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Benefits of shopping for the wife

Husband gets some helping in picking lingerie
Bob always hated buying gifts, especially for his wife. One evening driving home from work he passed by a lingerie store and decided this time he wouldn’t wait to the last minute.

Bob, who was mid forties, had been married 16 years. He thought it would be nice to spice up his marriage with some sexy lingerie. Unfortunately, shopping for lingerie was a bit embarrassing for Bob so he wasn’t really looking forward to this.

Bob was greeted at the door by a 30-year-old brunette, named Dawn.

“May I help you?”

“No, I am just looking for a gift for my wife,” Bob replied.

“Well, just let me know if I can help. That is what I am here for, my name is Dawn and that is Julie over there. Either one of us can help you.”

Bob didn’t know where to begin. Luckily, it appeared the store was almost empty. He noticed just the two employees in the store beside himself. As he was getting his bearings, he took a closer look at the 2 employees. They were both dressed is similar outfits. Dawn, the older of the two woman was dressed in black skirt along with a red knit top with a plunging neckline. She also was wearing a pendant, which drew one’s eyes to her deep cleavage. Her top certainly accented her large breasts.

The other clerk appeared around 20 years old with long blond hair and blue eyes. She also had on red lipstick and had a bright smile. She was dressed a bit like Santa’s helper, a very sexy and pixy helper. She was also dressed in a black skirt but it was much shorter than Dawn’s. The skirt was almost obscenely short and went just below her crotch. She wore a red silk blouse, which clearly showed her nipples. Bob couldn’t tell without staring but he thought she wasn’t wearing a bra. They sure had some nice help in the store.

“I’m sorry but you sure look like you could use some help,” Dawn said. “A lot of men come in here needing help. What were you looking for specifically for your wife, bras, underwear or lingerie?”

Bob was a bit flustered. He was too busy looking at the other clerk to notice that Dawn had been watching him.

What the hell thought Bob as he turned to face Dawn. This was the first time that he got a good look at her. He was so close that he could smell her perfume that had a sweet intoxicating smell. She was very pretty with dark eyes and long eyelashes. He also could traces of her red and black lace bra peeking out of her blouse. He felt a rush of blood to his groin and he almost walked out of the store.

“I am looking for a couple of sexy bras for my wife,” Bob said.

“Well do you know what color and/or size that you want,” Dawn asked?

Oh shit, thought Bob, he didn’t remember what size bra that his wife wears, how embarrassing.

“I don’t remember,” answered Bob.

“That is okay,” Dawn said. “Is she similar to my size or to Julie over there?”

Dawn called Julie, the other clerk over. As Julie walked over, he noticed how nice her legs looked especially with her three inch heels. Two very pretty ladies now surrounded Bob.

Dawn explained the situation to Julie and they both modeled for Bob showing him both a profile and portrait view of themselves and their breasts. Shopping was starting to become fun.

“I believe Dawn that you are similar in size to my wife. I just wish my wife would wear as sexy tops as you wear. By the way, my name is Bob.”

Bob couldn’t believe he just said that.

Dawn smiled as she glanced down at her outfit and exchanged glances with Julie. Dawn thought Bob was kind of cute. She enjoyed receiving compliments.

“Thank-you. I wish my boyfriend was as appreciative of what I wore as you are.”

Bob not wanting to offend Julie, complimented her on her outfit also and what nice legs she has.

“So, are you a leg man or a chest man? Julie teasingly asked as she twirled around showing her legs.

“Let me show you what we have,” Dawn interjected breaking Julie’s spell over Bob.

“Julie, since it is getting so late why don’t you put the closed sign up so we can help this gentleman. It looks like he may need our personal attention.” Julie smiled and walked towards the front door. She was definitely moving her ass provocatively as she walked away.

“Come this way” as Dawn held out her hand. Bob took her hand and followed Dawn. He looked down at her backside and could see traces of what appeared to be garters. Bob just loved sexy underwear and was definitely getting hard looking at these pretty women. It had been a long time since someone other than his wife had taken an interest in him.

Dawn looked over her shoulder and smiled at Bob as she was walking over to the bras. She also noticed his growing bulge in his pants. It had been a while for Dawn. She had broken up with her boyfriend since he didn’t appreciate her. He never complimented her on her looks or her outfits. One of the perks of her job was she was able to buy very expensive and sexy lingerie but her boyfriend didn’t seem to appreciate it. Bob, even though he was married, seemed different.

Julie came back to help and was on one side of Bob and Dawn was on the other. Bob noticed that Julie had unbuttoned a few buttons on her top and he could definitely tell that she was braless. In fact, he could see her nipples. Shopping was difficult with Julie’s nipples visible on one side of him and the view of Dawn’s lacy bra on the other side.

Bob reached for a black underwire bra that Dawn had pointed out and brushed against Dawn’s chest. A jolt went directly to his prick. He was hard and horny.

Dawn smiled at Bob again as she looked down at his hard cock.

Bob picked out a couple of bras and couldn’t decide which one he liked best.

“Are those sexy enough? We have some other that you might like, said Julie. She then went over to a step stool to reach for some bras that were on the top shelf. Bob looked over and got a great view of Julie’s ass and could see her thong panties. She then looked down at Bob and caught him staring. Dawn noticed also.

You shouldn’t be peeking up girls skirts Bob,” Dawn said. “You are being very naughty and I think you deserve some special and personal attention from Julie and I.”

“Julie why don’t you pick out some panties to go with the bras that Bob picked out along with the bra that you have in your hand. I think that since I am close in bra size to your wife, I can model the bras for you and since you seem to like Julie’s legs so much she can model the panties. Bob you can just sit down by our dressing room and let us know which ones you like the best.”

Julie picked out a few panties to go with the bras and then both Julie and Dawn lead Bob to the dressing room in the back of the store. Dawn was in front of Bob and Julie behind him.

Bob didn’t know what to do. He really just wanted to get his wife a gift but now his other head was thinking for him. All he could think of is what both of these women would look like in the underwear that was picked out, especially the last bra that Julie picked out. It was a demi bra in black and red silk that looked like it would barely hold Dawn’s breasts.

Both Dawn and Julie whispered to each other and then turned to Bob. “Wait here and we will be right back,” Dawn said.

Dawn came out first. She was wearing a pink bra that just covering her nipples along with her black skirt. Julie then stepped out wearing a matching pink boy short panty and her high heels.

“What do you think Bob?” asked Julie.

“Can you come closer so I can touch the fabric? I want to see how it feels,” Bob said embolden.

“You are being naughty again,” said Dawn as both the girls walked closer to Bob. They stopped before Bob could reach out to them.

“You know, Bob, we would also like to see what underwear you are wearing,” the girls said in unison.

Bob got up and took off his pants. A big bulge was clearly visible with a small wet spot showing thru.

The girls let Bob touch both their underwear but only for a moment. “Time to try on another outfit,” Julie said as she turned around.

Next up, Dawn came out with a black bra on with matching panties and garter belt. Her skirt was gone.

Julie came out with a black thong panty along with her heels. Her blouse was gone. Her nipples stuck out begging to be sucked. Her hands slowly moved up the side of her body as she was modeling the outfit. She caressed her boobs as she smiled and opened her mouth slightly licking her lips seductively.

“Well, what do you think of these,” Dawn asked with a knowing smile.

Bob didn’t need to answer. His prick popped up out of his underwear as the girls looked on with delight.

Julie walked towards Bob staring at his cock while liking her lips. She slowly knelt down and took his cock in her mouth. Bob let out a moan. Bob was about to reach out for Julie but Dawn grabbed him.

“Sorry, no more touching for now,” Dawn said. “If you are good, we will see.”

Dawn then tied Bob’s hands to the chair with her stockings while Julie continued to tease and torment Bob.

Julie continued sucking Bob while Dawn looked on. Dawn then moved her chest in front of Bob’s face and he kissed her breasts. Then suddenly both girls moved away.

It was now time for the last outfit for the girls.

Again, Dawn came out. This time, Dawn wore the red and black demi bra. It didn’t even cover her erect nipples. With it, she just wore her black garters, no panties. Her pussy was clean-shaven and he could see her pussy lips were moist. Bob could smell both her arousal and her perfume. He was going crazy being tied down. The girls had pulled down his underwear earlier and his cock was begging for attention, standing straight up.

Dawn walked up to Bob and twirled around. She bent over and wiggled her ass right in front of his face. She then sat down on his lap pushing her ass checks against his cock. They both moaned as she stroked both her pussy and his cock with her hand. Bob was about to lose it and Dawn was close to coming but she pulled away.

“Please come here. I need you. I want you,” Bob pleaded.

Just then Julie came out with a black and red crotch less panty. The front was see thru and Bob could see just a little bit on hair. Julie walked up to Bob and shoved her ass in Bob’s face. Dawn also came up to Julie and started kissing Julie’s nipples. Julie then put a finger in her pussy while her ass was being probed by Bob’s tongue and Dawn was sucking on her nipples. Both women had their fingers in their pussies. Everyone was moaning.

Julie’s fingers were working faster and faster on her pussy as Dawn started to kiss her madly. Both women were close to coming. “Bob, suck harder,” Julie, demanded as she came for the first time.

Dawn then traded places with Julie. She took off her bra and released her tits. She then mounted Bob and he pushed his hard cock inside of her as he sucked her tits. Julie just watch as she started to play with herself again.

Bob was getting close to coming and Dawn again sensed it. She really liked teasing Bob. She had a nasty thought. It was a fantasy of hers to have a guy jerk off on her tits.

Dawn got off of Bob.

So Bob, do you want to fuck us,” asked Dawn. Bob could only nod his head. “Well, I don’t think you would last so long in your current state. I want you to jerk off on Julie and I.”

Bob nodded his head yes. It was a fantasy of his also so he was more than ready. Dawn released his hands and Bob furiously stroked his cock as the girls were kneeing before him.

It didn’t take long for him to explode. Cum was flying everywhere, on both girls’ tits, on Dawn’s face, and on Julie’s swollen pussy.

Finally Bob had some relief. The girls turned to each other and started kissing and licking the come off of each other. Bob had never seen anything so hot and was already hard again. He couldn’t believe it. Both girls also noticed. Bob’s cock seemed even bigger now.

Bob finally took control and told both girls to lie down. He mounted Julie first and thrust his cock in her as he sucked on her nipples and licked his own come off her body. He kissed her neck. He squeezed her tight ass. He slipped one finger into her ass and she came quickly and loudly.

Bob then slowly entered Dawn’s waiting pussy. She was ready. Bob went slowly at first and then started to pull out but then he quickly plunged all the way in. Dawn cried out as her orgasm began. Bob did not stop and continued to pound her hard.

“Harder,” Dawn cried.

Both Dawn and Bob finally came. Bob didn’t think he would stop coming.

“I guess I will take all the bras and panties,” Bob said. "And I think I will be back for Valentine’s Day to do more shopping.

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