Arms Divided

By Sextoy142

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This is my first story so go easy on the comments...
“One day guys! I WILL fuck Keegan Irish! I’m determined!” I said as I got off the bus that drops me off in front of my apartment.

My room mate Brittney was waiting for me upstairs in room 618.

“Hey! How was the concert?” Brittney asked, she had short black hair, with big boobs that I was jealous of, and the nicest legs.

“It was awesome, and obviously Keegan didn’t notice me!?” I said frustrated, I had gone to an Arms Divided concert after school today! It was one of my favorite bands; I was in love with Keegan Irish, lead singer. But he never noticed me.

“Well he’s got music on his mind, Rach!” Brittney answered.

My name is Rachel, I have ash blonde hair that reaches down to my boobs and bangs that reach to my cheek, shapely legs, small hips, green eyes, and a models skin.

“True, I just wish I could fuck him, he turns me on just by his singing.” I said.

“You’ve never even heard his real voice?”

Just then my cell phone rang.


“Is this Rachel?” a very deep voice asked.

“Yes. Who’s this?” I asked.

“Doesn’t matter but I just have to tell you, I’m going to fuck you.” He answered

Then all I heard was the ring tone implying he had hung up.

“Who was that?” Brittney asked.

“Doesn’t matter.” I answered.

Later that night while I was getting ready the same person called me and said the same thing. I just ignored them; Brittney and I were going to a huge party for Arms Divided. I was wearing a mini black dress that was very tight and made my tits look huge. My hair was perfectly straight and my make up looking amazing, and the same with Brittney except she was wearing a purple dress. We were dressed to get fucked. We had to walk but it only took us like 20 minutes.

When we got there everyone was there, pretty drunk out of their minds. That’s when I saw him; he was standing there talking to Deane.

“Do I look ok?” I asked Brittney.

“Yes you look fuckable, let’s go!” She answered.

We started to walk past them and as we did they stopped talking to stare at us, pretending to be in the middle of a conversation.

Deane had walked over to Brittney and they started to have a conversation. That was my cue to go over to the kitchen and get a beer. As I bent over to get a beer I felt some one grab my hips and grind their hips against my ass. As I shot up I felt them put their head on my shoulder, and whispered “I told you, I would fuck you babe!” it was the guy from the phone!

I whipped around to see who it was, and slap them in the face. But instead stood there in astonishment as I looked up into Keegan’s face, he held my hips very hardly against him, as my arms were still between our chests he pulled them around his neck so my chest was rubbing up against his, he looked down to see my breasts pushing up against his pecks. I then started to feel his erection get larger while it rubbed against my slit slightly.

He then pressed our two bodies together until they were molded together, and that’s when he pressed his mouth on mine so gently I thought I might cry. But that’s when the kiss got bolder, and he started to ravage me and shove his tongue into my mouth. He then pushed me up against the wall and rubbed his hands over my body as he moved his kisses to my throat and down towards my breasts, he then moved back up my neck and then I felt this intense feeling of pleasure from where he was sucking as hard as he could on neck, it hurt but there was more pleasure then pain in it. I couldn’t believe I was getting a hickey from the guy I was totally in love with. In the middle of a huge party!

“Lets go back to your place!” I said barely able to breathe. He groaned into my throat and took one nicer suck, then took his sweater off and gave it to me to hide the hickey and led me to his big black truck parked down the road a bit.

On the way to his apartment, I couldn’t help but get hornier as he slid his hand up and down my upper thighs, each time getting closer to my underwear which was now soaked. When he did finally reach it he stopped.

In the elevator up to his apartment we made out like we would never again. Once we got inside his apartment he shut the door and locked it and that’s when shoved me up against the wall and continued giving me the hickey he then slid his hand to my back and unzipped my dress and slid it off he then grabbed my ass and lifted me off the ground. I wrapped my legs around his hips, as he walked me over to the bedroom still working on that hickey he then dropped me on the bed. He then stripped to reveal his rock hard boner.

“Suck it bitch!” he said to me in such demand I thought he might smack me if I didn’t do it. So I crawled over to the edge of the bed and kissed the head and licked the precum off the tip, I then licked from the head to the balls and massaged his balls with my tongue, I then licked my way back up and his moans got louder and louder.

I then swallowed his whole mound in one drop, I opened up my throat for his dick to feel, I then started to bob up and down on his dick I did this for maybe a minute before he said “Holy shit I'm coming!” he then blew his load down my throat and I swallowed all of it like a champ.

“Lie down its time to give you some release baby!” so I lay down on the bed and he slowly kissed his way up my thigh up to my black lacy thong. He then removed it and blew on my pussy gently making me moan. He then plunged his tongue deep into my pussy making me scream in ecstasy and grab the sheets with my hands to keep from screaming any louder, he then removed his tongue and licked all the way around, and then ravaged my clit in his mouth.

He then plunged his tongue back into my pussy I then screamed “Im coming! Uh Uh Uh Uhhhhh” he opened his mouth wide and drank up all my juices. He kept licking me until I was ready to come again.

“Don’t come yet Baby!” he then pulled away and shoved his dick inside of my virgin pussy with all his might!

As I screamed out in pain as he covered my mouth with his hand and kissed my neck and worked on my hickey and nibbled my earlobe until I finally said. “Ok go ahead!”

He started slow then slowly went faster but wasn’t going hard enough for me. “Harder baby Harder Uhhhhhh!” he started to ram me into me.

I could feel him going farther and farther into me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, he then picked me up and rammed me into the wall, and continued to fuck the shit out of me. I couldn’t hold on any longer.

“Yees baby yes, im cumming, keep going, uh uhh uhhhh!” he then released 5-6 ropes of cum in my pussy we then collapsed on the bed. Me wrapped in his arms and his dick getting more and more erect by the fact that my pussy was rubbing his leg.