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Blackmail In The Cabin - Part 2

Lucia's vacation takes another turn when someone from her past shows up.
“Stan?!” cried Lucia.

Her mind began to race. What was he doing here? Of all the people to run into, why him? The only way it could have been worse was if Stan’s sister Terri was here. Oh, how she loathed Terri. Terri was a total slut, whoring herself out to get guys’ attention in high school. And she had always suspected she had stolen her boyfriend from her. Not that she would have still been with that loser now, but it was the principle of the thing. And Lucia was pretty sure Terri had been the source of all the rumors making her sound like a slut.

“Long time no see, Lucia,” he said, grinning down at her.

Realizing she was still on her knees, Lucia forced herself to her feet. She had to ignore the pain in her ankle as she did so and folded her arms under her breasts covered by her tight sports bra. She hadn’t seen Stan since just before finishing high school. At the time he hadn’t even started high school, but she still knew him through his sister. His facial features hadn’t changed much, neither had his short cropped brown hair, but the rest of him had certainly matured. His body was nothing like the boy’s body he had last time she saw him, now it was fit and muscular.

The other athletic young man, Trey she assumed, had medium length dirty blond hair parted in the middle. His face wasn’t as boyish as Stan’s, and he was taller than his friend by a few inches. Behind Trey was a third, heavy set guy with blond hair in a buzz cut. None of them had shaved in a day or two it seemed, and all shined a bit with sweat from their hike.

“Long time,” she agreed, staring at him as if refusing to back down.

“You know, I heard Terri talk about you quite a bit back in high school. Seems like she was right about you being such a slut.”

“Me!?” Lucia fired back, “Your sister would have fucked every guy in our school if she had the time!”

“Oh, I don’t doubt it. Though you’d be more convincing without cum on your face,” Stan replied, eliciting a laugh from his two buddies.

Glaring at him, Lucia wiped up the cum she had forgotten about onto a finger. Then looking Stan right in the eyes, brought the cum to her lips and sucked it off, swallowing Robert’s salty fluid. She wasn’t about to let this asshole make her feel ashamed for what she had done with Robert.

“I might like sex, but it doesn’t make me a slut like your sister.”

“Maybe, maybe not,” Stan said grinning. “But a thought has occurred to me.”

Drawing closer to Lucia, his face grew hard and serious. Even with them both standing, his taller muscular body made him seem as if he was towering over her.

“My sister mentioned she had heard that the two of you would be attending the same grad school in the Fall. It would be a shame if she found out that you came up to our cabin this weekend and gave a bunch of guys head. Could you imagine what she might do with that information?”

“I didn’t come up here to blow all of you losers,” she replied.

Behind her, Robert chimed in after her, “And I’ll deny that it happened.”

Turning to look over her shoulder, she smiled at the lanky young man. What in the world was he doing with these losers?

“Thanks hun, but you don’t need to deny what we did,” turning back around, she looked Stan right in his cold blue eyes, and her voice grew hard. “We didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Maybe so, but who do you think my sister is going to believe? You two or me? And even if she doesn’t believe me, do you think she’d pass up the chance to use it anyways?”

For a moment Lucia was angry, furious; but the feeling quickly changed to one of defeat. Stan was right. If Terri heard about this, even the truth, she’d use it against her.

“Fine. What is it you want, Stan?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” he replied, smirking. “You.”

She almost couldn’t believe it, though part of her had expected it. Even worse, she thought part of her had even hoped for it. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, the thought of being used for their pleasure was a huge turn on.

Her body was still screaming at her for the release it had been seeking since her little fantasy on the trail. She had hope rewarding Robert for his kindness would have helped satiate her desires, but she realized now it had only made them grow stronger. It was horrible, being betrayed by her own body this way, and at the same time she loved it. She just wanted to revel in the feeling of being controlled and used until she couldn’t take any more.

“No,” came Robert’s voice behind her. “No, this is wrong, Stan. Besides how can she even know you won’t still tell your sister.”

“It’s ok, Robert,” Lucia told him, a calmness filling her voice as she made her choice. “I can handle it.” He was right though, she didn’t have anyway to be sure Stan wouldn’t tell his sister. But if she didn’t do it, the rumors would happen regardless. If she was going to have to risk putting up with the rumors either way, she might as well get to enjoy herself first.

“Fine,” she said. “But you each only get to cum once. Once you cum, it’s over. And nothing below my waist!”

Feeling more eager than she wanted to let on, Lucia readjusted her ponytail to make sure her hair stayed out of the way, and then knelt down on the cabin floor.

At first the guys just stood there, making her smirk. They acted so tough and in control, but once they had it they didn’t even know what to do with it.


Stan couldn’t believe it, she had actually agreed. Well, there was no sense missing the opportunity. Stepping up to Lucia, he began to lower his shorts, but she pushed his hands out of the way, grabbing the shorts herself and pulled them down. Looking down, he saw her brown eyes looking up at him, his soft pale cock hanging between his legs just in front of her face. The sight alone was enough to make him start to swell.

Lucia smiled up at Stan as she admired his cock. Even though it was soft, it hung low, with an unruly bush of brown hair at the base of his shaft. Opening her mouth, she brought her head closer to him, taking the covered tip of him into her mouth. She moaned around it as she tasted him, the taste of his skin and sweat. The feel of his dick growing in her mouth made her pussy ache, and she could feel herself getting wet as she took more of him into her mouth before sucking on it, drawing it slowly out of her mouth.

“Aww, yes,” Stan moaned, the feel of her mouth on his dick was incredible. So warm and wet, her soft, full lips wrapped tightly around his growing member. As he got harder and harder in Lucia’s mouth, he reached down, gripping her head. He felt her own hands go to his thighs as he started to pump his now swollen manhood in and out of her luscious lips. The tight seal of her lips caused his foreskin to draw back and forth over the bulbous head as it continued to swell in her mouth, Lucia’s wet tongue lapping and teasing the head as it was freed from the skin.

Grinning widely, Lucia took the shaft in her mouth lightly between her teeth, pulling her head back, slowly dragging her teeth lightly across his skin. Then moving her hand from his thigh onto his dick, she squeezed and stroked the base of his shaft as she pressed the swollen head to her full lips, giving it a kiss. Then opening wide and moving her hand, she noisily dove back down, taking as much into her mouth and throat as she could in one swift motion. Bobbing up and down she fucked him with her mouth, making his hands grip her tighter. She loved the feel of his hands on her head. Controlling her, using her. His hard fuckstick pushing against her tight throat.

With Lucia bobbing up and down on his cock, Stan began thrusting with his hips, meeting her as she went down on him. Soon, he noticed that Lucia had stopped moving altogether. She simply kneeled there before him, staring up into his face as he gripped her head and fucked her face. He felt a twinge in his balls as the pleasure began to mount, but he wasn’t about to let this end so soon. Pulling himself out of her mouth, he grinned at the sight of her saliva coating his dick. Then, taking himself in hand, he stroked his shaft, using her spit to lubricate his hand as he brought the head back to her lips.

“Mmmm…” she moaned, knowing full well what he wanted. Pursing her lips together, she gave his cockhead a big soft target as he rubbed the silken head over her lips. Then he began to pull back, and she stuck out her tongue, using it to smear the fluid around her lips. Sure enough, there was the faint taste of precum on her lips, which made her smile up at him. The thrill of being used by Stan and the taste of his fluid on her lips sending a shiver through her body. Part of her wanted so desperately to put her fingers down her shorts and tease her clit so that she could cum as he came down her throat. But there was something else she wanted first.

Stan watched as Lucia pushed up his cock against his shirt, and then began to lick her way across his balls. He let out a soft moan as her tongue ran over and around his balls before gently sucking them into her mouth. She then slid her tongue up the bottom of his cock, making him shudder as the tip of her tongue teased the sensitive spot under the head. With her mouth once again positioned in front of his hard tool, he tightened his grip on her head, and then forced himself as deep into her mouth as he could.

Gagging on his dick, Lucia struggled to pull back as Stan grew increasingly forceful, but he was too strong. Over and over he tried to force more of his dick down her throat, ignoring her struggles and the tears forming in her eyes. She could feel her throat getting sore from the rough thrusts, but all it did was turn her on more. And then suddenly Stan’s cock was gone, and she was sucking down gasps of air.

“Hey, lay off man,” said her would-be rescuer. It was the bigger blond. She immediately noticed that his pants were already gone, his incredibly thick cock hard and prominent. Stepping up to her he reached for her head. “We’re supposed to get a turn, too,” he finished.

Realizing that her rescuer was in fact simply demanding his turn to extract his own carnal pleasure from her mouth, Lucia looked up at him, trying to think of a way to stall to catch her breath.

“Umm… what’s your name, hun?” she asked meekly.

“Shut up, and get to work, whore,” he replied, pulling her face towards his cock. Opening wide, Lucia took his wide shaft into her mouth, her tongue rolling around the head.

“Don’t be such an ass, Larry,” she heard Stan complain, “I wasn’t even done yet.”

Looking down at Lucia as her full pink lips stretched around his hard member, Larry couldn’t help but smile. It felt so good, he couldn’t wait to cover this slut in his spunk. Still watching her work, he finally replied to Stan.

“That’s the idea. You only cum once, but if we take turns it’ll last longer.

“Wouldn’t want the little princess here to get off her knees too, soon,” he sneered down at her.

Lucia could hardly believe what was happening to her. She had agreed to this, but the way Stan and Larry were treating her was unreal. She had always thought of herself as strong and empowered. Yes, she loved sex and she felt confident enough in herself to acknowledge and enjoy it. But it had always been on her terms. Now here she was, in the middle of nowhere being humiliated and degraded by these boys years younger than herself. And she couldn’t get enough. Her pussy throbbed, her wetness seeping onto her thighs as the heavyset hockey player rammed his cock into her mouth again and again.

Larry’s eyes were closed as he gripped Lucia’s head roughly in both hands, rocking his hips back and forth. He didn’t care about anything else in the world than the feel of her lips, tongue and throat on his dick. But part of him did realize he should probably let her breath. So pushing her head back, he withdrew his sopping wet manhood from her mouth. Then reaching behind her, he pulled her head back by her ponytail so she was forced to look straight up as he smacked his cock on her lips and cheeks while she gasped for breath.

Reaching up, she grabbed Larry’s dick, and pulled it back to her mouth. She noisily slurped on the fat head as she tried to look up at him through watery eyes. His obvious surprise at her eagerness made her grin as she ran her tongue from the bottom of his head up across the tip to collect a bead of precum. In response to her own assault on his flared head, Larry released her hair, letting her take more of him back into his mouth. Stan had been longer than Larry, but Larry was thicker by far, making her jaws ache as she bobbed up and down on him. Moaning and groaning on his fat dick, Lucia began to reach down between her own legs to play with her needy pussy.

“Hey, none of that now. If your hands need something to occupy them, you can use this,” said a third voice, which Lucia figured must have belonged to Trey.

Stepping up to her, Trey watched the slutty brunette as she gagged and fucked her own mouth on his friend’s dick. It was incredible, like watching a porno in person. But he was tired of just watching. Grabbing her left wrist, he brought Lucia’s hand to his own cock, letting out a moan as her soft hand immediately wrapped around his engorged manhood, stroking up and down the shaft.

“MMmmm…” Lucia moaned around the hard cock in her mouth, the feel of another dick in her hand made her pussy pulse. It was longer and thinner than the other two, perfect for going deep down her throat. And so smooth, she couldn’t help but wonder if he waxed. Gagging, she pulled back off of Larry’s cock, thick lines of spit connecting her full lips to his thick shaft. But right now she wanted to taste Trey. Turning on her knees towards him, she took a second to catch her breath as she ran her hands over his long shaft and her other hand played with his smooth balls.

“Oh, yeah, you know how to use your hands too, don’t you?” he asked her, a wicked smile on his face.

“Mmm-hmm,” she replied before opening her mouth. Her hands had drawn a heavy looking drop of precum up his shaft to the red head staring right at her. Slipping her tongue out of her mouth, she ran it in a circle around him, tasting his fluid. It was amazing the way all four of the young men tasted so different, yet so similar.

Four cocks, in less than an hour, she couldn’t help but think, amazed at her own longing and at just how much that thought turned her on. Her body felt like it was in agony it needed release so bad, but it was such a wonderful pain, she didn’t want it to stop.

“Oh yeah, that’s it you fucking slut,” Trey moaned above her.

Melissa, his girlfriend, refused to do this to him, he had gotten her to start to try it once, only to have her back out as soon as his cock head was on her lips. But Lucia was something else. He looked down into her big brown eyes as her full pink lips wrapped tightly around him. “No, no, you’re not a slut, are you? You’re a cocksucker. You fucking love it, don’t you Lucia? You love having hard cocks in your mouth, don’t you?”

In response to Trey’s accusations, Lucia grabbed at one of her large tits, pulling at the nipple through her sports bra as she noisily slurped up off of Trey’s long dick, her cheeks caving in from the suction.

“Awww, fuck, yeah,” he groaned, before grabbing her head and shoving his dick back in deeper, the long thin shaft easily pushing his swollen head into her ravaged throat.

“Alright, I want another turn,” Stan said from behind her. “I’m sick of wanking it over here while you two get all the fun.”

“Fuck off,” replied Trey. “She only just started on mine.”

Wrapping her thumb and forefinger around the base of Trey’s cock, she began to stroke the base quickly, up and down as she fucked the head of his dick with her throat. The saliva drooling down his shaft from her mouth made her fingers slide easily over his smoothness. Hearing the two guys fighting over her mouth made her body tingle and she gripped and squeezed her other full breast as she drew back to smear more of Trey’s tasty precum on her tongue.

Then an idea occurred to her, and she drew her mouth off of Trey’s cock. Gripping his long shaft tightly, she continued to run her hand up and down his slippery fuckstick as she waved Stan over. When he drew close, she engulfed his cock with her mouth, sucking it, moaning around the hard, hot flesh in her mouth. Her tongue rubbing it, coating it with saliva. Then she pushed herself forward, making him groan loudly as his dick pushed down her abused throat. Then she quickly pulled off; she coughed and gagged, a sloppy coating covering his dick.

“Now you both get to have me,” she said, looking up at the two handsome hockey players, her hands stroking their rigid tools as she blinked more tears out of her eyes.

“And me too,” Larry added, pushing his way between the other two. The heavyset blond grabbed her head and forced her back onto his wide shaft, pumping into her mouth wildly. Lucia did her best to continue to stroke Trey and Stan as Larry ravaged her mouth. Her lips were starting to feel bruised and swollen, her throat was sore and her jaw and neck ached. But it gave her such a thrill. And through it all, Robert -- sweet, helpful Robert -- was watching her degrading, carnal performance. The thought that he might be getting hard for her again as she was used by his friends made her clench her thighs, desperate for some way to stimulate her swollen, throbbing clit.

Larry let out a long groan as he fucked away at Lucia’s mouth, his stomach clenching as he felt his impending orgasm. He began cursing wildly under his breath as he fought to hold it back, but the feel of pushing Lucia’s head down onto his dick over and over was getting to be too much.

“Fuck!” he grunted, and pulled himself out of her mouth. Taking his cock into his own hand, he released her ponytail and grabbed at her sports bra, practically ripping it downward. Aiming himself at her, he began to unload. One blast of hot thick cum after another shooting out of his fat manhood, coating her chest and the tops of her breast with his spunk. Then aiming upward he finished by spraying a dozen little droplets of semen all over the brunette’s face.

For a moment, Lucia stopped stroking the other two, enthralled by the sight of Larry’s fat dick showering her chest with cum. When she saw him change his aim, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth, enjoying the sensation of his hot cream raining down on her face. When it was over, she tentatively opened her eyes, her heavy, cum soaked breasts heaving as she drew in deep breaths of air. The thick load of Larry’s cum trickling down the valley of her breasts.

“Oh fuck,” Trey moaned, “I want to cum in your fucking mouth. I want to watch you swallow it.”

He could feel his own release building, the waves of pleasure pulsing through him as her soft hand worked his shaft. But there was no way he was going to miss out on this chance to finally fill some girl’s mouth with his seed. And if Melissa wouldn’t be the first time anyone swallowed his load, it might as well be Lucia. Grabbing her hair, he yanked her cum splattered face to his cock, ramming it into her mouth. Immediately he felt her mouth suck him in, her own lust obvious in the way she was worshiping his cock with her mouth, pulling him in deeper and milking his swollen head with her throat.

“That’s it,” he groaned, “That’s it. Be a good little cocksucker.” Unable to hold back any longer, his tight balls unleashed their load. Thick blasts of cum going right down Lucia’s throat.

Lucia couldn’t help but moan with desire as she felt Trey’s first shot coat her throat. Swallowing it down, she sucked his long shaft, drawing out more and more of his cream as she pulled her head back until his spurting tool was covering her tongue in his salty semen. Her hand on Stan’s cock picked up the pace, stroking him harder and faster, her hand turning back and forth around his cock as her own desire increased in intensity as Trey emptied his balls into her mouth.

Looking up at Trey, she removed his shrinking manhood from her mouth. Then, remembering what he had said about wanting to watch her, she opened her mouth displaying the cum she had captured. Closing her mouth, she then swallowed loudly, a shiver of naughty pleasure running through her as the thick fluid passed down her sore throat.

Stan groaned and pumped his hips, fucking the tight hole made by Lucia’s fist around his cock. It was finally his turn, and he knew he wouldn’t last long. But there was something he wanted before he came. As much as he wanted her mouth around his shaft, he wanted a chance at her big tits first.

“Come here,” he ordered her.

Removing her hand from his dick, he turned and walked over to the couch, sitting on the far side from where Robert watched with an expression of awe and arousal.

Lucia followed, her face and breasts sticky with Larry’s cum. Part of her wanted to scoop it up and swallow it all the way she had Trey’s, but for now she knew she had to do what Stan wanted if there was going to be any hope of keeping this a secret.

“Take off the bra and get on your knees,” Stan told her.

Standing in front of him, she was suddenly very aware of the eyes of the other three young men watching her as she was about to let Stan -- Terri’s fucking brother -- fuck her tits. But at this point, it hardly seemed to matter considering the way his friends had already used her. Clenching her jaw, Lucia reached down, and lifted up her bra. Her full breasts bounced, sending more of Larry’s cum running down her cleavage, as she freed them from their tight confines. Pulling it over her head, she felt it catch on her face, smearing some of cum from her bra and her face up into her hair.

Stan watched, slowly stroking his hard cock as Lucia stripped off her sports bra and tossed it to the floor. She was a fucking mess, wet and sticky from his friends’ pleasure. He was surprised by what an incredible turn on it was to see her like this. Then she dropped to her knees, put her hands on his thighs to push them open wider, and scooted up between his legs.

Stan couldn’t help but moan as she bent down to devour his cock. With her hands on the couch beside him, Lucia bobbed up and down, fucking his cock with her mouth and throat, coating it with her spit. But he still wanted those tits.

Grabbing her ponytail, he yanked her up off his shaft, and looked at her messy face. “You know what I want, don’t you, slut?” he growled.

With his hand still pulling her hair, Lucia nodded. She knew exactly what he wanted. Reaching down, she cupped her full round tits in her hands, feeling the sticky fluid on her fingertips as she squeezed them uncontrollably, drawing out every bit of pleasure she could.

If I don’t get to fucking cum soon, I’m going to lose my goddamn mind, she thought to herself. She didn’t dare say it out loud, part of her was still too ashamed of how much she was enjoying this to admit it. But that same part of her knew that every guy in the cabin could tell how much she loved it, regardless of how she tried to hide it.

Lucia leaned forward, her soft breasts pressing around Stan’s erection. The warmth and softness of her flesh around his caused him to release her hair and lean back on the couch. He moaned loudly as she pressed her tits together tightly around his member and began bouncing up and down. Using her cleavage, lubricated by cum and spit, she fucked him.

As his hips began to push up from the couch, fucking her back in response to her motions, Lucia dipped her head. Whenever the swollen red head of his cock appeared from the confines of her bosom, she would take it into her mouth. Lavishing it with attention from her lips and tongue, her mouth salivating around Stan’s hard fuckstick, adding to the messy lubrication between her tits.

When she heard his breathing quicken, she knew she was close. Soon he would erupt and her part in all of this would be done. She felt conflicted, on the one hand she was glad to be nearly done being used like some kind of sex toy for these guys. But neither did she want it to end. And to make matters worse, she was eagerly awaiting Stan’s cum. She wanted him to cover her in his hot, sticky, white mess.

Lucia was right, he was close. Stan could feel the pressure building in his balls, his muscles tightening as his body grew closer to climaxing. Every thrust between her breasts brought him closer and closer to the edge. And when he could no longer hold it back any longer, he grabbed Lucia by the head, pulling her face down close to the tip of his cock.

“Awww… fuck!” he cried, his eyes wide as he watched one milky white rope after another burst forth from the head of his cock. Each shot exploding upwards towards Lucia’s face.

Lucia could feel the pulsing of Stan’s cock as each blast of cum rocketed out of him and into her face. The first string of cum struck her nose, creating a white line up her face across her forehead. As soon as she felt the warm fluid splash across her skin, she opened her mouth wide. The next blast struck her mouth, she could tell because of the sudden burst of saltiness on her tongue, but the rest caught on her mouth, hanging obscenely from her lips and chin. Without thinking, she closed her mouth to savor her hard won prize, only to have the next load splatter semen across her full lips.

Eventually, Stan’s orgasm came to a halt; the last several bursts of cum falling onto Lucia’s breasts. When it ended, Stan was finally able to focus more clearly on what had just happened. The pretty brunette kneeling before him was a mess. Cum coated her from the chest up. Yet, he could have sworn the look on her face was one of complete lust, rather than humiliation. Behind her, Larry and Trey had already pulled their pants back on. And on the couch, Robert simply stared at Lucia, his face unreadable.

“Alright,” he finally said, looking down at the cum soaked girl before him, “A deal is a deal. My lips are sealed.

“Why don’t you… go clean up,” he said with a wave of his hand, his mind still fogged with bliss. “After that, Robert can use the jeep to drive you back to your campsite.”

Uncertain of what to say after everything that she had just done, and had done to her, Lucia simply stood up. Stan’s face was one of relaxation and bliss. And as she limped around the room to collect her bra and tank top, Trey and Larry gave her approving leers. When she turned to look at Robert, she saw him immediately look away. She wasn’t sure if it was shame, or embarrassment or disgust.

“Umm… “ she began, suddenly feeling quite timid, “Where’s the shower?”

At that, Robert hopped up off the couch, still not looking at her, and headed towards the hallway out of the main room. “I’ll show you,” he said quietly.


The two of them walked down the hall without speaking. Robert was still in a daze over what had just happened. Never in a million years would have expected a trip out to the cabin with the guys to end up like this! It was just madness.

When they reached the bathroom, Robert opened the door for Lucia and hit the lights. She walked past him to inspect the sizeable tub that filled the far end of the bathroom.

“Hey, let me get you a towel real quick,” Robert said behind her before shutting the door.

After grabbing a towel from the linen closet in the hallway, he opened the door to the bathroom, only to trip over himself with shock.

Holy shit, she’s naked , he realized. And she was. There she stood, her back facing him, bent over to remove her tight shorts from around her ankles. Her round ass on full display to him, and her pussy lips clearly visible between her legs.

Straightening up, Lucia turned to face him. Her face and chest were still coated with semen, but he hardly noticed as he took in the sight of her beautiful curves. The way her waist curved in, only for her hips to flare out. And between her legs, a dark, neatly trimmed bush of hair just above her sex.

“I… uh, I brought towel,” he stammered.

“Thanks hun, could you shut the door?”

“Uh-huh,” he replied, swallowing as he left the room, the bathroom door clicking behind him.

“Robert…” Lucia called from the other side of the door as he heard the shower turning on.


“I meant for you to be on this side of the door, silly.”

“Oh,” he said quietly, feeling a bit foolish that he had left and also that he had responded to her out loud despite the fact she certainly didn’t hear him over the shower.

The warm steam hit him as he entered the bathroom. Lucia’s clothes were in a pile on the floor, and he could make out her naked form through the clear shower curtain that separated them. For a minute, Robert just stood there, watching her wash through the fog on the curtain.

“Robert?” she finally said, breaking the spell.


“Are you okay?”

“Yes, I just…”

“It’s ok, just tell me what you’re thinking. I can handle it if you think horribly of me. I just want everything out in the open.”

“What? No, I feel horrible about me. I should have stopped that from happening, and worst of all…”

“You enjoyed it?” she asked, over the spray of the shower.

“Yes,” he replied quietly hanging his head.

For another minute, the two were quiet. Robert’s response hanging between them as thick as the steam from the shower as Lucia continued to clean herself.

Finally, she spoke again. “You know, there’s plenty of room in here for you to get a shower, too.”

“Thanks, but I already got one while you were napping, remember.”

Suddenly, the curtain drew back a few inches at the back of the tub, and Lucia’s face appeared. It was clean now, the evidence of what had happened only minutes before had been washed away. It was the pretty face of the girl he had met on the trail, her brown hair wet and falling around her face. Reaching up, she brushed the wet hair out of her face before speaking.

“Robert, the whole naive thing is really cute, but surely you realize that when a girl asks you to join her in the shower, its not because she thinks you need a wash.”

“Well, I… I didn’t want to assume,” he stammered.

“That was very kind of you, but I think we’re bit beyond those niceties now,” she replied, before throwing the curtain open wider. Robert’s eyes opened wide at the vision before him. Lucia’s soft, curvy body, heavy breasts and enticing nipples. The triangle of hair between her legs and the slit of her pussy beneath it. All covered in rivulets of water as the shower streamed down upon her.

“So,” she began again. “Are you going to get naked and join me in here, or what?”

Without a word, Robert stripped down as quickly as he could manage. As he drew close to the shower he slowed down suddenly uncertain and nervous. Taking a deep breath he entered the shower, enjoying the feeling of the hot air and spray on his skin.

The feeling was so relaxing that it took a moment before the sight of Lucia’s naked body registered in his mind again, her luscious lips spread in a bewitching smile. Robert could feel his cock start to respond to the sight and closeness of her. They weren’t touching, but it was like something passed between them anyways, the closeness of her naked flesh sending a shiver through his own nude body.

Standing perfectly still, Robert watched as Lucia reached out with both hands and ran them over his body.

“You seemed so skinny on the trail,” she told him, “But you’re much more muscular than I had imagined.”

“Thank you,” he said, feeling his face flush from the compliment.

“So, what you said before…” she began, and then paused briefly. “About liking what you saw earlier.”

“I’m sorry,” he immediately blurted out. “I didn’t want to, I wanted to stop it, to leave, but…”


Her soft hand stroked across his chest as her other one caressed his cheek.

“It’s ok that you liked it. The truth is, I liked it, too.”

“You did?”

“Yes, though please don’t tell those idiots out there.”

“I won’t,” he promised.

“And I also liked you watching me. I liked you seeing them use my mouth and cover me in cum. It made me feel so out of control, so naughty and so nasty.

“Oh, and I can see you like remembering it, too,” she giggled as she reached down and ran her hand over his growing manhood.

“Mmmm…” he moaned at the feel of her soft hand sliding over his wet shaft.

“You know, Robert. Despite all the work I did, I’m the only one in this house who still hasn’t cum yet,” Lucia said with an upset tone and fake frown.

“I’ve never, uhh, kissed a girl there before, but I can try,” he said.

“So sweet of you to offer, hun, but what I really need is a hard cock inside me,” as she said this, she looked into his eyes, her dark brown eyes drawing him in. Her hand stroking up and down his shaft, twisting slightly, making his hips buck against her.

“Mmm, that’s it,” she moaned, “Lie down and just do what comes naturally.”

Robert sighed and closed his eyes as Lucia’s hand left his cock, her feminine fingers delicately running up his shaft and around his sensitive head. At the sound of her giggle he opened his eyes once more. She had stepped further back away from him, the shower coating her body in hot water that made her glisten in the light. Seeing her standing there, not hiding any part of herself and the eager way she stared at his erection, the gravity of the situation finally hit him.

Oh god, this is it. I’m about to lose my virginity.

Trying to get a grip on his nerves, Robert slowly lowered himself to the floor of the large tub. When he stretched out his legs Lucia stepped around him, straddling his lower legs as she remained standing above him.

Looking up at her from the floor, the water sprayed in his eyes a bit, causing him to blink occasionally. His body seemed to have grown tight, his nervousness making it difficult to breath the heavy air or keep fine control over his movements.

“Don’t worry,” she whispered kindly, as if reading his thoughts. “I’ll do most of the work.”

“Sorry, just nervous, but I really want this,” he responded softly.

Kneeling down between his legs, she leaned forward, taking his swollen head into her mouth. Robert watched as she raised her face to look right at him as she slowly withdrew his swollen tip from between her full lips. Running her pink tongue over her lips, she moaned quietly.

“I can tell,” she whispered, before giggling again. “I want it too. My clit feels like its about to burst!”


“Mmm-hmm,” Lucia moaned as she crawled her way up the tub. Robert’s gaze was torn between looking at the carnal desire on Lucia’s face, and the way her heavy breasts hung down towards his body as she crawled over him. He let out his own moan as his rigid cock slipped between the soft curves of her breasts. Reflexively he pushed up, his hard tool pressing against the tender skin in the valley of Lucia’s chest. She smiled at him with encouragement as his hard member rubbed up and down across her skin.

“Here,” she said, when her face was finally even with his.

Robert felt her soft hand wrap around his wrist, and draw him towards her sex. He continued to look at her, his eyes trapped by her dark brown eyes; her wet hair hanging around their faces like a curtain. Then he felt the soft, short hair between her legs graze his fingertips as she guided him closer to her lips. Pressing his fingers against her as she drew his hand lower, he felt her slit open around his fingers, a different wetness coating them, slicker than the water falling around them. Pulling his hand by his wrist, Lucia brought his fingers back up higher, away from the hole until Robert felt them brush against a swollen nub.

“Yesssss…” Lucia hissed at his touch. “See how hard it is?”

Reacting to her enthusiastic response, Robert rubbed again and again, causing Lucia to rock her body back and forth. Her nipples dragging across his wet skin, her sex pushing against his hand. Unable to hold back, Robert began to rock as well, pushing up against her body, his hard shaft dragging across her skin as they rocked together, eyes locked.

“I need you inside me,” Lucia moaned, pushing herself up onto her knees. As she moved, a deluge of hot water splashed across Robert’s skin. Robert moaned as her hand grasped his cock, angling it towards her.

His moan turned into a gasp as he felt her delicate, wet lips touch his cock head. For all her overwhelming need, Lucia certainly seemed to be taking her time; watching Robert’s face as she gently pressed his swollen member into her waiting sex. Her lips spread around the bottom of his cock head as Lucia dragged him back and forth, kissing his cock with her pussy lips.

Robert could feel his own need mounting. The blood pulsing, flooding his aching staff. He needed to fill her, to be inside of a woman for the first time. And then suddenly he was, he groaned and pushed up into Lucia as he felt her body accept him into her. Stretching around his cock, the velvety walls of her pussy squeezing him tightly, but yielded to his manhood as she pressed down onto him and he pressed up into her.

Soon she was sitting on him, his thickness filling her as deeply as he could. Robert reached out, taking her curved waist in his hands as he gently rocked his throbbing erection inside Lucia, luxuriating in the amazing new sensation. He looked down between them, taking in the sight of their coupling. Her dark wet hair just above her slit, his cock grinding up into her. Only the base of his cock was visible, the rest of him vanishing inside of her. For minute or two Lucia just sat there watching him, a knowing smile on her face, as he enjoyed the feeling of completeness brought on by having her wrapped around him.

Then she leaned over him once more, her face close to his. She braced herself against the tub with one hand next to Robert’s head, her other reaching down between them. The position of her arms crushing her breasts together, squeezing them, making them look as if they were swelling larger. He felt her fingertips brush against the top of his shaft, making him shudder and run his hands across her back, warm water raining down on the back of his hands.

Her fingertips brushed against him again and again as she began to moan loudly. Looking down between them, his view was now blocked by her impressive bosom, but he could guess that her fingers were circling and rubbing her swollen clit. She shuddered on top of him as she sought her own release. The thought occurred to him that she was using his cock for her own needs, much as his friends had used her body. Just then she opened her dark brown eyes, and looked into his, a warm smile on her face. Smiling back he thrust his hips; pushing up into her; her eyes rolling back from the pleasure.

Maybe not exactly the same, he thought.

“Robert,” she whispered. “Robert…”


“Did you like it?”

“Of course, it feels amazing, Lucia,” he groaned, running his hands down over her ass, using it to pull her down onto his manhood.


“Sorry,” he said, quickly removing his hands from her backside.

“No, no. I mean, yes. Oh yes…” she said, her voice drawn out with pleasure as her body writhed over him. “Put your hands back. Not what I meant. Oh fuck… yes…

“I meant no. Not now. Earlier,” she said, now looking back into his eyes. “Did you like it earlier when you watched me.”

“Oh, god… Lucia, you know I did. I told you.”

“I know you did. It just turns me on… oh yes, Robert!” she cried out as he pulled her down onto his cock hard, her fingers still brushing over his shaft.

“It turned me on, knowing you were watching me. Watching me take those cocks, watching them cum on me, in me,” she said in a hushed voice.

Remembering her -- so depraved, wantonly sucking his friends as he watched -- made him grow harder, twitching inside her.

“Mmmm, you did like it, didn’t you!” she said excitedly in response to his dick.

“Oh god yes, Lucia. It made me so hard watching you,” he told her.

“Oh fuck!” she spat, rubbing herself harder, bouncing on his cock more forcefully.

Realizing what she wanted, Robert continued, “I loved watching you on your knees. I was so hard, I wanted to stroke myself watching you.”

“Oh Robert, yesss…” she screamed, loudly. Her arm reaching between them moving wildly, their wet bodies grinding against one another under the hot spray.

Lucia’s eyes and mouth went wide, her wordless cry getting louder before suddenly cutting off. And then her body dropped, her soft breasts pressing into Robert’s chest. Robert’s hands roamed higher, up her back, holding Lucia as her breathing slowed.

“Thank you,” she whispered hoarsely. “I needed that so bad.”

“Anytime,” he replied with a grin.

“Okay, hun, now it’s your turn to cum,” she said after a moment, pushing herself up.

“I’m surprised I haven’t already,” he admitted.

Now up on her knees, the front of her body on full display to his gaze, Lucia reached out and held onto the sides of the tub. “Well I did blow you earlier,” she reminded him with a laugh. “But I think I can get another one out of you pretty soon.”

With that she began to rock her hips, grinding back and forth, her body sliding easily over his in the warm water. Pushing up against her, Robert groaned at the feel of the walls of her pussy as they squeezed and stroked his swollen cock head.

“Mmm, that’s it, hun. Here.”

Briefly stopping her gyrations, Lucia brought Roberts hands to her round tits, letting out a moan as his hands roughly kneaded and groped her flesh. He could feel the hardness of her nipples on his palms.

Then she began rocking again, each time her pussy stroked up on his dick and then shoved it back inside her, she increased the speed. Soon she was bouncing up and down on him, only his hands still squeezing her tits kept them from bouncing as well.

“Oh shit…” he groaned as the familiar feeling began to grow between his legs.

“That’s it Robert, cum for me.”

“Are you sure? Inside you?”

“What I really want is for you to flood my little mouth with cum so I can taste you again,” she admitted. “But this is your first fuck. Go ahead and fill my tight pussy.”

His hands squeezed her tits roughly, but he was too far gone to worry about whether or not he might hurt her. The growing pressure in his balls was intense, and getting ready to unleash. Robert gasped and moaned as he watched the gorgeous, curvy brunette bouncing up and down on his cock, begging for him to cum.

It was all too much, and Robert let out a long moan as his balls released his seed, shooting it deep inside her. Over and over he pushed up into her, a blast of cum firing from his tip with each thrust.

“Oh, Robert, I can feel it inside me! So hard! So hot!”

At that, he let go of her tits and roughly grabbed her ass. Pulling her onto his rigid member as hard as he could, he pushed up as deeply as he could as the last remaining ropes of his cum shot into Lucia’s pussy.

And then it was over, though in truth it wasn’t entirely over. The two of them still lay there embracing as the water rained down on them. Robert’s softening cock still buried inside of Lucia. But it felt over, an incredible sense of relief and relaxation washing over Robert as he wrapped his arms around the sexy young woman that had made him a man.


Lucia wasn’t sure how long they rested in the tub, but the water had gotten cool before they finally got up. Spreading a towel across his shoulders, Robert wrapped it around himself and Lucia as they stood in the steamy bathroom.

“That was incredible,” he finally said, whispering in her ear.

Wrapping her arms around his torso beneath the towel, she snuggled into his warm body.

“It sure was,” she agreed. “It’s too bad I need to get back to camp.”

“Oh right,” he said, sadness in his voice. “Let’s get dressed and I can drive you back.”

“Thanks,” she said before kissing his cheek.

After drying off, Lucia began to pull back on her clothes. Looking at her cum stained sports bra, she decided against putting it back on, and just pulled on her blue tank top. Leaving the bathroom, Lucia limped slightly, her ankle still bothering her. She had decided not to bother trying to get her hiking boots back on. She could go barefoot in the jeep back to her campsite, where she had a pair of sandals she could wear for the rest of her trip.

Walking slowly through the cabin, Lucia felt a rush of guilt and excitement as she entered the main room again, remembering what had occurred there earlier. Robert’s friends were gone again. For which she was grateful.

Before she knew it, she and Robert were in the red jeep parked on the gravel drive. He seemed lost in thought, and she could understand; part of her didn’t really want to go back, and he probably hoped the same after what had just happened between them.

Sometimes life is just disappointing like that , she mused, looking out the window as they drove down the mountain road.

It surprised her when he finally did speak, just as they pulled up to her campsite. “Lucia, is there any way I might see you again?”

“Well, let’s not say never,” she replied, trying to give him a bright smile.

“I will never forget today, as long as I live,” he promised, giving her a sad smile.

“Oh, I don’t think I will either, hun.”

The End

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