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An unusual night out

A loveable, although cheeky, friend takes on a different role after a few too many drinks...
'Hey, how are you? Enjoying it so far?!' he asked embracing me and ruffling my hair.
'No, not in the least mate. End of the first and we're only up 1-0, what's all that about? We should be all over them!'

'Trust me, we'll win.'

'I hope so, see you later anyway I don't wanna miss the start of the second.'

I went and took my seat for the beginning of the second period and tried to shake off the sick feeling washing over me at the thought my team might not make it into the play-off final. A lower league team had miraculously beaten our rivals and now it was our turn to play them, they had me worried.

'See, I told you it'd be fine didn't I short stuff!'

I resent being called short stuff, I stand at around 5 foot and 8 inches tall, but Ollie is just a torment so I ignore his cheeky remark and we make plans to meet up later for the after party.

Standing in the club I feel a hand brush my arse and turn round to see Ollie. This surprised me and I figured it must have been an accident so I carried on chatting and dancing with my friends. A few moments later someone roughly grabbed my backside and I figured it must have been my fella back from the toilets so I turned to give him a kiss but I was shocked to see Ollie stood smiling at me.

At 42, Ollie is much older than me and my mere 22 years. And although I love older men, he's also married, has a young kid and a lovely home. Moreover, he is friends with my fiancé. We've always enjoyed a bit of banter and that sometimes goes to the point where he might grab my boobs but it's always been in a light hearted way.

'What's up you, big perv?' I asked him, smiling.

'You've got such a nice ass, I couldn't help myself, sorry!'

I laughed and told him that I find underwear uncomfortable and therefore don't wear it so he should be careful not to fondle too much further up my dress or he'd be in for a surprise! Assuming that would be the end of it I turned round and continued the conversation with my girlfriends.

Barely a minute later I felt a pair of hands trace round the globes of my arse cheeks. I knew it was him and I knew he was seeking proof that I was going commando. By this point I'd pretty much given up and figured that when he decided I was telling the truth he'd be satisfied. Suddenly one hand grabbed my ass cheek firmly and the other hand slipped deftly between my legs, feeling the wetness in the front of my leggings.

I'm young, I'm always horny and I don't wear panties. Ever. So, the crotch of whatever I wear is usually wet about ten minutes after I put it on... Not knowing this, Ollie must have thought his rough man handling of my behind had got me going. I whipped round to face him and asked him what the hell he was doing.

'I can't help myself. I think you're so hot. I've touched your tits before, I've been dying to know what that ass feels like and now I know, so I needed to know what your pussy is like. I bet it's tight and wet, isn't it?'

I couldn't take him seriously and agreed that I was wet and had been complimented on my tight little snatch more than once or twice, but that didn't mean he could go round touching it.

'Come to the toilets with me babe'

'Ollie, you're a married man, get real! And my fiancé is stood right there.' I pointed to the spot about 5 feet away where my fella was drinking and talking about the days hockey. He was completely oblivious.

'I don't care. You're hot and I want you so badly. Feel this...'

and with that he grabbed my hand- quickly but gently- and rubbed it against the front of his jeans. He was right, he did want me, he was rock solid and as I looked down I could see his cock straining against the fabric of his clothes. I couldn't help but smile. It was nice that he found me so attractive and that he was practically begging me for sex. I could feel myself getting wet, this time as a result of what was happening, rather than by virtue of my youth.

'Please come to the toilets, you don't even have to do anything I'll do it all'

I laughed at him again and told him to behave himself, turned round and started on my other drink. I made my way to the dance floor with my girlfriends when one of our favourite songs came on and when I returned a few minutes later I was relieved to see Ollie had gone. He'd been drinking for 12 solid hours and I figured he could probably do with going home to his bed and his wife and putting that massive erection to good use.


I could feel his hot breath in my ear and on my neck and it sent a shiver down my spine.

'Please come with me so I can put my cock in your slick, tight pussy.'

I shook my head and turned to face him.

'Have you ever cum so hard you've buzzed from head to toe?'

I nodded 'yeah, of course I have!'

'I can make you feel like that with just one thing...'

He poked the tip of his tongue out at me.

To anyone watching us we must have looked like we were having a good laugh together and the tongue gesture was an immature and childish one, but I knew exactly what he wanted. I am quite good at licking pussy, so I've been told, and he has 20 years more experience than me. I couldn't help but wonder what he would be like to fuck.

I handed my drink to a friend and went outside for some fresh air and a cigarette. Before heading back to where the crowd of people I was here with were standing, I popped to the loo.

I didn't see him coming as he'd followed me up the stairs. He grabbed me around the waist and pushed me into the toilets. He locked the door and faced me, he had a smile on his face and a glint in his eye. I tried to push past him to get to the door but he grabbed my hands to stop me. I suddenly felt vulnerable. We were on the top floor of the building- I always used these toilets as everyone was usually so pissed they couldn't be bothered to walk the extra two flights of stairs so there was never a queue for the ladies. My friends thought I was outside and there was nobody around to see that I had been shoved into the toilet.

'Ollie, you aren't funny. Let go of me please.'

'No, you're fucking beautiful. I thought so from the moment I met you and I've waited three long years for this. You're not going 'til I'm done with you, okay babe?'

He leant forward and kissed me. Softly and on the lips. No tongue. I was surprised by how gentle he was being- I'd thought he was going to fuck me then leave. He slipped my cardigan over my shoulders and rubbed my arms, moving down and taking my hands into his. He looked into my eyes imploringly.

'I want to fuck you, not rape you, you know that don't you? I'd never hurt you. But you aren't leaving until we've had sex. So I'm just going to have to make you want me.'

He kissed my neck exactly in the right spot and I had I try my absolute best not to moan. I loved my fiancé and I wasn't about to be bullied into having sex with a man I considered a friend and nothing else. He nibbled on my ear lobe and his hot breath once again sent shivers around my body. I could feel my body giving in to his touch as he lifted a hand and cupped my breast through my dress. My resistance waned.

'They're even better than I'd thought. Bigger and firmer. God, you've got beautiful tits.'

He moved his mouth from my ear and instructed me to take off my dress. I still didn't want to have sex with him but I must admit I was a bit scared and so I did as I was told.

'Mmmm, good girl. Carry on like this and we'll be done in no time, baby.'

He pulled me towards him and unclasped my bra, leaving it to fall to he floor. He toyed with my pert breasts and erect, tender nipples. Rolling them between his finger and thumb sent pleasure waves around my body and when his tongue joined in I gave in to his touch and let out a whimper.

His hands roamed over my naked torso, feeling my soft skin and young supple tits, before one hand started the slow descent south. It slipped under the waistband of my leggings and ran over the neatly trimmed bush of my pubic hair. A lone finger traced the line of my slit a few times before he held it to his face, sniffed it and licked it lustfully. He smiled and pushed me down onto the toilet and knelt in front of me.

'Time to make you buzz like I promised. Your pussy is so wet and you taste as sweet as honey. I knew you would. Open your legs and let me lick that lovely little pussy... I said open your legs!'

He pushed them open with my knees, grabbed my backside and pulled my wet mound towards his waiting mouth. He put my feet on his thighs and opened my labia with his large hands. I'd never realised how large, maybe I only noticed now because I was desperate to having something inside me. He teased my hole with his thumb before pressing down on my clit. My hips bucked with the pleasure and met his mouth. He was right, he was going to make me buzz. His expert tongue pushed back the hood of my clit and he lapped at my swollen button like his life depended on it. By now I was his.

After what felt like an eternity I got what I needed and one of his large fingers was forced roughly up my begging tunnel. I squeezed his finger, showing him how young and tight my pussy was. He inserted another and began to pick up the pace a little. He nibbled on my clit, sucking it into his mouth and pinched my nipples with his free hand. I could feel my orgasm approaching and pushed his head further into my crotch.

'Ollie, oh Ollllie. Don't stop, please don't stop, I'm gonna cum any second. Ohh yeah, that's it. Faster. Fuck me with your tongue. Please please please don't stop Ollie!'

I squirted my cum over his face and into his mouth, showering his hand on the way. As I sat panting on the toilet I watched him lick every last morsel from his hands, then his lips then my lips. He kissed me. Deeply and with passion and tongue. He tasted of me and I love how I taste, I couldn't get enough of the taste so I sat up, moving closer to him. As I did so my body shifted into alignment with his cock and he looked at me not as though he was asking permission, but to tell me I was about to get fucked.

He unzipped his jeans and released a very handsome cock. 8 inches, thick and veiny. He stroked it a few times and a bead of pre-cum rolled down his shaft. I licked my lips as I stared at the cock I was about to receive. He placed the bulbous purple head at the entrance to my hole, looked into my eyes and drove his whole meaty length inside me in one go. I moaned and squirmed as he filled me, making my tight walls stretch to accommodate his incredible girth. He pulled out, ran the tip to my clit and toyed with it before ramming it inside me again. He carried on doing this as I was getting impatient. I wanted fucking not messing about with.

'Can you just fuck me now, please Ollie?'

'No, I'm going to make you beg like I had to. Beg me for my cock. You want it don't you? In fact, I'd say you need it right now. I think you're so horny that you need me to fuck you, don't you babe. Go on beg me and you can have it.'

'Ollie, I've been a very bad girl. I shouldn't have said no to you. I'm so sorry. Please fuck me, it'll teach me a lesson. Take it out on my pussy, fuck me until it gets sore Ollie. Please, I need you inside me.'

And with that he drove his length back into me with some considerable force and he soon built a good rhythm, with his impressive cock now well oiled in my cream he slipped in and out of me easily. He bent his neck and nibbled on my nibble while he placed my hand on my clit and told me to rub myself. I started in small circles and was soon in time with the motion of his hips.

I started to pant and squeeze my pussy tight around the massive cock that I had been so adamant wouldn't be mine tonight. Ollie took the hint and started to speed up his thrusts.

'Ooooh, that's it Ollie, fuck me like I'm a slut. I want it deep and hard and fast. Make it feel like you're cock is gonna come out my mouth it's so deep. Oh ooooh aaaaah!'

As he rammed himself into my juicy cunt one last time I came forcefully and I felt my cum run down my thighs as he removed his cock and stood above me. He wasn't wearing a condom and though there was already a chance, neither of us were stupid enough to let him finish inside me.

'Open up love, wider... You can do better than that, come on!'

I opened my mouth as far as I could to accommodate his girth and he rammed himself down my throat- I am no good at and nor do I like deep throat but sadly I didn't have a choice- and I could feel his balls tensing in my hand. I prepared myself for his load and sure enough a couple of seconds later I felt the hot salty fluid slip down my esophagus as he pulled he shaft out my mouth. He help it in front of my lips while I cleaned the last few drops up for him.

He passed me my clothes, told me to brush my hair and fix my make up then gave me a chewing gum and escorted me back downstairs. Nobody questioned where we had been and he never uttered another word about it.

I wonder what will happen when the new season starts!

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