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Blackmail In The Cabin - Part 1

Lucia's vacation takes a turn when she meets Robert on the trail.
The cool mountain wind brushed over Lucia’s skin as she hiked back and forth up the switchback trail. Her long brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail, keeping the back of her neck exposed to the gentle breeze. It really was a wonderful day out, the sun provided plenty of light, but the cloud cover kept the sun from being overbearing, and the breeze kept her from becoming drenched in sweat. It didn’t stop the occasional bead from trickling down her cheek, or down between the impressive cleavage showing beneath her tank top. Even with her sports bra pressing her breasts firmly against her chest, she knew they would catch the eye of anyone she came across. So far, that had been no one, for which she was grateful.

She had come up to the mountains to get away. Her stressful final semester completed, and an even more stressful first semester of Grad school looming ahead, time away from the rest of the world was just what she had needed. Still, after a few days on her own, apart from a few other campers at nearby campsites, a little bit of company wouldn’t have been completely unappreciated. Particularly the male variety.

Lucia giggled a little to herself at the thought, here she was in the splendor of nature and all she could think of was sex. Well, there were the private showers back at the campsite; she could always take care of herself when she got back. Reaching the switch in the trail, she followed the hairpin turn around, now heading back the way she had just been walking, but heading further up the steep slope. The thought of the hot water spraying on her naked skin, rivulets of warm water streaming over her breasts and nipples spurred her onwards. She was suddenly overwhelmed by the need to touch herself, to feel her fingers massaging her sex as the steam worked the aches from her sore muscles. She could imagine the wet feeling of her arousal soaking her fingertips as she moaned quietly in the shower, spreading her juices around her delicate lips as her other hand massaged soap onto one of her large breasts, tweaking the nipple.

A sudden gust of wind broke her from her reverie. Clearing her mind, she focused on the trail ahead of her, picking up the pace. Before long she broke through the tree line and found herself at the peak. Without the cover of the trees, the wind was stronger, sending her ponytail flailing behind her. Sitting atop the mountain was a large, grey, flat boulder. Walking over to it, she climbed her way up to the flat top. It was easy enough, weather and other hikers had worn away the side so that it resembled small steps. Reaching the top, she lay on the flat, rough top. The cool stone drawing the heat from her own body.

After a brief rest, Lucia sat up, and took a drink from her water bottle, her legs dangling over the edge of the rock. When she was done, she hopped off the rocky path under foot crunching as she landed. Turning back to the boulder, she couldn’t help but notice that it came up to just a few inches below her shoulders. The perfect height, she realized, for someone to lay on top of the rock, while another stood on the ground, between their spread thighs.

As she continued her hike, she allowed her thought to play itself out. Laying there on the stone, his legs hung over the edge. Her hand reached out, grabbing the elastic waistband of his shorts. His hips lifted up off the rock as she pulled them down to his knees, his thickening cock free from its confines. Her other hand reached up running her fingers over it, and then over the short trimmed hair at the base of his shaft. He swelled slightly, his manhood twitching from her touch.

Bringing her hand back down, she wrapped her hand around him and stroked back, pulling back the foreskin hiding his head. Leaning down, Lucia drew the head of his cock into her mouth and looked up at him, his head held up so he could watch as her full, luscious lips as they wrapped themselves around him. Her tongue swirled around the tip and her own arousal grew as she felt him swelling in her mouth. Growing. Filling her.

Drawing her mouth off him, she pressed his shaft up and licked the underside of his cock from his balls up to the tip, collecting a drop of precum. Just as she tasted him on her tongue, her mouth engulfed him again, her head bobbing up and down as she sucked on him. As the cock in her mouth became harder, she took him deeper and deeper until his head pressed against her throat. Pushing forward, she tried to open her throat to accept his throbbing manhood, but gagged slightly. Drawing back quickly, she left behind a slick coat of saliva, a trail of it running out of her mouth, cold as the mountain wind blew over them.

Not to be dissuaded, Lucia gripped his fuckstick and took him back in her mouth, pushing her head lower till she felt the head slip into her throat. She looked up at him, her dark brown eyes watering from taking him so deep. Tears running down her cheeks, she drew back slightly. In response, he grabbed her ponytail, pulling her throat back around his cock. Her eyes remaining fixed on him as his head rolled back and his hips bucked up, fucking her mouth. She could see his stomach clench, the fist holding her hair growing tighter as he grew closer to sending a hot load of sticky cum directly down her throat. Her pussy throbbed in anticipation of the reward she was about to receive.

“Hello?” called out a voice, bringing Lucia’s daydream to a sudden halt.

Her foot caught on a rock underfoot, her ankle twisting. She cried out wordlessly in pain as her ankle twisted, sending her to her knees.

“Oh shit!” she heard the voice call out again, followed by the sound of someone quickly making their way down the trail behind her. Looking over her shoulder she spotted a young man, likely a few years younger than herself. He was tall, but lanky, an unruly mop of brown hair on his head.

She tried to stand, but dropped down to her knees again as the pain in her ankle shot through her; her face twisting as her eyes closed.

Feeling a hand on her shoulder, she looked up finding herself looking into the blue eyes of the young stranger. “Are you alright?” he asked, concern filling is voice.

“Yes, I think so,” she lied. Reaching down she began to unlace her boot on her injured foot to get a look at her ankle.

Grabbing her hand, the young man stopped her. “No, you don’t want to do that. Your foot could swell and you’ll be stuck out here with no way to get the boot back on. Was there a pop or snapping sound?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Here, let me help you up and see if you can put any weight on it,” he said, drawing her arm over his shoulder and wrapping an arm around her back. Standing on one leg with his support, she gingerly placed her injured foot on the ground, increasing the pressure until it became painful.

“Good,” said the stranger, “if you can put that much weight on it, it’s probably not so bad. Even still we should get you back somewhere you can rest and get some ice on it.”

“My campsite is a several hour hike back, and that was with two good feet,” she replied, trying to keep the distress from her voice.

“Our cabin is just down the trail and up a small path, if you want.”

Nodding her agreement, Lucia and the young man slowly made their way down the trail. His grip around her waist was surprisingly strong for his lanky frame. She couldn’t help but notice the way her left breast rubbed against him as she leaned on him for support. Nor was she oblivious to the fact that her light blue tank top provided him with an eyeful of her cleavage.

“My name’s Lucia,” she mentioned, breaking the silence.

He chuckled slightly, “Right, I guess I should have introduced myself. I’m Robert.”

“Are you out here with family? You mentioned it was ‘our cabin.’”

“Oh…” his voice became hesitant, with a nervous edge. “No, not exactly. I’m just out here with some friends from school. Is that a problem?”

“No, no, its fine. Just curious,” she replied, smiling at his nervousness.

“I was actually out looking for them, they left without me and I don’t know which way down the trail they went.”

“Great friends!” Lucia joked, and then her face twisted in pain as her ankle twisted on a loose rock.


Reaching the cabin, Robert led Lucia inside and over to the couch. It wasn’t a big cabin, just one big open room for the living room, kitchen and dining area, with a hall that she assumed led back to the bedrooms.

Lucia lay back on the couch, and Robert gently removed her boot and propped her leg up on a pair of pillows. He then left for the freezer and came back with a bag of ice for her ankle. As the ice numbed the pain Lucia closed her eyes, trying to relax.

When she opened them again, Robert was gone. Looking at the clock on the wall she realized she had been out for about twenty minutes. Removing the ice, she remained on the couch and rotated her foot. Her ankle was already feeling better, though still sore. Glad that she hadn’t hurt herself worse, Lucia relaxed back into the couch and closed her eyes, this time returning to her daydream from her hike rather than sleeping.

As she imagined the hard cock in her hands, slick with a thick coating of saliva from her throat, she felt herself getting wet again. Unable to help herself, she squeezed her right breast through her sports bra, her hand’s movements obvious under her tight tank top. Her legs opened and closed slightly as she used them to put pressure on her clit. Once again her imaginary partner’s strong hands were in her hair, his thrusting hips using her mouth to pleasure his thick pole as he neared his delicious release.

Once again, her thoughts were interrupted by Robert. His footsteps on the hardwood floor breaking the spell of her imagination. Pushing herself up, she scooted back on the couch to make room for him, fully aware that her nipples were displaying her arousal through the tight fabric of her bra and shirt. Any hope that the twin layers of clothing might hide them vanished when Robert looked at her, and then immediately looked away, trying not to blush.

Lucia grinned at his naivete and patted the couch for him to sit. “My ankle is feeling much, much better. Thanks.”

“I… uh… it was nothing,” he replied. Robert could feel his heart beating faster as he sat down near her. She was incredibly sexy, beautiful curves, and those lips… well, he had seen enough porn to know where he wanted those lips. “Besides,” he continued, “it was my fault for spooking you.”

“I wasn’t paying attention,” she retorted, gingerly moving her injured leg into his lap. “It could have happened anyways, and then I would have been hurt out there all alone.”

Robert’s body went rigid as Lucia’s foot slipped across his thigh. He held his arms straight down at his sides, suddenly uncertain of what to do with his hands. As she wiggled her foot up and down his thigh, Robert could feel the blood flow increasing to his dick, and he prayed that she wouldn’t notice.

As they talked, Lucia moved her foot about in Robert’s lap. Occasionally rubbing up and down the firm form of his cock, sometimes putting pressure on it, and sometimes ignoring it all together. She gave no indication that she knew what she was doing to him, but it didn’t stop her from secretly enjoying watching him squirm, hearing the pitch of his voice change as he tried to keep up his side of their conversation.

Robert certainly wasn’t about to do anything about her foot moving about in his lap. She was hurt, and it was his fault, regardless of what she said; if she needed to find a position for it to be comfortable, he’d let her. Plus, it was the most sexual thing he had ever experienced, and it felt amazing. Not just the pressure and sensations on his shaft, but the excitement and thrill filling him as he tried to enjoy the feelings she was giving him without her knowing. He was scared she would catch on, and think him some horrible pervert who had brought her here with ulterior motives. But she didn’t seem to notice, despite running her foot up and down most of the throbbing erection straining to get out of his shorts.

Her foot must still be numb from the ice, he told himself.

“So, you said you are studying sports medicine?” Lucia asked him.

“Yeah, that’s uh… that’s how I met the other guys; they play hockey,” he replied, his voice peaking as Lucia’s foot teased his swollen head through his shorts.

“I’m studying to become a teacher, but I always thought I’d make a good nurse,” she continued, her full lips opening in a wide smile. “Do you think I would? Could you imagine me in a nurse’s uniform?”

“I… umm…” Robert swallowed hard, keeping his gaze fixed on her face, keeping himself from staring at her chest as the image of Lucia in a slutty nurse’s uniform formed in his mind. “I’m sure you’d be great,” he finally managed.

“Thanks, hun,” she said. Pushing herself up, she drew her legs back underneath her, her face grimacing slightly at the pain from her ankle as she shifted positions. Sitting up, she pulled closer to Robert, her hand on his knee. “So, it’s just you boys here? Where are your girlfriends?”

“Well… Trey’s the only one with a girlfriend, and Melissa had to work the first few days of the trip so she decided to stay home.” With Lucia’s foot no longer applying pressure to his throbbing erection, it wasn’t nearly so difficult to talk to her. He clasped his hands over his lap, trying to hide his arousal, still keeping his blue eyes locked on her brown ones.

Lucia thought it was almost funny, the unnatural way Robert would only look at her face. As if he was scared that looking away for an instant would cause him to stare at her chest. Gently running her fingers over his knee, Lucia continued her questions, “That’s too bad, has it been a long time since your last girlfriend?”

“I… “ Robert began, nervously laughing to try to hide his discomfort at the personal question, but too flustered to come up with a convincing lie to impress the voluptuous young woman inching closer to him. “I’ve actually never had a girlfriend, nothing serious, at least.”

Robert was attractive, in a cute sort of way, so his answer was almost a surprise, almost. But given the way he was responding to her, Lucia wasn’t exactly shocked by his answer. She began to feel a bit flustered as she considered the possibilities.

“Oh,” she replied, trying to sound more surprised than she really was, “so…” she dragged out the start of her next question, her eyes looking away and then slowly returning to Roberts as if she was feeling too shy to ask, “so, when was the last time... you were with anyone?”

“I haven’t been,” he admitted, swallowing as Lucia’s hand slid up his leg over top of Robert’s exercise shorts. In response, Robert pushed his hands down harder on his erection, pushing it into his other leg away from her hand. But all this accomplished was to send a jolt of pleasure through him that forced his eyes shut for a moment. He quickly opened them again, hoping Lucia hadn’t noticed.

If Lucia’s cheshire grin could have gotten any wider at Robert’s expression, it would have. Instead, she bit her lower lip briefly then slid the tip of her tongue over her upper lip, wetting them. “So how far have you gone with a girl, then?”

“Well, I’ve been on a few dates with a couple different girls,” he sputtered, his words tumbling out as he finally noticed the predatory gleam in Lucia’s eyes, “and two of them let me kiss them, but it wasn’t much of anything.”

“Oh,” she said, pausing for a moment to give Robert a good look at her moist lips in a perfect circle. “So not even something like this?” Her hand moved up off his knee and held his head. She leaned in, her breasts pushing firmly against his arm as her lips connected with his.

At first, Robert was in shock, he could hardly believe what was happening. But as he relaxed he began to try to return the kiss, his lips softening, his head turning slightly. Then he could feel her full, wet lips slip open and feel a new sensation on his lips. It was wetter and firmer than Lucia’s lips, probing at his own. It dawned on him almost immediately that it must be her tongue and his own mouth opened slightly, mostly in surprise.

As Robert’s lips opened to her advances, Lucia’s skilled tongue slipped into his mouth to find his. If she was completely honest, it was hardly the most sensual kiss she had ever had, Robert’s body and tongue had gone stiff with shock. But knowing it was his first added an extra level of arousal which, when combined with the way her imagination had been torturing her all day, was making her blood boil.

Robert watched Lucia as her head pulled away from his, breaking their kiss. It had been incredible, and all he wanted was more. But then he saw her look down in his lap, his legs pressed together reflexively, hoping she wouldn’t notice the large bulge in his exercise shorts. Then she placed her hand on his knee, and looked him in the eyes, the tip of her pink tongue running over her lips, making them glisten.

“How about another first?” Lucia asked.


“Well, how about it?” Lucia heard herself ask in a soft, sultry voice. She wasn’t quite sure why she was being so forward, but her body was crying out with a need she couldn’t refuse. Her hand slid up the leg of his shorts, slipped under his boxers till her fingers found the flared head of Robert’s swollen dick.

Robert's body was suddenly even more still and rigid as he felt Lucia’s soft, delicate fingertips run over his bulbous head. At first he was filled with panic at his secret having been discovered, but his mind quickly began to put together the pieces. Her foot in his lap, her breast on his arm, the kiss, her questions, and her fingers running along the ridge of his sensitive head. Suddenly Robert knew with absolute certainty that he was about to get his first handjob, and he was ecstatic. Not only was Lucia incredibly hot and curvy, he had only known her for about two hours. And now here he was, her soft hand up his shorts, wrapped around his shaft.

Robert leaned back into the couch as Lucia’s grip began to slowly stroke up and down his hard rod. His mind was torn between two thoughts; the first was the indescribable sensation coming from her hand. The second was a sudden uncertainty of what to do with his own hands. However, the second thought was quickly lost by the pressure and pleasure building from the first; and his hands remained clenched as fists firmly locked at his side as he watched the movement of Lucia’s hand through his pants.

Lucia smiled to herself, stifling a giggle at the sight of Robert, so stiff and unsure, but clearly enjoying her manipulations. And as much as she enjoyed the feeling of his silky head on her fingertips, and precum oozing onto her hand, she had much more in mind for the young man. Drawing her hand back out, she grabbed the bottom edge of his shorts and pushed it up his leg.

At first the shorts wouldn’t move, but Robert lifted his leg, allowing Lucia to push it up, and the air in the cabin feeling cool on his hot manhood. With his cock now sticking out the leg of his pants, Robert watched with a mix of fascination and lust as Lucia’s small hand wrapped around his shaft, stroking him again. In response, Robert’s body finally moved, his hips bucking slightly to press his hard flesh against her hand. But as exciting as the thought was that this beautiful woman was giving him his first handjob, he was blown away when he saw her head drop down into his lap and felt her full lips encircle the top of his red cockhead.

Lucia moaned slightly and the feel of the soft, yet firm, flesh pressing on her lips. Opening her mouth wider she let more of him between her lips until her lips were pressed down onto Robert’s thigh, the head of his cock in her mouth. Swirling her tongue around the tip she felt herself get wetter at the taste of his precum. But she needed a better angle than this, and for that his pants would need to come off.

Lifting up her head, Lucia ran her tongue up and down the top of his shaft, and then down one side and then the other; lubricating his rod with her saliva until it glistened in the sunlight streaming in from the windows. Focusing back on the head, she sucked it into her mouth giving it a quick swirl of her tongue, before withdrawing her head as she continued to suck, her mouth giving up Robert’s fuckstick with a pop.

“Oh god, Lucia... so much better than I imagined.”

Looking at her, Robert watched as she faced him once more, uncertain why she stopped. A drop of precum hung from her lower lip, and he watched as she collected the drop on her finger before licking it up with her pink tongue. He swallowed hard at the lewd display, still uncertain of what he should be doing, but at the same time afraid that if he did anything he might bring this glorious moment to an abrupt end.

“Get your pants off,” Lucia instructed him. As he did so, she dropped to the floor before the couch, wincing at her ankle. Pulling her tank top off, she tossed it aside. Looking up, she stared at Robert’s throbbing dick sticking straight out just above her. Reaching up, one hand gently encircled the base of his cock. The other hand gently ran over his balls, her fingertips running through the hair, her nails lightly dragging on the skin. She felt his cock twitch in her hand in response to her touch, and she smiled up at him, stroking his cock as if inviting him to cover her grinning face with his spunk.

“Go ahead and sit back down, hun,” Robert heard her say, though it took a moment for him to realize she said anything at all. All he could focus on was her gorgeous face, and her hands on his sensitive skin. Sinking slowly onto the couch, Robert sighed and leaned back as he felt Lucia’s warm and wet mouth engulf his cock. Still uncertain of what to do with his hands, they clutched at the cushions, grasping and releasing as Lucia’s mouth began to work up and down his cock. Leaning his head back up, Robert gasped at the sight of her full lips wrapped around his hard shaft, sliding up and down, her brown eyes locked on his.

“Oh my god…” he moaned.

Pulling back, Lucia pushed his cock up against his belly as she lowered her head to his full balls. Running her tongue over the hairy sack, she toyed and teased with them before drawing first one and then the other into her mouth for a gentle suck. Then running her tongue up the underside of his shaft, she swallowed his cock once more. This time she began working more and more of him into her mouth. At the sensation of the tip pressing against her throat, she felt her pussy flood with wetness and she couldn’t help but rub her legs together to stimulate her aching cunt.

Robert stared at her, most of his cock was deep in her mouth, and she continued to look straight at him, unabashedly watching him as she serviced his manhood. When he felt something press against the tip of his cock, he felt a twinge of pleasure race through him. But Lucia kept going, trying to take more of him in her mouth. Another fraction of an inch pushed in, but it caused her to gag. Her head pulled back off of him, leaving a layer of thick saliva that coated his dick and connected him to her lips. She stared at his wet dick for a moment, and then looked back up at Robert, her eyes watering slightly, but filled with determination.

Reaching up, Lucia’s hands gripped the bottom of her sports bra and lifted it up, freeing her large breasts to Robert’s gaze. His eyes widened in surprise and lust. And then just as suddenly she plunged her mouth back onto his thick rod. Pushing and forcing, relaxing her throat till she felt him stretching out her throat, her lips reaching the bush of hair at the base of his cock. Opening her mouth wide, she began to fuck his cock with her throat, her head bobbing up and down, her tits bouncing, and her pussy drenched. Pushing down she took all of him in, and swallowed, letting Robert feel her throat contract around his head.

Robert gasped at the sudden sensation on his cock that sent incredible pleasure through him. Having no control over himself, his hips bucked up towards her face, pushing him in deeper into her throat. Unprepared for the sudden thrust, Lucia gagged and pulled back, the room filled with wet sound of his cock leaving her throat. His dick and her face was a mess of saliva and precum, and faint traces of tears worked their way down Lucia’s cheeks.

Running her hand up and down the sloppy shaft, she spread the saliva all over him. Then she dropped her head back down, still looking up at him, and took just the head in her mouth. Her cheeks caving in as she sucked on the head, her own head drawing back as she sucked, pulling off his cock with a loud pop. Then she did it again, and again, all while her fist continued to slide up and down his shaft. Her other hand reached down, pressing into her sex through her own skintight shorts.

Nearly out of his mind, Robert watched the display before him; the beautiful, nice girl he had met on the trail had turned into a voracious slut. There was no other word he could think to describe her. Her long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail as if she had been expecting to be on her knees; her shirt on the floor; her bra pulled up proudly displaying her full, round breasts topped with hard nipples. But most of all, her mouth wrapped around, and sucking firmly on his cock. It was all too much and he began to feel the familiar sensations that he knew meant he was about to cum.

“Lucia,” he gasped, “I’m going… about to…”

Lucia might have found his concern and warning cute, and a bit humorous, if she wasn’t so fixated on trying to draw every drop of his thick cum out of him. But she was, so pulling off she looked up at him, “Don’t worry hun, I want it, all of it, in my mouth. I want to taste your load.”

Lucia’s pleading voice, combined with her still stroking fist, was all Robert needed. Gasping, he felt the first blast explode from the tip. Her mouth still off of him, the long thick rope splattered across her right cheek, streaking up from the edge of her mouth almost to her ear.

Dropping her head down she swallowed the top half of his dick and used her hand to milk more and more of the thick, salty load into her mouth. As he flooded her mouth with semen, she swirled her tongue; tasting it before swallowing it. Eventually the ropes ceased, and she drew back, running her tongue over the tip to collect the last droplet of cum from the tiny hole. Just as she drew the pearly fluid into her mouth, the door behind her opened.

Still looking at Robert, she saw the shock clear in his face. Thinking quickly, she pulled her bra down over her chest, but there was no time to grab her shirt.

“Holy shit! Robert, who is that?” came a deep voice behind her.

Turning around she looked as two lean, muscular guys about Robert’s age entered the cabin; a heavier set, but still muscular, third guy following them in. The long string of cum still coating her cheek was forgotten as one of the faces registered in her mind.

“Trey,” she heard come from the one face she recognized. “This is Lucia!”

“Stan?!” cried Lucia.

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