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An Older Gentlemen Took Control Of My Wife And I

An older gentlemen takes control of my wife and i and does whatever he likes with us.
My beautiful wife Ann and I had a great marriage. We loved one another more than the world but that all changed one day about three months ago. My wife Ann and I are in our early forties and loved doing things like biking and taking long walks together. We spent a lot of time together and loved being outdoors.

I was Ann’s only partner in life as she only dated me and no one else. We had a great sex life and, in a way, that great sex life maybe the root of our problem we both now share. How it all got like it is today is somewhat a mystery that I will share with you all.

I loved chatting with a variety of individuals on the internet. One night I had come across a gentlemen named Jim. Jim lived only twenty minutes from us he was a pleasure to chat with. He was older than me as he was in his mid-fifties. We got along great as he would pop in every now and the two of us would just shoot the bull.

Then one night during one of our chat sessions the subject of sex had come up. Jim asked how I felt about several different things regarding sex. He wanted to know what turned me on and what fantasies I would love to see. I had no trouble telling him a few of my different fantasies. I figure I was speaking just guy to guy and that nobody really was keeping track on what was being said.

Jim really wanted to know more about my fantasies regarding my wife Ann. I had told him all about how lovely Ann was and how she was the pillar in my life. I also told him I just didn’t know what I would do without her. Jim was a divorcee and talked about how much he missed being in a long term relationship. I had told him how Ann and I had the best love and sex life in the world.

Jim continued to press on that night about Ann and what my fantasy would be with her. I finally told him that I always got excited to think about Ann being with another man. I mentioned how I read several stories about other men doing it and how aroused I felt after reading them. I said to him, “This had been a fantasy of mine for a while but I know I could never go through with it.”

Jim jumped all over it as he wrote back, “Wow that is amazing! I know exactly how you feel. I also had the exact same fantasy a number of times with my ex.”

We chatted more about it over the next week or two as I shed even more info with him. He wanted to know exactly how my fantasy would go if ever given the chance. I thought why not tell him as I figured he was some lonely older gentlemen who wanted to get off on my fantasy. I told him a good story about how I wanted Ann to be taken right before my eyes and how her lover would cuckold me while I watch the two them fuck one another. I was amazed how much Jim knew all the ins and outs of wife sharing and being cucked.

Jim loved my idea for Ann. He wrote, “Man, I would love to make your fantasy a reality.”

We chatted some more about it over the next few days. Jim really wanted to meet both Ann and I and wanted to know if he could take us out to dinner one night. I thought it would be a great idea so we both could see one another instead of chatting behind a screen.

We both met Jim a week later for dinner. Ann wore my favorite dress that night as it showed off her lovely body. I wanted her to look as good as possible in case Jim thought I was over playing her looks. We had met Jim at a very nice restaurant about twenty minutes from our home. When we first met he didn’t look anything like I thought he was going to. I am sure he felt the same way about the way I looked. Jim was a very distinguishing looking man. He was slender and very fit. He looked much younger than his original age.

Ann had thought along with me that Jim was going to be some older man who was just looking for friendship. She certainly didn’t think he would look as attractive as he did that night. The three of us had a great dinner together that night. We laughed and drank for a good two hours as my wife and I enjoyed Jim’s company. On our way home that night Ann and I talked about how nice Jim was and how he didn’t look anything at all as we expected. Ann went as far to say how much she enjoyed him and how attractive of a man he was.

Jim and I chatted some more over the next few days. It was then that he brought up the chat about sex again. He wanted to know if I had the chance would I go through with it on seeing Ann with another man. I told him that I really hadn’t thought much about it and that I just couldn’t see it ever happening. I told him I wouldn’t even know where to start on making it an actual reality. This is when Jim popped up with the idea, “Why not let me handle it all for you?”

Jim seemed serious about his offer for wanting to fuck Ann while I watched. I didn’t know what to say to him as I was little taken back by his sudden offer. I told him I had to go and that I would talk again with him the next night. I went bed that night with the thought that Jim really wanted to fuck my wife Ann.

I woke up the next morning after a sleepless night. I couldn’t believe Jim had offered the idea on how he wanted to fuck Ann. The next night Jim and I talked on the phone about his offer to help me out on my fantasy. I said to him, “Thanks! But I just don’t think I can go through with it.”

“Sure you can! Why don’t I come over tomorrow night and the three of us can talk more about it.” Jim responded back.

Jim quickly hung up and now planned on coming over to our house the next night. I figured Ann would never go along with such an idea anyway so why not let him find out for himself. I didn’t even mention anything of this to Ann so she was in the dark on all of it.

The next night Jim made good on his promise to come by the house. He had a bottle of expensive wine with him as we open it up and sat and chatted in the living room. Ann was quite surprised and happy that Jim had stopped by as I told her at the very last minute he was coming.

The three of us chatted and sipped on our wine for about an hour. Ann who doesn’t usually drink had already consumed two glasses of wine and was on her third glass. Jim was now getting more personal with Ann as he told her how lovely she looked. He told her how she looked ten years younger than her actual age and how any man would be lucky to be with her. She loved all the attention she had been getting from Jim.

Ann and Jim laughed out several times as Jim moved closer to Ann on the couch. I could see Jim was wanting much more from Ann than a laugh as his hand touched Ann’s leg on a number of occasions.

It had been several minutes later when Ann got up to get something out of the kitchen. Jim then said to me, “I can tell she is game on letting me fuck her. This won’t be a problem at all seducing her.”

I knew Jim was going to make his move on Ann as soon as she returned from the kitchen. I really wasn’t ready at all for was about to happen as Ann walked back into the living room. She laid down some snacks on the table and complained about how her neck had been a little stiff lately. Jim immediately jumped into action as he got up and said, “Here let me help.”

Jim began to massage Ann’s neck as he stood straight behind her. Ann quickly said to him, ‘O’ wow that feels so good!”

I knew I should have stop things right at that point but I just couldn’t. I found myself extremely aroused as my cock was at full attention. Jim had planned this all out long ago as I felt like I was being set up. He knew exactly how to control me and my wife. I didn’t say a word as a few seconds later Jim began to kiss Ann on the neck. Ann loves it when I kiss a certain part of her neck and Jim’s tongue was in that general region. His hand then slid around to the front of Ann’s shirt. Ann still felt good from the wine she had consumed as she didn’t object a lick. Her eyes had closed as Jim slowly began to lift up her shirt. A few seconds later he managed to pull it up over her gorgeous tits as her bra was in plain view of me. Jim instantly placed his hand right on her bra and felt up each of her tits as his tongue continued to work over Ann’s neck.

Ann felt extremely aroused now as Jim was able to unhook her bra from behind. Her tits instantly fell out into the open as Jim began to grope at each of them with both hands as he kissed Ann passionately on the neck. He now pursued Ann with everything he had as he looked over toward me with a conceded smile. Ann began to squirm as she stood in the middle of the living room only a short ways from where I was sitting.

It was a short time later when Jim slid his hand down into Ann’s pants. He began to finger Ann as soft moans of pleasure began to radiate from her mouth. Ann trembled hard as Jim continued to finger her while kissing her on the back of the neck. A few minutes later Ann began to cry out into a very strong orgasm as Jim held tightly onto her from behind. He then removed his two fingers from Ann’s wet pussy as his fingers were coated in Ann’s juices.

Jim now went for broke with Ann. He grabbed Ann’s open pants and yanked them down to her ankles. He then pushed Ann’s wet panties to the floor as they easily slid down her beautiful legs. He quickly undid his own pants and pushed them down to the floor. His cock now appeared as it was long and slender in size. His cock had my own cock beaten by a few inches as he laid it right on top of Ann’s ass. He quickly grabbed his phone and tossed it over to me and said, “I want pictures of what I am going to do with your beautiful wife. I want you to snap as many pictures as you can.”

He then bent Ann forward as she stood there innocently waiting on Jim’s next move. Her body still trembled as she recovered from her strong orgasm of a few minutes ago. Jim then looked over my way and said, “Tell me to fuck your beautiful wife!”

His demeanor had changed significantly now as I said nothing back to him. He then took his cock and rammed it into my wife’s pussy from behind. She instantly cried out in pleasure as this was the first time in her life she had another man’s cock buried inside her. He quickly grabbed both of my wife’s wrists and pulled her arms back behind her. He arched his back slightly as his cock began to freely go in and out of my wife’s wet pussy. He fucked Ann hard from behind as she continued to cry out in pleasure. I could hardly watch but my cock was now throbbing hard inside my pants while I watch him fuck Ann. I now started to snap pic after pic of him fucking Ann as my cock strained extremely hard against my pants.

He had fucked Ann hard for about ten minutes from behind when my wife began to orgasm again. This time she came all over his cock while I watched her scream out in total pleasure right in front of me. He then moaned out, “You like it baby! You like my cock inside you!”

Ann cried out, “Yes! Yes!”

It was a few minutes later when Jim began to grunt out loudly. He gave my wife several hard thrust with his cock as he began to cum inside her. When he was done with my wife, Ann was still quivering and could hardly stand up as Jim tossed her down onto the couch. He quickly pulled his pants back up and walked over to me to get his phone. He said, “I hope you got several good pics of me fucking your wife?” I will be back again Friday night to fuck Ann again.” He then left leaving a worn out Ann on the couch while leaving me in a state of flux on just what had happened.

It was Friday night and before we knew it, Jim again arrived at our home. Jim knew everything about us from where we both work to even some of our friends. He also had a number of pics on his phone of himself and Ann fucking one another. We were now left without much choice but to do whatever he had wanted with us. Jim came into the house and immediately took Ann into our bedroom. He closed the door behind him and said to me, “You didn’t do what I told you to do the other night so I am going to punish you by fucking Ann while you listen at the door.”

I now heard the door lock behind him as I sat patiently trying to hear what was going inside the room. I heard nothing for the first fifteen minutes or so as my cock began to throb wondering what was going on inside the bedroom. Jim knew exactly what he was doing as he knew the thought of not knowing would make me even more aroused than I was even before.

It was a short time later when I heard the first sounds of Ann moaning out. The sounds of moaning grew louder a few minutes later as Jim obviously had been fucking Ann hard on our bed. I could do nothing as I began to masturbate right there at the bedroom door. My cock was throbbing as it only took a minute or so and I began to cum all over myself.

I sat there by the door for about another thirty minutes as I heard Jim moaning out, “Take it! Take it!”

Ann could be heard screaming out in pleasure over and over as she had cum several times. A short time later I heard the pounding of flesh as Ann screamed out even louder. Jim was fucking her with force as I heard him grunt out loudly as he started to cum. I waited patiently by the door as Jim walked out about five minutes later. He had taken a few more pics of Ann before he left for the night. He said he would be back again to fuck Ann. I then walked into the room to see Ann’s worn out body on the bed with cum trickling out of her extremely swollen pussy. Jim had fucked her good and hard and Ann enjoyed every minute of it.

We now had to wait for Jim’s next move. It had been about a week later when Jim showed up again at our door. He was very coy on what he wanted as he had Ann undress in front of him. Ann slowly stripped away her clothes leaving nothing on as Jim had come in behind her and began to play with her tits while he kissed her on the neck. I sat and watched from my favorite chair as Jim quickly moved Ann over in front of it. He then slid his hand down in between Ann’s legs and he began to finger her pussy right in front of me. Ann was quickly turned on as moisture began to filter down each side of her legs.

She now squirmed in front of me as Jim order me to pull my pants down. He wanted to see how excited I was as he fingered my wife right before my eyes. My cock was very hard as it stood straight into the air. It was then that Jim said, “I want to see you stroke on your cock. Don’t stop unless I tell you to.”

I slowly began to stroke my cock as Jim continued to slam two fingers into Ann’s pussy. Ann cried out a few seconds later into a powerful orgasm right in front of me. I was extremely excited as it wouldn’t take much to push me over the edge. I tried not cumming as Jim said, “You better not cum. If you do your wife Ann will be punished for it.”

Jim now removed his pants and boxers as his hard long cock appeared in front both my wife and I. He had my wife suck on his cock as I gingerly ran my hand up and down the shaft of my cock. His deal was if I come before him my wife would have to suck him off including swallowing his load. If he orgasms first he would then cum all over Ann’s tits instead. There was a lot at stake now as my wife hated the thought of swallowing cum. She looked over at me as the head of my cock had now turned purple in color. Pre cum began ooze from the head of it as I gave it my all not to cum.

It was a few minutes later and my wife was now sucking Jim’s cock at a frantic pace. Jim looked over to me and said. “Stroke that cock! Stroke it harder!”

I did as Jim said as I was on the brink of cumming. A few seconds later I went over the top. There was no going back as I began to cum all over myself. Jim smiled as he knew there was no way I was going to win this battle. He grabbed my wife’s head and held it tightly against his cock. He began to ram his cock in and out of her mouth as she began to moan out on his cock. She knew it was only a matter of seconds before he was going to shoot his load down her throat. A few seconds later Jim grunted out as he said to my wife, “Suck it Baby! Suck it hard!” Jim then let loose as he began to shoot his load down my wife’s throat. My wife had no choice but to swallow his load as he held his cock deep inside her mouth for a good minute. He then left again leaving my wife and me as his servants. He really was getting off watching us doing everything he had wanted. It was almost a game for him.

It was about a week and half later when we next heard from Jim. It was around 10 at night as my wife and I were already for bed when the doorbell suddenly rang. We both looked at each other like who could that be as I open the door to see Jim standing on our porch. He quickly came in and said, “Hi Ann, I thought I would drop by for a few minutes.”

Jim chatted for a few minutes when he said, “Boy, it sure is a nice night. I see you have a very nice deck off the back of the house.”

Jim walked out on the deck as he encouraged Ann to join him. Ann was already dress for bed as she had on a pair of silk shorts and a silk top with nothing on underneath it. Jim made himself at home as he sat on one of the chairs and began to chat about everything. Ann in the meantime was very nervous as she stood off in the corner. She hoped nobody could see her out on the deck as she glanced around at several homes to see if anyone was still awake.

A few of our neighbors still had lights on as Jim asked Ann to come over by him. He then touched Ann’s silky bottoms and said to me, “Wow, Ann sure is hot tonight. Her silk bottoms are totally wet.”

Ann knew what Jim wanted her to do next without him even saying a word. A few seconds later Jim said to Ann, “I think it is time for you to remove those bottoms.”

Jim grabbed Ann’s silk bottoms and pulled them down her legs until they had hit the wood deck floor. Ann looked around now extremely worried that a neighbor might be watching as Jim slammed his finger up into her wet pussy. She began to let out a muzzle moan as Jim rammed his finger up into her hard for a good few minutes. The sound of Ann’s wet pussy could be heard as Jim had Ann remove her top. Ann was on the verge of cumming really hard now as she lifted her silk top up over her head. Her beautiful tits were now in plain view as her nipples were extremely hard from the cool breeze that filtered across each of them.

Jim now said to me, “Go in and get two cushions off the couch.”

I brought the two cushions out on the deck as Jim had me set them up on the floor of the deck. He then laid Ann down across them as she was extremely turned on. As Jim lay on top of her he said to her, “You want to feel my cock inside you baby.”

Ann practically begged Jim to fuck her as she cried out “Yes! Yes!”

Jim then slammed his cock into Ann’s hot pussy as she did everything humanly possible not to make any noises. That worked for about a minute as Ann quickly was on the verge of cumming. She wrapped her legs tightly around Jim’s waist as her fingernails dug into the small of his back. She let out a muzzle cry as she began to cum very hard on Jim’s big cock.

Jim just loved it as Ann was again close to cumming just a few minutes later. She again cried out this time a little louder as her body shook and trembled hard on the deck. I looked around to see if any of our neighbors heard her as Jim continued to drill her with his cock.

It was a few minutes later when Jim brought Ann up to her feet. He had her drape her body over the side of the deck as he began to pump his cock back into her from behind. A few more of the neighbor’s lights now went dark as Ann hung her great set of tits over the side of the deck for everyone to see.

Her tits shook hard as Jim pounded his cock into her from behind. Ann’s muzzled cries grew louder by the second as another powerful orgasm was about to engulf her. Jim quickly gave Ann several thrust with his cock as he began to explode inside Ann’s pussy. Ann cried out at the same time as she had one of the most powerful orgasms of her life. When Jim finally was done Ann stumbled back into the house not knowing if any of her neighbor’s had saw her or not.

This all happened just shortly after Jim had fucked Ann for the very first time. He has been back several times since then and has gotten us to do a number of crazy things for him. Our lives will never be the same.

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