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Asked For It

I had asked him to kidnap me to fulfill one of my darkest fantasys and now was the night.
What am I doing, why am I here? I need to get out of here, can't stay. I must keep moving. Why did I ask him to do this? He is getting closer, almost at my back. Ohhh Nooooo, he has me!

He grabbed my ponytail and pulled me off my feet, I was at his mercy and screaming. I thought about my decision and was in regret. I had asked him to kidnap me to fulfill one of my darkest fantasies and now was the night. As I fell I knew that my life was going to change.

And then all was dark.....

I woke to dead silence and the dark of the blindfold, my body was betraying me from the first thought. I felt movement and knew I was not alone, fear entered my mind, I froze. As it moved around me, lightly touching my skin, causing goosebumps, it was silent; no sound, no breathe, no nothing. It moved toward my pussy, that wet traitor of a pussy, and caressed my slippery lips. I moaned and heard nothing, ear plugs, oh my god! I was being deprived of my senses, I didn't ask him to do that.

Yes it was him, I was safe. I tried to move. What! I can't move, did he drug me? No he wouldn't do that, he knows I would kill him. Restraints... where did he take me and how long was I out that he had time to bind me. Sensing my body I could feel the soft rope around my wrists. Damn can't move them, ok legs... shit- more rope. He blew soft air on my moist slit causing me to try to arch, I'm tied down at the waist! I wanted to scream, but I knew that he had gagged me too. I could feel the tie against my cheeks and around the back of my head. Just knowing that I am unable to move, see, hear, or talk is getting me more and more excited.

I felt him kissing up my stomach to my breasts. He played with my nipples making them hard as lead. Then I felt the bite of his teeth and heat of his breath, my body pulsed for him. I wanted to scream, but nothing came out. As he continued to abuse my breasts and nipples I was feeling more and more desire.

He soon left my breasts and nibbled, licked and sucked his way down my stomach. When he passed my wanting pussy I sighed. He kept going lower to my inner thighs, then my knees, then my calves. Oh please not my feet. When he reached my toes he sucked each one into his mouth, licking in between each causing me to writhe. He licked the sole of each foot causing me to twitch and test my bindings. I shuddered as he kissed the tops of my feet and then started back up.

I felt each kiss laid upon my legs to my inner thighs and then felt his breathe on my labia. I wanted him so badly. I was enthralled in his actions and tried to push toward him, but was not able. I was in a state of anticipation as I felt his fingers teasing along the edges of my mound to my swollen clit. He playfully ran circles around the protruding area of my little knob making me shake and shudder for him.

I wanted to beg for him to fuck me, take me and make me his. I was soon greeted with him opening my lips and blowing on my warm, soaking pussy; sigh, groan, long moan. I begged, in my head, for at least his tongue inside me. He continued to tease my clit circling over and over. I moaned feeling my increasing wetness and feeling my skin crawl with delight and anticipation. As he caressed my clit he ran his fingers up and down my well lubricated lips causing mini 'quakes' to rush over me, I want to push against his hand and force him to enter me.

With one hand on still caressing my lips and threatening to enter me and his other feathering me belly. I was starting to approach euphoria. His teasing of my slit increased in speed, yet he failed to enter me. I wanted to raise my hips to his touch, but was denied by the rope across my waist. I moaned my frustration at his merciless teasing only to receive a quick slap to my swollen and wet pussy. I inhaled sharply at the strike, but was even more aroused by it, I have never been hit like that before today. I reviled in the punishment. As he continued his manual assault of my lips, my orgasm built and soon I was shuddering at his touch. My body ran hot, my skin wanted for contact, my nipples grew and desired to be touched and my already wet pussy overflowed on to his hand. This is when he decided to enter me with such force I pulled violently on my bindings feeling the strength of them. He held his fingers inside me until I stopped trying the thrash, then slowly explored my insides. I wanted him so deep, I wanted his cock.

His fingers continued to grope my insides as I came down from my orgasm. I yearned for him to be deeper and moaned with each stroke of his hand trying to get my point across. He quickly removed his fingers and I was so shocked that I didn't realize that he had placed the head of his cock at my entrance. I was soon greeted with him entering me hard, fast and forcefully. My body was pushed against the binding, I felt all of him inside me as he fucked me. He fucked me with out abandon and with such vigor I had never felt before him. I felt every brush against my clit, his balls smacking my ass and his hard dick pummeling me. I didn't want him to stop, I needed more. He slowed and held himself tight to the inner most he could reach then I felt it. His cock was twitching and cumming deep and long.

I saw a bright light and blinked a few times to clear the dark I had become accustom to when I saw his face. He bent to kiss me as he removed the ear plugs. "That was amazing. Thank you for letting me do this to you," he whispered in my ear. He slowly unhooked the gag and I licked my lips.

In a hushed and raspy tone I said, "That was unbelievable, you're welcome and we need to do this again. Tho next time you get 'taken' and I get to have my way with you."

He kissed my forehead. "That was not my fantasy until I saw how this effected you. I am in."

He slowly removed my bindings and he held me. I was in my own bedroom, I can remember that night anytime I look to our bed. What a wonderful memory.

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