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An afternoon in Jen

The last part to Jen's stories. - She finally realises just how much her step father wanted her.
Jen awoke the next morning and found herself on the sofa. Immediately she sat up and put her head in her hands. Jen had a hangover.

She looked around and found her empty bottle of wine beside her. “Why did she think that was a good idea??” she thought to herself.

On the coffee table next to her was a note:

Hey Jen!

I thought about waking you but the wine bottle told me otherwise! Work has called me in today so I’ll be out all day.
I feel like I haven’t seen you in days! Must do something together soon.
There is food in the fridge.

Love Mom

At least that was one less person to annoy her whilst she felt so shitty.

Jen sat back on the sofa and realised she was in her slip. She tugged at the hem of it to cover some more of her legs and closed her eyes.

She had awoken from a very strange dream. She assumed it might have had something to do with the amazing sex she had experienced with James, the boy who lived across the street.

She tried to piece her dream together. She had been being watched by a man, who had been breathing heavily over her. Jen had been naked in her dream apart from a pair of lace panties. She knew that the man had wanted to enter her.

In her dream the man had come over to her and licked her body. He had licked her nipples and trailed his tongue down her stomach toward her pussy. Then he had forcibly tried to pull her panties down with his teeth. But for some reason her panties wouldn’t move. They were glued to her body like a shield.

The man had swore and furiously tried to lick her pussy through her panties.

In her dream Jen had been afraid. She hadn’t liked what the man had been doing to her but had been locked in position as if paralyzed.

“FUCK!” the man had screamed defeated.

Then she awoke. She never thought of this dream again.

Her looming hangover was beginning to threaten her again. She staggered into the kitchen to look for some aspirin. No luck.

Looking out of the kitchen window she saw her step father Pete sunning himself on her lounger. He was wearing a pair of red shorts and nothing else. Jen watched Pete from the security of the kitchen. She supposed she could see why her Mother had married him.

Pete wasn’t athletic. He was chubby but only in the middle of his body. He suited it. Jen couldn’t imagine him with muscles. It wouldn’t look right. He had large feet and toned hairy legs... a typical middle aged man... his stomach was round and hairy. His arms looked strong. His face was smooth shaven and he had short dark hair. Almost the same colour as her own. He had brilliant blue eyes that were currently hidden behind a pair of dark shades.

Pete lifted his shades up and stared into the kitchen at Jen.

He smiled and waved, then produced a 6 pack of beer that had been hidden from view behind the lounger.

Jen smiled and made her way to the back door to greet him.

“Enjoying yourself?” she called to him as she began her walk over.

“Well the sun is shining beautiful!” he replied happily.

“Why so chirpy?” she asked him.

“I have beer,” he replied.

“Your Mother and I saw that you’d thrown yourself a party last night with the wine bottle,” Pete continued.

“Ugh, yeah won’t be doing that again I feel awful this morning, I still feel a little drunk now!” Jen told him.

Pete mulled her words over in his head. This could be interesting, he thought.

“Do you want a can?” Pete asked her.

“Oh.. no.. I was going to go for some aspirin or something actually,” Jen replied sheepishly.

“Got none of that in the house I’m afraid pet, booze is your only salvation!” he laughed.

Jen smiled and took a can from him.

She opened it up with her fingers and took a sip.

“What time is it?” she asked after she finished the first gulp.

“Ten AM.” Pete said, happily still.

“Good God! And we’re drinking?!” Jen laughed.

“Hey, its 5 o clock somewhere right?” Pete replied raising his can to hers in toast.

“Right!” Jen laughed

She watched her step dad lifting his own can to his mouth, and noticed for the first time how strong and firm his hands looked. She began to imagine his hand against her body... then alarmed at what she had just been thinking... looked away from him incase he could read her thoughts that had suddenly got so unexplainably perverted.

Pete wondered if Jen realised she was still in her slip or that he could clearly see her breasts as the sun beat down on the silk. When Jen stood up to help herself to her can, Pete could actually see threw it and came face to face with the panties that had foiled him the night before - not that Jen knew this.

Pete started feeling the familiar twitch in his crotch Jen had given him so many times before without her knowing it.

“Well!” Jen said still alarmed by thoughts of Pete's hands against her body... maybe on her tits... or her legs...

“I think 1 can is my limit this morning! I drank alot last night, I think its time I went inside...” she said hurriedly.

Jen stood up and looked down at her feet noticing her slip for the first time since she had been outside.

“Fuck me, I’m naked,” she said stupidly to herself.

I wish. Pete thought.

Pete watched her ass as she walked into the house and away from view.

If there was ever a time to bone that pretty little pussy this was it. He chugged the last of his beer... stood up... adjusted his dick threw his shorts which was now once again standing hungrily too attention and followed her inside.

It didn’t take him long to find her.

She was hanging over the edge of the sofa, gathering her belongings from the night before. Her book still lay in a crumpled heap by the sofa arm.

As she bent over to pick it up Pete seized his chance.

“Jen!” He shouted at her.

Jen lost her balance, in surprise, and began to topple over. Pete was counting on this. He seized her by her arms and locked her body into his.

“What was going on?!” She thought.

Tightly in Pete's arms, Jen noticed how nice it felt to have a strong man behind her. If he had not been married to her mother, she may have tried to seduce him. Pete was definately not her normal type, but she was on vacation. The new realisation that Pete had been talking to her in the garden with only the silk material of her slip to seperate her boobs from his gaze had made her strangely horny.

She snapped out of her train of thought slightly disgusted with herself and focused on why Pete was holding her in the first place. Why had he called her name? Was she about to do something dangerous? Had he saved her some how? She looked at the floor as if expecting to see glass or something dangerous she could of trod on. Nothing.

Pete picked her up before she could look at him and dragged her to the staircase. He let go of her as she flopped hard on to her stomach. Her slip rode up immediately and Pete got a glimpse of her peachy ass with her blue little thong sitting in between her cheeks. His dick began to throb in his shorts.

“What is going on!” She yelled.

“Nothing sweetheart, I think you've had too much... I am helping you up the stairs,” came Pete’s voice from behind her.

There was something in his voice she had not heard before. It was menacing and excited.

Pete knew he had to have her. He thought about tearing her thong away and ramming his dick into her ass. It would be so easy to do. He could over power her within seconds in the position she was currently in. He knew one thing, he was not going to be foiled by thoes stupid panties again - not now.

Jen didn't actually feel drunk at all. She'd only had the one can in the garden but decided not to argue with her step father, whose odd behaviour was beggining to entertain her.

"Oh OK," she giggled at him.

She assumed she would feel his hands on her arms any moment gently guiding her up the stairs but she didn’t and instead she felt them on her bare ass.

“Am I.. Naked?” she said alarmed at his hand on her ass and unknowing that her slip had rode up.

“No darling, your wearing your slip. I am trying to push you up the stairs,” Pete answered, hungrily staring at her ass cheeks as he spoke.

Jen began to realise what was going on. Pete clearly thought she was drunk, he was taking advantage of her. Or atleast, he would of been - if she hadn't found herself enjoying it.

Jen mulled the situation over in her head. She could sit up sharply now and tell him off. Curse him for trying to take advantage of his "drunk" step daughter and completley blow him out of the water like perhaps he deserved. OR? She could play dumb and see what he did next. As much as Jen hated to admit it, she was beginning to feel pangs of excitement in her little body. She had tasted what a good hard fucking had felt like yesterday with James and she wanted more. Who cares if it was with her step father? He clearly didn't.

She began to shut her eyes and decided she was going to have some fun. Why shouldn't she? She was on vacation... she had no worries.. no panties?!?!

Pete’s hands had travelled from her ass cheeks to the sides of her thong and he began to pull them down.

No sign of alarm from Jen, at this act Pete noticed. This was going to be easy, he thought excitedly to himself.

He unleashed his aching cock from his shorts. He now stood proudly over his step daughter. Her ass completely exposed to him.

“Jen?” Pete asked

“....Yes..” She replied quitely trying to voice mock innocence. Excitement had taken over her in waves and she could feel her pussy becoming wet with bewilderment and aticipation as she stood bent over for Pete knowing exactly what was about to happen.

“I think your going to need to hold on to something baby,” he answered.

She began to straighten her legs and by doing so accidentally pushed her own head further into the top step.

“Perfect,” he thought as she now stood completely open to him. Her face buried in the staircase, if he were to push into her now she would not fall over. She was suspended in such a way that she was completely balanced.

“Baby? I am going to fuck you... I have to,” he said to her finally, moving his hands across her bare ass as he spoke as if already claiming her as his.

Jen's heart was beating so hard, she knew everything about this was so wrong but it felt so right. She thought about turning over and asking him to stop. She thought of her mother. She thought of James...

...Pete grabbed her around the waist and began to glide his other hand in between her legs..

...In that moment all of her worries were pushed out of her mind. She didn't care anymore.

He raised his hand up higher and higher... finally touching her bare pussy.

“Oh my God,” he murmured to himself in ecstasy. “I never thought this would happen."

He began to feel her hole and was delighted to feel she was already wet... and warm!

Jen began to moan softly as her step father continued to rub her cunt. The entire time she felt so dirty but so turned on.

“Part your legs,” he whispered down to her.

With those words Jen realised just how badly she wanted too. She would worry about everything else later, right now she needed cock... any cock.. Pete's cock.

Jen began to giggle... "Ok," she replied, amazed at what she was doing - as she did as she was told and opened her legs for her step father.

Pete looked at Jen amazed at how she was obeying him, this was going to be incredible he thought happily.

Pete held onto her hips guided the tip of his cock to Jen's hole and began to sink his fat dick into his young step daughter.

“Oohhhh yeah!” he sighed, as he felt her pussy stretching out to accommodate his massive member.

Pete had always been proud of his dick. It was about 9 inches long but his real pride was his girth.
Every woman he had ever fucked had commented on how thick he was.

“Your so big!” Jen cried still with most of her face buried in the stairs.

Pete smiled, he had not felt this alive in years. All he had wanted to do since he had first met his little step daughter was stick it to her. The first day they met she had been wearing a short skirt and tank top. Her tits taunted him from the beginning. They had always begged him to squeeze them. Then there was her ass! The way it swayed when she walked. The way it had laughed at him when he stared at it. “You’ll never have this!” It had said.

Pete looked at her ass now. In his hands, whilst his cock dug further and further into her little pussy. He spanked her triumphantly. “Never have this?!” He thought. “Haha! Who's laughing now??!”

He thrusted into her hard, pushing her entire body into a crumpled heap with every hungry thrust.

“FUCK YEAH!” he cried out as he went.

Her body began to spasm under his hands. "F...f..fuck!" Jen moaned. Trying to get her word out but being stopped with every thrust Pete gave into her.

Jen's cunt was definatly the best cunt he had ever had, he pushed his dick further still into her young little hole. Pounding into her, taking his cock fully out of her and then pushing it entirely back in.

“Sweetie?” he said suddenly, “are you about to cum?!” He asked her.

Jen’s heart was beating vigorously. His cock had been opening her out in ways she had never experienced. She could feel his balls slapping against her body with every thrust and she had been loving every moment of it. His dick was so fucking big!

“I want to look into your face whilst you cum!” He told her.

He quickly pulled his dick out of her pussy and picked her up off the staircase. He sat down on the step his massive cock erect and waiting for her.

Jen looked at her step dad for the first time since he had started fucking her. She couldn’t believe what had been happening but she was definitely too hungry to stop. Her pussy already ached for him to be back inside her.

She crawled on top of him and straddled him on the stairs.

Pete pulled her slip off over her head and exposed those beautiful breasts that were now bouncing in his face as she slid her body onto his cock and began moving her little body up and down on him.

“Oh yeahh!” he cried, as he watched his step daughter fucking him in ways he had never thought possible. This was definitely better than any fantasy about her he had ever had.... and he had had a lot!

Jen clung on to his shoulders and leant her body back so Pete could get a full view of her tits and stomach... “oh yes.. daddy!” she suddenly shouted.

Pete grabed her tits as soon as she had said the word "daddy"... fucking little whore he thought happily as he rubbed his thumb across her erect nipples.

“Your fucking amazing Daddy.” She moaned as she continued to bounce away on his cock.

Pete let go off her tits and watched them bouncing freely in his face and felt her tight pussy hugging his cock. He again felt her tremble and knew this time she was definitely going to cum.

Jen tried to keep bouncing but her whole body was shaking now. Pete seized her body and forcibly slammed her up and down on his dick to keep momentum going.

“OH FUCK YES!” Jen screamed as she came all over her step father’s cock.

Pete was beginning to feel hot waves of his own... he could feel his orgasm building and building up.

He stood up with her still straddling his body he then slammed her against the wall and unleashed his load deep into her cunt.

“You fucking dirty whore!” He growled into her ear as he came.

Jen was so tired that she began to loosen her legs and slide down the wall, a hot mess of sticky sex escaping her cunt.

She was spent.

Pete scooped her up and carried her up the stairs.

“Best not to tell your mother about this beautiful,” he said to her and he dropped her on her bed.

Jen didn’t answer him as she crawled under the covers. The realisation of what had just happend had finally hit her. She had just fucked her mother's man and she had enjoyed it. Guilt began to take over her.

Pete on the other hand was in an amazing mood for the rest of the day and even kissed his wife passionately when she came in from work a few hours later.

"I love you," he had said, "thank you for giving me such a beautiful family."

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