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Ashley - Part III, The Hotel

A story about my wife Ashley...

Introduction - This is Part III of the story about my wife Ashley and is a little shorter that the first two parts.   Again, you’ll get more out of it if you read them first before trying this one.   This one gets somewhat naughtier than the first two and builds up to a fairly graphic Part IV.   Again, I really want your feedback because having enjoyed writing this.   I’d like the next thing I write to benefit from that feedback.   Hope you enjoy…


It was a Thursday night a week before we were scheduled to move.   I had gotten us a room at a local hotel and before going there we had had a nice dinner out, splitting a bottle of wine.   This particular hotel was chosen because it looked fairly quiet.


We had previously agreed to wait until after 11:00pm thinking that most of the other guests would be settled in for the night and the risk would be lower.   Ashley was wearing a black dress with high heels and looked spectacular.   Since it was only 9:30 when we got to the room, after getting settled I suggested that we go down to the bar to have a few drinks.   She readily agreed.   I think part of her motivation was to get a little drunk in order to build up the courage to go through with this.   But when she got up and headed to the door of the room I stopped her and told her she needed to take her panties off.   She protested saying it wasn’t 11:00 yet.   But I explained that first of all it was likely that there wouldn’t be anyone there, second if she sat like a lady it would make no difference and third that it would help get her acclimated to the whole idea.   Still she stood there long enough that I uttered the magic words, Mall Of America.   A weak smile crossed her face; but she reached up under her dress and pulled her panties down and off.   I grabbed the camera and together we went down to the bar.


I was right, the bar was quiet.   Besides the bartender, there was one gentleman sitting at one end of the bar nursing a drink.   We sat at the other end and I set the camera on the bar.   The bartender came over, asked us what we would like.   We told him and when he brought the drinks he asked if we would like him to take our picture.   I readily agreed and he came around the bar and took a picture of us on the barstools toasting and a second one of us kissing.   We thanked him and he went back to straightening up behind the bar.


We talked for quite a while about the upcoming move.   As things turned out, we had luckily found a buyer for our house at a price I felt was fair.   So things were working out nicely.   Two drinks later at about 10:30 I whispered to Ashley that I was going to take her picture.   She smiled happily until I told her I wanted her to raise her dress and show me between her legs.   I whispered that I’d take a few regular shots before she exposed herself and then all she needed to do was to sit sideways and keep her back to the gentleman at the other end of the bar.   The bar would block the bartender’s view.   She looked solemnly at me and nodded slightly.


I stood up, backed away and asked her to smile.   She did and I took a couple of shots.   As I suspected, neither the other patron nor the bartender paid us any real attention.   I nodded slightly to Ashley who lifted her dress and widened her legs.   The camera flashed and I had several pictures just like I wanted with her pussy fully exposed.   At that point the bartender sauntered over and asked if we wanted any more help.   But Ashley had already covered up.   I thanked him and told him we were all set and could we settle the bill.   Five minutes later we were down in the room, both laughing.


Ashley was alive with both fear and excitement.   She asked to see the pictures on the digital display and when I showed them to her she stared at them open mouthed.   She said she simply couldn’t believe it was her, that she felt naughty in a good way.   I told her that she had come a long way but there was still a little further to go.   She took a deep breath and nodded.


I asked her to strip except for her high heels and to put on her rain coat which we had brought for the occasion.   While she did so, I watched her and marveled at how far she had come in just a few short weeks.   Making the bet was clearly the best thing I had ever done for our marriage and worth the price of moving.   Moments later she was ready…


We went out into the empty hall.   We had previously discussed how we would do this and basically it was similar to the scene in the bar.   Ashley would keep the coat on and open it at appropriate moments for me to take the pictures.   First we went down to the vending machine area.   It was tucked into an alcove around a corner and actually pretty private.   We would know long before anyone surprised us.   I asked Ashley to open her coat and I started taking pictures.   She leaned against the coke machine, pretended she was getting ice and then reached up for the ceiling as I took picture after picture.


Getting daring, since it was so quiet, I asked her to take the coat all the way off and give me some naughty poses.   She asked if I was sure I would know if someone was coming and I assured her I would.   Carefully she slid out of the coat leaving it on the ice machine where she could grab it easily.   Then turning to me she squatted down and opened her legs.   I rapidly took a number of shots including close-ups.   Then, feeling daring, as she stood up I reached between her legs and gave her a squeeze my finger sliding into her.   She moaned and I took the camera and snapped a couple pictures of me feeling her up.   She rubbed my erection through my pants and I was so excited that I had to make her stop or I would have cum right there.


But I wanted some shots in other parts of the hotel so I pulled away and in a horse asked her to put the coat back on.   For the next 45 minutes we wandered the hotel taking pictures.   There were some in the front lobby with her coat open.   We went out by the pool (although it was covered for the season) and took some out there.   We finished up in the coffee shop where she flashed her chest at me over apple pie.   It was all I could ask for and more.


After the pie we rushed back to the room where I had told Ashley something big was waiting for her.   She giggled as we entered the room and dropped the coat.   I stepped out of my pants and showed her the “something big.”   Then she got on her hands and knees on the bed and wiggled her ass at me.   I thought I was in heaven.   We had never tried doggie before as Ashley had always said it was demeaning to women.   I easily slid into her soaked pussy.   Then reaching around and under I massaged her clit while pumped back and forth.


She came first, a long shuddering climax that nearly sent me over the edge too.   What got me was the sounds she made while cumming.   For all of our marriage she had been very quiet when climaxing just a low mummer here and there.   It was part of her self control and while I knew she was dying to cut loose, she just couldn’t bring herself to.   But this time she moaned loudly and panted like there was no tomorrow.   As for me I redoubled my efforts and physically pounded into her.   My climax started deep inside me and when it arrived it felt like a rocket blast.   I felt like I was far deeper inside her than I had ever been before and I was sure that y cm would shoot all the way through her.   I’m pretty sure I was loud as she was when I came as well.


We were both exhausted but before going to bed we took a shower together.   Then for the first time in our marriage, we slept naked together.   Before finally going to sleep, I caressed Ashley between the legs until she came again.   This time was softer and more intimate.   But based on the kisses she gave me, every bit as good.

Introduction -

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