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Bittersweet Surrender Part 3

Josie finally has a little fun with her step-dad.
Day 4- 2:30PM

Cameron had been tied to the chair by Josie for almost an hour, and his body felt like it was on fire. He wasn’t sure what hurt the most, his clamped nipples, his wrists that were tied together behind the chair, his ankles tied to the wooden legs, the rubber bands around his exposed cock, or his pride. He thought Josie was kidding when she told him to strip naked, but she clearly wasn’t. He figured that he would play her game to see if she would fold, but he soon found out that Josie was an evil and sadistic bitch. Josie wrote exactly what she thought of him all over his body with a black permanent marker. Liar, pig, asshole, cheater, and useless were all over his skin in big bold letters.

She obviously was obsessed with is cock. She did a number on it by flicking it with her fingers, popping the rubber bands, and slapping it with the crop that she fished out of his closet. He couldn’t believe the response that his body was exhibiting to her torture. His 8 inches were erect, swollen, and dripping pre-cum.

“Oh, I see that you’re enjoying yourself. You’re a sick bastard,” Josie said in her usual bitchy tone.

“Are you enjoying the view daddy?” she said as she bent over to give him a full view of her tits.

Cameron could only groan because he was too ashamed to admit that he didn’t want her to stop. What the fuck was wrong with him? He always made fun of the sick bastards that enjoyed begging for pussy and getting abused in the process. But all he wanted to do was beg Josie to give him the release that he craved; he would do anything at this point. He could feel his cock painfully swelling and pressing against the unforgiving elastic bands.

“Please,” Cameron stuttered in exasperated breaths.

“Please what Cam? What could you possibly want from me?” Josie asked him.

“I need to cum, it hurts so badly,” he said on the brink of tears.

Cameron watched Josie’s eyes flicker as she bit her lip in consideration. He noticed that she was getting off on what she was doing to him. Her body was flushed and her chest rose and fell in quick motions every time he groaned and moaned. She looked as if she was fighting a war within herself, and he was curious as to which part of her would win. He hoped it was the side that would release him and fuck him, at this point he didn’t care that she was his step-daughter. It would be like fucking his wife’s evil twin.

“Okay, you can cum. But it will be on my terms.”

He breathed a sigh of relief because he couldn’t wait to be released from the torture and to bury himself deep inside of her tight cunt. He was sure that with a little more coaxing he would get her to consider that option as well. His thoughts stopped as she grabbed his tie from the bed and walk towards him. She walked behind him and placed it around his eyes, tying it tighter than required. He sensed her presence as she walked in front of him and he felt completely vulnerable.

“Well daddy, I’m going to make you cum but I don’t want to give you the satisfaction of seeing my lips wrapped around your cock,” she said in a matter of fact tone.

Josie viciously tugged at the clothes pins on his erect nipples before getting on her knees. Cameron’s swift intake of breath, and his deep growl gave her the encouragement to proceed.

“Well, I would take these rubber bands off, they really look painful, but they’re so colorful and pretty. I think I’ll leave them on while I have my fun,” Josie said as she failed at oppressing a giggle.

Cameron’s body began to shake in fear and anticipation. His hard on was already bulging within the rubber bands. She had placed twenty on his cock, and she made him count as she double wrapped each one around his throbbing hard on. He was torn between not wanting her to touch it at all because it was so painful and needing her mouth to end his torment.

He could feel the tip of her cool tentative tongue flick against his bulbous crown before she took his entire swollen head into her mouth. Cameron’s entire body tensed, and his breathing was ragged as he submitted his cock to Josie’s cruel mouth. She released his cock from her mouth’s grip and licked the bulging flesh between the rubber bands. He felt her hands stroke his elastic covered cock and slowly begin to peel them off one by one. As she took each one off, more blood rushed into his cock, and it was painfully exquisite.

“You have ten seconds to cum or you can forget about it Cam,” Josie said before she took his entire length into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down.

Cameron heeded her warning and raised his hips as she ravished his cock. He painfully pumped some of his semen into her mouth before she pulled her from him. His cum drenched thighs and stomach and his entire body went limp from exhaustion.

Josie roughly grabbed his face. “Aren’t you going to thank me? You’re such a rude fucker, I don’t think I’ll be so nice next time.”

“Th-thank you Josie for letting me cum,” he sputtered.

“You’re welcome. You put on quite a show fucking my mother like an animal yesterday. I’m sure that you did it to piss me off, and it worked. So you won’t be sleeping with her for the next two weeks, or there will be serious consequences. You could learn a little restraint anyway.”

Cameron simply said “yes ma’am.”

Day 7- 9:52 A.M

Today was the first day of Josie’s summer job as an intern for Cameron. She spun around in the chair at her new desk right outside of his office. What torture would she inflict upon him today? She had so much fun with him 3 days before, and she could still feel him spurting his load into her mouth. Josie felt powerful because she knew that he was broken.

Josie received a call from Megan, her best friend, and partner in crime. She picked up the phone, and Megan immediately began to speak.

“Hey Biotch, how is it going at the new job with the hot daddy.”

“It’s going alright. Honestly, I’m bored already. I wish you were here with me under my desk with your mouth on my pussy,” Josie said seductively.

“Well that can always be arranged. I would love to tongue fuck you, you always taste so good.”

“Hmmmm maybe you can do it while Cam watches.”

“Don’t tempt me! You know I’ve wanted to fuck your step-dad for forever,” Megan said with a playful edge.

“I may be able to arrange that, if you’re a good girl.”

“You know that I’m only a good girl for you.”

“Good, come by the office tomorrow around 12, and we can have some fun, first with his wallet, and then with him.”

Megan laughed, “You’re crazy, but I’ll be there. If nothing else I can flash him ‘accidentally’ again.”

“Meg, there is something that I’ve been meaning to tell you and when you find out, you’re gonna die. I’ll call you when I get home.”

“You better.”

Josie cut off her phone and thought about watching Megan fuck Cameron, and it turned her on. Megan was a classic 17 year old American beauty. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, tight body, and she was a major slut bag with an evil streak. Maybe Megan could join in on the fun. Cameron would have no idea what hit him.

Day 7- 10:44 PM

Cameron needed to get some sleep because he was due to court in the morning for a client. However, sleep was evading him as he thought of Josie. He wanted to hate her for what she was doing to him, but his hard cock wouldn’t let him. He wondered what she would do to him next. Shouldn’t he fight back? As much as he didn’t want to admit it, Josie made him nervous.

His wife’s voice broke into his thoughts, “Honey, do you need me to put you to sleep?”

Cameron turned away from his wife when she felt his hard cock. He didn’t need any reason to piss Josie off. He finally drifted to sleep, knowing that his body was no longer his own.

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