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Ariel Pays It Back

The principal catches Ariel and thinks he's compromised her. She exacts revenge.
Monday morning Ariel spotted Jasmine, Bell, and Cindy standing on the lawn in front of school and veered toward them. Cindy whistled low and long when she saw Ariel approaching. Scanning her friend up and down, she said, “Wow, Ariel. Who are you trying to get an A from?”

The redhead blushed fetchingly but she looked down at her outfit then dismissively asked, “What, this old thing?”

‘This old thing’ was an ensemble of her mother’s work and play clothes. Sharon helped her plan an outfit for the maximum impact allowable by the school’s dress code.

Strappy , four inch stiletto sandals were to code. As were seamed sheer black silk stockings, provided their tops could not be seen and the skirt covering them was no more than three inches above the knee. Garters and lace thongs weren’t mentioned in the code at all. Ariel wore a heavy flint colored A-line skirt that easily met the length requirement. The conservative skirt provided a nice contrast to her downright scandalous top: a black velvet bustier with gray ribbing that matched the flint color of the skirt. Sheer black cloth, attached to her neck with a velvet collar and tucked in under the bustier, covered her otherwise exposed decollete leaving her shoulders, arms, and most of her back bare.

Ariel usually wore light makeup, if any. But today deep red lipstick and heavy eyeliner accented her lush lips and emerald eyes. She bound her red tresses up in a loose bun, revealing the creamy soft skin of her shoulders, back, and graceful neck to maximum effect.

“How do I look?” asked Ariel with a cringe.

“I’d hire you,” said Bell. “You nailed ‘courtesan’ or maybe ‘starlet on premier night’, if that’s what you wanted. But Cindy’s right. What’s the occasion?”

“I’m hunting a man,” she said with a salacious grin.

“Look around, Ariel. Men are hunting you. You’re bait,” said Jasmine.

It was true. Several guys openly stared at her as they walked by. Some, less bold, cast sidelong glances, as if her gaze might turn them to stone. One creeper walked by with his phone pointed at her, taking photos, no doubt.

“Which ‘man’ are you hunting?” asked Cindy.

“T, of course,” she stated the obvious. “I think he needs an object lesson.”

Bell cocked one eye in question.

“He wouldn’t,” she began, but stopped. She checked to see if anyone were close, then leaned in to whisper, “he wouldn’t fuck me or go down on me or let me near his cock.”

“Oh, you poor slut,” said Bell.

“I know, right.” Ariel punched her playfully, enjoying her friend. “What’s worse is there is another girl, named Joy, he calls a ‘friend’. But it’s clear Joy is cunt blocking.”

“So you’re going to make him regret it?” asked Jasmine, her expression confused.

“Something like that,” mused Ariel. “I’m not sure yet.”

The ten minute bell rang. Ariel smiled and led her friends into the building.


T intercepted Ariel at the cafeteria doors. Taking her arm, he led her away from traffic. She liked how assertive he was being. Bonelessly, with an amused turn of her lips, she allowed him to move her into a quiet area of the hall. When the coast was clear, he pushed her through the door to the tower, he’d taken her on their first date.

“Let’s talk,” he said.

Ariel didn’t want him making the decisions, she wanted to assert dominance, at least for now. Instead of answering, she turned to climb toward the tower top. She walked very slowly, being sure to swing her hips so the skirt swished from side to side. When she got to the first landing, Ariel looked down. T stood rooted to the floor, looking up at her, eyes on her ass or legs. She knew he could see her garters and the tops of her stockings. Having gained the upper hand, she smiled and continued her leisurely climb to the top.

Eventually, T caught up. He only tripped once before getting to the veranda.

At the top, Ariel surveyed her surroundings, feeling regal and a little bit naughty. She moved to the center of the platform, out of sight from anyone below, and leaned back casually on the concrete base of the historic placard.

Trying to deal with and hide the bulge in his jeans, T walked awkwardly until he stood in front of Ariel like a supplicant. She could see him gathering his wits. Words were about to tumble out of his mouth.

“Shh,” Ariel put a finger to his lips, denting them sensually. She noticed his brown eyes were dilated, making them almost completely black. She grinned up at him,

“Let’s play twenty questions. Okay?” She only had three, with some backup questions.

He nodded, so she asked, “Do you want me?” The question was rhetorical, judging by the bulge in his pants, but she wanted confirmation.

“It’s complic ...” he said.

“Shh,” her finger interrupted again. “Keep it simple. Yes or no?”

“It’s…” he began to explain again, only to be interrupted. Ariel grinned, enjoying his earnest discomfort.

“Yes or no?” she asked again.

“Yes. Okay? But…”. Again her finger crossed his lips.

“Are you and Joy, lovers?” Joy could be an infatuation or an unrequited love. Or an old lover. But Ariel thought it more likely they were active lovers, just by the way he referenced her. She needed confirmation on this one.

He hesitated, guilt written on his face, then nodded. “Yes.”

“Do you want to date me?” she asked, quickly. This was the only real question. The answer would set the direction of their remaining time together. A negative response would set her direction down the stairs and out of his life.

He considered it, then said, “Yes.”

“Do you want to marry me?”

Shock mixed with fear and possibly disgust. He sputtered to speak, but Ariel’s finger stilled his lips.

“Shh, kidding,” she said. She fluttered her eyes. “Just making a point, is all.” Namely, they weren’t mating for life. She could fuck Eric, guilty free, if he was fucking Joy. She kept that to herself, though.

Ariel didn’t know if she wanted to leave him high and dry, literally, or talk it out, or just force him to third base. Her pussy wanted third base or, better yet, home base. But the latter was out of the question, even in this secluded spot. She considered her options and came to a decision.

“Do you like being teased?” she asked. Absent-mindedly she lifted her skirt slightly, showing the tops of her stockings,

“I’m not sure,” he said. He moved fractionally closer, lifting his arms to embrace her. Ariel put a palm on his chest and pushed him gently away.

“Do you realize how big a clit tease you’ve been?” she asked.

He shrugged, uncertain. Then he dissembled, “I’ve been gentlemanly.”

She gripped his shirt and pulled him in for a kiss. The heels brought her up to his height, making it easier. After a fraction of a second, he kissed back. Ariel’s hands roamed over his body, caressing his face, stroking his arms and chest and finally stopping at the delta of his legs, confirming his arousal.

Ariel pushed him back, sighing. She crooked an eyebrow at him.

“No more teasing,” she said. The redhead reached under her skirt with both hands to pull her thong down. Gingerly, she stepped out of it, one long high heeled leg at a time. She placed the wad of black lace on the plaque as she straightened back up.

T looked at the discarded panties, then at Ariel, his body tense and mouth open in astonishment. Ariel leaned back against the sign , cocking her hips and throwing out one leg. T’s eyes followed the long line of one leg down and then the other back up. He swallowed once.

“W-what are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m getting what I deserved the other night,” she snorted. Ariel looked down at the lovely gray material. “Try not to wrinkle the skirt.”

“But… I don’t have a condom,” he stammered.

“You don’t need one for your face,” she looked at him like he was too stupid to live.


“Look,” she said, interrupting him again, “you got me all hot and bothered and then held back the other night. Honestly, I don’t care if you have another lover. Or five. But I’m not waiting months for you to figure out what you want. It’s now or never for you and me. So if your tongue isn’t on my clit in the next thirty seconds, I’m walking down those stairs and these panties will be the closest you’ll ever get.”

He opened his mouth to speak, but Ariel lifted up her skirt, exposing her beautiful, athletic legs, the stockings, and her completely bald pussy.

“Wow,” he said, and closed his mouth.

“Yes, or no?”, she said. “Answer with your mouth.”

T tore his eyes away from her pussy and looked Ariel in the eye. She nodded once slowly. It was time.

Reluctantly, T fell to his knees. Ariel licked her lips in anticipation, enjoying her dominant position more that a little. Putting a hand on either hip, under the skirt, for support, he leaned in so she could feel his hot breath on her moist cunt just before he kissed her labia and then her clit.

Ariel moaned. She locked her one knee and hauled the other leg up, resting the calf on his shoulder with her heel at the center of his back, just below the neck. She heel hooked his neck and gently pulled his head into her waiting crotch.

“Mph,” he mumbled.

T licked her labia and clit softly. When she didn’t jump at his firmer tonguing, he latched onto her clit, sucking it in and licking the slick hard nub. Meanwhile, his hands were running up and down her thighs and hips.

“Oh, you’ve done this before, I see,” she said.

As if to answer she felt first one and then two fingers enter her soaking cunt. He pushed them in slowly and turned them to rub the ceiling of her steamy cove. He wedged the thumb of his free hand between her belly and his nose, just a bit above her clit. It confused her at first, until he pressed the thumb down and pushed back with the fingers in her pussy. Something wonderful exploded inside her.

“Oh,” she cried, “O.”

T continued to suck on her clit and squeeze that special spot of hers gently between his fingers, from the inside and his thumb from the outside. She cried and moaned and then sagged against the pylon for support. Her free leg jerked spasmodically pulling him into her, disrupting is rhythm. Somehow that set her off more.

“Stop,” she said. “I can’t stand any more.”

But he only worked her more, varying the intensity so she rode waves of orgasm. It felt like she was peeing and cuming at the same time. She was in heaven, but it was only a few short moments before he brought her down. Calmly, he pulled his fingers out of her and licked and cleaned her pussy up. He kissed her cleft and then stood up carefully.

“God damn, T. That was amazing. I’ve never come quite like that before,” she said, not a hint of a smile on her face. She put her leg back down, standing unsteadily. “Thank you.”

T blushed bashfully. She could see he liked giving as much as she loved receiving. The bulge in his pants looked painful. Part of her wanted to drop to her knees and relieve his discomfort. But some perverse part of her wanted to assert dominance to the end.

She kissed him on the cheek, putting her panties in his hand. His fingers closed around them automatically.

“You’ll need to clean up. You’ve got my cum all over your face,” she giggled. “Some of it’s white .”

Ariel turned and ran down the stairs. T stood there, bemused.

Ariel rushed to the ladies, to make herself presentable, then to the lunch room to eat. Jasmine, Bell and Cindy grilled her for information on her whereabouts and T’s absence. She just stuffed her face and remained elusive.


Her phone buzzed during Calculus.

From T : Thongs make terrible towels. Will said I had something on my face just before class.

Ariel put both hands over her mouth to smother a laugh. Instead, she made a sneeze-like sound. She ducked down behind the Jasmine, who was sitting in front of her, but the teacher noticed her anyway.

“Bless you,” said Mrs Dalton. Ariel thanked her and apologized. She wrote back.

To T : Did he ask about your new Eau de Pussy cologne?

From T : He’s not a dog :)

From T : Meet me at the door at 20 til

To T: what for?

From T : to talk.

Ariel rolled her eyes. What was there to talk about? Words would fuck this up, she just knew. If she told him why she didn’t mind Joy she would have to lie about who else she slept with.

To T: ok.

Ariel claimed woman troubles and left class early. Dropping her backpack off at her locker, Ariel made her way to the tower. On the way she got another text message.

From T : Door taped open. Remove the tape before you come up.

Ariel tried the door, which was indeed open. She looked around and then slipped in, being sure to peel off the tape covering the locking mechanism. She was breathing heavily by the time she got to the top.

“What did y …” she began to ask. T’s finger blocked her lips.

“Shh,” he said. She smiled around his finger. And kissed it.

“Let’s play 1 question, okay?”

That was new. She agreed with a nod.

“Do you know what a cock tease you’ve been?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said, “but in my defense, I was trying to focus your attention.” Ariel enjoyed the symmetry of their role reversal. She could feel herself getting hot in anticipation of what came next.

He stepped up and kissed her passionately. But his arms didn’t surround her as she expected. Instead she heard a zip. She broke the kiss and looked down.

“What are you doing?” she stammered, on cue.

“I’m getting what I earned today,” he said. “No more teasing.”

“But... Condoms,” she said, coyly.

“Your face,” he smirked and rolled his eyes.


“Look,” he said, interrupting her on queue. Suddenly he looked serious. “I’m having a thing with Joy. She’s hot as hell. But it will never go anywhere.”

Having said his piece, he smirked and added, “Now, I need to know of you can handle it. If you’re not sucking my cock in the next thirty seconds…”

With a smile, Ariel put her purse on the placard and dropped down in front of T . The high heels made squatting somewhat easier, she noted, but not altogether comfortable. Going down on her knees would be more comfortable, but she didn’t want to ruin her mother’s stockings. The heels also made it easier for her mouth to be at the right height.

By now, T’s cock was at full mast, making it difficult to pull out of his pants.

“ Woah ,” she said. “What the fuck am I looking at?”

“A cock , silly,” he remarked. “I got the impression you’d done this before.”

The cock was normal length, maybe six inches, not nearly as long as her Tom’s or Eric’s, but it was fat. Really fat, about the size of a can of Coke and nearly the same shape.

Intimidated, Ariel grabbed it with her hand and kissed the fat tip, mimicking T’s earlier action with her clit. Her hand barely fit around it. Ariel wasn’t sure she would be able to take the whole thing in her mouth, so she kissed it again and then put the cap in her mouth and tried sucking just the head.

He moaned when she started using her tongue on the underside. Ariel sucked the head in and out of her luscious mouth a few times and then winked at him. He moaned and smiled. She pushed more into her eager mouth, trying not to scrape tooth to cock. About half of it got in. Ariel decided to stop and just run her tongue on the underside.

“Oh, I’m not going to last long,” he said.

She drooled on the shaft as much as she could then push down. She backed off several times but eventually she got the whole thing in her mouth.

“Oh, nice,” he said. Ariel tongued the underside of his shaft and scraped her fingers against his scrotum. His balls lurched and he let out a sigh. He was closer. Ariel bobbed up and down on him, taking him fully each time.

His cock spasmed ounce in warning. Ariel could taste his pre-cum and prepared for the flood, he was about to deliver. She didn’t want to spill any onto her outfit. A rush of warm cum shot into her mouth. Ariel closed her eyes and hummed with delight. T moaned and shot another blast into her waiting mouth. Then he pushed her forehead back and came on her face.

In the heat of the moment, Ariel let him do what he wanted, damn the consequences. The next three shots hit her face, covering her upper lip and both cheeks in spunk. He pushed back into her mouth so Ariel suck the last drops he pushed out and then clean his cock.

T zipped up, casually and walked over to the stairs. He turned and said, “You’ve got some of my cum on your face.” He laughed maniacally as he rushed down the stairs yelling, “sweet revenge!”

Ariel chuckled, until she realized there was no way to get clean up here. Ariel opened her tiny purse and assessed her situation. It contained a compact mirror, eyeliner and mascara, a tube of lipstick, a tampon and her phone.

“Fuck,” she said out loud. Briefly, she considered making a run for the nearest bathroom or maybe the girls locker room in the gym. But the horror of being discovered, in public where people knew her, with fresh cum on her face and no underwear was too much.

Ariel examined her face using the compact . Remembering the time she and her mother shared Tom’s cum, Ariel scooped some into her mouth with a finger, sucking it clean and swallowing. Working carefully, she managed to get her face clean one scoop at a time.

Ariel licked her finger and repeated the process, but there was a sheen of ‘something’ around her mouth. Taking a face full from her brother or father was usually followed by a shower. Now she appreciated how sticky the damned substance was.

She reapplied her lipstick, making herself look good enough for a run to the bathroom.

On her way down, she texted T.

To T : You are in so much trouble.

From T: oO

To T : My revenge will be swift and final.

From T : I can’t wait. :-)

Ariel made it out of the tower down an empty hallway. Twenty feet from the bathroom, Vice Principal Greene popped out of a classroom like an emaciated jack-in-the-box.

“ Eep ,” chirped Ariel.

“Young lady, what are you doing out of class?” he said.

His pleasantly deep, authoritative voice seemed incongruous from such as thin, ugly man. Principle Greene was commonly referred to as “the emperor” both for his authoritarian zeal as his resemblance to Senator Palpatine. He had that same diseased grin. To Ariel he resembled something out of the Munsters. In private she referred to him as Emperor Munster.

He was also Will’s Uncle. Shit.

“Uh,” was all she could manage to say. He approached her and it was all Ariel could do not to turn and run. What if he noticed her face?

“Answer me, young lady.” he didn’t notice, she let out a breath in relief.

“Um, I was heading to the bathroom. Girl troubles,” said Ariel. Does needing to clean semen off your face count as girl troubles? she wondered.

Mr. Greene ignored her, suddenly leaning over her to look rather too closely at her chest. Was he trying to see her cleavage through the sheer material covering it?

“What’s that on your…” The shock of recognition cut off his words. His eyes darted from her chest to her mouth and he squinted, leaning in even closer. Ariel leaned away, then took a step back.

“Is that what I think it is?” he asked finally, fixing her with a shrewd look.

He knew! Ariel nearly pissed herself. She eyed the entrance to the girl’s bathroom, just beyond his scarecrow form. The frightened teen swallowed and lied, “I’m not sure what you’re referring to. But I’m leaking, go to go.”

Bursting suddenly into motion, Ariel decisively maneuvered around him, and in five long steps made the bathroom door, slamming against it, then pulling it open. She pushed the door closed behind her. There was no lock.

Mr. Greene spoke softly through the door. “Ariel, come out this instant.”

Nearly in tears from terror, Ariel ran to the sinks. No one was in the bathroom, it seemed. In the mirror, she could see two drops of semen clear as day on the sheer material tucked into her bustier.

“You stupid, slut,” she whispered to her reflection, cursing her failure. She had been so worried about her face, she didn’t bother to check her cloths.

“Ms Fischer, don’t make me come in there!” Mr Greene said, louder this time.

“I’ll not decent,” she said. A hysterical giggle escaped her lips. She could hear him talking, probably on the phone to someone who could come in the bathroom. She got busy.

First, Ariel cleaned up her face and applied the heavy lipstick again. With a wet paper towel she wiped the cum off her chest, being careful not to spread it more. Then she took off the modified cravat and ran water through the two spots. She blotted it dry, but the wet spots stood out.

All the women’s bathrooms were equipped with hair/hand dryers. Ariel thought they were silly, but today she blessed whoever installed them. The dryer made quick work of the wet spots on the thin mesh material.

“Time's up, Ms Fischer,” called the Principle from the hall. He sounded delighted more than annoyed. “Principal Connor will be here any moment.” Connor was a woman.

By the time she put on the clean, dry cravat and tucked it back under her bustier, she’d come up with exactly no plan to get out of this. But at least there was no evidence. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door to face the music. Mr Greene stood in the hallway alone, Mrs Connor wasn’t in sight. He gave Ariel a vicious look that took her breath away. Grabbing her arm, he pulled her out of the doorway, into the hall.

“You little, hussy,” he hissed. “To think, Will went out with you.”

“He was a terrible lay ,” she whispered.

“You little bitch,” he said. He jerked her, pulling her closer to say something more. His bushy gray eyebrows loomed over angry dark eyes, like storm clouds. She tried to pull further back, genuinely afraid.

“Let go of me,” Ariel said. She leaned away from him.

“What’s going on here?” asked a kind female voice.

Ariel realized Mrs. Connor turned the corner in time to see Ariel struggling with the lanky Vice Principal. Mr. Greene released Ariel like she was a live wire, standing back. His stormy countenance dissipated as quickly. Ariel realized his mistake and pounced.

“He wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom and after I did, he grabbed me,” she said, truthfully.

“Is that true?” asked Mrs. Connor.

Mr. Greene’s bushy eyebrows lifted up in surprise. He nodded once, as if to concede defeat. By his shrewd look, she knew this wasn’t the end.

It look ten minutes to get the whole thing cleared. In the end Greene had nothing on her. Ariel did her best to make him look like a boor.


That night, Ariel arrived at T’s place. She lightly slapped T’s face as soon when he opened the door.

“You fucking bastard,” she said, looking angry. “You got cum on my outfit.”

“You deserved it after leaving me with your cum on my face and just those panties to clean up with,” he smirked. T couldn’t stop grinning. It was clear he enjoyed her predicament and her slap. Ariel couldn’t help but return his infectious smile.

“That wasn’t the funny part,” she said. “Mr. Greene found me in the hallway with your cum smeared all around my mouth,” she added, as matter of factly as she could.

Her words wiped the smirk right off T’s face. He appeared genuinely stricken. “Oh, my god. Are you kidding?”

Ariel shook her head, looking sad now.

“What happened?” he asked.

She told him the details, explaining how she used Connor against him.

“He changed when I came out of the bathroom. Like he’d put on a mask. Or maybe taken one off.” She shook her head, thinking. The guy is a major creep.

“And now he has it in for you,” T added. Ariel agreed.

Despite her concerns, T’s relief was palpable. She wasn’t letting him off that easy. “It’s all your fault. I got you messy but at least I left you something to clean up with. You had me running around in public with your cum on my face!”

“That’s the sluttiest thing I’ve ever heard,” he said.

Ariel looked down. In a small voice she admitted, “Not the sluttiest thing I’ve done.”

“You’ve been slutty before?” he asked.

She nodded, “are you ok with that?”

“Hell, yeah,” he said. “Just be sure to include me.”

Her pussy convulsed at his words. She wanted him urgently.

“So… how about that talk?” he asked, out of nowhere.

“Ugh,” said Ariel, rolling her eyes. She pushed T against the wall and kissed him. They broke apart after a minute. Ariel said, “if your cock isn’t in me in the next thirty seconds…”

“Talk later?” he said.

Ariel nodded, biting her lower lip and looking up at her lover. She worked his belt off and he fumbled with her shirt. For a moment it appeared as if the two were fighting, but they only struggled against each other’s binding garments , which gave way quickly enough.

Ariel kneeled on the stairs to the upper floor, allowing T to take her from behind. She cried out in discomfort and lust as his fat member entered her soaked pussy. Just like that, they consummated their relationship.

“Your cock is really fat,” she said, panting softly as she came down from the rush of their coupling. They lay rather uncomfortably beside each other on the stairs. Ariel wondered if T’s cum was leaking out of her pussy. She reached down to check, not wanting to stain the carpet.

“Time for that talk?” asked T.

“Ok, Mr One-track-mind,” said Ariel. “What’s to talk about? You want to eat your cake and have it too.” She shrugged.

“You got it backward,” he said.

“Oh, you want me to eat my cake and have it, too?” she asked demurely. “Okay.”

T grinned and shook his head. “That’s not what I was saying. But it’s only fair.”

Ariel sat up and looked at T. She grabbed his spent cock gently as they searched each other’s eyes. “So we’re dating. Each other. And other people, too.”

T nodded.

“And you don’t think I’m a slut?” she asked.

Are you a slut?” he asked.

Ariel leaned down to put his cock in her mouth without breaking eye contacted. She moved her hand down to cup his balls. “Mm,” she moaned, savoring the taste.

“That’s not an answer, but I like your response,” he said. T groaned and laid his head back, enjoying her work. “I, for one, I don’t mind it one bit if you’re a cock monster.”

She bit down gently on his cock, he laughed.

“You’re number three,” she said. Four, if you count girls , she thought.

“You’re one ahead of me,” he said.

When he was hard enough, Ariel straddled him. She used the banisters for support to lower herself onto his club-like cock, blowing out through pursed lips as the fat cock split her open. After a pleasant time together, he dumped another load in her convulsing womb.


T and Ariel became an item around school in the following weeks. Once it was general knowledge they were together, pulling Ariel out of class became problematic. And of course, there was Principal Greene to worry about. As a result, the pair shunned the tower.

Ariel was sad about it, she liked the idea of near-public sex. So it was a surprise when Ariel received a text from T to meet:

From T: Tower for ‘lunch’

Ten minutes before lunch break. She got another text:

From T : Be naked, slut

Ariel clenched her legs together with apprehension and not a little lust. T was slowly, feeling comfortable talking dirty and Ariel loved it when he did. She loved the idea, but feared discovery. She slipped into the tower without anyone seeing her, she was especially watchful for Mr. Greene.

Just inside the tower, she took a moment to consider her next actions. Should she walk to the top with cloths on or off, like T asked? Walking around school naked, even if just in a closed off space, went against every instinct she had. But the thought got her juices flowing.

Ariel had taken to wearing skirts and heels more and more, lately. Today she had on a longish plaid skirt, an almost sheer white Oxford button down, and a black bra and panty set. After taking a deep breath, Ariel stripped nude leaving only her patent leather platforms on.

After stuffing her clothes into her backpack with her books and gym clothes, Ariel climbed the stairs. The climb up was long and gave Ariel time to consider the consequences of her actions. She could get in real trouble. Or she could have a hell of a story to tell her friends. Her pussy was drenched by the top.

T wasn’t at the top. She stood alone looking around in confusion. Doubt crept in, replacing lust . Ariel tried to relax. T would be here in a moment, she trusted him. Taking a deep breath, Ariel dropped her backpack by the stairs, walked to the placard, and leaned against it, facing the stairs.

Patiently she waited for T. Her nipples were rock hard in the cool air, but she was a bit less excited than when she’d first arrived. She looked around, making sure no one could see her. The only vantage point with a view into the tower was from the gym roof. She saw a couple of pigeons perched up there. But she wasn’t concerned if they got an eyeful of her tits.

At last, Ariel heard the top door close. Her wait was almost over. She craned her head to see down the stairwell, wanting to see the T’s expression as he realized she was, indeed nude. But it wasn’t T.

Principal Greene’s wicked face popped into view. He looked unsurprised by her presence in the tower. But smug satisfaction turned to surprise, however, when he climbed high enough to see her beautiful breasts.

Fear pierced Ariel like a knife. She pissed herself a little bit as she folded up in a ball, attempting to hide her nakedness. Mr. Greene laughed mirthlessly, as he made the landing.

“Ms. Fischer, you don’t disappoint,” said Emperor Munster. “I expected you to rendezvous here, but in the buff? You very fucked now young lady,” he said.

Ariel couldn’t respond, blind panic dulled her usually sharp mind. Where was T?

“I wanted to even the score after you humiliated me in front of Mrs. Connor. That bitch dressed me down for your shenanigans. Now she suspects I’m some kind of pervert. And you are going to pay for that. Dearly.” He looked down at her with a predatory smile, relishing her humiliation.

Her backpack buzzed faintly, bringing Ariel out of her shock. T was calling her. She got control of herself, if not her fear, and vocalized the one thought she had, “Where is T?”

“Mr Simms? He’s in the my office, waiting for me.” He waved at her backpack dismissively. “He has no idea I followed you, of course. Or that you aren’t here alone.”

“How did you know?” asked Ariel.

“Details, Ms Fischer,” he said. “You’re a smart girl. Second in your class, I think?” Ariel nodded, dumbly. “Did it occur to you that I have access to school security cameras?”

Ariel shook her head. She looked around for a camera.

“Oh, there are none up here. But there are in the halls. Quite state of the art. I can watch any camera from my office computer. It took five minutes to retrace your steps to the tower after our meeting in the hall that day. And then of course I saw Mr Simms preceding you.” He chuckled, shaking his head. “Once I knew, I watched and waited. And here we are.”

“What do you want?” she asked, standing up. She had a good idea. If he thought she was going to let him have his way with her, he was crazy.

“Well, I wanted to suspend you. But now…”, he gestured, indicating her nudity. “Can’t you guess?” he asked. He was enjoying this too much.

“What makes you think I will do what you want?” Ariel held her spine straight and gave Mr. Greene as defiant a look as she could muster.

“You’ll do it or I will expel Mr. Simms,” he said, his voice harsh.

“For what?” asked Ariel. She almost laughed, finding her courage at last. She remembered what an ass she made of him last time. She would do it again, eventually.

“For whatever I come up with, you silly slut,” he replied, “I’ve expelled students for less than what I have on video with you two.”

That gave Ariel pause for thought. She had to keep T out of this. Tricky.

“Let's start with corporal punishment. Turn around and grab that sign,” he commanded.

He said it with authority and Ariel’s pussy responded, remembering the spanking her father gave her. Not having a better plan, Ariel hesitantly turned around and leaned over the sign , grabbing it with both arms. The metal was shockingly cold against her nipples.

An image of what she must look like fixed itself in her head. The sheer unlikely perverseness of her predicament suddenly amused her. Ariel had come up here to have sex and now she was fucked. Ariel suppressed a hysterical giggle. Instead of crying or laughing at herself, the redhead glared back at her tormentor. Arching her back, she dared him to do his worst.

“Oh, what spirit you have,” he said. He placed a hand on her ass. She turned away, looking forward, as his hand came down. The sound wasn’t loud. But it stung. Ariel jumped involuntarily. Like her father had, Mr. Greene alternated cheeks, getting each red . With each swat her panic receded and mind cleared.

Ariel was enjoying herself, she realized. The pain of each slap didn’t seem to dissipate so much as change and move down to her pussy, which was heating up. Mr. Greene clearly wasn’t going to suspend or expel her. He was going to spank and then fuck her. And the thought wasn’t altogether unpleasant, at the moment.

It occurred to her, if anyone found them like this, he would be the villain and she the victim. She smiled. On the next swat she cried out.

“Shut your mouth, Ms Fischer,” he said.

But she didn’t, nearly yelling on the next swat . Surely someone down below could hear that? Ariel didn’t wait for the next smack.

“Help!”, she yelled. Ariel couldn’t suppress her shit eating grin. Either someone would come to the rescue or she would get fucked. She didn’t know which she preferred.

“Ms Fischer, don’t make me stuff your mouth with something to shut you up,” he quipped.

Ariel swung her head around in surprise. He adjusted his crotch, drawing Ariel’s gaze down. The outline of his cock was clearly visible as it snaked an alarming distance down his pants. Ariel swallowed, she was increasingly ambivalent about getting out of her predicament.

“Stand up, young lady,” he said, grabbing her arm and pulling. She let him jerk her around and up, facing him defiantly.

He placed one hand on her left breast, cupping and caressing it. Ariel tried not to flinch.. In the cool air, her nipples were hard and perky. Mr. Greene brought up his other hand, sighing as he cupped both breasts.

“There’s nothing better than teenage tits,” he said. He sighed. “I’m going to enjoy using you , Ms. Fischer. I’ll make a proper little slut out of you.”

Saying so, he placed hands on her shoulders and pushed down. Ariel squeaked and kneeled.

“After today you’re going to be my little whore,” he said. Ariel looked up in shock. After today? What the hell did this guy have planned ? “Right now, I’m going to plug that loud mouth of yours.”

Faced with the long outline of cock, directly in front of her, Ariel couldn’t deny her curiosity. He wanted submission. That was clear. And she wanted to beat him. Right now, between the security video and her nakedness, he had the upper hand. She needed to play along.

Slumping, as if in defeat, she unbuckled his slacks and zipped down the fly. Reaching in his boxers, she grasped his hot member and pulled it out. Ariel gasped. Mr. Greene’s cock was nearly as long as her forearm, and it was still flaccid. She stroked it once and looked up, her eyes wide.

“That’s right, Ms Fischer. It’s eleven inches. Let me show you what that’s good for,” he said.

Grabbing it out of her hands, he swung his hardening meat, slapping her in the face. Ariel flinched back. He held her head in place and slapped her two more times. Ariel giggled. She couldn’t help herself. He cock slapped her again and she giggled more.

“Good girl, enjoy yourself,” he said. “You want to be my slut, don’t you?”

She smiled up at him still laughing as he slapped her again. He was smiling too, gloating. She could see naked desire in that smile. This was a fantasy for him. To punish, humiliate, and fuck some hot young thing with his huge cock. Ariel felt a rush of perverse confidence. No way would she end up being this man’s plaything. No matter how impressive his phallus.

“Now, enough of that,” he said. The Principal grabbed his hard cock and pushed it against her full lips. Looking up, Ariel accepted the head of his immense cock in her mouth around a smile.

“Admit it, Ms Fischer,” he said, “you enjoy being a cock sucking slut.” He had no idea. She would placate him, she thought, and have some fun, too. Going with it, at least for now, Ariel closed her eyes and moaned with real pleasure.

She needed to impress him. To fuel more fantasies for the old codger. So she swallowed more and more of his cock. She worked at getting his shaft lubricated with saliva as she pushed it further down her gullet until, finally, Ariel had nearly the whole thing wet and slick.

When she was ready Ariel eyed Mr. Greene. She put her hands on his hips and pulled herself forward onto his cock. The head hit the back of her throat almost immediately, but Ariel kept pushing, taking him deeper. She stopped when her nose touched his boxers.

Mr. Greene groaned. “You fucking slut,” he said.

Ariel pulled off of his cock, gasping. Suppressing her gag reflex made her eyes water. She took him back in her mouth after sucking in air. He got into it, grabbing her hair, he thrust into her. While he fucked her face, Ariel played with her exposed pussy. No reason she shouldn’t have fun.

They both moaned.

After a what seemed like forever, Mr. Greene stopped. “Get up,” he said. She could hardly see. Tears filled her eyes and flowed down her flushed cheeks to join the river of spit that flowed down her chin. He bent her over the placard. Ariel grabbed it for support as the tip of his cock bumped her wet pussy. She moaned at the intrusion and arched her back, presenting her sex for his use.

“What a whore,” he said. “Will said you were, but I had no idea.”

Ariel wagged her spectacular ass at him playfully.

With a chuckle, he pushed in. Ariel whimpered when he hit her cervix. He wasn’t even all the way in. Mr. Greene thrust in and out of her pussy, going further each time, but never all the way in. Ariel winced and moaned. But she didn’t yell or call out.

She reached under to play with her clit.

Ariel came quickly, despite the discomfort. She kept coming periodically as Mr. Greene fucked into her spasming pussy. His hands roamed her back side, playing with her ass and caressing her deep dimples. Just as she was coming down from a particularly intense orgasm, his began.

His cock spasmed and he pulled out of her with a hiss. Instinctively Ariel turned and dropped. Mr. Greene stood two feet away from her, stroking his long cock.

Ariel was wondering why he was standing so far away when the first spurt hit her directly in the face. From that distance it splattered everywhere. Ariel giggled and closed her eyes. The next two shots hit her tits. Then he walked up closer to shoot his remaining load on her upturned face.

All she could think about was how much DNA he’d just given her. Learning a lesson from her last visit to the tower, Ariel now carried a few paper towels in her backpack, just in case T got messy again. Today she would use them for evidence collection.

“Clean me up,” he commanded. She sucked him back in her mouth, taking the last drops directly from his hose . She suckeled the head and played with his balls, getting into it. Before she could get carried away, he pulled his cock out of her reach.

“Prepare to receive your reward, slut,” he said.

Confused, Ariel carefully opened her eyes. Mr. Greene stood in front of her, holding his cock level with her face. It was an amazing cock , but she doubted it would produce more cum.

“I thought I just got my reward,” she said, looking down at her splattered tits.

“Lean forward. Cup those beautiful breasts and open your sweet mouth,” he said.

She did what he asked, unaware, still confused. She waited. Finally losing patience, she asked, “what are you…”

A hot spray of liquid hit her square in the mouth, cutting off her words. She sputtered.

Another burst followed. Ariel shook her head, shocked. She had major fantasies about being peed on, and now it was happening. Two more blasts hit her face, followed by a steady stream, like a car engine catching after a sluggish start.

“Open your mouth, slut,” he said.

She did and he rewarded her with a mouth full of hot liquid. It didn’t taste salty or cummy like she thought it would. In fact, it tasted like nothing. There was a hint of sweetness. Ariel swallowed accidentally.

“God, you whore,” laughed Principle Greene, seeing her sputter.

He sprayed her face, soaked her hair and then washed down her tits. Ariel rubbed her clit, moaning in delight at the hot liquid running all over her. He aimed the last of his stream back at her mouth and Ariel gladly opened it, letting it fill up and overflow.

Ariel spat and swallowed when his stream died down completely. Mr Greene put his cock in her mouth and she obediently sucked it clean. Like a good slut, she remained where she was as he buckled his belt and zipped up.

“You got Mr. Simms off the hook,” he said. “As for you, Ms Fischer, there are five minutes remaining for the lunch hour. I suggest you make a run for your car after the next period starts. I don’t think you’ll be taking that math test in the state you’re in.”

Reality came crashing down on Ariel. This man was a monster and he’d just fucked her more than literally. For two and a half years, she’d worked hard to maintain a 4.0 or better. She was number two in her class, behind Jasmine. All that was in jeopardy now, because of him. She looked away, sure he could see the naked fear in her eyes.

“That’s right,” he nodded, smugly. “Mrs. Dalton won’t allow you to make up a test without a valid excuse any more that she would allow you in her room looking you do now.”

The implication was obvious. As principal, he would invalidate any excuses her parents wrote unless she bowed to his whim. That was his hook. His plan. Shit.

“Do you understand?” he asked.

She nodded once, feeling angry and foolish. Trapped.

“Good. I’ll call you this weekend to make arrangements. You’ll have your excuse when I’ve had your ass. Do as I command and you might just make salutatorian .” He smirked, “disobey me, and you’ll be lucky to graduate. And of course, there is always the security video.”

Having said that, Emperor Munster turned and walked down the stairs. Ariel watched the back of his head disappear down the stairwell, waiting for the door to close.

“Fuck that,” she said, when she was sure he had gone.

Ariel took stock of her situation, again. She nearly laughed. This was her second time caught up here like this. Now it was worse and the stakes higher.

Her platforms were dry, except for the bottoms. The puddle beneath them was draining to her left, away from her backpack. She crawled over to the backpack and fished out her gym clothes.

She used the shirt on her soaked hair, saving her shorts for the rest of her. Not wanting to put the soiled articles in the backpack she wadded them up and put them aside. For good measure, she wiped down once more with the paper towels. Once certain she was clean, or at least dry, Ariel pulled on the Oxford and her skirt, sans underwear. She checked, her nipples weren’t visible through the material of the shirt, but anyone who’d seen her earlier would know her black bra was missing.

She had one minute ‘ til the end of lunch bell. Six before the test.

She calculated her options. Taking the test in this state was out of the question. While she didn’t smell yet, she suspected she would very soon. Her hair was wet with urine and her face was a wreck, lipstick and eyeliner smudged. She needed a shower and some time in front of the mirror.

She could play it safe and go home, miss the test, and stay under Greene’s thumb. Or she could risk detection trying to clean up, take the test and buy some time to fuck Emperor Munster over. Coming to a decision, Ariel burst into action.

First she threw the wad of gym clothes over the ledge that faced the outside of school. They would make her bag smell, but she didn’t want to leave them in the tower since it was unlikely she would return to it. She aimed for the hedge to the side of the tower, near a pair of double doors. Ariel cursed as she watched the wad split in two and float apart. But each piece landed in the bushes, out of sight. She picked her backpack and ran down the stairs as fast as she could in five inch platforms .

Ariel burst out of the tower. With her left arm, she clutched her backpack tightly to her chest. With her right hand she held her phone, as if texting. Focused on the screen, she ignored her surroundings and hoped they ignored her.

The bell rang. A flash flood of kids poured out of every door and hallway. Many of them had exactly the same posture as Ariel. No one noticed one more student texting.

The redhead made her way to the gym and into the women’s locker without incident. Crossing her fingers, she walked directly into the showers. As she went she grabbed two fresh towels from the pile just outside the stalls. The tiled room was empty. Ariel expelled a sigh of relief, put down her gear, and stripped.

As the cold water heated up, she relaxed. She was safe, all evidence of her transgression going down the drain. Meanwhile, evidence of Mr Greene’s lay in the bushes outside the school. She didn’t spend long contemplating the entire mechanics of her revenge. For now she needed to get clean, collect the evidence, and thwart take the test.

Ariel got some odd looks from the girls getting ready for gym. But she patiently fixed her face and pulled her wet hair back into a ponytail as they dressed and gossiped. The final bell for the period rang before she finished putting on her face. Once she was done, she left holding her head high acting as if she belonged in the gym. She even took one of the towels, which was strictly forbidden.

En route to class, Ariel made a detour for her discarded gym clothes. She slipped outside the double doors under the tower. Carefully, she rolled her soiled gym clothes into the spare towel and stuffed the roll into her backpack.

“Sorry I’m late, Mrs. Dalton,” she said, coming through the doors and taking a seat. She didn’t make an excuse, frankly she couldn’t think of one. Mrs. Dalton eyed her, but said nothing. Ariel smiled triumphantly, the perks of being a straight A student.


“What happened to you today?” cried Ariel. She punched her T’s arm as she leaned against her car. They were in the parking lot of school, just after the last bell.

“I saw everything,” he said, his face a mask of anguish. “I’m so sorry.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, going pale. For the second time that day, she panicked. “How?”

“From a window near the roof of the Gym.”

“Wait, how did you get there,” Ariel said, getting mad . Could he sicked Greene on her? “Did you set me up?”

“No. God, no,” he pleaded emphatically. “I was in the tower. I thought it was you coming up the stairs, but it was Mr. Greene. I nearly shit my pants. Anyway, he took my tower key and then put me in his office. He was lecturing me about responsibility or something, when suddenly he squinted at his computer. Then he just left, saying he would be right back.”

“Ok, how’d you get to the gym?” she asked, feeling somewhat mollified.

T wrung his hands. “I just sat there like a dumbass. When I realized he wasn’t coming back anytime soon, I called you. But you didn’t answer. Then I peaked at his computer.”

“Yeah?” she said.

“It was a black and white HD video feed of the hallway outside the tower. I figure he saw you and followed. I tried calling again. I’m so sorry about what happened.”

“You saw?” she said, in a small voice. Ariel couldn’t mask her horror.

T threw up his hands, palms out, pleading. “No. I mean, yes. But not like that.”

Tears welled up in her eyes.

“When I got there he was holding your breasts,” T gritted his teeth as he said the last.

“How much did you see?” she asked.

He hefted his Canon SLR. “I had a 240mm and an extender in my pocket.” He tapped his camera jacket. “I saw everything from the waist up.”

“What does all that jargon mean?” she asked flatly.

“It means I had a front row seat…” he said.

“You took pictures,” she stated, her voice lowering an octave.

“Yeah, I could have called for help. But I just stayed behind the camera. Are you mad at me?”

She jumped him, hugging him fiercely and kissing his neck. “You genius,” she whispered. “I need those pictures.”

“I can put them on a key for you.”

“Ok, let’s go to the lab,” she said.

In the end they put only one black and white still on an old memory stick. It showed Ariel from the back standing naked in front of Mr. Greene, who was holding her breasts. The Principal's identity and the location of the photo were indisputable. To hide Ariel’s hair color, T simply drew a circle over her head. Since she was naked, it was impossible to tell who she was.

He put all the other photos and a single encrypted card (without looking at them) and handed it to Ariel. Then he formatted his own card and did something to the computer to remove any traces of the pictures.

When they were done, Ariel sat on T’s lap and kissed him passionately. To her relief, he kissed her back with equal measure.

“You saw everything through that lens,” she said, “and you’re still kissing me?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” he asked.

“I fucked someone else while you watched,” she said.

“I’m not sure that was sex,” he said.

“It was,” she admitted. “He’s a creep, but I loved it.”

T just looked at her, when he didn’t react, she asked, “You saw what he did after he came?”

“ Psssss ,” he said.

In a small voice she asked, “what if I told you I liked it?”

“That is pretty slutty,” he said. She nodded meekly, agreeing. ” Kinda of hot, too.”

“I wish it had been you,” she said quietly.

“Let’s go to my place.”


She got a call from Mr Greene on Saturday night, inviting her to his house the following morning. He instructed her to wear a short skirt, T-shirt, heels and slutty makeup. Nothing else.

“I have to hand it to him. He’s got balls,” Ariel said, as she pulled up to the address. It was a typical split ranch in Novato.

Sitting next to her in the passenger seat, T asked, “You sure you don’t want me to come in?”

Ariel shook her head, “God, no.”

Mr. Greene opened his front door wearing jeans and a T-shirt. The man looked positively weird without his suit on. But there was an unguarded gleam of malice in his eye, as if he had the upper hand.

“What’s that you’re wearing?” he asked.

Ariel looked down at herself. “Jeans and a T, plus sneakers,” she said, innocently.

“Well, never mind, we’ve only got an hour before my wife arrives. Get naked, slut.”

Ariel just laughed. Mr Greene’s face flushed red with anger. “Young lady…” he began.

Ariel interrupted him. “First, I want guarantees. I don’t trust you. I want an excuse signed now. And then I want your word you won’t try to fuck me any more after this.”

“You must be dreaming,” he laughed. “You will do as I say and I agree to no demands. I will fuck you when and where I feel like. If you want to graduate, you’ll gladly part your legs.”

Ariel smiled at her wouldbe tormentor .

“That’s quite a trick you planned for me,” she said. “But you failed, robustly.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Details!” she said, throwing his words back at him. “You didn’t pay attention to the details, Mr. Greene. You didn’t check the parking lot to see if I left early, huh? And you didn’t stop by Mrs Dalton’s during the test, either. So you don’t know I made it to the test.”

“You took the test?” he asked. Obviously he hadn’t checked.

“That’s what I just said. Keep up,” she said. “That was the critical piece of your plan.”

“Why are you here then?”

A good question. Instead of answering him, she held up her phone.

“Another detail. I walked in here today holding my phone which is a huge clue I’m recording this.” She put it in her pocket before he could grab it. “I have you on tape threatening me scholastically for sexual favors. I’m fairly sure that’s your career and millions of dollars in damages, right there.”

Emperor Munster backed up and sat down hard on his couch, looking pale. He really did look like the Emperor now, gaunt and drained. She took out the memory stick and tossed it to him. He caught it automatically.

“Two more details on there. One is a picture of you in the tower fondling an unidentifiable naked student. The second is a picture of my gym shorts in a ziplock bag. They are covered in your DNA.”

He looked down at the fob, dumbly.

“You can have that. Souvenir. I’ve got backups and the pants are in a freezer in my house.”

With those words, his expression changed. Looking at Ariel shrewdly, he said, “you aren’t going to the police.”

“You’re catching on,” she said. “Do you understand?”

He nodded. All he had was a video. Conventional weapons against her nuclear arsenal. He smiled at her, sitting back confidently.

“Well, that is that then,” he said. “But we both know what a whore you are. I’ll remember using you fondly.”

Ariel’s laugh peeled through the room. “You idiot,” she said. “You really don’t get it?”

Looking confused, he spread his hands, asking the question silently.

“It’s another detail you missed. The first detail, really.”

“Oh?” he asked. His wary expression pleased her.

She walked up to him and bent down, putting her lips next to his ear just to prove how tame she’d made him. When she spoke her words tickled his neck.

“I am a slut. That first day in the hall, instead of getting all authoritative on me, you could have coerced me into sucking your dick and I would have. In the tower, I could have run or screamed like I meant it, but I didn’t. Because I loved it. The spanking. The blowjob. Your cock in my pussy. The facial. The water sports.”

Ariel waited for that to sink in. She could hear him swallow loudly.

“But you had to be a dick about, there at the end. If you hadn’t pulled that bullshit with my grades and threatening T, right now I would be on my knees sucking your enormous cock, getting it ready. Then, I’d let you bend me over the coffee table. I’d scream in pain as you sodomized my tight teenage ass.”

“Now that will never happen.”

“So you keep your memories of ‘using me.’ but remember this. You could have had it all. When your shriveled up old wife refuses to fuck you, remember: you could have called me. Every fantasy you ever had about fucking students, I could have fulfilled.”

Ariel straightened back up and looked down at Mr Greene. His eyes were dilated. His cock made a clear outline in his jeans. She made a point of looking at it and licking her lips.

She turned to leave. At the door, she said, “I’m going home with Seneca, right now. He’s going to fuck me silly. Anywhere we wants and as often.” She walked out with her head held high and a shadow of a smile curling her luscious red lips.

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