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Arianna, Hair Stylist

Arianna reluctantly gives in to her hidden desires.
Being a hair stylist has it's moments; then there are days that I just hate to come to work. Today, Monday happens to be one of them. But not for the obvious reasons, but because of lack of sleep and I can feel cum running down the inside of my leg. Thankfully nobody noticed as I wipe more of the fluid off of me. Dresses are not the best clothing to wear while doing hair, but since this is the outfit I had on Friday nite and never made it home all weekend, choices were limited.

It all started when a regular client slipped me a $50 tip and whispered his number was on the bill. If I was interested in making ten times that amount, to keep my schedule for the weekend open. Nobody was near during our brief conversation thankfully. As my face filled with color, I told him I was married.

He said, "I understand that, but if you decide to explore the option, you can say you will be out of town for an important side job setting hair for several actresses." I looked up at him perplexed, but he had turned and strode out the door.

Having several thought filled days before the weekend, my husband constantly complained about being broke and trying to find ways to make additional cash. I stuttered that I was offered a job setting hair for several actresses out of town during the weekend. When my husband heard the amount, he encouraged me to take it. We did need the money, I told him I really wasn't interested in doing the job.

After 2 days of subtle encouragement from my husband, I finally agreed to take the job. He was ecstatic and helped pack up my head gear as I called it. I also packed a couple changes of clothes, but when I left in a hurry for work on Friday, I forgot the clothing bag at home.

At the end of my shift, I called the number that was written on the $50. After two rings my client answered. I stammered about the possibility of making some extra cash, as he calmly gave me directions to a house in the sprawling countryside. As I traveled up the driveway, I noticed there wasn't one house in any direction as far as the eye could see. Secluded and private, very nice.

Walking up to the door, I fidgeted around having second and third thoughts about this and really wishing that I hadn't forgotten my clothing bag at home.

As the door opened, a stunning female scantily clad and wrapped loosely in a robe answered the door. With a smile she invited me in. I quickly looked at her beautifully shaped body, stealing quick glances hoping they went unnoticed. They didn't, but I didn't know that at the time. The woman introduced herself as Naomi. After telling her that I was Arianna, she smiled demurely as she openly scanned my body as well. After sitting on the couch, Naomi, fixed a couple of drinks, explaining that Christopher would be out shortly, he's just wrapping up some unfinished business on the phone.

It was a sweet cocktail, smooth and sweet with a slight hint of bitterness tucked inside. Unknown to me there was also half a tab of ecstasy mixed into my drink. I savored every drop of that glass and when it was empty another one was presented to me. Naomi sat crosslegged on the couch beside me, and we chatted about the area, jobs and just general chit chat. I could feel my body relaxing, a smile seemed to be glued to my face. All of a sudden everything just clicked as if everything I seen was in perfect harmony.

Naomi and I continued to talk animatedly towards each other, occasionally she would touch my arm and keep it there for longer than necessary. But it felt natural so I didn't move or say anything. Gradually our chat turned to makeup and the hassles involved. Naomi said that I had a natural beauty, as she ran her hand on the side of my face, her fingers entwined in my hair.

Looking at her expectantly, Naomi leans closely and softly says, "You have a radiance about you I find irresistible, have you ever experienced sex with another woman?"

Taken back by the question, my eyes widen. Naomi wastes no time in pulling my head towards hers. Our lips meet as my eyes grew wider. I feel her tongue forcing it's way between my lips. The electrical shock of our kiss caused me to moan as her tongue found mine. Giving into the moment, we continued kissing several minutes, my eyes closed now with complete bliss. Naomi cradles my head in her hands as she continues to kiss me so passionately and complete.

As our kiss breaks, my eyes slowly open to see her smiling so sexy at me. She was devouring me with just her eyes. Her hand slowly drops from the side of my face drifting down until she cupped one of my breasts giving it a firm squeeze. Watching my body stiffen and a light moan escapes my lips, she smiles to herself. Leaning towards Naomi, I wrap my arms around her neck, pulling her closer. As our tongues danced, I feel the zipper on my dress being tugged down, then the bra was released. I lowered my arms so Naomi could slide the dress off my shoulders. She then cups both of my breasts, tweaking the nipples. My hands reach out tentatively and lightly touch her breasts.

Naomi not wanting to waste a moment pushes me down so I was laying on the couch. Her lips wrapped around one nipple, her teeth lightly biting it as her hand was traveling south. By the time she paid attention my other breast, her hand was cupping my pussy. Her fingers curling right over my clit causing me an anxiety I haven't had in months. Feeling my panties being tugged, I automatically lifted my ass up to help get them off. My dress all bunched up around my waist and naked everywhere else except for the thigh high nylons and my high heels.

As Naomi kissed between my thighs, her lips would graze my sex causing me to shudder. After several minutes of teasing me, I was finally rewarded with her tongue nestled between my lips, caressing my clit. My moans have become more vocal and my hands grasp her hair pulling her tightly against my pussy. I lift my ass in the air trying to get more of Naomi's tongue. Feeling my juices gushing, I can't think of anything but the moment. Getting so close to a climax, Naomi breaks away and and holds out her hand to me. Taking her hand, she helps me stand, my dress slips to the floor. She leads me down a carpeted hall walking past the bedroom to a dimly lit room filled with erotic devices.

In the middle of the floor was a bench, similar to a gynecologists exam table, except it was deeply padded and a lot lower to the floor. She grasps my shoulders and turns me facing away from the bench. A steady pressure on my shoulders caused me to squat down and sit on the bench. As I sit and look up at Naomi, she lets the robe slide to the floor revealing her gorgeous contours.

The white garter and nylons really made her look like a goddess. And seeing the bra drop to the floor, I slowly admire her body noticing she wasn't wearing any panties. She squats down in front of me, smiles and then kisses me with a hunger I felt growing within myself. Lying back onto the bench, my new-found lover smothers my body with hers, my legs spread with her in between them. Breast to breast, we continue kissing and I start to openly explore her body with my hands.

Unknown to me, but Christopher entered the dimly lit room and watched the event unfold before his eyes. Smiling, went quietly into the next room and with a few keystrokes started several video cameras hidden throughout the room. Re-entering he undressed completely.
Sporting a thick 10" hard on, he couldn't wait to bury it in his newly found prize.

Naomi sensed Christopher's arrival and scooted up my body so she was straddling my waist as she grasped my wrists. She had the sexiest smile I ever seen. Each arm was brought down to my waist and secured with Velcro cuffs built into the bench. Securely fastened I looked questioning at Naomi. She leaned forward, cupped my face with her hands and whispered, relax and enjoy the moment. Then she kissed me again. I feel a blindfold slip over my eyes closing off all view. Starting to get nervous and fidgeting again, Naomi stands up and moves away from my body.

Naomi walks softly to her lover, taking in his ebony chiseled contours and the huge slab of cock jutting straight out. Her small hand reverently encircles his manhood as he leans down and kisses her. Her hand strokes the length of his cock feeling every ridge and vein. Christopher breaks the kiss and points to his soon to be prize.

With downcast eyes Naomi leans down and kisses the head of his cock, her tongue lavishing the precum oozing from the monstrous head. Then turns towards Arianna. Kneeling down and spreading Arianna's thighs, she dips her head into the nectar filled pussy and starts lapping away, drinking in all she can get. Arianna's moans become more vocal as she tries to hump into Naomi's mouth. Never before has she experienced anything like this. Again getting very close to climaxing, Naomi pulls away to my frustration. 
Naomi moves to my head, straddling me with her thighs and slowly lowers herself over my mouth. Breathing in the scent of another woman arouses me like I never expected. Feeling her pussy come in contact with my lips, my tongue darts out seeking between the folds. Rewarded with the taste of sweet nectar and a moan from Naomi, I continue sucking and nibbling. I feel her body shift as she starts lapping between my legs yet again. Periodically stopping. During her brief breaks, she humped herself harder against me moaning. Hearing a slurping sound but yet not feeling anything I didn't realize that her lips were wrapped around that huge cock I was about to feel buried deep inside of me. 

Naomi fingers my pussy smearing all of my juices over her hand, then she spreads it around her lover's huge black cock. Naomi lifts herself from me, reverses and starts licking my face, occasionally across my lips savoring the taste. Feeling her move next to me she says softly to relax, you are about to feel total ecstasy and I'm going to be here beside you the whole time giving you encouragement.

I turned my head towards her voice as I feel an object sliding up and down the crevice of my pussy. Then I feel the constant pressure of something large starting to enter my pussy. Feeling so stretched I start to pant. The pressure stops as Naomi whispers, you look so sexy right now. Her lips caress mine, her fingers tweak my nipple and the pressure continues. 

After Christopher lodges half of his cock inside Arianna, he slowly starts to withdraw it, marveling at the shakes and shudders of the tiny wife he is going to add to his existing harem of married women. A signal from Christopher and Naomi kisses me deeply and lifts the blindfold off of my face. Breaking the kiss she looks into my eyes and with words unspoken she smiles at me. The whole time I feel this massive object working it's way into my depths and then withdrawing. Craning my head to the side to look around Naomi, I see my client from the hair shop between my legs, his cock buried halfway into me. With a glazed look, I let my head fall back. 

Christopher reaches down and unclasps the cuffs allowing my arms to move again. I feel the pressure of his body on top of my small frame, engulfing me. His hands are cradling the sides of my head, his plump lips cover mine as he starts thrusting deeper inside of me. I quiver from the feelings of being completely full. My arms wrap around his body holding him close to me as his thrusts become faster.

I can hear his balls slapping against my ass and his breathing increasing. I moan into his mouth and start to climax. I wrap my legs around his waist giving him total access as he continues his assault on my pussy. Arching my back I feel his cock trying to enter my cervix, his pants becomes loud moans and with a final thrust he holds his cock deep inside of me. Feeling him flex several times and know that he's shooting potent streams inside me, I can only lie back and revel in the moment. 

Christopher lifts his body from mine, keeping his cock buried inside of me. He looks me in the eyes and smiles. "You have a very sexy body and I have enjoyed our little tryst immensely." Smiling up at him, my hand touches the side of his face while the other reaches down and feels the massive width buried inside me. 

I look at him and ask, "This has been a very exciting adventure, I didn't think it would turn out quite like this, but I have no regrets." Then as I looked at Naomi, I noticed the wedding rings, "Are you and Christopher married?"

Naomi chuckles and replied no. Looking to Christopher, he calmly explains, "She is my personal assistant at work. She is also my mistress who does anything I require of her, as you will too soon enough," I looked at him perplexed until the moment passed.

It felt like minutes as that huge black pipe was withdrawn from me, once released, I let out a huge sigh of relief. Looking at his cock, and the huge balls below it I could only imagine how much seed was pumped into me. It felt like a quart of come oozing out of my well fucked pussy, then a pair of lips and a tongue lapping it out of me. I looked down to see Naomi between my legs, my hands shot down grabbing and pulling Naomi's hair forcing her face tightly against my sex. I humped her face with total abandon, determined to come again on her face. Arching my back I reached another climax, shuddering intensely. 

As all of us retreated to the living room, we sat down and had another cocktail. I swear after drinking one of those, it's like my inhibitions disappear. But I have no regrets other than the weekend will end eventually. 

Naomi and I frequently have lunches together now, and occasionally we walk hand in hand to a nearby hotel giggling like two schoolgirls playing hooky. Christopher, true to his word has become my master. I give in to his every desire and wish. And yes, I too have seduced several married women as I was seduced and taken.

After that glorious weekend, I started on the pill, as Christopher has hinted several times of wanting me to get pregnant by him. As much as I love the feeling of that monster slaying my pussy, I'm just not ready to explain to my family why our first child is black as night. As for my husband, he's happy as a clam. The extra cash I bring home justifies my frequent absences to him. 

I have to go now, my master has instructed me to bring him his next conquest, a recently married, young and naive woman he met at a local hair salon. This one is going to be fun, as I chuckled to myself, she won't be naive for long.....
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