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Andy's Office Initiation (Part1)

A man lands a top job, but finds more is expected of him than he first thought
Andy thought it was odd when he was asked to include a full length photo in just his swimming trunks with his job application. But then it was for a sales assistant at a lingerie firm. Maybe it was normal - to test his commitment - that sort of thing. The salary was £40,000. That was £15,000 more than anywhere else he had applied for. The hours were good too. It was almost too good to be true.

Andy arrived for his interview in his best suit. He cut a dashing figure and looked nice, especially after all the hours in the gym. The pain was beginning to pay off and the definition in his biceps could be seen, even through his jacket sleeves. He waited in the little room outside the main office of DC Lingerie, fiddling with his cuffs. He was always nervous before an interview and with the salary that was on offer he knew expectations were bound to be high. After a few minutes the inner door opened and a cute girl with long brown hair entered. She had a sweet face and big brown eyes. Andy thought she had an innocent yet slightly naughty look about her, as if in the right circumstances, she could be a little Minx

“Danielle will see you now,” she said, sweetly.

A shiver went down Andy’s spine when he saw his prospective boss. She was without doubt the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He rubbed his eyes and blinked as she invited him to take a seat.

“I’m Danielle, I’m the owner and manger of DC lingerie. We’re a small business but we’re going places!”

“OK, well I hope I have what you’re looking for. Did you like my CV?” Asked Andy

“I did. I liked the photo too. You’re just what we’re looking for.”

Danielle paced up and down her office authoritatively and then sat down and crossed her legs. She wasn’t tall but had a figure, which Andy had only dreamed about. She had shoulder length buttercup hair and deep blue eyes. Her breasts were in Andy’s opinion magnificent. She was a D cup at least, he thought. Her legs were shapely, with athletic carves and yet it was her bum, which took his breath the most. It was so peachy in her grey pencil skirt and made his heart miss a beat when he had first glimpsed it.

Now Danielle was sitting facing him and he was struggling to keep his mind on the matter in hand, which was the interview. He couldn’t afford to mess up.

“I’ve looked at your qualifications and work experience Andy and I can see you are a model candidate. Know that this is a woman’s world Andy - the lingerie business. There’s no greasy boiler suits here, just driven girls and men who do their bidding. In my business you will go far and find the work exhilarating, as long as you know your place.

Andy was taken aback by Danielle’s aggressive management style.

“I’m waxing allegorical obviously Andy, but play fair by me and you won’t go far wrong.”

“No, well I wouldn’t want to make waves of course. I am a hard-working and conscientious guy.”

“I’m sure you are,” said Danielle, in her silky voice.

Danielle studied Andy minutely and then stood up. She bent over and pulled up her skirt to reveal her flesh coloured stockings and suspenders. Andy gulped as he watched her reveal her amazing lingerie and the creamy white flesh above her stocking top.

“One of my designs. What do you think?” She said.

“Oh ummm…yes…first class!”

“I thought you would say that. Thank you.”

Andy smiled awkwardly and Danielle allowed her skirt to fall back into place as she wiggled her hips from side to side.

“Well Andy I would like to offer you a job as our sales assistant.”

“Wow! Thank you Danielle. You won’t regret it.”

“I’m sure I won’t Andy. Would you mind signing this document?”

“Is it my contract of employment?” Said Andy.

“It is.”

Andy read it, and then pointed to a particular paragraph.

“What’s this mean?” He asked.

“It’s called a lock out clause. It means you cannot seek employment anywhere else for one year. At the same time, we cannot terminate your employment in the same period, without just cause.”


“It’s quite all right Andy, it just protects our intellectual property and such like. It‘s normal in this industry, nothing to worry about,” said Danielle, reassuringly.

Andy thought it a bit odd, but assumed it was OK and signed the contract knowing he was getting a full £15K more than he could possibly earn anywhere else.

Danielle saw her new employee to the main entrance and he went home for a cool beer, feeling rather chuffed with himself for landing his new role.

Danielle smiled and kissed her assistant Emma on her lips.

“Got him!” She said.

“Did he sign on the dotted line?” Asked Emma.

“Oh yes. He’ll be putty in my hands,” said Danielle.

“Hmmm…I hope not!”

The two women laughed and Danielle took out a bottle of Jack Daniels from her drinks cabinet.

On the Monday morning, Andy arrived early, hoping to make a good impression. Emma was already there and sat on the edge of his desk, so that the wood made a deep impression into her ample bum. She was wearing a short beige skirt and her long legs were all Andy could think about, clad as they were in her sheer nylon hold ups.

“Good to have you on board Andy. I’m Emma, Danielle’s second in command.”

“Oh pleased to meet you,” said Andy.

“Likewise,” said Emma.

Andy watched Emma’s ass wiggle perfectly as she walked back to her own office. Then she stopped and looked round.

“Oh… two coffees with milk if you please Andy. Danielle will be here in a minute.”

Andy thought it was a bit cheeky to ask him to make their morning coffee in such an abrupt way. But then he was the new guy and he accepted it, as part of his right of passage.

He took the two cups on a tray and knocked on the boss’s office door. Rather than having the door opened for him, he just heard a simple “yes!” and he struggled to turn the handle, almost spilling everything in one go. However, he managed - just and took the drinks through. Danielle was hanging up her jacket and Emma was leaning on her own desk filing her nails.

“Good morning Andy,” said Danielle, greeting him with a smile.

“Oh good morning Danielle,” Andy replied.

“I would like you to come through at 11 o’clock if you don’t mind for your first meeting.”

“OK sure, I’ll be there.”

Andy nodded and returned to the main office where Ashlie was putting her sandwiches into the bottom drawer of her desk.

“You got the job then?” Said Ashlie, unnecessarily.

“Yes!” Replied Andy.

“Good luck,” said Ashlie enigmatically.

“Oh, how do you mean?” Asked Andy.

“Just… no it’s OK, I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

Andy shook his head and turned on his computer.

An hour passed and Andy made himself familiar with the various brands on Danielle’s company’s website. His attention was interrupted by Danielle who popped her head around the door and looked at Ashlie.

“You haven’t forgotten our little appointment have you Ashlie?”

Ashlie looked up and then looked at Andy, with an expression of resignation. She stood up and to Andy’s amazement hitched her skirt up slightly and then gradually removed her knickers, allowing them to slip to her ankles. She placed them next to her mouse mat and disappeared into the boss’s office.

Andy followed her with his eyes and his heart beating quickly, with a sense that something very unusual was going on at DC lingerie. There was quiet, then a short conversation, followed by giggles and then another period of silence.

Danielle’s door opened again and Emma appeared.

“Could you come in please Andy.”

Andy stood up and entered the office. Ashlie was sitting on Danielle’s desk wearing nothing but her hold ups. Her brown eyes twinkled when she saw Andy and his cock immediately began to stir and his mouth turned dry. Ashlie had perfect, up turned breasts and beautiful pink nipples. Her legs were crossed, which at least gave her some dignity, otherwise he could see everything.

“Andy, Ashlie is wearing my latest silk stockings - minus the suspenders. I would value your opinion.” Said Danielle.

“Ummm…they’re… I mean…they’re very nice.”

“Walk up to her Andy.”

Andy paused but the two older girls looked at him expectantly. He walked slowly and awkwardly, battling against his growing erection.

“Stroke her legs Andy. Feel the silk,” said Danielle.

Andy looked at Ashlie, his eyes unavoidably settling on her breasts, which looked so succulent. Ashlie looked at Andy and smiled.

“Do as she says,” said Ashlie. quietly.

Andy stroked Ashlie’s hold up tentatively, stopping when he reached the soft flesh of her thigh.

“Touch her breasts Andy,” instructed Danielle.

Andy looked from girl to girl, his cock beginning to strain painfully against his trousers.

“Andy. Emma asked you to touch Ashlie’s breasts,” said Danielle

“But…I’ve got a girlfriend!” Said Andy.

“So?” Said Emma.

“Fondle them Andy,” said Danielle calmly.

Andy looked at Ashlie, who barely shrugged in acceptance.

“Sorry,” he said, and reached out to fondle her soft, per boobs.

They were so smooth and tender to touch and he couldn’t help but squeeze them gently, feeling her juicy young nipples brush his palms as they grew erect.

“They feel good, don’t they Andy!” Said Danielle.

Andy nodded, his cock now very obviously hard. Danielle ran her fingers along the outline of his erection and smiled at Emma, who was licking her lips.

“Stand up Ashlie!” Said Danielle.

Ashlie rose to her feet, revealing her neat brown muff.

“Now turn round and bend over the desk,” Danielle continued.

Ashlie bent over Danielle’s desk giving Andy a perfect view of her bum and her swollen pussy lips, which were barely fringed with her dark pubic hair.

“Andy, kneel down and kiss Ashlie’s ass!” Ordered Emma.

“You’re not serious!” He said.

Emma walked towards Andy and had a good feel of his cock, stroking his balls through his crotch.

“I’m very serious!” She said.

Danielle’s face was one of undisguised enjoyment.

Andy knelt on the office floor and kissed Ashlie’s left bum cheek. Then he kissed the other.

“Very nice Andy, but we want to see you kiss her bum properly.”

“What do you mean?” He said, stupidly.

“Part her ass cheeks and kiss her little hole!”

Andy placed his hands on Ashlie’s soft, but firm bum cheeks and pressed his face between them. He could smell her unmistakably womanly scent and poked out his tongue. He heard the other two girls gasps, as if with pleasure. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Ashlie, at least was clearly enjoying the attention he was giving her tight little bum.

“Ok Andy. You’re doing very well, said Danielle. “Now stand up and take off your trousers.”

Andy stood up. His heart was pounding and his cock was hard to bursting. He looked at Emma and then back to Danielle. Ashlie remained bent over the desk.

“I’m waiting Andy…” Said Danielle.

To be continued.

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