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Beauty fucks the Beast - Chapter 1

A hot blond takes revenge against her cheating boyfriend with his disgusting father
"We're over!" Bianca yelled, as she stormed out of the boy's locker room. Tears streaming down her face, Bianca Brogan threw her biology text book into her locker, slammed the thin metal door shut, and grabbed the keys to her brand-new Jupiter Red Mercedes. Her head was swimming--how could this possibly be happening? How could he have cheated on her!?

Barely five minutes ago, Bianca surreptitiously snuck into the boys locker room to wish her boyfriend, Adam Masterson, good luck for the big homecoming game. The hallway leading into the locker room was deserted and she knew that most, if not all, of the guys on the team would be in the weight-room, exercising and stretching. She hoped that Adam, who had only gotten out of detention a few minutes earlier, might still be getting dressed.

Tiptoeing into the locker room, Bianca peaked around the corner and heard a faint whimpering coming from the other end of the room. Wondering what could possibly be making that sound, Bianca walked forward and gasped in shock. Her boyfriend was completely naked, his perfect brown hair uncharacteristically disheveled, grunting like an animal. Sweat was pouring down his chiseled body, making his impressive six-pack glisten in the soft, afternoon light. Bianca looked down at his tight, sexy ass and then, to her horror, saw that his fully erect, six inch cock was slamming in and out of Amber Stark's, the school slut.

As Bianca gasped, Adam looked up and his cheeks became crimson red.

"Bianca!" he sputtered, pulling his dick out of the warm vagina in front of him. Amber, who was bent over in doggy style, squealed in embarrassment. "What are you doing here!?" Adam yelled, pulling up his shorts. Bianca screamed, took one last horrified look at Amber, and ran out of the locker room, sobbing uncontrollably.

Bianca raced home and, within an hour or two, her two closest friends were attempting to console the devastated young woman. Bianca and Adam had been a couple ever since freshman year. Now, as seniors, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that the two would be together forever. Bianca had high hopes of going off to college with her dashing athletic boyfriend, graduating med school together, and starting a family. To say that Bianca was naive would be an understatement. But she came from a very structured, conservative home with strong Christian values and had never ever thought about having sex before marriage. Sure, Adam had sometimes pressured Bianca into doing things she knew she shouldn't do, but she had always resisted because she knew he loved her.

"I thought he loved me..." Bianca sobbed, gladly accepting a swig of the full bottle of vodka that her friends had happily supplied.

Had it been any other girl, Bianca might have accepted it and moved on gracefully, but the fact that Adam was hooking up with Amber Stark, the school slut, sent her over the edge. Amber and Bianca had been friends, once, but her promiscuous lifestyle had caused them to grow apart. After a particularly awful ordeal, one of the teacher's at Roosevelt High School had conspicuously resigned after rumors surfaced that Amber had fucked him to earn a little extra credit. Bianca was ashamed of her former-friend and they hadn't talked in months.

Gulping down more and more of the vodka, Bianca wished that she could give Adam a taste of his own medicine, and getting revenge would clearly not be a problem. At barely eighteen, Bianca Brogan was a living goddess. She had long, silky blond hair, soft, golden tanned skin, and perfect, round breasts that could fill up any top.

She had a tiny stomach, long smooth legs and a juicy ass that always left a guy wanting more. To add to that, she had sexy, piercing, green eyes. She lay in her bed, still wiping tears off of her cheek, trying to think of one of Adam's friends to hook-up up with. As captain of the football team, all of Adam's friends were relatively good-looking and would have given anything to have Bianca all over them. Certainly she would never have sex with them - that would be ridiculous - but she had no problem making-out with someone just to throw it in Adam's face.

"You know..." Bianca's best friend, Madison Stewart, said. Although Bianca had always considered her to be her very best friend, Madison regarded Bianca as more of a "frenemy". Sure, Bianca was sweet, and innocent, and popular. But her innocence, to an extent, was a complete annoyance. Sure, Bianca was absolutely gorgeous but the only reason that she was the most desirable girl at school was because she was a virgin. Every single guy wanted to deflower the unattainable Bianca Brogan - never mind even hooking up with her friends. Madison knew that Bianca's sweet, kind disposition was somewhat of an act--at the end of the day, she was judgment and used her faith as a means of superiority. Madison regarded her as a typical queen bee in sheep's' clothing and she was sick of playing second fiddle. And suddenly, she had an idea.

"You know, Adam's not going to give a shit if you make out with one of his friends. He'll just shrug it off." Madison took the bottle of vodka in her hand, took a swig, and passed it back to Bianca. "You'd really need to hook up with someone he absolutely hates. Someone he loathes. Otherwise, it wont matter."

Bianca, taking the now half empty bottle back, looked at her friend and sighed. "Adam doesn't hate anyone. He's too obsessed with football and cars. He's never even been in an argument, that I can remember."

"That's not true," Jessica said, finally piping up. "The other day, Madison and I were walking home from school and we overheard Adam get into a really bad argument with his father." Madison smiled, offering Bianca another swig of vodka.

Adam and his father never got along very well. Adam was always something of a disappointment to his father, as Adam was athletic and charismatic, while his father was geeky and introverted. James Masterson was head of the research department of a major electronics outlet and always hoped for a son who could one day take his place. But Adam was never particularly interested in academics and was always more into relaxing and chasing girls. Adam's mother had died in a terrible car crash when he was very young. Mr. Masterson was the only survivor and the rumor was that James had been drinking. Instead of bringing father and son closer, her death only drove them father apart. Even though Bianca and Adam had been together for almost three and a half years, she could barely remember ever seeing Mr. Masterson. But, little did she know, he had certainly noticed her.

"What are you smiling about!?" Bianca asked, beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol--she rarely drank and had virtually no tolerance.

"Well..." Madison began, "Adam seriously hates his father. If you make out with his dad, and get it on tape, it would destroy him. Psychology, he'd never get over it..."

Bianca didn't' notice the wicked twinkle in her friend's -frenemies'- eyes, mostly because the majority of the vodka was gone and the bubbly, buxom blond was feeling the effects of the alcohol. "I don't know," Bianca said, hiccupping slightly.

Madison pressed forward. "Bianca!" she implored. "Adam hurt you, didn't he? Didn't it devastate you - humiliate you when you caught him fucking that little skank!?" Madison grabbed her friends hand. "You need to do this. It's only fair."

Bianca nodded. "Just tell me what to do," she said, with a playful smile. Madison grinned... Bianca was in for a wild night.


The girls realized that if Adam was going to be playing in the football game that night, his father would probably be home alone, watching a movie or catching up on some work. The plan, as Madison explained, was for Bianca to show up at Mr. Masterson's house to ask him for help with a school project. Bianca would explain that she had to interview someone in a occupation which interested her and record the interview on camera. Simple enough.

Bianca spent the whole afternoon getting ready. Her friends did her make-up for an hour, careful to accentuate her stunning green eyes. She curled her long blond hair, making herself look sexy yet sweet. She had decided to wear just jeans and a nice top, but Madison insisted that she wear something far more revealing. After a quick trip home, Madison returned with a small, portable Sony Handycam, a tripod, and a black gargment bag.

"Wear this," Madison said, putting a garment bag on Bianca's bed.

Bianca unzipped the bag to reveal a tiny, black cocktail dress. She picked it up, and held it up to her thin five foot, seven inch frame. Looking down at the dress, Bianca protested but Madison and Jessica insisted. Bianca squeezed into the dress, if you could call it that. The dress hugged her every curve, covered only half of her ass, and her big 34 C breasts almost poured out of it. Madison had also brought along a teeny-tiny leopard print thong, and a matching push-up bra. Bianca gazed at herself in the mirror, turning her ass to it, and realized that she really did look unbelievable. Jessica put on a sexy, chain necklace, completing the outfit. Bianca felt sick to her stomach and asked, "Are you sure about this, guys?" Devilishly, Madison and Jessica grinned and smile. They both knew that James Masterson was one lucky man tonight!

At exactly seven o'clock, Bianca rang the doorbell of Mr. Masterson's house. A few minutes later she heard a few loud, crashing noises and the door swung open. Bianca gulped and was shocked by what she saw. James Masterson was absolutely monstrous- looking. The hulking man was tall, about 6'2", but extremely fat - about three hundred pounds. He had sunken black eyes, yellow-stained teeth, and adult acne covered his face! He had a few tufts of disheveled, black hair, but was mostly bald. He wore a ratty old white t-shirt, which had several large stains on it and smelled faintly of body odor. Suddenly, Bianca began rethinking her plan.

She stood at the door, wearing a light jacket around her tiny cocktail-dress. Mr. Masterson was obviously stunned. "Ummm can I help you?" he spluttered. This fifty-year old man was clearly in awe of the sexy, young woman in front of him.

"Yes...umm..." The vodka was starting to get to her, dulling her senses. "I'm Bianca Brogan... I'm Adam's girlfrie... ummm.... well Adam and I..."

"Oh, right!" Mr. Masterson said, remembering why she looked so familiar. He had noticed few times over the past few years, always dressed in a sexy outfit. His son was a selfish, ungrateful prick and he was lucky to be dating such a gorgeous girl. He had never been able to get a girl half as hot as her to look at him when he was in high school. "Can I help you with something, Brianna?"

"It's Bianca, actually," she said, smiling her sweetest smile. "I have to do a school project this semester. I'm supposed to interview someone who works in the field I plan on going into. I've always been so interested in... (she gulped) research and development..." Her voice trailed off. She was starting to feel a little lightheaded from the vodka. "Anyway, I was wondering if you would let me interview you."

"Ummm... alright," Mr. Masterson said, unable to keep his eyes off of her cleavage. "Could you come back tomorrow or something?" he asked, his eyes never leaving her chest.

"Well, actually," Bianca began, "I sort of procrastinated and I have to get it done tonight." She took a step forward and put her hand on his arm. Looking straight into his eyes she whispered, "I'd really appreciate it."

Mr. Masterson shuttered as she touched him. Shivers running up and down his spine, he looked into her emerald green eyes and nodded silently. He gulped and said, "Okay. Come on in."

Mr. Masterson moved aside and allowed Bianca to step inside the small, dark house. Surprisingly, Bianca had never even been inside Adam's house. Every time they hung out, they would either go out on a date or relax at the Brogan's Residence. Bianca could hardly believe Adam even lived here. The house was old, musty, and slightly creepy. She imagined that Adam would live in an upscale, luxury condo or something--not this run down colonial.

"Why don't you let me take your jacket for you," he said, trying to be gentlemen. Mr. Masterson slipped her jacket off and was clearly stunned at the sexy dress she had on. The silky black fabric hung perfectly on her, showing off all of her best features. Mr. Masterson led her into the living room and asked Bianca to sit down on the couch. The entire time she was walking down the hall, over to the closet, she could feel Mr. Masterson undressing her with his eyes, ogling at her ass. "Would it be alright if I freshened up a bit?" he asked, his eyes glued once again to her chest. "I want to look presentable for your interview. Feel free to set your camera up wherever you like."

Before she could even respond, Mr. Masterson disappeared upstairs, making the old, wooden stairs creak. She heard him walking around upstairs, his hulking frame moving from room to room. Bianca opened up the tripod, set up the camera, and pulled out the interview questions Madison had prepared her with. She pulled out a soft, linen cloth and wiped the lenses of the camera, making certain there were no smudges.

A few moments later, Bianca heard Mr. Masterson come crashing down the stairs and looked up as he came into the dark living room. He was wearing a relatively clean, white button down shirt, a black bow tie, and a pair of dark brown slacks. He was now wearing a thick pair of glasses, and his few tufts of hair had been slicked to one side in an awful comb over. As he walked towards her, Bianca could smell that he had put on some kind of musky, unpleasant cologne which mixed strangely with his now obvious body odor; he hadn't elected to shower.

Mr. Masterson's plopped down on the couch awkwardly and clasped his hands together. "Well I guess I'm ready," he said, looking up at the gorgeous young blond in front of him. "Let's get this thing over with."

Bianca turned the camera on and gracefully sat down on the couch next to him, sitting just a little bit too close. The two turned to look at each other and Bianca crossed her legs, showing off her impressive limbs. "Okay, action," Bianca said, laughing softly, certainly tipsy by now.

The first few questions were relatively straight forward: How many years have you been in researching and development, what drew you to this field, what do you find most rewarding. Mr. Masterson, who fumbled and stuttered awkwardly through his answers, made a sincere attempt to answer as best he could.

By the fourth or fifth question, Bianca could feel that her throat was starting to become dry. "Mr. Masterson?" she said. "Do you think it would be okay if I had a glass of water?"

"Of course!" he said, getting up and bounding off towards the kitchen. When he returned a few moments later, Bianca was bent over adjusting the angle of the camera, her gorgeous round ass high in the air. Mr. Masterson gasped when he saw her--he could see the tiniest piece of leopard-print fabric and could almost make out her young, perfect slit. He grunted awkwardly and handed Bianca a dingy glass of water.

"Thank you," Bianca said softly, sipping on the water and sitting back down on the couch.

The next few questions were focused on how a young person like her could get into the field: Where do you recommend I look for internships, what colleges are good for my major, do you have any advice for an aspirating research developer, ect. While Mr. Masterson was in the middle of one of his answers, Bianca let out a short, drunken little hiccup, which caused her to spill her glass of water all over Mr. Masterson! "I'm so sorry!" she squealed, getting to her feet at once.

By now, it was safe to say that Bianca was exceedingly tipsy, perhaps even a little drunk. If she was sober, she would never have thought to help Mr. Masterson dry off. However, in her current state, Bianca grabbed the soft, linen cloth she had used earlier and began rubbing Mr. Masterson's lower stomach, soaking up as much water as possible.

As she was rubbing the water off, Mr. Masterson sat up, clearly taken aback by Bianca. She rubbed harder and harder and suddenly she felt something--she wondered if it was a television remote control that had become lodged in the couch cushion. Bianca continued to rub with the small linen cloth. Then, suddenly, Bianca realized that Mr. Masterson was fully and completely erect. Bent over, her ass in the air, Bianca looked down to see a huge tent in his slacks. Her hand still on his swollen cock, Bianca looked up, straight into his black eyes. Mr. Masterson was crimson red--the same flushed expression that Adam had on when Bianca caught him a few hours earlier.

Bianca looked from Mr. Masterson to her camera, realizing that it was still filming. She looked back into his eyes, gulped, and remembered what she was here to do. Resigning herself to the fact that she was about to make out with the monstrously fat man in front of her, Bianca closed her eyes and pushed her mouth right up to his, her hand never leaving his rock hard cock.

Mr. Masterson gasped in shock as this gorgeous, eighteen-year-old launched herself at him. He opened his mouth, as if to protest, but Bianca moved her free hand up to his head, her one hand feverishly massaging his swallow cock, the other pulling him towards her.

Mr. Masterson's uttered a soft groan and responded to this kiss by forcing his tongue deep into her mouth, making her gag. He moved his rough hand around to her cheek and slowly turned her head, so that he was looking into her deep, green eyes.

"You're so amazing, Bianca," Mr. Masterson whispered. "You're the most amazing woman I've ever met in my life! I cant believe this is happening."

"Kiss me, Mr. Masterson," Bianca whispered, her head swimming from the alcohol. Eyes lighting up, Mr. Masterson let out a small moan and began to kiss her, slowly and passionately. Deciding that she would have to play her part convincingly, Bianca also wormed her tongue into his mouth and began to kiss him as passionately as she used to kiss Adam. Mr. Masterson ran his hands down her back and put his hands on her waist. He began to slowly push his body up against hers, nearing the arm of the couch. Sensing that if he fell on top of her she might suffocate, she pushed him backwards and sexily got on top of him. She pushed her body down on his hulking frame and continued the kiss.

"Call me James," he whispered as she climbed on top of him. James could not believe that he was actually making out with a gorgeous eighteen-year-old. Moaning slightly, he moved his hands around to her waist and began slowly peeling her dress up, slightly exposing her thong-clad waist. Then, he moved his hands to her lower back and started squeezing her juicy ass. Bianca moaned, softly. She could not believe that he just did that!

Staring her straight in her green eyes, he smiled and moved his hands up to her shoulders. He reached around to the back of Bianca's dress and began to unzip it, revealing the silky leopard print push-up bra that made her tits look incredible. James slipped the silky dress off of her and let it fall to the floor beside them. Bianca couldn't believe that he had just pulled her clothes off! Even though she was shocked that she was now only in her bra and thong, she was still committed to acting her part convincingly.

Bianca began trying to get into it and wrapped her arms around his head, gently running her fingers through his short tufts of hair. She started grinding her thong-clad body against his waist, trying to tease him. James began to slowly dry hump her, in return. Then, Bianca felt something huge pushing against her waste. She stopped grinding him and looked down at James's rock-hard tent. He smiled and looked down at her with a really perverted look in his eyes.

Staring at his cock, Bianca regained her senses and got off of the ugly, monster underneath her. She turned away from him, ashamed that she had just made out with him and ran her hands through her soft blond curls. She picked up her dress in one hand and looked down at it, wondering why she had ever agreed to do this. She had done what she was here to do and it was time to leave...

Suddenly, she heard Mr. Masterson moving behind her and she felt herself being spun around. With uncharacteristic speed and agility, he lifted her up with one hand and put her over his shoulder. With his free hand, Mr. Masterson reached out and grabbed the camera and tripod. He turned and began marching with his beautiful young prize out of the living room and towards the staircase.

"What are you doing!?" Bianca gasped, shocked at what was happening.

"I want to record this, baby." Mr. Masterson panted, beginning to get sweaty from carrying the young woman. "I want us to be able to relive this forever!" Bianca was in a complete state of confusion and disarray. Coming to her senses, she couldn't help but think of an old monster carrying a young beauty back to his lair. She suddenly realized what was happening and had no idea what to do.

Mr. Masterson walked into his dimly-lit bedroom and threw Bianca onto his bed and licked his lips. She was really scared and started to panic; she did not want this at all! Hooking up with Adam's father was one thing, but having sex with him was an entirely different matter! Mr. Masterson put the camera down, facing the bed.

"Wait, Mr. Masterson, you don't understand!" Bianca squealed, looking up at her ex-boyfriend's father;

James moved his arms up his chest, trying to act sexy, and began unbuttoning his shirt, letting his full gut hang loose. His bare chest was gross! His chest was all blubber and he had hair everywhere. He also had huge man boobs, which Bianca thought were absolutely disgusting. On top of that, he had acne all over his chest. Then he took off his pants, and Bianca could see the tent in his boxers. She gulped as the ugly bastard slowly took of his boxers, revealing his fully-erect dick. Bianca was shocked. It was probably twelve inches, uncut, and really thick! He had a huge bush of hair around the base of his cock, and she could see that his two balls were rock hard.

"Oh Bianca." James moaned, putting his hand to his rock-hard member. "It has been so long since I've been with a woman. I haven't even thought about someone this way since my wife passed." He began furiously jacking himself off, his eyes locked on Bianca's breasts. "I'm going to make you mine!"

Bianca shook her head, but before she could utter a word, James had jumped on top of her. He started trying to make out with her again, furiously. He began to rub his rough hands all over her stomach and back, making his way towards her chest. He put his hands on her silky bra and began squeezing her breasts, roughly, still furiously kissing her. Then, he managed to unhook her bra and tossed it to the ground. Her big breasts were free. Smiling, he licked his lips and went in to feast.

"Please, Mr. Masterson..." She moaned, shocked at the sound of pleasure in her own voice. She felt her pussy growing hot and wet, despite her lack of attraction to the fat, odious man on top of her.

"Yes, baby. You are going to please Mr. Masterson." The old man growled, moving his lips to her chest. He started to slowly kiss her right tit. He put his mouth on it, extended his tongue to it, and gently flicked her nipple. This sent shivers down Bianca's body. He then put his mouth on her right breast and started to roughly kiss it. He was in ecstasy. As he was mauling Bianca's tits with his mouth, he moved his hands down to her silky waist and gently slipped her thong off.

Bianca lay on the bed completely naked. She was confused and disoriented, she knew what was coming next.

"Mr. Masterson, ohhhh!!" She moaned, as his finger slipped across her slick pussy. Her closed her eyes and a second later she felt something warm and wet licking her slit. She looked down and realized that Mr. Masterson's gross, ridged tongue was darting in and out of her vagina. And despite herself, she realized that she was getting insanely turned on. Although a part of her wanted to run, wanted to try to explain that this was all a set-up to make Adam jealous, she couldn't get it out. Instead, she was now slowly grinding her hips, almost subconsciously, feeling the insane pleasure of moist tongue on wet clit. Perhaps, she realized, this was exactly what she wanted. Bianca knew what was coming next.

He licked his lips again, and then pressed his entire body down on her. His man boobs pushed against her breasts, and his hairy chest tickled her whole torso. Every inch of him was engulfing her, and she felt his dick against her lower waist. Bianca gasped. It was the first time in her life that her young, tanned body was up against a man's. She couldn't believe that her harmless little prank had gone so badly.

James began licking every inch of her body. He slowly moved his lips up to her ears, and began to neck Bianca.

"Oh, Bianca," he moaned, "My son doesn't deserve you. I've always given him everything he wants. Well, now you're about to give me everything I want!" She started desperately trying to get away, trying to squirm out from under him, but it was no use: She was pinned. As she squirmed, she felt his huge dick bounce around, in between her soft thighs. She put her hands up to his chest and tried to push him off. Her squirming, however, only continued to turn him on, as James thought she was grinding him.

"Mr. Masterson!" she moaned out, feeling his dick slap against her lubricated tights. Her head and her heart were beginning for her to put an end to this but she just couldn't. Looking up into his eyes, she realized that she needed him... needed his meaty cock in her virgin vagina.

"Oh, baby!" He panted. "You're mine now!"

He put his mouth back over hers and moved his dick to her vagina. Suddenly, he pushed his huge manhood into her with all his strength and came to rest balls deep inside his hot, young woman. He buried his tongue in her mouth again and her whole body got stiff, as he penetrated completely into her vagina. Bianca screamed loudly and sharply. He could feel her tits against his naked chest, and her tight little pussy was squeezing him hard. James finally let his mouth off of hers and stared her straight in the eyes with wanton lust. He began to pick up the pace, giving Bianca a slow-but-deep fuck.

He wrapped one of his arms around her back, pulling her sexy body up against him, and put the other on her sexy, tight ass. James squeezed it hard, and Bianca screamed again. Then, he put both hands on her ass and began playing with it, as his huge dick continued to move slowly but steadily, in and out of her pussy. He moved his hands around to her sexy, thin curves, grabbed her tight and pulled her down. His entire foot of uncut cock slipped inside of her. Bianca screamed as hard as she possibly could, and James moaned, piggishly.

The man moved his hands from her waist to her long, smooth sexy legs. He rubbed her thighs for a few moments, and then spread her legs, as far as they would go. Suddenly, he began fucking her like a wild man: James was focused on fucking her, as fast and hard as possible. He moved his lips away from hers, and began to lick her ear, grunting in passion. With each long thrust, her sexy, tanned tits would bounce, and she would let out a scream that would echo through the house. The sound of her screaming seemed to drive him to go even harder.

He forced his mouth down onto hers and started feverishly making out with her. Bianca lay under him, in total disbelief. The sharp pains were slowly being replaced by a dull ache. James squeezed her ass again, which caused Bianca to moan, and she involuntarily flicked her tongue into his mouth. She was shocked that she was actually beginning to feel pleasure.

Now that her mouth was open, James began worming his tongue throughout her whole mouth, wildly caressing her juicy, tight ass. This caused Bianca to moan louder than before, her young body beginning to betray her. His gigantic body was pushing down on her. She couldn't move; she couldn't resist. He grabbed her legs again, and then roughly pulled them around his waist, granting him even more access.

Even though he was an ugly monster, the sex was starting to overwhelm her. His hands were constantly squeezing her juicy ass, making her moan. Her big, eighteen-year-old breasts were pushing up against his hairy chest, which felt amazing to her, considering it was the first time they had touched a man's chest. It felt wonderful to have a huge dick inside her, stretching her out. Every time James would shove into her, she would let out a long moan. The rhythmic thump of his huge, rock- hard ball sack smashing against her ass was really turning her on. Even though he was possibly the ugliest man alive, Bianca was beginning to give in.

"Oh shit. Oh shit." Bianca panted.

Suddenly, the sex and the kissing became overwhelming, and Bianca had her first orgasm. She felt her back arch and her hips involuntarily thrust up against his huge cock. She moaned, as the orgasm seized her, and he pushed his tongue deep into her mouth as she moaned in ecstasy. She had just lost her innocence to this fat, old man. She creamed all over his gigantic dick, and she realized she was no longer a virgin.

Panting, James moved his lips to her ear. "Oh Bianca," he moaned, as her vagina squeezed his stationary cock. "Oh, Bianca, does this feel good?"

"Oh yes!" she whispered.

"Say it, baby!" he commanded. "Tell me how I'm making you feel!"

"You're making me feel sooo goood!" she screamed, in total disbelief.

He pulled completely out of her, and then roughly pushed his huge cock all the way back into her vagina. As he pushed in, Bianca threw her hips up, grinding his huge cock. He grunted like an animal, and she moaned. He began to pick up speed again, and each time, she responded by pushing her sexy waist up against his. For this first time in her life, she was actually having sex with an older man. Although she didn't want to admit it, it felt amazing. She was humiliated, but she didn't care.

As they continued to fuck, Bianca looked down her waist to watch his dick move in and out of her. The size of his dick and the roughness of the whole thing was too much for her. His pale, thick cock was pushing in and out of her tanned, sexy waist. Her silky, blond hair was a total mess, yet it some how looked amazingly hot. Finally, after almost a half an hour, she finally gave in. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held James against her, as she then started to grind her hips harder and faster against his cock. He continued to fuck her, as she licked his ear.

"Ohhh... fuck me harder!"

He could not believe that Bianca was telling him this. She didn't sound like a teenager, then. She sounded like a full-grown woman, going after something she wanted. She pulled his body against hers, while she fucked his dick with her pussy. Every time that James would shove into her, she would lift her hips to give him full access to her womanhood. She was creaming all over his dick, as they fucked each other.

Then, James paused and flipped her over. He laid her flat-down on the bed and spread her sexy legs as far as they could go. Bianca didn't realize what was happening, until she felt his huge body come crashing down on her back. He reached around her body and rested his hands on her huge, tanned breasts. Every time he would shove into her, her huge tits would bounce. He began caressing her breasts wildly again, causing her to moan even more. She turned her head, and he moved his lips to hers, wildly making out again.

"Ohhh ... Fuck me harder!" Bianca screamed.

As he heard her say this, he felt her body tense up, as she let loose with her cum. She gripped his cock so hard with her pussy that she forced him over the edge, as well.

"Fuuuckkkk yeeeaahh, baby," was all James could say, as he emptied his nuts into this hot, young woman.

He felt his dick pulse, as he pumped spurt after spurt from his cock, into her body. He could feel his toes tighten up; it was so much for him. He felt it fill her body up and push out past her lips, and his dick drained onto the sheets.

The two were both panting heavily. He held her tight in his arms. Both of them were having a rough time trying to catch their breath. He was sweating all over her body, and he was still deep in Bianca's vagina. She could tell that he was still hard.

James pulled his dick out of her vagina and got off of her. Bianca was still panting. She looked over at the clock: it was almost ten o'clock. He picked her up and laid her down on the bed. Then, he laid next to her, pulled her on top of him, and pulled the covers of the bed around them. Mr. Masterson wrapped his arms around her body, and gave her a long, deep kiss.

"This is the happiest day of my life!" James whispered, looking Bianca straight in the eyes. "I've wanted you for so long and you're finally mine!"

Suddenly, the front door's lock clicked open, and someone came into the house. "Dad, I'm home," Adam called out.


NEXT CHAPTER: Our young, no-so-innocent blond cheerleader is put in a difficult position when her ex-boyfriend discovers that she made love to his father. The matter is even more complicated when Bianca realizes that Mr. Masterson intends to keep his new, gorgeous prize forever. Bianca is horrified when she realizes that their carnal love-making was completely unprotected...

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