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It was only supposed to be a quiet read trying to wait out the storm. But then he walked in

             The couple was in front of the fireplace, clothes strewn all over the room. The male, clearly dominant, the woman spread beneath him. Every now and then the room would be filled with the high pitched sighs of the woman, and the deep throated groans of the male. Kalen's knee nudged her pale, slender thighs further apart. Her hands clutched at his shoulders, ran down his flanks in fervered urgency. Fingers pressing into his buttocks. Their bodies weren't joined yet-but they soon would be. The woman writhed beneath him. Kalen dipped his head toward his lover's generous breast, sucking a pink, hardened nipple into his mouth. The woman arched beneath him, flinging her arms abover her head. Kalen nipped at her breasts, leaving red marks everywhere his mouth ventured. He positioned his hips over her moist heat. The night was far from over......








Sarah closed the book with a sigh, looking into the huge fireplace she was settled in front of. She reached for the glass of wine on the table next to her, and sank deeper into the leather chair's cushions. She listened to the storm outside,the tree branches scraping the window every now and then. Sarah shivered and looked around the huge expansive library she was in. Thought about her fiancee, working at the moment and should be coming home anytime soon. She flipped the book that she was reading and stared at the couple on the front. Her eyes danced across the slender woman, her bright green eyes, pale skin and long red hair. She felt a pang of jealousy as she contemplated the relationship between the woman and the man in the book. How sensual the woman was and how masculine and dominate the male was. Sarah thought back on her childhood and how many of the things she'd read she'd never dare do. She was a devote christian, has been a christian all her 19 years. She had grown up believing masterbation was a sin and her feelings and thoughts about sex before marriagen were paramount.

Thats why she loved Justin so much, he never pushed her to have sex even though she knew there were times he really wanted her, he had never acted on it. He respected her wishes and thats the type of marriage she'd always dreamed of having. Beside all that though, she found the man of her dreams. She was engaged to a wealthy, handsome man who could provide for her the way her mother always wanted. The way she'd always wanted. She was currently living with her fiancee. The move was a hard one, considering she didnt believe in living with another male,only bad could come of that. But she didnt have any other option. Her parents had died suddenly in a horrific car accident, so Sarah, not being able to afford the bills and about to be newly married anyway, sold the house, keeping all the furniture and had just simply moved in with Justin in his mansion. Their wedding was only 5 weeks away so it seemed more logical than renting out an apartment.


The house...well....mansion was big enough. A five story affair, tennis court, basketball court, indoor swimming pool and arcade. Justin had insisted it was for all of his nieces and nephews when they came to visit after Sarah had playfully suggested that there were some people who just never grew up. The library she was currently sitting in took up more than half of the fourth floor alone, and the other part of the floor was Justin's office. The fifth floor was the family floor, consisting of a kitchen, big living room, and seven bedrooms. The third floor was just guest bedrooms and a kitchen, the second was servant quarters, and the first was just a typical everyday house furnishing. When Sarah first moved in she felt horribly intimidated by the size of the place but she became used to it after a few weeks. It was to be her house after all so it wasn't like she had any other choice. Sarah slept on the fifth floor, and paid rent to Justin to ease her conscious. She felt pretty good about it. He slept on the third floor, 2 floors down.


Sarah sipped more of her wine, enjoying the distinctive boquet. She jumped with a start as the storm worsened and a huge crack of lightning raced through the sky, seconds later the sound of thunder filled the room. She shivered, pulling her fleece blanket tighter around herself, thinking she should get up and go to another room that wasnt All her life Sarah had been afraid of thunderstorms. Her parents were always working, leaving Sarah at home to fend for herself. Childish fears that had never went away because she'd never had anyone there to tell her it was ok, that it was just a storm. Her mother had never comforted her when she'd needed it the most. So she'd took that fear into her adulthood and delt with it the best she could. But now, as she sat in the huge library she wondered if she could deal with it quite this minute. Sarah tossed down the rest of her wine, feeling pretty light, and warm from the fire. She settled a bit deeper into the cushions, sighing as she rested her head against the arm of the chair.


Justin walked in the mansion about half past eight, shaking the rain of his trench coat and hanging it on a hook by the door to dry. He took off his tie and rolled up his cuffs, loosening a few buttons on his shirt. He ran his hand through his midnight black hair, trying to dry it as best as he could. Today had been a pretty good day at work and he had grabbed something quick to eat before jumping into his 2009 mercedes benz and rushing home to see his fiancee. He knew she was afraid of thunderstorms and he couldnt call and comfort her because his phone had died. He hoped she was preoccupying herself to get her mind off it till he got home. He looked around the first floor and when he didnt find her he ran up the steps past two floors and into the library where he saw the back fireplace lit up. He walked past rows and rows of books till he came to the great setting place he knew she'd be at. There were 7 great big leather chairs stationed around the fireplace and there were a pile of furs and blankets and cushions spread before the generous hearth. Very comfortable if you just wanted to relax and read, getting away from the stresses of everyday life. The library had an almost 1600's feel to it. Sarah had decorated it well. He looked at his love, curled up in the cushion, body sinking into it like the chair was gonna swallow her whole. Her head was supported by the arm of the chair, her long, thick curly black hair spilled over and onto the floor, her rose colored lips parted and her breasts softly rising and lowering with her steady breathing. Her eyelashes lay against her cheeks, the fire casting long shawdows across them. He glanced at her body, full and curvy, her light brown skin glowing in the light of the fire. He was a very lucky man.


He walked up next to her, bent down, and touched his lips to hers gently, his hand fisting into her soft hair. Sarah awoke with start, feeling someone's lips upon her own. Opening her eyes, realizing that it was Justin, she let out a soft moan and opened her mouth for him. She felt a slight tug at her hair with Justin's response to her. Justin deepened the kiss, sucking her bottom lip into his mouth, nibbling on it. Sarah gasped. He had never before kissed her like this. He said it'd be better to steer away from temptation. But tonight...there was something different about him. Something she couldnt quite put her finger on. Her eyes opened wide as she felt his strong hands grip her waist, lifting her and laying her across his lap, amidst the fur and cushions. Justin stroked her hair lightly, feeling her shudder as the sound of thunder filled the library, echoing off the stone walls.



"I'm here...everything will be alright." He whispered, turning her chin up, he settled his mouth over hers for a deep, soulful kiss. Pulling away he nipped her bottom lip gently, then stroked his tongue across the love bite to soothe the sting. Justin felt Sarah's body slowly start to lean against his in silent acceptance. He took it slow, knowing she was new to this. Every carress had to be perfect. He placed his hand lightly on her stomach, pressing slightly. He took her mouth once more, his hand sliding under the silky material of her shirt. He grasped the hem and pulled it off her in one smooth motion. His eyes darkened as they feasted on the creamy, golden globes of her breasts, half hiden beneath her red lacy bra. He was so busy thinking that that was his favorite color on her, that he barely registered her startled gasp and attempt to cover herself.



Sarah jerked the shirt back up, and crossed her arms over it. She couldn't BELIEVE she'd let it go this far!! But.....the things he made her feel....NO! Thats no excuse...she had morals...values...her integrety! A whole lifetime of teaching and doing good and she was just gonna waste all that??? No....she was getting out of this room and away from him- away from temptation.


Sarah got up suddenly took one step forward and yelped as she felt his hands bite into her hips, pushing her back down onto his lap. She looked up into his bright green eyes, her golden face flushing a pale pink as he stared steadily into her eyes.

"I want you. That's something you're going to have to get used to. You are a beautiful, sexy woman. MY woman. Tonight you will be my pleasure. And i will not apologize for it either." Justin bent his head and captured her lips, slack with shock at what he just said. He groaned with pleasure as his tongue explored the moist cavern, sucking her tongue into his mouth for him to feast on. Sarah moaned as he caressed her tongue with his own. His kisses became rougher, more urgent. His hand fisted into the hear at the nape of ther neck, holding her tightly to him. He left her mouth to trail hot, open mouthed kisses down her neck, nibbling and sucking the skin as he went. Sarah gasped and threw her head back over his arm as he sucked on a particularly senstive bit of skin.

Sarah felt like she was burning up. Her whole body was flushed and a fine sheen of sweat coated her skin. Sarah groaned as Justin tongue danced across her collarbone, moving lower to the upper swell of her right breast.

"No!" Sarah gasped, grabbing his head and trying to push him away from her. This was wrong!

But Justin was much stronger than she was, and for all her tugging and pushing he wouldn't budge not an inch. He gently nipped her skin with his teeth, leaving red marks all over the top of her breast. He moved to the left one to pay it the same lavish attention. Sarah whimpered, giving up. Justin unhooked her bra in the back, pulling it away from the gorgeous mounds of flesh before him. He grasped her arms tightly in his hands so she couldnt cover herself. Justin groaned, his phallus tightening and jerking as he stared at her perfection. Her breasts were only slightly lighter than the rest of her body. A beautiful, golden color. With nipples a couple shades darker than pink. They were hard and long, just begging to be sucked.


Sarah squirmed in his lap as she saw his head dipping towards her breasts. Justin halted his decent and looked up at her. A smile quirked his lips at the expression on her face. Justin sat back against one of the cushions, hoisting Sarah up better in his arms. Sarah's breasts jiggled slightly with the movement and Justin inhaled sharply, tightening his hold on her. Sarah's rested on his upper arm, turning her face into his chest to hide her embarrassment. But Justin would have none of that. He gripped her chin tightly with his thumb and forefinger and forced her to look at him.


"I want you to watch everything i do to you. You will not look away once. Do you understand me?" He growled.

Sarah whimpered and nodded.

Justin took his finger and place it on her breast, not quite touching the nipple. He began to make slow lazy circles around her nipple, smiling as Sarah's mouth fell open. She let out a shaky breath, moaning as Justin pinched her nipple between his fingers. She arched back, thrusting her breasts closer to his face. Justin circled her nipple for long minutes, as Sarah squirmed around on his lap.

Sarah was very embarrassed at the noises she was making! Even worse than that a low throbbing had started in her pussy and every now and then she would feel hot liquid push out of her body and into her panties. She closed her eyes in pleasure as Justin squimed his fingertips lightly across her nipple. Justin smelled her arousal and groaned, bent his head and sucked a dark, distened nipple into his mouth.

Sarah's body froze in shock, her mouth opened in a silent scream as his teeth closed on her nipple, his tongue flicking across the tip. Her hands grasped his head tightly pulling his harder against her. Justin took the distraction as an oppurtunity to undo her pants. He slid the material down her legs as he pulled his head back, teeth still enclosed on her nipple. Justin took the distraction as an oppurtunity to undo her pants. He slid the material down her legs as he pulled his head back, teeth still enclosed on her nipple.

Sarah felt like she was going to pass out! It was so hot. Justins hot mouth rythmically tugged on her nipple, the heat from the fireplace was heightning her pleasure even more. Sarah moaned as he bit her nipple gently, his hand resting on her stomache and moving lower to the red lace of her panties. He pulled them down off her, tossing them onto the growing pile of clothes across the room. Justin moved back from her, tugging his shirt off and smiling as Sarah blushed even harder. He was proud of his body, he worked out everyday faithfully. He was a well built man and Sarah was appreciating every muscle and sinew she laid her eyes on. Her hand went to his chest tentavely, feeling his skin. Justin closed his eyes and groaned as she leaned forward and put her moist lips to the middle of his chest, tongue flicking out to taste him.


Justin lost it. He pushed Sarah roughly down onto the furs underneath them. He spead her legs wide, kissing her almost savagely in his need. His fingers pinched her nipples and tugged hard, drawing high pitched moans from her. He sat back on his heels and studyed her. Her high, firm breasts, flat stomach and long long legs. Nestled between them was the object of his desire. She didn't have any hair down there. Justin was thankful, it'd make it that much easire to suck her and for her to feel every hot stroke of his tongue. He spread her legs further and bent them back. He grabbed a cushion and placed it beneathe her ass, lifting her high in the air. Sarah tried to cover herself but Justin pulled her hands away.

Justin placed his fingers on her pussy lips, pulling them apart. Sarah choked on a scream, arching back. Justin saw how swollen she was, saw her pink clit protruding from her skin. He ran his forefinger down her seam very lightly, barely touching her. Justin gloried in the amount of juices that came out of her. He whetted his fingertips, and bringing them to his mouth, licked the juices off them. Justin's penis, already rock hard, swelled even more. Justin stood up and pulled off his pant and boxers, Sarah opened her eyes and saw his huge length sping out of them. Sarah's body went still, barely breathing.

He was almost twelve inches long, and about seven inches in circumfrence. And harder than a rock. Sarah let out a breathy moan. There was absolutely no way he was going to be able to fit inside her! She closed her eyes as Justin sat back on his heels between her legs. He began to massage her inner thighs with his hands, squeezing and kneading the flesh. It was ment to calm her down but Sarah only became more aroused the more he touched her. Justin parted her cunt lips once more with his left hand and with the forefinder of his right hand he began to lightly circle her clit.

Sarah's mouth fell open in shock and she raised her hips higher to him, expelling a shaky breath.


Justin saw her clit swell up, and he traced his fingernail across it. Sarah screamed and arched violently. Justin smiled as an amazing amount of juices pushed out of her pussy. He lowered his hand and pushed two fingers inside her, feeling her muscles spasm and grip around his fingers tightly. God she was so tight! He began to push a third inside her. Sarah gripped his hand tightly with her own, her nails digging into the skin.

"Oh God Justin!" She yelled. "Please!!! Oh oh oh God! Don't!!!"

Justin slammed all three of his fingers into her at once and felt her hips lift off the ground, despite his attempt to hold her down. He began to pump her hard, giving her no mercy. Her legs were stretched wide, her juices continulously running down his hand, down her gorgeous bottom. She was so wet, and the smell. God, her scent was driving him insane.

Sarah threw her head back in an agonized scream as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her body with the force of her orgasm but Justin still kept pounding into her with his fingers. Sarah's body began jerking violently.

"JUSTIN! Please...please STOP I CANT TAKE IT! I'M TOO SENSITIVE!" She yelled out.

Sarah felt as if her body were on fire. Every thrust of his fingers pushed her on the brink of madness. She was unprepared when he bent down and sealed his mouth over her clit. Sarah gripped his shoulders tightly, as her mouth opened up in a silently scream. She was shaking, jerking, bucking up into his mouth.

"JUSTIN! I CANT!!! I CANT STAND IT AGAIN!!!" She screamed, tears falling down her cheeks with the intensity of the feelings inside her. Justin just sucked all the more harder, still fingering her pussy. Sarah almost blacked out as she felt his teeth close around her clit and bit gently. Her legs wrapped around his head, squezzing tightly as another orgasm slammed through her body. He started sucking her clit through his teeth, tongue stabbing at it every time it entered his mouth. Sarah felt her legs go numb with shock. She gripped his head tightly and pulled, screaming as all she accompolished was him pulling his head back with her clit still in his mouth. He pulled his fingers from her sopping pussy and circled his tongue around her hole.


Sarah panted and jerked as he stabbed his tongue deep within her. Over and over his tongue penetrated her. She sobbed and begged for him to stop, she honeslty couldnt take anymore. Sarah felt like her chest caved in as he began to suck strongly at her hole, his fingers pinching her clit. Her hands hit the floor at her sides as she just layed there. Feeling every tug of his mouth and every stroke of his tongue as he ate her alive.


Finally after several minutes went by, he kissed his way up her body and took her mouth in a slow, deep sensual kiss. Sarah could taste herself on his lips and blushed as she found she liked the flavor. He bent down and sucked her nipple into his mouth again, scraping it with his teeth and laving it with his tongue.

He moved upward and began to suck on her neck. He wrapped her legs high on his waist, raising her up slightly. Plus with the pillow beneath her hips he would have no trouble finding the correct and most pleasurable angle that would be easiest to slam himself deep inside her. Taking them both to pleasurable bliss.

The broad head of his cock slid against the inside of her thigh, prodded her swollen feminine flesh. Her inner muscles started to clench. Instinctively, she lifted her hips, ofering him the cradle of of her thighs. He groaned against her ear.

"Yes, love. Like that."

He began to press himself hard against her, groaning as he felt himself push past the first couple of inches of tight muscles and into the weeping warmth of his love. Sarah's jaw dropped open as she felt the enormous head enter her. Her lower body fell out of control as he pushed another inch into her.

Justin grasped her hips tightly in his hands, fingers digging into the round globes of her ass. Stilling her beneath him.

"Shhh." He whispered. "I've got you, everythings going to be alright." He lowered his mouth to hers, lips moving in erotic possesession. She whimpered into his mouth, and he became almost brutal then, seeming to demand the very breath from her lungs. She gave it willingly. She didnt have the heart, or the desire, to fight his possession of her body. The slide of his hair roughened leg abraided the soft inner skin of her thigh. She groaned and clutched at him, trying to tell him without words what she wanted.

He understood, she was sure, but he had other ideas. "No need to rush," He murmered. He scattered kisses all over her face, touching her cheeks, her nose, her eyelids. He nibbled her ear, swirling the tip of his tongue around the outter shell. In one smooth thrust he setted all of his eleven inches deeply inside her. He heard her scream, muffled against his shoulder. He held himself very still as he rubbed her back, her shoulders, cradled her head in his hands. Letting her get used to the size of him.

Sarah felt a sharp stab of pain that quickly disappeared as the pleasure of having such a big intruder filling her body. Her pussy was throbbing, feeling very unfulfilled. She moaned against his ear, wiggling her hips. Desire coursed through her veins. He pulled out of her in one smooth glide of flesh and sank deeply into her. Sarah threw her head back gasping, her nails digging into his buttocks trying to pull him deeper within her. His hand moved to her right leg behind her knee, and grasping it tightly he lifted it and place it over his shoulder and sank another inch into her. Sarah was arched high beneath him, her skin flushed with sweat and the heat from the fire. Her rosy nipples stood out proudly and he lowered his head and began to thrust slow and hard into her.


Sarah couldnt breathe. The fire was burning her alive. She could feel the searing heat of the flames heating her pussy as well as Justin's hard sure strokes, slamming into her one after the other. It was impossible anything should feel this good. Rising on ridged arms, he angled his body and thrust deep. A hot coil constricted in Sarah's belly. Each flex of Justin's hips wound it tighter. And tighter. Her world narrowed to the reality of their bodies' joining, a place of sharp bliss and swirling sensation. His sweat was on her skin; her fingers splayed on his back. He was slick and hot, broad and hard. Everything a man should be.


He began to beat himself against her almost violently. His balls slapping against her ass with every thrust. His hands tightened in her hair and he jerked her head up to look at him.

"Who's pussy is this?" He asked as he withdrew completely from her and slung his hips back into her. Wringing a strangled cry from her throat.

"It's yours." She whispered, almost fearful with how violent he was becoming.

"I cant hear you!" He growled, slowing his pace significantly just thrusting harder and harder inside her.

"It's yours!" She fairly yelled, arching as he hit something deep within her, causing her to clamp down hard on him.

"What is mine?" He asked.

"My-my pussy." She studdered, face red in embarrassment.

"I cant hear you!" He exclaimed, bending down so he was just a mere inch away from her face.

"MY PUS-" He cut her off, slamming his mouth down over hers, thrusting his tongue in. Raping her mouth as he began a hard, steady thrusting that soon had tears falling from her eyes. She whimpered and tried to turn her head but he just kissed her all the more harder, stealing the very breath from her lungs.

His hand snaked down between their bodies and he pinched her clit with his fingers and tugged. Sarah screamed and bucked into him, feeling him swell and lock inside her. He sat up and pulled out slowly, causing her to cry out he was so big. He slowly sank back in her. On hand on her leg, the other on her clit. Manipulating her body with almost sinful skill. Over and over he thrust, each one feeling like a dull blade against the severity of the swolleness of her inner muscles. He nudged her higher and higher toward the precipice. Then in one last deep thrust he took her screaming over the edge. She felt him harded even more and burst inside of her, lodged deeply in her thuddering muscles. The last sound she heard before she lost consciousness was his voice, calling her name.

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