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Bonfire Celebration

Viking prince Jaro must find a lady...
The bonfire was burning strong in the barbarian village. A celebration was being held and hundreds were gathered to dance, feast, and most importantly, find a mate. The heat spread across the pavilions and the beats from the drums were intense and could be heard all the way in the crop fields outside the walls. The young viking prince Jaro had seen battle for the first time and emerged victorious.

His father, chief Mordin, sat high atop of a small rise overviewing the fire and village. Next to him sat his wives, the oldest being Jaro's mother Tali. It was tradition to celebrate after a first battle for a young prince. A Victor always attracted the best of the young women and it was at the bonfire where they met. Chief Mordin had met his wife Tali at a fire, and his father before him had met his wife at a fire, and his father before him, and so on. It was tradition that the prince chose a female at the fire first before any other man was allowed to approach a woman.

Due to the large amount heat that was emitted from the flames the tribe members wore only fabric, which covered their sexes - a full fur coat would be unbearable. Despite that, some girls wore fur to impress and attract the men. The sight of hundreds of half-naked men and women with only fire between them was an incredible sight, but they grew impatient. Young Jaro took his sweet time, unlike his father Mordin before him. Jaro observed the all of the females. He looked at their height, examined their bust, and searched for the perfect hair. As the girl with the best hair was seen as a goddess and Mother Nature herself. The women all wore their finest furs and freshly picked flowers from the woods, and hoped to attract the young barbarian prince.

As Mordin looked down at his son around the gigantic fire pit, his second wife, Lia, was feeling frisky and begged him to retreat for the evening into the chieftain's tent. He waved her off as he would not leave until he saw his boy find a woman. Fortune favored wife Lia as prince Jaro spotted his mate the moment after Lia's plea. He had seen her through the flames; she could have been a sister to Freja herself. She stood taller than all girls and her dark blonde hair shined more bright than all her rival women. She was as a torch in the storm and Jaro had his eyes locked on her as he circled around the large diameter of the fire pit. It was then he noticed she was a way back in the crowd and surrounded by a group of women who all thought that the prince came for them. But many were let down when the prince's powerful and strong arms pushed them aside until he stood before his prey. He was able to examine her better now.

She stood as tall as any of Mordin's warriors, but could not match prince Jaro who was a head taller. Her bust was fully developed for her age of what appeared to be 19 or 20, a year older than Jaro himself. Her stomach was flat as she had a healthy build. The prince walked around to see her back and bum, which were impressive too, full and strong. He walked back to face her. Jaro looked in to her eyes, which were a dark sea blue and they contained a look of shock - she could not believe that out of the hundreds of women at the gathering, the prince had approached and picked her.

Jaro placed his arm around her waist and led her out of the crowd and in to view for the whole village. He stopped her by the fire the drums stopped to beat. They stood their silently for a moment until they faced chief Mordin, they awaited his approval and blessing. With a loud and cheering roar he blessed them and the whole village joined the wild cheer. The music began to play and the men and women now rushed for each other’s company. Their party had now begun.

The royal couple was dismissed from the fire and retreated from the festival. A short moment and a short walk later they were inside the prince's pavilion, of course with guards nearby outside. Close enough to protect, but far enough for privacy. The pavilion was large. With the height of a full grown oak and the width of a Viking ship. The sounds of distant music snuck its way in but it was first time the prince Jaro and his lady were alone. He looked lustful at the girl standing before him who stared down into the floor, she avoided his gaze.

"You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen," the words escaped Jaro's mouth as he stepped forward. "What is the name of such a dove?"

"M...Mi...ri, lord." She answered nervously as Jaro was now standing centimeters from her, looking down at her.

"Miri," he repeated and drew his hand through her hair. "As in the village in the north?"

"Ye...yes," she nodded and pulled her hair over one of her ears, "I...I was born there, my lord."

"Miri, it was conquered by my father," he announced and she flinched as the words cut in to her frightened soul, "do not be afraid Miri," he comforted her, "When my father passes, your people will be my people, and my people will be your people." He placed his hand under her chin and lifted her head to his own. "I will protect them all. Tonight I want our future to be made. To be planted inside of you."

On the floor lay a large pile of furs and sheets. He unbuckled his waist strap and let his rags fall to the floor. Miri looked down and spotted his impressive manhood. All this time her nose had caught the scent of him and her body had responded to emit her own sexual aroma. His hand held hers and guided it down and over his growing member. Her fingers were pushed and laid around it. It pulsed and pumped in her hand as it grew and she giggled by the effects she was making on him.

He smiled at her laughter, which was pleasant to his ears. He let go of her hand, which continued to hold his erect penis. With his hands free, he lifted the buckle in her waist strap and it fell down her hips to her feet. Together they stepped out of their clothes and kissed. Miri tasted like sweet candy and his tongue danced together with Miri's. Her body was shaking in his hands but he held her firm as he gently laid her down on to the fur sheets. Miri humbly lay on her back before prince Jaro. She held her thighs together but it was useless. He stood on his knees and looked over her body.

She was extremely shy and her eyes were only focused on the large phallus, which stood straight out from Jaro's body and stared at her face. Drops of precum dripped from its opening by the tip and its large sack that hung underneath was larger than the chicken eggs she had collected on her farm. His hands dug in between her knees and forced her legs wide open, providing the view to her holy hole. Her female scent dashed through the air and as it entered his nostrils, he felt a force pulling him over her body. His penis slid over her vagina and grinded his shaft up and down her slit, which made it coated in moisture. His hand fondled her large full breasts and his lips kissed her neck. She moaned in delight but was just as nervous. All of a sudden, she felt his tip push against her and she knew this was it.

"Please, be gentle," she begged and closed her eyes tight.

Jaro pushed and her labia was forced aside. The wet walls of her vagina expanded to make way for the intruder and she gasped as he sank deep into her body. It stretched and hurt, but Miri was amazed that her pussy could swallow his flesh so deep. Her arms wrapped around his neck and shoulders to brace herself. His penis kept on burrowing into her cunt until she felt his heavy sack rest against her bum. The moment after he stopped and held in its place, she opened her eyes and gasped for air. Her vagina squeezed down on his cock, which made her spill more juices over the cock to help it penetrate her.

"Did that feel good?" he asked and turned her head to him.

She looked into his eyes and replied, "My pussy is on fire!" Before she pushed up and kissed him with lust.

Jaro's great cock felt wonderful inside Miri's body and they quickly got a liking to each other. His ass rose and sank as he thrusted into his newly found mate. She moaned and groaned as her bum was pushed into the fur by her lover, her nails clawed his back like a feline as he bit her neck. The sex was rough as he pounded her pussy, but the sex drew close to its end, and Jaro grunted loud and pushed as hard as he could against Miri’s sex. She cried out loud, as her orgasm washed over her at the same time his seed washed over her cervix. He fired long jets of cum up her cunt and into her body as she moaned in ecstasy.

His cock softened fast before he rolled off her body and to her side. She lay still to calm down, still not fully trusting her prince. Once their breathing had settled she rose up to examine the results of his actions. Her opening was gaped but no trace of his semen could be found. He must have shot it deep she thought as she laid her head down again and wondered what was going to happen to her now. She decided to lie still again. After a moment his arm reached over and pulled her to his side, she laid her head against his chest as his arm fell down around her and engulfed her. This was her place now, and deep inside her, it felt good.

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