’s not too much to ask." he tells her.

Ashley feels her face go flush as she listens to him. She knows that she doesn’t have the money in her bank account to pay for the large bill up front and was really banking on being able to charge it to her credit card.

"Uhmm," she stammers. "I'm afraid I have no other way to pay. Is there any way I could pay it tomorrow when I get paid?" She asks desperately.

"Sure, that’s not a problem." He says to her calmly. "STEVE!!! CLOSE ALL THE DOORS!" he bellows from inside.

" car." Ashley continues to stammer.

"You can pay later, but I can’t let you take the car until I have received payment, since we have already completed the work." Robert says sternly.

"Is there no other way?" Ashley asks unheedingly. "I need to pick my husband and son from the airport early in the morning and have no other way to get there."

The shop door slams shut as Steve walks in, wiping his hands on a rag.

"Everything alright in here?" he asks, puzzled as to why he was told to close all the shops doors before Ashley took her car.

"Mrs. Ashley here has no way to pay for all the work you did today," Robert says with a coy smile. "She is trying to work something else out with me. What do you think?" He asks Steve.

Steve thinks for a moment and replies, "Well I am sure we could figure something out." He says as he scans Ashley's firm body.

"Uhm, if it’s too much to ask, I can just leave and figure something out." She stammers, looking towards the door.

"Oh, no need for that." Robert replies calmly, "I'm sure we can figure something out." He says as he ushers her towards the shop door. "Step into my office." He tells her, jokingly as the three of them enter the dim shop.

They walk across the shop to the stall where Ashley's 350Z is parked. As they approach the car, Robert turns to Ashley. "So what makes you think that I should let you drive this beauty home before you pay?" he questions her and leans against the car.

"Please, I'll do anything. I didn’t know my card would decline and I am sorry but I really need to have it back tonight." she says softly, a tear rolling down her cheek.

Without warning, Robert reaches out and grabs her by the hips, pulling her close to him.

"After reconsidering, I think we could make this work out." He says sternly as he grabs at her round ass.

She fights his grip but he is too strong for her.

"I can’t do that, I'm married." she tells him, still fighting to get away.

"Well that’s all fine-and-dandy, but then I can’t let you dive home in your car tonight." He says softly into her ear, sending a shiver down her spine.

She stops fighting for a moment to think, letting her arms fall to her side as Robert lets her take a step back. After a moment of silence, she softly speaks.

"I guess...I could." She says softly.

With a smile, Robert says "Great." and turns to Steve for a moment.

"Would you go lock the front door and turn off the open sign for me Steve?" he asks.

As Steve walks away, Robert leads Ashley over to a near-by workbench. Before lifting her up, he wastes no time pulling her shirt up over her head, unclasping her bra to expose her round tits, and removing her jeans and panties. Robert lifts her up and sits her on the edge of the bench, her ass hanging half on, half off.

As Steve returns from the front of the shop, he grabs a roll of duct tape a tosses it to his boss. Robert pulls of a length with a wicked smile slowly coming across his face.

"You said you would do anything." he says to Ashley as he sticks the tape across her mouth. She nods tentatively as Robert continues to pull off more tape, wrapping it around her wrists behind her back.

As she sits there, Ashley's mind races about what’s about to happen. She has always been loyal to her loving husband and has never thought of giving herself to another man, let alone two. Yet, she is oddly turned on. She can already feel her moisture growing deep inside her.

Without missing a beat, Robert plunges two fingers into Ashley's moist pussy and begins to lap at her swelling clit. Ashley throws her head back in ecstasy as Steve begins to pinch at her erect nipples. The empty shop soon fills with muffled moans of pleasure.

"Looks like someone is enjoying this." Steve says with a coy smile. He then removes his pants and boxers and motions for Robert to step aside. With a nod, Robert moves and gives Steve his prime spot.

Steve stands there for a moment, his rock hard cock pointing directly at Ashley's well lubed hole. She stares at him with lust filled eyes as he slowly starts to push inside her, stretching her tight pussy. Grasping her legs, He starts to thrust into her needy cunt with force, causing Ashley to gasp out in pleasure.

Robert begins to suck on her succulent nipple while unzipping his pants and jerking his growing cock. He removes his pants as well, ready and waiting for his turn.

After a few minutes of relentless thrusting, Steve slows his pace and removes himself from Ashley's depths. He then helps he off the bench and stands her between himself and Robert, slowly pulling the tape off her mouth. Robert spreads her legs and bends her over, pushing her face right down to Steve’s cock. Ashley eagerly takes it all the way to the base, licking up all her sweet juices. She gags a few times before coming up for air.

As Ashley starts to wildly suck on Steve, Robert wastes no time pushing his manhood into her already well fucked pussy. She lets out a long moan, which is now once again stifled due to Steve's thick cock filling her mouth. Both men begin to thrust in and out of their respective holes, causing Ashley's body to shake with pleasure.

Soon after, Ashley begins to feel her orgasm approaching. She takes Steve out of her mouth for a moment, jerking him and says "Fuck me, fuck me harder till I cum on you cock" while moaning and panting to catch her breath.

She then takes Steve back in her mouth, gagging on him more as Robert picks up his pace and fucking her wildly. In seconds, Ashley lets out a scream as her orgasm hits her. Her knees buckle as wave after wave of pleasure crash into her body.

Steve grunts and Ashley's moans on his cock, pushing him over the edge. He throws his head back as he fills her mouth with his thick load. Not long after, Robert does the same, filling her pussy with his cum as he continues to fuck her.

Both men slowly pull their cocks out of Ashley, letting their cum drip down her chin and legs. She tries her best to lick it all up before swallowing a mouthful of salty cum.

Once everyone is dressed again, Robert hands Ashley her keys with a smile and both the men walk away, ready to go home for the night.

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