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Amanda had no idea she was in for the night of her life
By Shadow_Rend

Amanda stepped out of her car not bothering to lock the doors she felt she didn't have the energy after yet another twelve and a half hour day at the law firm she worked at. She sluggishly walked out of the parking garage caring about 10 different files in her right arm, she could hear the echo from her footsteps as she walked down the corridor heading for the elevator. She pressed a button and the elevator door opened, she was glad she didn't have to wait for it to come all the way down from the 17th floor like almost every other night. she stepped into the elevator, pressed the 7th floor's button and leaned her back against the wall closing her eyes and waiting for the door to open.

ding The door opened, she stepped out of the elevator, turned to her right and unlocked the door to apartment 702. The door swung open and she took off off her shoes she had just had new carpet put into the apartment and wanted to be careful about not getting it dirty again. She walked into the kitchen and put down the stack of files, She grabbed a glass from the cabinet over the sink and poured herself a glass of red wine. she grabbed the almost full glass and carefully walked with it into her bedroom, as she walked over to the sliding glass window and started to close the blinds she stopped to look at the city of San Francisco. It was all lit up the view was absolutely breath taking she had a apartment on the corner of Polk street and Van-ness avenue right up the street from pier 39 and a block away from Ghierdelli Square , anyway when you looked out the window of her room, you could see almost the entire city and if you looked out the kitchen window you could see the legendary Alcatraz Prison and Angel Island.

She finished closing the blinds and walked over to her bed she took a sip from the glass and let her long red hair down she ran her fingers through it admireing its softness she then began unbuttoning her white blouse she slid it off her body reveling a dark red bra she then slid the black knee long skirt off showing a a pair of panties that matched her bra. She reached behind her and unbuttoned her bra reveling two 34c breasts with nipples that fit her tits just right, they were a lovely shade of pink. Her breasts were her favorite thing about her body she was proud to have natural breasts. She slid her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them she had a completely shaved pussy and a nice round, firm ass. She stood in front of the mirror admireing her body she absolutely loved the way her body looked naked in-fact she often just walked around naked all day when she was home alone.

She grabbed a towel and started for the bathroom she looked at the alarm clock on the night stand next to her bed it read 9:57 p.m.. She walked into the bathroom and set the towel down she took another sip from the wine glass and turned around she reached out to pull the shower curtain she pulled it off o the right she saw a pair of black leather boots standing in the bathtub she started to look up and blam*. she woke up some amount of time later her hands were taped together and then tied to the headboard at the top of her bed. She tried to pull the rope loose from the head board but it was no used She looked over at the clock next to the glass of wine this time it read 10:24 p.m she had no idea if someone was in the room with her or if there was anyone even in the apartment anymore.

She heard the toilet flush and an overwhelming sense of fear took over she looked over at the doorknob and watched it turn then a man stepped through the doorway. Amanda had never seen this man before in her life but he knew her name. "god damn Amanda" he said "i thought i had killed you". The man had a deep voice but Amanda didn't recognize it. The man continued" fuck that would have sucked, spend almost three weeks following and watching you and then you fucking' die on me". This comment enraged Amanda she shouted "who the fuck are you"? The man didn't say a word it was complete silence then she heard the sound of duct tape being pulled away from a roll of tape the man walked over to her and started rapping it around her mouth and head she screamed as loud as she could hoping that the old woman in 701 would hear her the man started punching her in the head.

Her head fell limp and she thought that if she played dead he would leave. Instead the man grabbed a wash cloth and shoved it in her mouth he he then started to wrap the tape around her mouth. He wrapped ti around her head a good 13-15 times and then left the room. Amanda could hear him grab a few knives he knew exactly were everything was, he had been in her apartment before. The man came back into the room he said in a angry voice "Alright bitch I'm done with your shit I'm going to say this once then, I'm just going to start stabbing the shit out of you do you fucking' understand? " Realizing that he knew she was still conscious she groaned "mmm-hmm" "Good" he said "now get on your knees and stick your ass up in the air".

Now realizing what the man had planned for her, Amanda started to tear and did what he told her to she heard him take his belt off and drop his pants The man crept up behind her she could feel him grabbing ad spreading her ass cheeks .He rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy "Shit, I'm gonna fucking; enjoy this". When he said this the tears really started coming and Amanda tried as hard as she could to say "Please don't". And with hearing that, the man shoved his big cock into Amanda's pussy it was very tight so much to the point that it was hard for him to get his dick all the way in. The man started thrusting into Amanda . As he pushed his 7 1/2 inch cock deeper into her cunt after a minute and a half or so he started to hear a moan of what sounded like pleasure. He started going deeper and faster each time trying to shove himself deeper into her and faster than before he was starting to fuck her really hard and he noticed that she wasn't resisting as much any more.

Then with out him having to say anything she spread her legs making it much easier for the man to get his entire cock deep into Amanda , her pussy was now very wet and it felt incredible he wasn't thinking about anything else but how good the pussy was . He continued to thrust into Amanda and he found that the harder he fucked her, the more she loved it and soon she was moaning very loud it seemed she was loving how she was being fucked. The man took his hands off her waist and used one to grab. one of her breast. He stated to pinch her hard nipple and got a mixed response of pleasure and pain then he grabbed and pulled her long red hair she loved it and started moaning even louder. by now Amanda had stopped crying and was really enjoying it.

The man started slamming into her over and over again he was fucking her so hard that the headboard she was tied to started to slam into the wall making a hammering noise in 701 he could tell she was loving it because she had found a rhythm and was pushing her self onto him. her moans had now turned into screams of pleasure. He was almost to the point of cumming he tried to slow down to hold off his orgasm but she keep on pushing and pushing he looked down at her tits shaking from how hard she was slamming herself against his cock he couldn't hold it back and shot stream after stream of hot white cum into Amanda's hot wet pussy.

She loved the feeling of him cumming inside of her and soon she started to cum as well. The man could feel her pussy start to contract and began thrusting again "OH YES! OH OH OH OH OOOOHHH!!! SSSHITTT!!!!!!!" Amanda shouted in a muffled voice she had goose bumps all over her body. The man rested his cock in Amanda's pulsing cunt, his balls resting on her clit, The man pulled his cock out of amanda and used a blanked to clean his dick off he heard her say something but couldn't make any sense of it she said it again and again the man couldn't understand what she was saying he grabbed a piece of tape and tore it off of Amanda's head he knew this had to be quite painful but heard nothing from her saying to stop he unraveled the tape and Amanda spat the home made gag out of her mouth.

"Please don't stop now" she said this shocked the man into silence "Please don't stop yet" she said again the man was dumbstruck he had NEVER raped a woman like he did amanda and had this type of response "What?" he said still in wondering what the hell was wrong with her "please don't stop, fuck me up my ass" She said still trying to catch her breath. The man started laughing "wow it must be my lucky night, i found a hot little nympho" he crawled back up to her from behind, he spread her ass cheeks and put his dick at the entrance to her asshole.

She looked at him out of the corner of her eye and he forced his cock up her ass. he got about two inches into her and he had trouble pushing his way in. Her asshole was about ten times tighter than her pussy was. She looked at him and said "There is some lube in the bathroom" The man ran into the bathroom,grabbed the lube, ran back into the room and squirted a bunch on his cock and her asshole. he lubricated his dick and the area around Amanda's asshole. "Go slow" she said, he replied "Fuck that, you wanted to act like a little whore, I'm gonna treat you like one" and he put all of his weight behind his next thrust and forced his cock four inches deeper. Amanda let out a scream of pain and the man grabbed the back of her head and shoved in into a pillow and continued to push his dick deeper until he was all the way in her asshole.

He then started pounding her ass over and over , he could hear the muffled screams of pain and it only made him fuck her harder. soon the screams of pain faded and she started moaning again he took his hand off of her head and she took a deep breath and continued to moan louder and louder. He asked her "Do you like that you little slut?" she replied almost yelling "OH GOD YES YES AH AH AH AH AH AH AH DONT STOP OOOOOOOHHHH JESUS THAT FEELS GOOD" she screamed. 'What about when i do this do this?' the man started shoving two fingers deep into Amanda's cum drenched pussy, Amanda started screaming in pleasure the man didn't care how loud she was anymore he was too , pre occupied with seeing how quickly he could make her cum again.

He continued slamming himself in and out of her asshole and cramming as many fingers into her pussy as possible. The man began spanking her firm ass as the turned to him and and said " I've never been fucked up the ass before", and with a few more long, hard thrusts he came again shooting his hot white load into his prisoners ass. He kept fingering her deeper and faster taking pleasure in hearing her moans of ecstasy. He took his other hand and began playing with her clit rubbing it in small circles as fast as he could. she started moaning even louder and louder and then *bang
it was like an explosion of pleasure all through her body she came so hard that she squirted all over the mans fingers.

He pulled out of her ass then he left the room she herd him piss and then the toilet flush. He walked back into the room still breathing hard he put his clothes back on and walked up to Amanda he had a knife in his hand. He cut the rope that had her wrists tied to the headboard he threw the knife onto the floor, he grabbed the glass of wine and drank it , he threw the glass against the wall shattering it. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a key. He set the key down on the night stand and said "Change the locks" and then he left .

She waited untill she heard the front door close before she moved. She cut herself free. She sat there on the floor next to her bed debating weather or not to call the police. She sat there for a good thirty minutes before deciding not to, seeing as the sex was for the most part consensual and the man had a key to the apartment so it wasn't technically breaking in and entering there was no crime committed. She got up on her knees and crawled into bed, her pussy was dripping with a strangers cum, her ass hurt like hell and she had a nice size bump on her head but other than that no damage was done.

In the end, she had a taste, she liked it, and she wanted a lot more...

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