Anna's massage

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As the days go by I see amazing things come and go.
This is my first story, I hope you enjoy it!

As the days go by I see amazing things come and go. Beautiful women come to see me and what I have to offer them. The manly primal thoughts run through my mind as I give my services. Today I get a phone call from Anna, who has been in for a massage a few times before. She tells me, “I'm sore all over my body, and I just ache!” Anna is 35, with blonde wavy curly hair, blue eyes, 5'6”, 175 lbs, cute long legs and 36 D breasts.

“Yes Anna, I understand that, when can you come in?”

“I can be there at 6, after I get off work.”

“All right, I'll put you down for 6pm, see you then.”

She sounded like she was lonely and needed the special attention. You can't date your clients, and as much as you would love it, you can't just have a hand slip in the wrong place. There is some temptation sometimes. But to keep business going in a professional practice, there are rules you must follow.

Anna has told me about her past relationships in our sessions. Sometimes you are more than just a massage therapist to a client and they need to get things off their chest. In the past 4 months Anna has told me about numerous dates. All they wanted was sex after dinner or just ONE drink! She needed to feel comfortable and relaxed with the person before that happened. But I was confused, and a little excited that she picked me to tell about the details of what she really wanted. Now I am not a bad looking guy: 30 years old, 6' tall, 180lbs, short brown hair, deep blue eyes, and strong hands! I am always excited to see Anna each time she comes in. The feeling might be mutual, but she plays a good game of being coy.

Often times Anna comes in wearing tight clothes. Her clothes always accent her body well, showing off all the right places that any man wants to see better. She is no hooker by far, but she gets the boys to turn heads for sure. In her life she is professional, she goes to work 9-5 in a busy lawyer's office. Anna doesn't always have time for men, but always makes time for me! Lucky me huh? She needs her time to relax the week away and come back to reality for the weekend, but she needs me.

I live on my own, in a 2 bedroom house about a mile away from the shop, so as to “be ready at any moment.” I love my job; I get to see all kinds of women, mostly young in their 20's or all the way up to their 60's. Not all of my clients are beautiful like Anna, but they still need me for their sore muscles. I just give some extra attention to the younger ones out of habit and manly primal thoughts.

It's almost time for Anna to be here. I have to get the room ready for our massage. I turn on my bed for her, she likes it warm and hot. Dim the lights to get a relaxing ambiance, set up the music for relaxation, and put my wax into the candle warmer. The wax scent I use helps with relaxing the mind and body.

Anna finally shows up, right on time. “Welcome Anna! So, glad you could make it!”

Anna is wearing this sexy gray dress that is strapless and goes down to just above her calves. It is a little loose on top and shows her D's off very well, and I can't help but watch as she walks in and jiggles them. Her dress is tight around the midsection and hips, showing off a very nice figure. There is also a black fake belt around her waist. She is wearing high heels that give her legs the most sexy figure, that I wish could be strapped around my face, forcing me to recite the alphabet with my tongue.

“Hi, Ben. I am glad to be here. I really could use your touch and magical workings,” she said that with a little bit more than just a professional grin.

“Right this way, I have everything set up for your maximum relaxation.” I return the same grin.

We walk into the room and I shut the door. We stand there all alone in the mid dim room “What seem to be the main areas you want my attention for?”

She looks at me and says, “My legs hurt the most, but so does my back, from having these D's, as I am a little top heavy.”

“No worries, I will work on all of that for you, Anna. You will feel great when I get done with my touch and magical workings.”

She then decided to start taking off all her clothes right in front of me! She is still looking sexy as hell. I am unsure of what to do. I start to back up and she tells me, “No, I want you to stay, its faster and I want more time with you!” There is the same grin on her face as my mind begins to fade away from professionalism.

“Can you help me with my dress Ben? I need you to unzip me in the back.”

I walk over to her backside with a noticeable thick, eight-inch long hard on. It grazes her side and accidentally passes through her hands. She gives me a little giggle and I start to wonder what's next! I unzip her dress and let it fall to the floor.To my surprise, “No bra!” I say. And I peek over her shoulders to see the amazing shaped melons, as my mouth starts to salivate.

I reach around and her body and grab those succulent fruits.

She smacks my hands and says, “Massage first, then we will see if you get to touch them again. Now turn around as I take off my black lace thong; you have seen it many times before.”

I really have always seen it, but never got the gold prize beneath it. This was going to be more than just a massage, or I wanted it to be, so badly. But with such a tease, my balls were going to be totally blue by the end!

She gets on the bed and starts face down, as always. I start the music, and the wax scent is starting to set in for her. She is laying there under the sheet and totally limp. I bring the sheet down to her butt and let it stay there. I put oil in my hand and begin to rub it on on her back. I move my hands all the way down to the sheet line and slide under that just a little bit. Things are going as normal. Now and then when I am going over her shoulders near her neck, she starts to breathe deeply. That's a good response to the massage. I work down to her lower back and sliding further down to her beautiful butt now and then, but on purpose. I get the same deep breaths when I am that low again!

Moving on to her legs saving the butt for last, I spread them apart as far as they would go but still on the warm bed. I uncover them, and with the light I can still see the gold prize, the alphabet awaiting gold prize! In my mind gggoooollllddd, nicely shaven and just ripe for the taste! I spend my time debating on going for it now, or waiting until I roll her over and I can do my best work from the front. I begin to oil my hands and rub her legs. I bring my hands on the outside, and then the top, and then my favorite; on the inside of her legs. I want to push up further and further and then inside, one finger at a time! But, I just brush the mound and notice how it is hot and slightly wet. This doesn't help the blue balls situation either. Once I finish up on her legs and many passes on her desirable mound, she giggles and says, “Now who is the tease?”

I uncover her butt and begin to knead it. I push down with my knuckles and move them around. After a few rounds I switch to the palms of my hands, pushing down and all around. Sliding them side to side and in circular motions, I creep down to the middle of her legs, and then move towards her middle and graze the mound again. She knows I am just teasing her and she loves it. As for me, I am getting more blue by the stroke on her, but in my head I wish this was all being done with my cock!

More giggling from her and she calls out, “Tease!”

I can only agree and move on, but she doesn't know what's waiting for her on the other side!

As she rolls over and I hold the sheets up by her head, I look down and watch her beautiful D breasts flop over with her. I watch as they move all around, and when they finally stop, they are pointing up towards her. When I put the sheet down, I don't cover them up and they are just hanging out. No correction from her so I leave it at that.

Legs are next, they get uncovered and I spread them out just as before. And yet again, in my mind gggoooolllllddddd, nicely shaven and just ripe for the taste! This side is so beautiful, that I take the time and just watch it and anticipate in my mind. I am thinking of the sweet taste and amazing feeling of release to finally come!

“Do you like what you see. Ben?”

“More than you know baby!”

I look up at her, and she is rubbing her hands over her breasts! Moving each finger fanned out over the nipples flicking them with each passing finger. Her breath speeds up and her nipples are instantly hard. I imagine my mouth and fingers up there helping her. But I know I will get my chance to motor boat those bad boys! I focus slightly on the task at hand. god I want to get down in that tunnel of love! I rub my hands up the middle of her legs. And trace slowly back down with my fingertips towards the inside. Then I push back up the inside with my palm and fingers pointed towards the prize.

Slowly I move closer to the tunnel with my fingertips, stopping to rub the mounded hood! I bring my face closer to smell her sweet smell. The sweet nectar of the forbidden fruit drives me closer and closer in its appeal. I still continue to rub my fingers on the outside and one finger slips between the warm wet folds. She begins to moan with acceptance, as I feel her wanting more and more. I want to push deeper and play. Moving in 2 fingers, just to play with the little man in the boat. Pinching and squeezing I hear her moan.

"Ben! Oh oh oh god Ben!! Twist it just like that!! Uuugggghhhhhhhh yeah!! Flick it baby, roll it around in your fingers.”

I do as she wants, then I bury my face in there and lap up the sweet juices! I do as I had fantasized for a long time. I push my face in there as she holds my head and pulls my hair closer and closer into her and I proceed to write the alphabet with my tongue. I was in heaven, And she was on cloud nine.

“Uuuugggghhhh oh Ben!!!! I-I-oh- mmm! Yeah! I love it! Keep going with that magic tongue!! Oh oh oh yeah!”

I keep going and pushing and moving my tongue all around the clit. She is gyrating her hips forward and up and down, while keeping my head strapped in place and a tight grip on my hair! I come up for a little breather and am enjoying this way too much. But only for a quick second, then back down. I bring my tongue lower than before, so I can lick all around and inside the gold mine I had seen earlier. I move around in and out for just a few minutes, take another quick breath and push back in, but this time I use a finger! I am very talented with my hands and fingers. I push in and rotate out over and over, feeling her walls crave for more. 

Two fingers are better than one, right? So two go inside. The walls are pulsating as if I am the conductor of her grand symphony orchestra. Still pushing inside and twisting on the way out, my knuckles always find a way to clip her G-spot! I take both fingers, index and middle, and turn them up towards her. I push up and hold a few seconds, she knows where I am at. I rub back and forth on her G-spot. She pushes back into me with her hips and gyrating to be more intense for her.

“Oh Anna! You're so fucking sexy! I have always thought of this with you! Do you like that Anna? Huh? Oh baby, I love doing this to you! Ugghhh...”

“Ben! I love this, keep going you bastard! I love it! Uuugggghhhhh! Baby! Keep pushing on it ! I love it!”

She keeps pushing and moving her hips and moaning in exaltation of short breath. Barely making the words, she shouts,“ I I m m gonna.... Cum! Aaaaaaaaggghhhhhhh! Yeah!” Her walls are pulsating and sucking my fingers deep inside her as far as they can go. A flood of fluids as great as Niagara falls flows out! Her body still quivering for more as I continue to stroke the G-spot, but lighter and slower as she twitches and coos.

I take off all my clothes and move up. My balls are just about to bust out! I climb up on the massage bed and run my lips up her glistening body. I am kissing her every inch on my way up to her intensely hard nipples! My cock is just resting over the top of her immensely lubed mound. I kiss each one of her nipples and bite it a little too!

She whispers tome as best she can. “What about up here big boy?”

So I come up further with my fists resting on each side of her head. Hovering my now naked body over hers, we kiss deeply and with tongues swirling around each other, like a fight to see who's on top. My tongue wrestles her as our lips stay locked. My hips drive back and forward in the air.but still resting my hard cock on her still pulsating mound. Deciding that I won, I will now move back down to each nipple. I am sucking hard on each one, letting go with my mouth leaving each one with a popping sound. The hard nipples in my mouth, I suck hard and flick with my tongue hearing her moan once again!

“Ben!! Uuuggghhhhhh.”

After my oral fixations have been satisfied, I give her one last final pop off each nipple and lower my body down, but only just enough to be at her long time waiting love tunnel. I slowly push it in inch by inch until all eight are inside.

She is moved to cry out, “Aaaaggghhhhhhh! You're soo deep!” I push in and out sliding it half way out and right back in. “Oh yeah baby! Anna you are so fucking hot! I love being inside you!Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! You are so sexy! Baby! Yeah.... I love this, so warm and wet and tight against my dick! Anna!!!”

I continue at a rhythm she enjoys, pushing in and sliding out half way to push right back in. Her back arches and I grab her by the hips to keep her close and pull her all the way back onto me.

“God I love fucking you Anna!”

I keep pushing in and out faster and faster. I give her an extra push and slightly move her up on the table further. But she always comes back and pushes me deeper and deeper inside! Her walls were just sucking me in and holding me captive in a sexual war! I would love to be a POW here. Anna is getting tighter and tighter around my long shaft! Her powers to hold me captive inside are working for her.

“I can't hold out much longer baby!” Anna yells out at me.

“Me too! Aaaahhhhhh.”

And all of a sudden that Niagara Falls lets out again! A huge rush of warm fluid surrounds my cock flooding it with everything I desire.

“Ooooohhhhhhh baby!!! Annnnnnnnaaaaa.”

And I instantly erupt inside her like the volcanoes of all time. My sweet juices flow, mixing with hers to make a sweet, sweet mixture. I am still hard and keep going! Slushing the both of us together, but only for a few more strokes is all I can handle. My cock twitches with each thrust, I love it!! I want to keep going but any touch of her love will make me twitch more. I pull out finally, and we both gasp for more air.My heart is beating like I ran a mile in three minutes. A few seconds pass. I get off the bed. She lays there looking at me with the most amazing smile and permanent grin on her face. I walk over to her face. I give her another long and deep kiss with what energy I have left.

She tells me, “Fuck yeah Ben! You're amazing and I want this every day!!”

“Any time Anna! Anytime you want it!”