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Begging for Release

Rose was swept off by the mucsled henchman to be taken care of and ends up begging for release.
"Let me GO you sick fucks! I don't know anything."

Rose had been shouting this for hours at the men who took her, but to no avail. She was tied to a chair surrounded by no other furniture, in one of the many rooms of the DeVeal mansion, owned by the infamous bank robber Mr Richard DeVeal.

The ruthless gangster was standing across from her, flanked by his two amazingly ripped bodyguards/henchmen.

"You know what, I'm getting pretty tired of hearing you say that," he said, "and I'm actually starting to think it's the truth."

"It IS the truth! That's what I've been saying! Whoever tipped you off must have been seriously confused, cause I don't know what the fuck you're even talking about!" She screamed.

DeVeal sighed.

"Yeah, sweet cheeks, I believe you. Vince, why don't you take young Miss Rose upstairs for some relaxation, then we'll all take a little trip to the woods. Alright?"

One of the henchmen, presumably Vince, stepped forward to untie Rose's knots. Sensing what was coming, Rose started to struggle and kick, but she needn't have bothered. The powerful henchman had her untied and over his shoulder in seconds. He was up the stairs and behind the door of the nearest empty bedroom in minutes.

"Stop struggling Rose," he whispered. "There's really no need for all this violence".

Vince had her in an embrace where he was behind her and locking her arms down at her sides.

Rose pushed her weight against him and exclaimed, "Violence? I'll give you fucking violence!"

She stamped on his foot; a painful attack when you're wearing stilletoes. The sudden outburst surprised Vince just enough for him to loosen his grip. Rose took advantage of the moment to escape from his embrace and run across the bedroom into the bathroom. But Vince was hot on her heels. Panicking, Rose clambered into the bath, grabbed the shower head, aimed, and fired. The rush of water stopped Vince in his tracks, but after a second of hesitation, he merely smiled at her.

"Oh Rose, you do make me wet," he smirked. With the water still spraying his shirt, he took the ends of it and pulled it up over his head, reveling a smooth, tanned and utterly ripped upper body, which had a slightly stammering effect on the 17-year-old Rose. Using the distraction, Vince rushed forward, turned off the shower, and in the same movement, grabbed Rose by her slim waist.

"No, get off me!" She cried desperately as she was lifted in the air and taken into the bedroom.
"Don't make me hurt you again."

The threat was empty, as she was defenseless. The muscled henchman threw her onto the bed and placed himself on top of her, his hands pushing down on her arms and his legs preventing her from further struggling.

He whispered into her ear, "Now Rose, will you be a good girl, or will I have to punish you?"

Before she could answer he pressed his lips to hers and kissed her, his body gently rubbing against hers. Vince started to force his tounge passed her lips and into her mouth, her muffled protests barely audible. The zip on his trousers was slowly stroking her clit through the fabric of her shorts, his exposed nipples brushing through her tee shirt to her bra-less form. When he came up for air, Rose gasped, pushing their bodies even closer together. Vince untightened his grip on Rose, but she didn't struggle. He used his free hands to fumble with her shirt, eventually tearing it open to reveal the large, supple breasts underneath. His eyes widened.

"Rose", he breathed, "you're beautiful".

Vince reached down to tenderly lick one of her nipples, using his free hand to cup and massage the other breast. Rose's sighs turned into passionate moans. With her hand, she reached down and started to rub Vince's dick through his trousers. He abandoned the licking to undo his zipper, pulling off his pants and allowing his rapidly hardening shaft to grow to a size of 8 inches. Rose lowered her own shorts and proceeded to stroke her engorged clit, gradually moving her body in an upward motion.

Vince took hold of his dick and pressed the head to her pussy lips. Rose shrieked as he filled her tight hole, finding every one of her tender spots and caressing them. She clenched around him as his speed picked up, forcing his thick member deeper into her with every thrust, their grunts and moans changing to full on screams of ecstasy. As Vince crept closer and closer to his climax, his hands moved from Rose's wide hips, past her toned waist and up to her smooth, large tits. He squeezed them and groped them and played with her hard nipples until she begged for mercy. Finally, they came together, roaring with pleasure from the furiosity of the explosive release; the sheets soaked with the sweet juices of sex. Panting, the couple held each other in a soft embrace. But when the world started spinning again, and time moved onward.

Rose looked up at the henchman, and with the fear returned to her eyes, asked him, "So what now?"

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