Bad Boy

By autumnXXX

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She was always taken...but now it was his turn to take her.
"I told you to leave me alone, you pathetic dickhead" Emma laughs coyly at groveling man clutching his groin in agony, "you broke up with me weeks ago and now you come crawling back. I don't think so," the broken ex slowly picks himself up of the ground, glaring at his aggressive exgirlfriend.
Emma has long auburn hair that falls over her relatively large bust. Her green eyes shine feverishly at him as she keeps smiling at his pain. For being seven inches shorter than he, she was damn strong.

 "Someday you won't always be in control, you bitch," he growls before limping from the apartment. Emma follows him out, smiling as she watches him stumble down the stairs.
"I doubt that!" she hollers after him as she turns to go back inside. Suddenly, her eyes catch hold of the gray eyes watching her from across the hall.
Dark black hair falls over a chiseled face belonging to her neighbor...a man she never met and hopes not to. Her stomach twists in knots as she looks over his muscular chest shown off by his tight black tee. His name was Aiden, that she knew, and he owns the pub downstairs. He stands in his doorway, an eyebrow cocked as he watches the spectacle of Luke whimpering down the stairs.

"Hello," she quickly quips before slipping inside her apartment.
Once the door is firmly between them, she leans against it, her breath coming in sharp bursts. Something about that man makes her melt inside as she imagines what he would look like if he was under her while she rode him, bringng herself to pleasure and leaving him out to dry. Oh how those gray eyes would gleam wickedly, but she doubts he'd do anything.

"He would be yummy indeed," she mutters to herself before going to her bedroom and stripping out of her clothes.
Yawning, she realizes it is late, but she knows that the pub below won't be closed for another half hour. Crawling into her black comforted bed, she closes her eyes, imagining Aiden in her bed and how good it would feel to have his dick inside of her. As her fingers slowly slip between her legs, a knock sounds on her door, stopping her abruptly.

"Coming!" she shouts as she throws a large band tee on over her naked form. A knock comes again as she curses and crosses the room to her door, "What do you want?!" she cries as she throws open the door. There stands the very man of her pleasure, towering a whole foot over her short form. Aiden looks down on Emma with a dangerous smirk before glancing over her state of undress.

"May I come in?" he asks, his voice dark and enticing, as if it were silk wrapping around her.She nods before opening the door wider so he can enter. Compared to her apartment, Aiden looked gigantic standing in the center of her studio.

"Is there something you wanted?" Emma cooes as she crosses the room towards him.
Without a word, he catches hold of her hair and pulls her against him, her lips suddenly trapped against his. His tongue slips in and out of her mouth as she wraps her arms around his neck, pulling herself closer to him. He grabs her tight ass in his hands, squeezing and kneading as he pins her to the wall. She wraps her legs around his waist as he kisses her jaw and ear, flicking his tongue lightly over her lobe, causing warmth to flood lower in her body. She moans as she feels his hot cock rub between her legs through his jeans, her body heating even more. Swiftly he carries her to her large bed before dropping her down. Aiden strips his shirt off first, then his jeans as Emma watches impatiently waiting to see how big he is. She certainly wasn't dissappointed when it finally slides out from his jeans.

"Suck on it," he orders, and suddenly she is taken aback by it.

"Excuse me?" she murmurs, but instead he steps towards her. Taking her hand, he wraps it around his cock. Intrigued, Emma strokes it, never before having touched one. She's only had them in her, not in front of her. Especially not one sooo big, she thinks before licking the tip. A moan escapes Aiden's lips as she continues to lick his dick before sliding it into her mouth.

"Good girl," he growls as he tangles his fingers in her long hair. She sucks on it before sliding it deeper and deeper down her throat, her eyes the entire time pinned to him. The more she does it, the more he thrusts into her mouth, his head rolling back with pleasure. As he is about to cum, she pulls her mouth away, sliding away from him on the matress.
"You have been a bad boy," she says as she grasps his hand and lies him down on the bed. He watches her with a smile, until he sees her pull out two scarves, his smiling dropping instantly.

"What are those for?" he asks as she straddles his chest, pinning him down.

"To teach you for being so naughty," she chimes as she swiftly ties a scarf to one of his wrists, stretching the other end to a bed post.
She struggles with him for a moment until she finally gets the second arm tied down. Emma kisses him briefly before sliding her mouth down his neck, biting him viciously, before continuing down his body. She kisses each muscle in his six pack as her hot sex rubs against his.Thrusting his hips, his dick instantly slides into her, making her gasp with pleasure. Quickly, she rolls off him before smacking his stomach.

"That wasn't fair," she hisses as he grins perversly.

"Actually it was fair. I agree to be bound as long as I choose when to fuck you. And I want to fuck you. Now," he says, his voice dripping with desire.

"Not yet," she cooes, "now behave, Bad Boy, or I will tie down your feet and give you a good beating," his smirk widens, causing her to get even more wet.

"Yes, my pet," he mutters as she smacks him again.

"I own you. Not the other way around," she spits before sitting firmly on his chest, "Isn't that right, you naughty boy?" he laughs lowly before sliding his hands from the restrainsts. In one swift movement, he pins her down underneath him, her arms pulled over her head.

"No, girlie, that isn't right," he whispers in her ear as he reaches between them, sliding a large rough finger into her hot sex.
Gasping, she wiggles underneath him as he thrusts deeper and deeper into her, continuously adding and removing extra fingers. Finally, she cums, her scream piercing the silence in her room. Shaking beneath him, her body remains limp as he reaches down to the floor for something.

"Now you will behave, won't you girlie?" he rasps out as he takes four metal cuffs from his jean pocket. Quickly, he clasps them over her wrists and ankles, spreading her wide across the mattress.

"Stop this isn't fair," she whimpers as he just grins devilishly.
He leans forward and kisses her deeply, his tongue ravaging her mouth as he strokes her sides and down her thighs. Leaving her mouth, he kisses down to her breasts, his mouth immediately clasping over her nipple, the other one being tugged on by his hand. Each tug and nip coincide eachother as he leaves Emma gasping and moaning for more. Kissing down her flat stomach, he instantly begins to lick deeply between her wet sex, lapping up the remnaints of her orgasm. Her gasps and moans get louder and louder with each thrust of his tongue until he suddenly leaves her sex to the cold air.
It seems like ages before his hot cock prods at the entrance to her wetness, a high cry slipping from Emma's lips as he finally shoves it deep into her. Crying out with pleasure, she climaxes right as he starts to push into her. Aiden stills until she finishes, a victorious smirk on his lips.

"Two already? You must love to be in submission," he laughs as he thrusts slowly in and out of her, "Don't worry. It ain't over just yet," he adds as he starts to pick up his pace, her gasps building with her orgasm. Right as he thought she would cum again, he climaxes, pulling his dick out and squirting her stomach with it instead. She lies squirming for release and he watches, her body coated in his cum, eyes feverish with desire.

"Please. Oh please Aiden. Make me cum," she begs as a smirk crawls on his lips.

"Am I your master?" he asks and instantly she hesitates, "Am I?" she nods lightly and instantly he slides three fingers deep into her. Fiercely, he thrusts them against her g-spot as his tongue plays with her clit, her moans rising until she screams with her climax. Her juice coats his fingers as she trembles from the orgasm.

Untying Emma, he lays down, exhausted on the matress, waiting for her orgasm to stop. Finally, it stops and she curls against his bare chest.

"I hate you," she teases between each shallow breath. He looks down at her before smiling.

"I doubt that," he retorts before she grins, closes her eyes and rests her head against him. He smiles before kissing her forehead, thinking he was so damn lucky for seeing Luke crawling away earlier today. Aiden had always wanted Emma, ever since she moved in all those years ago, but she was always taken. But now, he thinks with a devilish smirk, I have taken her. She is my good little pet. He adds before closing his eyes, And I am a very bad boy.