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bed head

An out of body experience
She could hear muffled rock music, PJ Harvey? playing in the room outside. But could see nothing. Nervous she struggled briefly, but her hands and neck were clenched tight in the stocks and the little test convinced her, if it was needed, that she was bound, helpless. Her forehead rested on what seemed like a little leather-covered shelf inside the box. She could feel a soft current of air on her body outside the box, feel the goosebumps it raised. She waited.

A little video screen flickered to life a few inches from her face and a couple of tiny bulbs with it. She looked around the box, but there was nothing, black wood walls, the lights and the screen. She couldn’t even see her hands, they were behind partitions. Video came up on the screen, three cameras, but no sound. In a corner window she could see her face. In the camera, she looked calm, blank, resigned maybe. She was made up for a photo shoot, but in fact it looked like her face was not going to be what was on display.

The two other cameras showed the studio loft. It was simply furnished, wood floors mostly, twenty-foot ceiling, large photos on the walls. Half of it was taken up by a screened-off woodshop.

In the foreground she could see the section that had been painted white, floors, walls, seamless white and in that space she could see a queen-sized bed. A huge thick slab of walnut with the back legs and a shelf forming a box built on the back of the head board. There were diamond-shaped inlays in blond wood across the base of the headboard, just above the mattress, three to a side. But on one side there was a girl lying on her stomach, dressed in a white basque, garters and lacy white stockings. Her head and hands disappeared into the head board where the inlays had been taken out, and she could see the part of the leather covered foam and wood pieces that held the girl like vises. She was a pale little slip of a girl, early 20s maybe, tiny champagne-glass tits hanging down, lying with her stomach and hips on top of a kind of bolster covered in black leather. A thick white rope was tied around one ankle and tied off to the base of the bed. The contrast between her light skin and white lingerie and the black bolster and sheets was startling.

In the other camera she could see the table and stools where she had had a couple of glasses of wine with the carpenter, who she knew only slightly from the bar near campus, before the shoot had started. He had been blunt.

The bed had been commissioned by a rich older dude way out in the suburbs. It was paid for and ready to go out the door. But the dude had a kink and had told him that he would like a demonstration video with the bed. The dude had described the kind of girl he liked to watch, and outlined a scenario. It involved bondage and a little pain, but nothing crazy or injurious and several scenes, and paid $800 for an hour or two. He took 8 $100 bills out of his wallet and put them on the table in front of her.

She looked down at the lingerie she had bought that morning with the money he’d given her. Nice, very sexy in a virgin bride sort of way. She couldn't believe she was sitting bare-ass at a table drinking wine and discussing this with somebody.

“So wait, you want to pay me to let you beat me and fuck me on video so some dude somewhere can whack off to it?”

“Yes, but no beating. Listen, I am maybe not what you would call a nice guy, but I am not into hurting people. The dude described the girl and what he wanted, and I had always had a thing for you, and you fit the description. So I went out to the bar last night to find you. It’s kind of a yes or no thing.”

“But yes or no to what?”

“That’s part of the guy’s kink. I am filming this right now, from the camera behind you. You say no, we trash the file. You say yes, he wanted to see the interview, but didn’t want you to know what was going to happen beyond bondage and fucking for money. The way he put it was $800 for a girl’s blind submission and his control. Or you could look at it this way. Remember that night a couple of months ago at a party when we were talking and you were giving me the nipple on the elbow treatment?”

She nodded.

“Well I had the idea that if I had asked you to come home with me, you would have. At the time unfortunately, I was with somebody else. But I would have liked to. So you can look at it as getting paid a lot by somebody you will never meet, to do more or less what we might have done anyway. Frankly, that’s how I look at it. But understand that it's in or out. No backing out halfway through, right?”

Blushing, she flashed him a wry grin and picked up the money and tucked it in her purse, poured herself another glass of wine, and drank it down.

“What do we do?”

In the dark, she shivered a moment, and could see the silver chain between the delicate little silver nipple clamps sparkle briefly as it caught the light. The guy walked into the view of the camera. He was naked and his cock was erect. Not a monster of a thing, but plenty to occupy a girl, she thought. In one had he held a little flat screen that he walked over to the bed with and leaned against the bed head beside the girl. He walked back over to the table and tossed back the rest of his glass of wine.

He lit a cigarette and walked over to the kitchen and picked up a bottle of olive oil and brought it to the table. He poured some oil on his hand and caressed his cock, oiling it up. He finished the cigarette and picked up the bottle of oil and walked slowly over to the bed, his eyes on the girl there.

She struggled a bit again, she could see the girl’s body moving, testing her bonds again, and see a little sweat on her face in the screen, her makeup starting to run a bit. She remembered when she had slid her hands into the diamond-shaped holes and he had locked down the slides. A flash of fear, but a twinge of arousal in her belly. The head piece had been worse. The leather-covered foam held her tightly without choking. But she was helpless, and when the lid had closed with a cushioned thump, she was almost cut off, in blackness, separated from her body, though she could feel the arousal building in her. The guy poured a little more oil on his hand and set the bottle down on the floor by the bed. He caressed himself again and then climbed on the bed between the girls legs.

The girl was going to get an ass-fucking, that was clear, she thought. She felt a hand press down on the small of her back, and something touch her tight little pucker. Watching fascinated in the screen as the guy held the girl down and guided his cock up to her hole. With a jerk of his hips he was in. She screamed inside the box and writhed but couldn’t get away as she felt him, both hands on her hips now holding her just enough to stay inside her, violating her ever so slowly. On screen the girl had her free leg twined up around his and he let her move around a bit, using her struggle, every twist and buck to push farther into her.
He was all the way in now. She could feel his thighs against her ass, not moving. On screen he stopped pushing and ran a hand down her spine, like he was caressing a cat. As the pain subsided the girl stopped moving and her leg dropped off his leg and lay still on the bed. He caressed the girl again and then bent over and kissed her on the shoulder.

She could feel his hand and his lips and the sharp pinch of his teeth as he bit her lightly. He started moving in and out of her gently, fucking her ass. It still hurt badly but not the unbearable burning pain at the start. He pushed into her all the way and stopped there, his weigh on her.

He reached out to the drawer on the head board and took out a long black dildo and a small faceted crystal, maybe the size of a pigeon’s egg. There was a hook on one end and he slipped it onto the chain between the nipple clips. Letting it drop and swing. The girl twisted briefly as the weight came on the clips pinching her nipples.

She felt him shift his weight again and then gasped with relief as she felt his cock pull out of her. The weight on the chain swung back and forth, a delicious pain.

The guy pressed the bottom of the dildo and slowly pushed it into the girl. This time she didn’t struggle. It was long and thick and vibrating but the she was somehow wet and she took it all, Lying there still, but breathing hard.

The vibrations intensified the sweet pain of the nipple clips and she gratefully accepted the dildo in her snatch. She had been afraid he was going to use it on her ass. The feeling was intense and she didn’t know what to think or do and she settled for watching as the guy lubed up his cock again and thrust into the girl to the hilt. He held her firm again as she struggled but it didn’t last long this time.

The second time hurt too, but she was open and he was slippery and again he held her as she struggled, allowing her to move and pushing in with each movement. Again she felt him pause as his hips touched her ass, his hands like iron on her hips. And then he started fucking her again, slowly, but using the whole length of his cock.

She watched as he let his head tilt back, his eyes closed and his mouth open, obviously enjoying himself, lost in the pleasure of sodomizing this beautiful girl. The guy leaned over and reached out to touch a remote and the screen and went blank. The album had apparently stopped. It was silent and black save for the light that shed no light on anything she could see in the box where her head was held, and her whole world narrowed down to her nipples and her vibrating cunt and her ass as he pumped her. It seemed to go on forever. She could feel his cock rubbing up against the dildo inside her, feel the crystal swinging on the chains between her nipples as he slammed into her ass with every stroke, feel the little nub on the dildo pressed against her clit. And she suddenly felt the burning rise in her belly and new she was going to cum.

It hit like an avalanche, a train, sweet fucking god, she couldn’t keep still, her hands clenched into fists, nails biting into her palms, the weight bouncing around on her tits as she bucked spasmodically, feeling his weight come on her, shoving his cock even deeper into her ass, and reaching around under her to press his fingers on her clit. It went on and when she came down she felt like a rag, a damp towel used and then tossed on a bed. She barely noticed when he pulled out of her, and reached down to turn off the dildo.

The screen blinked back on and she could see him looking down at the girl trembling slightly, his cock still hard. The fucker hadn’t even cum. He reached down and picked up a short length of string and tied it loosely around the girls neck, lead it down her spine, and between her legs and then up and tied it off to one of the clamps on her nipples. She watched as he lit a cigarette and bent over and touched the base of the dildo before walking out of range of the camera. The girl was starting to tremble again, to move slightly.

Her hypersensitive nipples and clit, joined by the string were feeding back to each other as she started to move, trying to get away from the pain and the pleasure but heightening both. A second window opened on the screen in front of her eyes and the first scene, with the video of her face small in the corner, started playing along side the live feed. The first violation of the girl’s ass, the dildo and the weight, the second violation, the girl on screen fighting and bucking against the assault with her leg curling up around his, kicking her heel helplessly against the ass of the fucker as he rode her unmercifully. She felt a second wave start deep down in her loins, watching both girls on screen building to their climaxes, and it hit her again, even harder if possible, watching her back arching convulsively, feeling the tug on her nipples as the orgasm rode her like the guy was riding the girl on screen. A spurt of milky liquid sprayed the black sheets and she really couldn’t take it any more and half passed out as the wave passed.

Dimly she watched the guy walk up to the girl and touch the base of the dildo again. It stopped vibrating. She could see the sheen of sweat on the girl, a smear of wet on the black leather bolster, the heaving chest, and the muscles slowly relaxing into jelly. He lit another cigarette and walked over to the wine and poured himself a glass, sipping it and watching the girl. He reached out and pulled a small laptop onto the table near the wine bottle and after a few key strokes a third window popped up next to the other two on her screen. It was the start of the second scene.

He walked over to the bed and undid the string that he had used in the second video and mounted the girl for the second time, not bothering to lube up again. The pain was again intense and she struggled fighting for the second time as he fucked her unmercifully plunging again and again into her, the weight and the string still under her body, the pinching pull on her nipples and that fucking vibrator still going in her cunt. In front of her she could see the live feed, and the two other videos all going at once. She had watched porn occasionally, who hadn't, and liked it some. But this was deeply nuts, the girl on the bed, her, twice now, watching her own face in the camera through it all. She wouldn't have believed it, any of it, but felt a third orgasm coming, building with the first two on screen.

She was almost there, felt him pause, all the way in her and she clamped down on the base of his shaft as hard as she could and felt the first warm spurts of his cock as she came for the third time, passing out for real this time as she felt him pounding out his cum in her ass, watched as the screen showing him thrusting into her, both times and the other orgasms bound on the big bed, too, swam and faded with her vision as she drifted away.

She came slowly back up, heard a shower running somewhere. Her head was in the room again, hearing and seeing him out of the corner of her eye washing himself, soaping up his cock and rinsing it over and over. She tried to sit up but found herself on her back, her hands flipped around but still imprisoned in the head board. Her ass burned and she could feel his cum leaking out of her. She closed her eyes again.

When she opened them he was pouring a couple of glasses of wine and walked over, naked, and gave her a long pull on hers. The rough tannic red never tasted so good and he took a long drink and then as she opened her mouth to speak he bent over her, mixing a kiss with the wine in his mouth and she drank down both. After a moment he broke the kiss.

She started to speak again, but he lifted her head slightly and slipped his cock into her mouth.

“Speak later if you like. The film is done, but I am not done with you yet.”

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