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Arrogant Bastard 3

The moment you gave into me and gave me your body, you were mine.
"Lexxa, go to the party with me," Ally whines as she fixes her hair in my bathroom.

"I already told you, no," I tell her.

"But whyyy?" she whines again. "Adam will be there!"

"I don't care. I don't want to see him," I say, my heart twisting at the mention of his name.

"Lexxa, please go with me," she begs as she stares at me through the mirror. "For me, please? You're my best friend, it shouldn't be this hard to convince you to go somewhere with me," she accuses.

I groan and stare at her. "I hate when you guilt trip me like that," I say, annoyed.

"Does that mean yes?" she asks smiling.


Her smile fades and she pouts.

"Lexxa, you are going, no matter what. You have no choice in this matter. I am your best friend and that gives me the right to force you to go places with me. Especially when my best friend is depressed."

"I am not depressed," I say.

"Oh yeah? So then why haven't you gone out and had fun?" she retorts.

I stay quiet and stare at the floor.



Three hours later we are in the cab and on our way to the end of the year college party thrown by some club I never cared about.

Ally had curled my hair and put makeup on me to make me look "fabulous". She even took the liberty of picking my outfit for tonight too. She dressed me in a white crop shirt showing the black laced strapless bra and my stomach along with leather black shorts finishing the outfit off with a pair of black gladiator sandal.

When I looked in the mirror, I almost didn't recognize myself.

The cab stops at a big house with trees surrounding the sides and Ally pays the cab fare before getting out. The music is loud and people are walking in and out of the house. Ally squeals in excitement and drags me towards the house. We push through the crowd and make it to the back yard where the real party is at.

People are dancing everywhere, grinding up on each other. Some are standing on the sides, drinking and talking and some are jumping into the big pool and swimming. Laughter is in the air and the feeling is contagious.

Ally drags me to the makeshift dance floor and we start to dance, blending into the crowd. Guys comes to us and starts to grind against us. I lose myself in dancing and a cute, hot guy comes to me, grabbing my arms to wrap around his neck and then wrapping his own arms around my waist.

He pulls my waist against his crotch and I can feel him get harder as we continue to dance and grind against each other. He turns me around and rests his hands on my hips, pulling me into him. His mouth is on my neck, kissing me and I let my head fall back, giving him room.

His hand sneaks under my crop shirt and I stop his hand from going any further. He smiles against my neck and gives me a little bite. I moan and he flips me back around so that I am facing him.

He kisses me on my lips and I pull away. I try to walk away but he holds onto my hands.

"Where you going, sexy?" he asks, smiling.

"To get a drink," I tell him.

"I'll go with you," he says and leads me to the tubs of ice filled with bottles of beers.

He pops one open and hands it to me, then pops one for himself. I drink from it greedily, thirsty from all the dancing.

I turn around and see Adam staring at me. He starts to walk toward me and I panic, not wanting to talk to him. Halfway towards me, a girl intercepts him and he is forced to stop and talk to her. Her body is pressed up against him and my heart twists, making it difficult to breathe.

I turn away from them and the hot guy grabs my arm and pulls me against him and kisses me full on the mouth. His hands wrap itself into my hair and pulls as he kiss down my jaw to my neck.

I whimper in pain as his hand continues to pull my hair, but I don't move away. I want the distraction he is giving me. He licks my neck and goosebumps erupts all over my body.

"Excuse me," I hear Adam say.

Hot guy lets go of my hair and pulls me around so his arm is around my waist. He smiles and winks at me then stares at Adam.

"Can I help you?" he says, annoyance in his tone.

"Yes, can I speak to her alone?" Adam says, annoyance also in his tone.

"Do you know this guy?" hot guy turns to me and asks.

I stare at Adam and he is staring at hot guy's arm around my waist as if he wants to cut it off.

"No, I don't know him," I say, even though my heart is yelling at me for saying such a thing.

Adam looks at my face, his hurt showing through his eyes and a part of me wants to kick myself for hurting him, but another part of me is satisfied that I was able to hurt him the way he hurt me.

"You heard the girl. Now get lost," hot guy says, pulling me away.

"Lexxa," Adam says, still staring at me.

I ignore him and let hot guy drag me away. Adam pulls my arm to make me stay and hot guy gets angry. He lets me go and throws his fist at Adam.

Adam easily dodges hot guy's fists and punches hot guy in the stomach. Hot guy groans and falls to the ground. He gets up and he is furious. He charges at Adam head first but Adam doesn't flinch. Hot guy runs into Adam and Adam hits him on the back with his elbow making hot guy fall to the ground again.

A crowd has formed around us cheering and Adam's group of football players come running to Adam's rescue. They hold hot guy back as he gets up and starts to charge towards Adam again. They tell him to calm down and Adam has shifted his attention to me.

He tells his buddies thanks, and starts to walk towards me. I look around and see Ally in the crowd with her mouth gaping open. I back up towards the crowd and instead of being able to blend in and run away like I was hoping, the crowd moves away from me, letting Adam get near me.

We are staring at each other as I continue to back away. I hear one of his buddies yell out to everyone to go back and enjoy the party and the crowd slowly disburse back to what they were doing before. Adam reaches for my arm and drags me away from the party and into the house. He pushes me into a room and I hear someone shriek.

"Get out of here," Adam demands without bothering to look at them.

The guy is dragging the girl by the hand as they scramble out of the room. Adam slams the door shut and starts toward me. I look around me, trying to find a place I can run to without being cornered. I avoid the bed and move towards the open space in the room.

Adam is annoyed, he is angry and hurt. But I am also. I can't believe he thinks he has the right to do this to me when he was the one who made out with that cheerleader at the last game of the year.

"Stop playing games with me Lexxa," he growls as he moves faster towards me.

"I'm not playing games. Let me go. I don't want to talk to you. You have no right to drag me away from him. I'm not yours, Adam. I don't belong to you!" I yell, my anger rising.

I bump into the wall and Adam catches up to me, stopping me before I am able to run. He slams my back into the wall and kisses me hard on my lips. I push him away, angry and hurt.

"You do belong to me Lexxa! You belong to me and only me!" he yells as he grabs my head with his hand and grabs a handful of hair.

He pulls me to him and kisses me again with angry passion.

My lips responds to his kiss even though my mind is trying to fight the urge to push my body against his and let him take me. My body screams in delight as his hands roughly grabs my breasts.

My mind makes my hands push him away and my body screams at my mind.

"I am no ones! Not yours, not anyones!"

"You really think so huh?" Adam says as he grabs a handful of my hair again.

He pulls my head back and stares me down as I whimper in pain.

"You have no idea, Lexxa. The moment you gave into me and gave me your body, you were mine. He had no right to kiss you, lick you or even touch you!" he yells, pointing his finger at the door.

"I am not yours!" I yell again. "He has the right because I let him! At least he didn't force himself on me like you are doing right now!"

He push me against the wall in anger.

"Damn it, Lexxa!" he yells, frustrated with my stubbornness.

"Fine. You want to leave and go back to him? Go. I can't stop you anyways! So go! Leave and go fuck that weakling!" he says, his voice getting louder.

I am hurt that he gave up so easily. I just wanted an explanation as to why he kissed that damn cheerleader, but all he does is yell that I am his, as if I am just a toy.

Tears fall from my eyes and his eyes softens as he sees. He raise his hands to my face to wipe the tears but I push him away and run out the door. I hear him call my name but I don't stop.

I run into one of his buddies and he stops me, grabbing me by my arms.

"Hey hey, what's wrong?" David asks me.

I try to move away from him but his hold on me is tight.

"Let me go, please David. I just want to go home."

"On one condition," he says and I stare at him. "Let me take you."

I resign and nod my head, knowing that he wouldn't let me go if I didn't agree.

He leads me out of the house and to his car. He opens the door for me and ushers me in. I get in the car and put on my seatbelt. He gets in and starts his car and backs up before driving away from the party.

"Do you want to talk about it?" he asks as he continues to drive.


"Do you want to listen to music then?"


"Okay," he says, turning up the volume.

I am thankful that he doesn't push it. I think back to Adam and tears begin to fall down my face again. The music lulls me to sleep and my eyes close.

When my eyes opens again, we are parked in front of my house with his engine off. I turn to look at David, and he is staring at me.

"Why didn't you wake me?" I ask, unbuckling my seat belt.

"I didn't want to bother you," he says softly. "You looked so peaceful," he whispers so quietly, I almost didn't hear him.

"Thanks for the ride, David," I say, turning to open the door and get out.

He grabs my arm and pulls me back down. I turn to look at him, and he smiles sadly.

He pulls my face towards him, "A pretty girl like you shouldn't cry. If you were mine, I'd never make you cry Lexxa," he says. "Don't hesitate to talk to me if something is wrong, okay?"

He kisses me on my forehead and doesn't move for a few long seconds. I close my eyes and find myself wishing that this was Adam. Adam is rough with me; he has never really been gentle with me; he has only been gentle with me a couple of times.

Another tear slides down my face as David pulls away. He brushes the tear away and our eyes catch each other. David slowly moves in towards me, and my body is telling me to move away before he kisses me. But I don't obey. David's lips touch mine, and all I can think about is Adam's lips.

I pull away quickly, and David looks hurt.

"I- I'm sorry David. I can't," I say, moving away.

"I understand," he says. "Adam got to you first... Don't tell him about this, okay?"

I nod my head and step out of the car.

"Thank you for taking me home, David," I say and close the door.

I walk towards my house and use my key to open the door before stepping inside. David drives away and I close my door. I rest my head on the door and sigh.

"Who took you home?" I hear someone say from behind.

I turn around and see Adam standing in the living room.

"How did you get inside?" I ask, ignoring his question.

"I climbed through the window," he says, walking towards me. "Now answer my question," he demands.

"No one you know," I tell him, knowing that I will only anger him.

He grabs my jaw and squeeze.

"The hell I do," he says, angry. "You think I didn't recognize the car? David took you, isn't that right? And you felt so damn safe that you fell asleep on the way here, am I right? And he even had the fucking guts to kiss you too!"

"Stop it Adam! Just stop! I am so tired of this. So tired of you! Just leave me the fuck alone!" I yell, angry that all he is doing is accusing me.

I push him away and start towards the stairs. He follows me and pins me to the wall, kissing me on the mouth.

"Damn it Lexxa! Why do you make this so hard?!" he yells, frustrated with me once again.

"I'm making this hard? No Adam, you are making this hard!" I yell back.

He grabs my hair and kisses me.

"Let me love you, dammit!"

He picks me up and runs up the stairs to my room. He sets my foot down on the ground and starts to strip my clothes off me. I don't stop him because I am desperate to feel him again.

He leans his head in towards my neck and he kisses down to my shoulders. I wrap my arms around his neck and he wraps his arms around my waist, picking my body up off the ground and onto the bed.

He has successfully taken off my crop shirt and black laced strapless bra earlier, leaving me naked from my upper body. He sucks on my hard nipples and I moan out, pushing my chest up. His hand is behind me, holding me up.

His free hand snakes down to my leather shorts and undo the button and unzips the zipper. He pushes my shorts along with my black laced panties down my legs without breaking away from my nipples. He pushes the shorts down the rest of the way with his foot and his hand goes to my pussy.

He cups my pussy in his hand and squeezes. The pressure of his palm pushes onto my cliterous, giving me a wave of pleasure. I moan and try to push my hips up into his hands.

His finger finds its way into my pussy and he adds another finger. Two fingers move in and out of my wet pussy and I moan. He kisses me and his tongue dominates mine.

My hand wanders to his cock and I find that he is hard. I undo his button and unzips his zipper so I could take his cock out. I rub the tip of his cock and precum lubricates it. I move my hands up and down, applying pressure to his cock as I do so. He buries his face in my hair and moans as I move my hands up and down on his cock.

"I'm sorry, Lexxa," he whispers into my hair. "I've been a complete asshole to you."

"You have," I say, agreeing with him.

He chuckles and kisses me.

"If you're still mad over that kiss with that cheerleader, that was nothing," he says staring at me.

My hand stops moving on his cock and I stare back at him.

"Then why?"

"She kissed me. I pushed her away as soon as I could, but when I looked up to look for you, you were nowhere to be found," he says, brushing my hair behind my ear.

I close my eyes and sigh.

"Am I forgiven?"

I open my eyes and stare at him, "I think I may have forgiven you already, before you told me."

He smiles and kisses me, "I love you Lexxa. I always have. You were just that girl."

"What girl?"

"The girl I was afraid of approaching because I know you deserve better. You deserve someone like David. And I was going to give you up, but when I heard him say that he was going to approach you, I panicked and... forced myself on you," he confesses.

I smile at his confession and kiss him. My heart swelling with love and adoration. Who knew an arrogant bastard could be so cute?

"And I am glad that you did," I say and kiss him on his cheeks.

"Are you now?"

"Well, not at first... But as time went on, yes. I find that you are adorable."

"And you are beautiful."

He kisses me and he rolls onto his back, pulling me on top of him. I sit on him and line his cock at the entrance of my pussy before pushing myself down on him. He pushes his hips up and meets me halfway.

I moan out and he sits up hugging me to his body with one arm while the other is on the bed holding himself up as he thrust his hips up to meet my pussy slamming down onto his cock. Our breathing are loud and our body is slick with sweat as we continue to fuck. Adam flips us over so that I am on the bottom and he is on top. He slams his cock into me in one swift motion and I throw my head back, arching my body, as my orgasm takes over.

His mouth covers my nipple and sucks on them, making them wet and hard, then he moves over to my skin and sucks on them too, making sure he leaves his marks on me. He kiss up my neck then bites down and sucks on my skin. I cry out as the pleasure erupts all over my body. I cling to him, scratching his back as he sucks on my skin.

He comes up and smiles at me as he fucks me harder and faster, his balls slapping my ass. He cums in me and we both groan in pleasure. He falls on me and I cling to him, not wanting to separate from him.

When his dick slips out of my pussy, he falls to the side and pulls me into him. We kiss and I am in heaven. He holds me tight against his chest as our breathing slows and we both fall asleep knowing that we both belong to each other and no one else.

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