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April - Chapter Two

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Jake is prepared for April
The next morning, after April left for school, I went to make our bed. Jake came to the doorway and leaned against the frame as he took a sip of coffee. "I can't do it," he said.

I finished smoothing out the comforter and then took a seat on the bed. "Are you talking about her or the car?"

He took another sip. "Her. But I gave you my word; I would help her get a used car."

I was disappointed. "I see."

“Yesterday, you made it clear to me how you felt.” He leaned off the frame and walked into the room. “But in all honesty, I wouldn't even know where to start.”

“Oh, for crying out loud, you two should just get married.”


“She won’t put out and you don’t have any balls. A perfect match.”

He was shocked. “Where the hell did that come from?”

“Do you know how many boyfriends she’s had in the last two years? Seven.”

“And what does that have to do with me?”

“Because she’s a cock-tease and she needs to be put back in her place. Her answer to everything is ‘ewww, that’s gross’. She’s never given a hand-job. She’s never given a blow-job. No guy has ever eaten her, sniffed her, fucked her…nothing.”

He threw his hands out and shook his head.

“She’s going to run me into the poor-house, Jake. She refuses to work, she wants everything and she’s never going to leave this house. She needs to move on. But why go to school wearing tight jeans and shorts everyday? So the guys can see the shape of her pussy and see her ass eating up the denim? They want to smell it, not look at it.”

“You keep talking but what does that have to do with me?”

“We need to change your mindset. You're using the side of your brain where logic and reason resides. And that's good. You're a very disciplined man. But in order for me to be successful, I have to switch your brain to the other side where instinct resides.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

I took his cup from him and set it on the nightstand. “Well, let me show you.”

Offset from the bed was a nice and plush sofa chair. It’s where he sits when we take in a movie on our projection screen. I took a clean sheet from the closet and whipped it open and draped it over the chair.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m going to change your way of thinking.”

He was looking at the chair. “And the sheet?”

I grabbed his crotch. “I’m going to give you the jerk of your life.”

“Damn, I like the sound of that.”

“Good,” I said. “Now strip completely naked and have a seat.”

He was excited. “Ooh, do it to it, baby. No offense, but you've given me hand-jobs before. I don’t know how that’s going to change my thinking.”

I went to the dresser, just next to the chair and retrieved a plastic baggy from my purse, clutching it so he would not recognize the contents.

When he undressed and sat down, I went and kneeled in front of him, placing the baggie on the floor next to me. “Now put your legs over the arms and put your ass at the edge of the seat so you are completely exposed.”

“Oh, yeah,” he said as he scooted to me, with his legs ever widening as he had to keep them on the fat arms of the seat.

I began to caress his balls and started fondling his cock. It slowly began to rise. I giggled. "Now, let's see how much cum we can get out of there."

I reached down and opened the baggie, retrieving a pair of panties. I casually placed the crotch of it onto the head of his shaft and firmly slid it across, yielding a nice clumpy mount of drying cum. I then reached to the head and gently stroked downward to smear the cum over the rest of his cock.

His cock continued to stiffen. He let out, "Ooh, your juices; nice."

I continued stroking downward to liberally coat his shaft. “Your cock is going to have fun today,” I said.

He sank his head back into the soft pillow top. "Oh, that feels good."

I told him, “This is where your brain switches.”

"Well, okay then."

I looked at the clock on the wall, noting the time. I then began the actual stroking. The heat of his cock was activating the scent of female cum.

Again he moaned. "Oh, that feels good."

The odor was getting stronger. "Can you smell that?" I asked.


I continued stroking. "So, how do you like the scent of April?"

He looked down to me. "Say what?"

I smiled. "How do you like the smell of April's pussy?"

His dick jerked.

I giggled. “That instinct is already kicking in.”

The smell was quickly spreading. I continued the stroking as his cock was getting stiffer and stiffer. I was actually surprised because I never seen quite so hard. My eyes widened. “Wow, that's a big dick.”

He looked down to me with a red, melted look.

I told him, “Now that's the look I was going for.” I playfully shook his cock and spoke to it. “What's making you so hard?”

I scooted my body next to his groin so I would have more leverage. Being my hands wouldn't fit around his dick; I had to apply pressure in order for my fingers to meet. I then began an elongated corkscrew motion as I stroked from the head to the base. The pasty sound of April’s thick, drying cum could be heard and the stench was becoming very strong. Again, his dick jerked hard, moving my hand with it.

He put his hands to his head as he laid back. “Oh fuck, that smells good.”

Up and down I went, keeping the pressure on.

He leaned forward, looking down on my stroking. His face was balmy, his breathing was becoming faster. "Fuck, I had no idea her pussy was that strong." His face was becoming contorted and he breaths were getting deeper as he watched me stroke him.

I was having fun with his cock. “Ooh, you're just a big, happy dick, aren’t you?” I started stroking as fast as I could. My fingers were suddenly forced apart. “That's right. Let April...”

"Oh fuck!" Jake yelled.

I looked up as his cum shot about four feet high, cascading back down across his stomach and my hands and the sheet.

I looked to the clock. I eased up on the stroking until the aftershocks subsided and his dick began to soften. I then grabbed the corner of the sheet from the floor and wiped my hands. "45 seconds. Wow."

He slammed his fist down onto the arm of the chair. “You have got to be fucking kidding me.” He was breathing heavily and gulped. He took a few more breaths. “I've never shot that high before.”

“So my theory is correct,” I said. “The scent of April has taken over and your cock is larger and your orgasm is more intense.”

His put his hands on his forehead. "Oh, fuck."

I stood up. "You just stay put."

I went into the restroom and started washing my hands. “You know, I’ve been doing April’s laundry forever,” I said out to him. “And about once a month, she just destroys her pussy, making a complete mess in her panties.”

As I returned, he still had a tremble about him.

I giggled. “I've never seen cum fly that high. That was a good one.”

He kept his hands on his forehead. “I can't believe this shit.”

“Oh, you're not done.” I picked up April's panties and pulled his legs off the arms and over the edge of the seat so his feet were on the floor. I then straddled the arms of the chairs, so my legs were on the outside. “Now that April is in your head, now you can make me scream.”

He knew what that meant because that's what I do when I finally get a fuck.

“No problem,” he said catching his breath. “Just give me a minute.”

I dangled the panties in front of him. “It's not going to take a minute.” I dropped them onto his chest.

Suddenly, I felt his cock pushing on my pussy. I scooted forward allowing it to rise and thicken. “Oh, I love that fat thing.” I brought my knees up and placed them on the arms of the chair, squatting so I could begin working that big stick of beef into my pussy. “Now let's see how that oversized cock feels deep inside me.”

His hands were shaking. He slowly brought the ass end of the panties to his nose and took a nice, long whiff. His thick meat jerked and hit my asshole.

He trembled. “Fuck, this isn’t happening.”

“Oh, it's happening,” I said. “Now enjoy her crotch so I can enjoy this dick.”

I lowered myself until we met. I tried the usual ‘up and down’ routine, hoping his cock would enter my slick pussy. But being that it was so thick, I had to sink down, dropping more of my weight onto it. Suddenly, pain shot through my body. “Shit!” His head popped into my under-matched pussy, forcing me to open to maximum capacity.

Again his dick jerked in my pussy, forcing me to move my body in response.

“Damn, that smells good,” he let out in a worked up breath. He continued inhaling the scent through the fabric.

I was in pain and my body was quivering. I didn’t even want to move. But my pussy was craving to be stuffed. Bravely, I dropped more of my weight and another inch of my pussy walls forcibly stretched open. I clinched my teeth as my body twitched. “Shit!”

He was simply indulging in her panties, manipulating them to his liking. His voice was shaky again. "Fuck, that's nice."

I looked to him, shaking my head, blaming April because his cock felt like a pipe in my pussy. I sucked it up and bit on my lip and let my weight slide me down. My pussy walls were further stretching. “Oh fuck that’s big!” My breaths were getting heavier. “You've never been this fucking big.”

I was writhing as I began up and down on the top-most of his cock, adding more weight with each stroke, feeling my pelvis starting to expand. My body was struggling to accommodate his manhood. I was halfway down. My body was trembling. "Oh, my pussy...fuck that's big."

A bead of sweat went down the side of Jake's cheek as he turned the panties inside out, exposing the interior to him. His nose slowly approached the area where the horizontal stitching joins the front to the back. He came to within an inch before he pulled back with a disgusted look.

I was panting as I asked, “Finally going for the pussy?”

I felt his cock jerk inside of me, then I felt it beginning to swell. "Oh, fucking shit, that's too big."

He inched his nose back to the crotch without touching it, and took a long whiff.

Pain rushed through me as I braced myself. His leg jerked and his dick expanded my walls. My eyes slammed shut and my head shot back. “Fuck,” I screamed as his hot cum filled my canal.

His breathing was fast as his aftershocks began to subside. His face was reddened. He couldn’t take his eyes of the panties. “Damn, that is some kind of mess.”

I could only sit still and catch my breath. 

His cum started draining from my insides and was seeping down the shaft. I was glad to see it for I was going to need as much lube as possible.

I waited a moment to take advantage of his cock remotely yielding in size. Again, I began pressing down. I locked my teeth onto my lip. I rocked back and forth, knowing that was my only chance to get it all in. I put my legs out over the arms again, maximizing my openness. I felt like a little girl again, having to expand my walls fully, deeper and deeper.

Jake returned his nose to the panties, just barely touching the fabric. He took another long whiff.

I was out of time. His cock was beginning to stiffen. I then vanished all restraint and let my weight sink. My legs trembled. “Fuck!” My head shot back. “Oh fuck!” My eyes were locked shut, I was holding my breath and my teeth were clinched as my pussy made the travel down the thick shaft. Finally, my ass pressed onto his thighs. Sweat streamed down my cheek. I sat still. My insides were stuffed. I was finally sitting on that thick dick. "Whew," I gasped.

Jake ran his finger through the crotch, yielding a nice thick glob on his finger tip. He put it into his mouth and then pulled it out. He smacked his lips a few times, tasting it. He then immediately started sliding his tongue across the crotch. 

“That's right,” I said. "She's not here to say no.”

I was finally able to start riding. I reached to my breasts and started twisting and pulling my nipples. Pain was replaced with a tingling sensation as I began the hard earned ride up and down the cock.

Jake’s ravishing of April's panties was sending me into a frenzy. Ecstasy was coming over me as I started going up the full length of his cock and free falling back down, repeatedly, abusing my own pussy as my walls expanded and contracted with each stroke. I continued abusing my nipples. “Oh, fuck,” I moaned. I went faster up and down.

My pussy started throbbing, trying to contract but only forced me to absorb it as it was in reverse, for his thick dick didn’t allow one centimeter of squeeze.

I was pulling my nipples as far as I could. “Oh shit!” My womb started convulsing, my legs shook uncontrollably and I my eyes clamped shut and my head shot back. My pussy exploded, causing me to gasp repeatedly as my stomach reacted violently with each passing orgasm. Only with quick breaths did I say, “Oh fuck yeah.”

My legs kept quivering as orgasm after orgasm ensued. My poor little pussy was taking all the abuse. I was freely going up and down the shaft as I continued the assault on my nipples. I went forward, putting a hand on his chest and I reached to my clit and started smacking it. I couldn't stop cumming. My body was dispensing every drop it had made. My teeth were locked. “Shit!” The contractions of my loins were finally slowing and tingling came over me and my toes were curling unnaturally from the sensation.

I finally fell forward onto Jake's chest in exhaustion.

My rest wasn't long as I felt Jake swelling in me. He dropped the panties onto the floor. His face was reddened and sweaty. "Oh, don’t stop, keep fucking me."

I sat back up and went up and down the length of his cock as fast as I could. He put his hands on my hips, forcing me up and down hard. His legs started trembling. He held me down with strength, allowing him to be at maximum insertion. His face went into ecstasy, his teeth clenched and his cock exploded inside of me.

I then gently rode him as his aftershocks went through the motions.

I lifted myself off that big wet thing and let myself onto the floor, lying on my back. I put my hands to my womb. “Oh my fucking pussy.” I was rubbing my belly because that’s how deep the pain was. “Oh, my pussy.”

Jake looked like he was poured into the seat as he was trying to catch his breath.

I lied there thinking how proud I was of myself. I finally got the scent of April cemented in his head. There’s only one drug on the planet that sends a man insane and he just took it.

Oh, yes, I was proud of myself. There was no way April was not getting that car. But I knew what I had to do. From that point on, she was going to have to earn it. She was going to have to do all the work.

And everything she said no to in the past, was exactly what she was going to be doing for the rest of the week.

End Chapter Two

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