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Ashley - Part II, The Photo Session

Introduction - This is Part II of the story about my wife Ashley.   You’ll get more out of it if you read Part I first.   If you have read part I and found it interesting enough to read Part II, thank you.   This still isn’t very naughty by lush story standards, but I was very erotic to me when it happened.   If you have enough patience to get through this, the next couple of parts will be a little more graphic.   Again, I really want your feedback because having enjoyed writing this.   I’d like the next thing I write to benefit from that feedback.   Hope you enjoy.

Because of the trauma I knew this has caused Ashley, I didn’t press going any further for about a week.   To her credit, she started dressing in the open and I was able to see her several more times.   But my suggestion that she sleep nude didn’t fly.   The good news was that we made love several more times that week, one time with the bathroom light on.   It didn’t shed much light on things, but it was a start.


Now before I get to the next phase of the bet, a little more history.   When it came to making love, Ashley was a virgin when we married.   She had been carefully brought up by her parents to save her virginity for her wedding night.   So although she was affectionate when we were dating, we had not had sex.   She also had a Catholic School education which provided very little in terms of sex education.   She knew that making love was expected between husbands and wives and she knew it caused babies.   Her mother had described the essentials, but limited the discussion to the missionary position.   This was the sum total of her education before we were married and I don’t think I’m overstating it to say that she didn’t know much more than that.


On our wedding night in the dark we made love for the first time.   It had been a long day (we both have big families) and were very tired.   So the missionary position felt right.   It was a little painful for her being the first time even though I was gentle and took my time.   She wouldn’t let me use my hand claiming she was just too tender, so she didn’t cum.   I chalked it up to the length of the day and we cuddled to sleep.


But it became clear over the next few months that besides the modesty problem, she didn’t have much imagination when it came to sex.   She only wanted the missionary position and couldn’t cum during sex.   It took weeks before I finally helped her cum using my hand and she confessed that she felt dirty afterwards.   I did get her to admit that she enjoyed the feelings while they were taking place, but her upbringing was causing her serious guilt feelings.


Over the next few years she loosened up a little.   Besides missionary she decided that being on top was also acceptable.    And she loved me touching and caressing her clit while she straddled me.   A few times she experienced multiple orgasms doing this.   Of course more exotic positions were off limits and oral and anal were not even to be discussed.   So while it wasn’t the sex life I had always imagined, we made love at least twice a week and I couldn’t complain that she wasn’t enthusiastic within her imitations.   Plus it was at that point that I started frequenting strip clubs and enjoying porn on the internet.   These were my outlet and I felt it was appropriate given her restrictions.   This was the status of things when we made the infamous bet.


A week later over dinner I raised the topic of taking care of the next part of the bet.   She swallowed noticeably and told me that she wasn’t sure she could go through with it.   I told her that as much as I understood I was going to insist that she do.   After all I had always paid off my losses and done so in a willing and positive (if not enthusiastic) manner.   I further told her that to some extent the honesty and trust we had with each other through all the bets over the years were at the core of our marriage and if she went back on her word now it would be hard to ever make a bet again.


After a few minutes of silence she started nodding her head.   Then with a weak smile she looked up at me and told me that she agreed and would live up to her word.   She wanted to know when and I suggested the next Saturday.   Since it was Thursday evening it would give her more than a day to work up the courage.   I then told her that I had given it some thought and that “the shoot” would be in our bedroom so as to make her more comfortable.   She professed to be happy with that and the plans were finalized.


I almost couldn’t stand the day and a half wait.   At work I was a mess, not able to concentrate on anything.   The one thing I took care of had to do with the house Ashley was in love with.   After a brief discussion with the realtor I put that behind me for the time being.   From there all I could imagine was the photo shoot and Ashley’s beautiful naked body immortalized for me.


Saturday arrived and after sleeping in a little we had a nice breakfast together.   I knew she was nervous but she did a good job pretending she wasn’t.   The plan was to start late morning in the bedroom.   Ashley headed down there around 10:30 while I finished pretending to read the paper.   She was going to shower and “make herself presentable.”   About a half hour later I heard her call me down.   I was having trouble containing my erection I was so excited.


I walked into the bedroom and she was standing there in a pink robe.   She had done her hair nicely and put on as much makeup as she ever wore, which is just enough to highlight her natural good looks.   She smiled and said if she was going to have her picture taken, she wanted to look her best.   I gave her a big hug and told her that she always looked her best to me.   I grabbed my camera and told her to just relax as I wanted to take some of her in her robe just as she was.


So for the next ten minutes we pretended to be photographer and model.   She posed and lounged very modestly in her robe.   We took a bunch with her using a chair as a prop.   She was a little stiff but eventually got a little more comfortable.   I took a few close ups of her face and showed them to her.   She’s always been a little shy about having her picture taken but she seemed to enjoy the close ups of her face.


She moved to the bed and I took a few with her stretching out on the comforter.   I had her pick up a book and pretend to read and took a few like that.   Eventually I asked her to loosen her robe a little.   She did and right away it changed her demeanor.   Her natural way of moving immediately became stiff and uncomfortable.


So I set the camera down climbed on the bed and gave her a kiss.   I whispered to her that she should just relax, that it was just me, her husband who truly just wanted to appreciate her.   This went on for a few more minutes until I could tell she was starting to relax.


I climbed off the bed and picked up the camera.   Ashley was lying on her side with her robe open.   It had slid off her back side and her bottom was exposed.   I started shooting from the base of the bed.   Her bottom looked fantastic.   After a few shots I encouraged her to move, to stretch.   She did and the robe fell away like magic.   I got a number of great shots from that perspective.   There were shots that were mostly her legs.   Others caught her with her legs apart and I could see her trimmed pussy.


After a bit I moved up to the side of the bed and got a number of shots of her chest, some that also showed her face.   I asked her to hold her boobs while I took pictures.   Self consciously she did.   It took a bit of coaxing but eventually I got one of her licking her own nipple.


Shortly afterwards the robe was shed and she lay naked on the bed.   I asked her to expose more between her legs and at the request she parted them a little.   I aimed the camera and using the zoom I got several close-ups of her pussy.   She was neatly trimmed and although I knew she couldn’t bring herself to admit it, she was excited.   I then had her roll onto her back where I took a number of shots from that perspective finishing with several of her beautiful ass.


I wanted to get a few of her on her hands and knees and I knew this was likely to be the hardest for her to do.   But surprisingly she did as I asked and I got several of her looking back over her shoulder (while everyone else looking at the picture would be entranced by her pussy poking out from between her legs).   I asked her to spread her knees a little further apart and she hesitated and then in a begging voice asked not to, after all it was just too humiliating for her.   So I walked over to her and unzipped my pants, freed up my huge erection and asked her how could it be humiliating to her when it had this effect on me?   She looked at my erection and tentatively took it into her hand.   Then with a little more enthusiasm she started milking it, something she had never done except as a prelude to penetration.   I moaned and with great difficultly after a minute or two, pulled away.   I explained to her that she wasn’t going to get out of the rest of the shoot that way.   Ashley now just smiled.   She parted her legs and I got some great shots of her behind and her pussy that way.


As I started taking more shots, I told her that she had this effect on other men too.   This mostly puzzled her.   She said she knew that sometimes men watched her but did they really get excited?   I told her that several of the guys at work had told me how sexy she was.   And I knew that the mailman delivered more mail to the door than he needed to just so he could see her.   She laughed thinking I was kidding her.   When I insisted it was true, she got a contemplative look on her face while I took more pictures.


At that point I thought I would take a risk.   Pausing I asked her to think for a minute about a pose I wanted her to do.   She looked at me warily.   I went on before she could comment.   I told her I wanted her to get into the dirtiest, yes the “sluttiest” position she could imagine.   She blushed a bright red and didn’t move.   I told her that surely she could think of something that was naughty enough to qualify.   She cocked her head and a thoughtful look came over her face.   I told her I was going to the living room to change batteries in the camera and when I came back she should be posed.


I took about 5 minutes, longer than I needed really and then I came back into the room.   Ashley was sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs wide open and eyes closed she was caressing her clit.   I almost came on the spot.   This was such an amazing pose for her that I almost forgot to take pictures.   But I remembered as she looked up and blushed a deep red that started on her chest and spread right up her neck to her face.   After a few shots I told her she could stop and that we should wrap up.   She actually giggled and told me that sometimes the feeling comes over her when I’m not there and she does this on her own.   I smiled in encouragement and told her that everyone did.


To finish I asked her to stand next to the bed so that I could get some in more natural poses.   She did and I got quite a few with her leaning against the bed in various positions.   I told her to grab her robe and make her way to the bathroom.   As she did I got several more with the robe covering different parts of her body.   Before she could close the door though, I took her hand and led her back to the bed where we made passionate love for the next several hours.


When we finished I told her that I had made an offer on the house that had been accepted and we would be able move sometime in the next few weeks.   She was so happy that I think she actually forgot she was naked…

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