Asked For It- His Turn

By BadGirl76

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She gets her 'revenge' with some help.
I sleep pretty heavy and damn her if she didn’t know that little fact. I knew she was up to something when she let he take her so many times and so many ways earlier, but waking this way was not what I had in mind.

My ears were plugged, my mouth taped shut, I was blindfolded and tied naked to the bed. I was in the same place she was just a few months ago when I took her as she had asked me too. She was right it was scary and enticing all wrapped in one, but where was she. I didn’t smell her or feel her moving around the bed. Did she leave me here alone, no that can’t be. The feeling of being alone and helpless was intoxicating me with anticipation. I was slightly unnerved not knowing what was going to happen to me, but I was very horny just thinking about her taking me like she wanted with no input from me and my ‘morning glory’ was harder than it has ever been.

The bed moved, here we go. Wait a minute, the bed moved on both sides and at the foot. Holy crap there are three people on the bed with me, I blushed and thrashed wanting to see who was there with her. I felt the ropes holding my wrists tighten as I pulled furiously trying to get free, than I felt a soft hand cup my cheek and kiss my ear. I knew they were her lips, as she ‘told’ me she was there and I was safe so I relaxed.

Several hands brushed against my skin; caressing my legs, arms, abs, face, and chest. God how many people were in the bed with me and who were they. My mind took a short trip to not only who were they, but were they all women? I tried not to dwell on the men that could be touching me so intimately and just settled on them being all women, please let them all be women.

As the hands turned to lips and tongues, kissing and licking all over me; I was growing harder and harder under their teasing; I was almost in pain I was so hard, yet not one touched my cock. I wanted to be touched and the denial just made me harder. The kissing intensified as lips and tongues moved closer and closer to my stiffening cock. I oozed precum down my shaft; it ran toward my tightening balls. I have never been this aroused.

Finally it happened, fingertips danced around my base as another hand cupped and gently squeezed my balls. I moaned into the tape covering my mouth and tried to move my hips to force their fingers where I wanted them, but I was held tight to the bed.

With all the attention being given to my hard on I didn’t feel the legs caressing my ears, but I could smell the musky, sweet scent of wet pussy engulfing my nostrils. Oh god please let them take this damn tape off I want a taste. I begged over and over for a taste, but was denied. I was drowning in her aroma and hungered for just one drop of her sweet juice on my tongue. I tried to move my lips closer, but my head was pushed down into the bed and held down. I groaned my frustration and pulled on my restraints, but it was to no avail.

The legs at my ears tightened and forced my head still and locked down to the bed as her musk wafted toward me. The torture of being held in place was nothing I couldn’t handle but my sense of smell was agonizing. I wanted to see and taste the glistening folds before me. Oh god my want made me rock hard and the fingers playing with my erection were not helping my cause. All I could do was groan my frustrations out on apparently deaf ears and pray for some compassion; I knew I would get neither. God help me.

She contracted her legs and then I felt it, oh hell. She ground her wet pussy against my taped lips. My tongue instinctually licked the back of my lips trying to get out and taste the folds pushing my head down, oh god I wanted to taste the aroma filling my senses. The feel of her saturated pussy on my nose mixed with her scent pushed me closer to the edge; I wanted to dive off into the abyss.

Then I felt it the unmistakable signs that she was going to come, he legs flexed and she pushed my head harder into the bed. Her rapid movements grinding into me harder, damn tape, I wanted to have my tongue inside her as she came. Oh god there it is the flood of liquid and the smell of orgasm, I will never look at tape the same again, crap. As she relaxed her grip I lifted my head searching for her clit with my nose, when I felt it hit her hardened clit she shuttered; a bit of revenge for me bringing a smile to my face and a touch of laughter. She flicked my forehead. She rose off of me and I felt her move to above my head, when she settled in she kissed my forehead and I knew that the lips were ones I had never felt before. It was thrilling to know that a woman I had never kissed had just shared a very intimate moment with me; I was now harder than earlier.

The fingers playing with my cock had slowed while I was being ‘orally’ tortured, but they were starting to get busier. They wrapped around me at my base and slowly slid to my slick head, engulfing it with the palm of her hand then slowly sliding back down. This went on for several cycles as another hand played with my balls, rubbing them and gently squeezing then. They were a good team the two hands playing with me, I moaned my pleasure as they manipulated me with great skill. Having the smell of pussy still in my nose and the two hands stroking and squeezing me I was soon over the edge and erupting. I came with a tremendous rush of hot liquid covering their hands and several spurts landed on my stomach.

Fingers and tongues cleaned my stomach and cock making me shiver and twitch as they tickled my skin. I want to see, to watch as they play with my body. I will never underestimate my eyesight. I tried to beg for mercy, just a peek no matter how small; one glimpse of the scene before me. This is the greatest of tortures, god for just one picture to remember I would give anything.

Then I felt it, an object being placed around my cock. ‘Oh god, oh holy crap,’ I thought as I knew what they were putting on me, a damn cockring. What in the hell, there is no way they are getting me up again. Once the ring was in place I felt a warm breeze drying me as one of them was blowing on my soft cock, he betrayed me by showing signs of life.

As her breath moved closer to my head I then every man’s downfall… a woman’s mouth surrounding my head. The warmth of her saliva and coarseness of her tongue as she took my growing cock inside licking all around me, making me moan. I felt a hand stroking from my base to her lips grasping lightly then increasing her grip, god it felt good. I wanted to grab her hair and push her down making her take all of me in, but the damn restraints kept me still. Another hand was back at massaging and tickling my balls as the others coaxed me back to life. The mouth around me was quite good and between her and the others I was up and ready in no time flat. She tickled my head with her tongue running it around the lip and then down my length, but I wanted to be deeper inside her warm mouth. I soon got my wish as she took me deep making me want to come right then and there. I felt not only the ring stopping me, but a hand squeezing me at my base. I felt the pressure building and the slight pain caused by the buildup.

She slowly pulled up off of me, as he met the cold air I cringed wanting to be back in the warmth of her mouth. I felt movement and then was greeted with a wet slit on my head, she ran him up and down her damp lips. I groaned and tried to push up into her. Hands kept me from moving my hips as well as the weight of the woman straddling me and pleasing herself with my cock. I prayed for her to let me feel her insides and received my reward as she pushed down on me taking my length in one fast stroke.

I moaned feeling her clamping down on me and the wet warmth of her. She rode me like a mad woman, fast and deep. It was so difficult not to be able to grab her hips and pull her down harder. Her pace slowed as her pussy bit down and held my cock tight, I knew that she was close. She covered me in her cum I felt it flowing out of her and over the hand that was still playing with my balls. I tried to fill her with more fluid, but was denied that sensation as she pulled off me hanging me out to dry as a hand squeezed my base keeping me from the pleasure I desired.

She kissed me on the cheek as another pussy pushed down on me. This one was much tighter, so tight I thought I might hurt her or she might hurt herself. She was determined to take all of me in one push and she did, my cock twitched wanting to erupt from just the one stroke inside her, but this time I stopped myself wanting this one to last as long as possible. The mix of her tightness and my desire to explode was painful, but exhilarating. Once she was wet enough she bounced up and down slow at first and then quickened her pace until I felt her release and she too pulled me out before I could finish. God I wanted a pussy to fill.

As the third pussy engulfed my shaft, I was beyond the need to release. As I felt her wet warmth encapsulate me I filled her in wave after wave. She pushed down hard and held me deep as I groaned with each stream that I released inside her. While she held me tight to my body two mouths desended on my nipples licking, sucking and nibbling on , them, causing me to release more and more into the filling pussy. I pushed my hips higher and tighter against her I wanted to feel her pleasure, but I was out of steam. I softened only to be clamped onto by her walls and held longer in her warmth as she slowly pulled off me; god I wanted to go longer.

I gasped for air as I felt a brush of lips over my ear, these were her lips. I think my time is over, but damn I want more from these women. My ankles were released and I twisted and stretched my legs as two sets of hands massaged my muscles, can you find heaven twice in one day; yes you can. The tape was removed and surprisingly it was not painful, I licked my lips as she kissed me with the soft lips I love so much. When she broke our kiss my lips were introduced to another and another, they took turns for several minutes kissing my lips.

“So did you enjoy that as much as I enjoyed you,” she whispered in my ear.

Well now I can hear again, what a wonderful sound to hear her voice. I listened for sound from the others, but heard only her. I wanted to see.

“Oh god, yes a thousand times yes. Can I see please,” my voice was slightly shaky, but I knew what I wanted, I wanted to see who had just given me my greatest sex ever.

“Would you be disappointed if they didn’t want you to know who they were? I mean you know me, but if the other wanted to stay… anonymous, would you be ok with that,” she sounded sincere, could I handle never knowing who, wondering, fanticising about women without faces. What a choice.

“Umm… a… I don’t really have a choice do I. I want to know who to thank, who to send roses to; but I don’t get a choice,” I frowned hoping that they would pity me and let me see them.

Legs caressed my sides as one of them straddled my chest and removed my blind fold revealing my beautiful love to me. She smiled as I saw her long black hair in a tight braid falling over her shoulder, she bend down and kissed me lightly as she moved off me to my side. My eyes opened to show me the two other women that deserved a huge smile and maybe a few spankings.

I was surprised, shocked and trilled to see the faces before me. I could not believe that my love could talk them into this, but she had fulfilled one of my fantasies. I told her that I had a deep lust for her little sister and here she was naked and I knew that I had been in her pussy; she had to have been the tight one. She sat there looking slightly down with her blue eyes and perky breast, she looked delectable. I wanted to feel her again, but with me in the driver’s seat. I smiled at her as she blushed like only a twenty year old can. I wanted to kiss her.

The other woman… wow, talk about a shock to the system. Sitting there was my loves best friend. Her short black hair, full lips, beautiful breasts… I was dead and in heaven. I lusted for her, but had never told my love, she must have known somehow. I would ask her later.

Each woman too turns telling me what they wanted from me in return for their participation as my love unbound my wrists. Little sis wanted to have ‘alone’ time with me later, she loved how I stretched and filled her. The best friend well she was going to tease me and only give in when she desired and I was to be hands off unless she asked, that will be more torture. After they told me their wants they each bent in for a kiss and was greeted with a hug and caress of their back, I was hoping they would stay and let me get some revenge.

The only one that stayed was my love’s little sister, the three of us lay in bed and talked about the earlier events as we each drifted off to sleep. I was the last to close my eyes. They were busy taking in the sight of the two women lying with me, never underestimate sight. Could this day get any better? I fell asleep drawing my fingers along their skin feeling them twitch and listening to them breath. I am one lucky man and my life is only getting better.

They have no idea the thoughts I have for them. She may have started this, but I am going to finish it. I think it is time to let her know that her fantasy to be taken fulfilled one of mine and now she has given me not only her, but two more. If I do this right I can have what I have always wanted and more.

*This is my first attempt at the male perspective so any input would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to read the female version that took place a few months before this chapter please read Asked For It. Thank you*