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Ashley - Part IV, Posting the Pictures

A story about my wife Ashley

Introduction - This is the final part of the story about my wife Ashley.   It took place not all that long ago.   As with the other parts, you’ll get more out of this one if you read those first.   Please, please, please give me your feedback so I can improve any future writing.   Ashley and I have had real growth in our relationship during this year and it has continued even after the end of this story.   Maybe one day I’ll be able to take the time and write about that as well, but to be honest the story is still being experienced.   Hope you enjoy this one... I know I did.

We moved into the new house and had mostly settled in before I began to think about what I could do with all of the photos I had taken.   My first attempt was to surprise Ashley by setting up a series of them to be used as a screen saver on our computer.   When she saw them she was taken aback and although she said she had no problem with them (which I didn’t believe), she insisted that I remove them lest any visitors see them.   Reluctantly I did so.


I had all of them stored on a thumb drive, all 231 photos.   I told her that I would simply bring it with me every time I traveled on business so I could see first hand just how beautiful she was.   This of course made her blush.


But it also got me thinking.   I had promised not to publicly expose her with the pictures.   But at the same time I was proud of my wife.   Besides I know she didn’t really believe me when I told her that she excited other men.   So that night I set about editing the pictures.   First I sorted through all of them and set aside all that didn’t show her face.   There were more of these than I thought since she had been camera shy to begin with.   Then I looked over the remaining photos.   Using photo shop I cut her face from some of the photos by cropping the pictures.   In others I used a screen to hide her recognizable features.   When I was done I had 136 pictures of Ashley that in my opinion only her doctor and I could use to recognize her.   They were sexy, revealing, and beautiful and in a few cases, down right naughty.   I was happy with the work I did.


The next evening I went online to one of the amateur sites that I have frequented for a few years.   This is one of those sites that allow people to post pictures and then viewers are encouraged to comment on them as well as make suggestions.   I really wanted to get some non-biased feedback about Ashley so I created a set of 10 pictures from our session in the bedroom and posted them.   I called it “mystery wife in bedroom wants your feedback.”   It would take 24 hours before they went up on the site and then there would probably be some time before comments started showing up.


The next night I logged on and was amazed at the feedback.   Every picture had dozens of comments, not one of them negative.   Many were complementary, saying how beautiful she was.   It was interesting to see people’s preferences, some focusing on her boobs, some her bottom and then the hardcore ones that commented only on her pussy.   There was a smattering of comments from women as well which I hadn’t expected.   And there were quite a few requests as well.   People wanted to see her holding her lips open, using toys, wearing stockings, how more of her feet, it was just amazing.   Some guys even went so far as to say that they had jerked off numerous times looking at the pictures.


It was more than I could have hoped for.   It validated everything that I knew about Ashley in my heart.   I knew that inside her prudish self was a beautiful sexy woman yearning to come out.   So I set about creating additional batches of the pictures and for the next ten nights I posted one set a night.   By the third night “mystery wife” had moved into first place as by popular vote count, the hottest woman for the month.   She kept that position as I continued to add sets.   The comments came pouring in and the email box I had set up was overflowing.   Now I just needed to confess to her what I had done.


The opportunity came a few nights later.   We had just finished dinner and the discussion was centered on why she had been shy for so long.   She was claiming that it was just the way she was and she was still getting used to things being different.   She also said that it was only for me because I was the one who loved her and found her beautiful.


I launched right into the fact that other people saw her much differently than she imagined.   Ashley scoffed at that.   So I told her that this was something I could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt.   She laughed and replied that there was no way in her mind that I could do that.   So I figured that there would never be a better time to tell her what I had done.


In order to do so I had to make a confession of sorts.   I had to tell her about the visits to the strip clubs and surfing online porn.   She was shaken and surprised.   I quickly explained that it was just a release for me since she had been so restrictive and private.   I told her I had needs she hadn’t been satisfying and assured her that I had never cheated on her, either in real life or in those sex chat rooms.   I reconfirmed that my heart belonged to her alone and to prove it just look at the lengths I had gone to get her to open up, not to mention buying her the house of her dreams.   After a long conversation about the nature of men and their interest is the visual aspects of sex, she said she thought she understood a little.   But what about the question that had started this?   The one about proving that she was attractive to other men?


Taking her by the hand I brought her into the office where my computer was.   I told her to sit tight while it booted up.   I then logged onto the site while Ashley sat quietly to the side.   I told her this was a site I had visited many times in the past.   I went back to a previous month to make sure we started with some other submissions.   I pulled one up.   It was a ten picture set from a couple that was very graphic.   Ashley stared fascinated at the pictures.   She said she knew about the porn industry and couldn’t imagine people making a living that way.   I explained to her that these people were just amateurs who did this for personal reasons and in some cases, simply to show off.   She looked closer and I showed her the area where people made comments.   She paged through reading many of them.   From there we looked at other submissions.   There were ones by women and even a few just by men which she paid close attention to.   One of the guys was extremely well hung and she spent a little more time on that one than the others.


After a half an hour of looking I decided it was time to spring my surprise.   So I flipped to the current month where off to the side it showed “mystery wife” as the hottest submitter of the month.   It took Ashley about 30 seconds to realize that the picture over the caption was of her!   She shrieked as she recognized it and I had to physically hold her back.   I begged her to relax, no one would know it was her, her face is nowhere in any of the submissions, even the name, “mystery wife” confirmed that.   I then told her she needed to look at the comments people had left for her.   She relaxed a little and started sorting through the submissions.   I know she was making sure to herself that her face would not be recognizable in any of the pictures.   Once she did that, she started looking at the comments.   Some that she read included:


Oooooo baby I’d like to fuck that pussy.

Spectacular boobs!

Please take some pictures of this beautiful lady outside.

I’d like to drive my cock up that tight ass.

That pussy looks soooo tasty…


This was just a sample of the hundreds of comments she read.   It was eye opening for her and she was thirsty to read them all.   After a bit I asked her if I had proven my point.   She looked at me, nodded and then said she was as mad at me as she had even been mad at anyone in her life.   And while she wanted to kill me, she was also as turned on as she had eve r been before.


From there we fell onto the floor and ripped each others clothes off.   I started grazing on her boobs, sucking the nipples until they were swollen and extended.   Ashley moaned enthusiastically while I was sucking on them.   I slowly made my way down her belly, tickling her navel with my tongue.   Then for the first time ever without her pulling away, I lowered my head to her pussy.   Using my fingers to open her up, I started licking.   She tasted musky and feminine, sweet and strong; it was like ambrosia to me.   I sucked her lips into my mouth feeling how slippery they were.   Then I licked around her opening, pushing my tongue inside. Tasting her deeply I tongue fucked her.


She was moaning loudly now and slowly I moved upwards to her clit.   It was swollen and I thought I could feel it throb between my lips.   Kissing it I started humming, making it vibrate.   She had a hard time keeping still.   I sensed she was close to cumming so I backed away a little and started licking her lower down.   Her legs were open wide and went I went lower still until I started licking her asshole.   She squealed but I held her hips down while I flicked my tongue in that sensitive area.


Suddenly she had a quick intake of breath and I knew that her orgasm was starting.   I moved up to her clit and pressed it hard with my tongue while she convulsed beneath me.   She shrieked, yes! over and over again and her pussy actually gushed in my face.   Ashley had never cum so openly with me before.


It took a few minutes for her racing heart to return to normal.   When it did she kissed me again and again and again and again.   She told me that she would both hate and love me forever but that she may not ever forgive me for what I had done.   Then without me asking, she lowered her head to my lap and took my erection in her mouth.   Now it was my turn to groan.   The one and only blow job I had ever had was in college with a girl I had dated a few times.   It was furtive and not very satisfying.   This was different.   Ashley was kneeling in front of me stark naked.   Her head bobbed up and down on my cock and she made slurping and suction noises.   One hand caressed my balls while the other firmly grasped my shaft.   Up and down her head went as I held it in my hands.   I warned her that I couldn’t take much more of this and she better stop or I’d spray her.   She looked up into my eyes and actually sucked harder.


Moments later I started cumming.   She pulled my cock from her mouth just as it started shooting.   It sprayed the lower half of her face and her breasts.   I pumped out an amazing amount of cum frosting her like a cake.   She held my cock tightly until it slowly emptied dribbling out at the end.   Then she took her hand and softly licked my cum off of it.


An amazing change had come over her.   I had opened up something that was clearly latent inside her and I knew that it would take our marriage to the next level.   We made love three more times that night, each in a different position.   To be honest, when the sun rose the next morning I was exhausted and couldn’t have risen to the occasion one more time.


Ashley was fascinated with the site where pictures were and loved the comments and feedback.   She started answering comments directed to the email address I had provided and within a week asked me if I would take some more pictures in response to her “fans.”   While I was happy with the direction our relationship had taken, I did worry a little about how far this might go.


That’s the story to this point.   I hope you enjoyed it because it’s bee a pleasure for me.   I know it’s not as kinky or crazy as lot of stories on this site.   But it is Ashley’s story.   Thanks for taking the time to read it.

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