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Botched Presentation to the Boss

Two underlings decide to make the office a better place by fucking their boss
[Author’s note: This is my first go at writing erotic fiction, and I have no idea how it will be received. On top of that, my writing skills are a bit rusty these days. It’s roughly based on a recurring fantasy of mine, but the people involved are fictional. If at least a few people enjoy it, then I’m happy.]

The idea to seduce my boss first came up on a dreary Thursday evening. It wasn't so much dreary in that the weather was crap, but more that we were trapped in the office slogging through spreadsheets and project plans when we would much rather be at home drinking or...well, doing anything other than what we were doing.

"We," of course, means myself, plus my coworker Katie. We were both heavily involved in a couple of the same projects together; her as Project Manager and me in more of a technical support role. We also had the same boss, a woman named Colleen, who had a knack for making our professional lives pretty hellish. When you first meet her, she seems nice enough...a decent boss, easy to get along with...but as pressure on her mounted to get projects out the door faster and with fewer resources, her professional ambitions took over and she drove her teams ever harder.

I suppose I should describe the three of us, since this is a sexual story after all. We're all "normal" Pitts or Anistons in this crowd...but definitely reasonably good-looking people.

Katie is about 5'5" or so, in her early 30s, with long loosely curly blondish hair. She's a bit mousey looking, with thin features, grey eyes, and glasses. Definitely cute though. Her breasts are right for her frame, probably around a small B-cup or so. She also has very delicate hands, which I've always enjoyed watching as she types. I imagine she does some visual arts in her free time. Katie tends to dress very conservatively, tending toward comfort over style with long flowy skirts and loose-fitting tops. All up to date styles, but nothing fancy.

Colleen is of "fuller" build, but by no means overweight. She is around 5'9", with darker brown curly hair, and dark brown eyes. The workout regimen she recently started had really done the job, taking her from "office worker" physique, to a much more "fit" look. Her newly flattened tummy definitely accentuated her D-cup breasts, particularly with some of the tighter sweaters she prefers. Colleen generally sticks to fashionable business casual, with the very occasional conservative dress. She seems to consistently manage to choose pants that are particularly form-fitting, especially when sitting down, which is always distracting for me in meetings.

Finally, me. I'm a pretty normal looking guy, average build, average physique (could stand to lose a few pounds), and about 5'9". I have dark brown hair, blue eyes, and wear glasses when I run out of contacts. I'm pretty average in just about every dimension (yep, down there too). I know, not too exciting, but it's the truth.

Back to the dreary Thursday evening... Katie and I, while not "close," do get along quite well personally and professionally. I think I might be a little bit more enegergetic than the people she's used to hanging out with, but it doesn't seem to bother her too much. One thing we definitely have in common though, is a mutual distaste and frustration with our boss (and, as I would later discover, a mutual taste for crazy sex). On this particular evening, as the day wore on, our productivity began to drop off and our conversation once again turned to our frustrations about Colleen.

I'll spare you the boring back and forth, but the defining moment was Katie muttering, "she probably just needs to get fucked."

"What?!" I said, completely taken aback at something I never would have expected to hear come out of Katie's mouth.

Katie blushed and looked down demurely. "Sorry...I just...I dunno. She just strikes me as someone who probably doesn't have much of a love life, that's all. Maybe she'd lighten up a little if she'd take some time off and got was getting a little love every now and then."

I chuckled and thought about it for a second. "Yeah, she probably would. We should pay someone to seduce her or something."

"Might be tough to find someone," Katie said, grinning. "I mean, I suppose she's pretty attractive, but she's probably a tough nut to crack. You'd probably have to...pry...a bit, you know?"

"Yeah, I suppose so. I mean, shit, I'd probably do it myself if I didn't think it would get me fired," I said.

Katie looked surprised. "Funny," she said, "I was about to say the same thing."

It was my turn to be really surprised, but at that moment, Colleen walked in and our thoughts turned immediately back to the project...

The next day, Katie stopped by my cube. I spun around in my chair to face her as she was bending down to whisper something and our faces collided. We both pulled away quickly in surprise after my lips and two day stubble brushed against her delicate pale cheek, leaving a small red mark.

"Oh! Hi...sorry about that!" I said, slightly embarrassed.

"No it's OK. You need to shave though!"

"So what's up? Reporting engine broken again?"

Katie leaned in closer and whispered, "actually, I was thinking about our conversation last night..."

I was pretty sure I knew what she was referring to, but I decided to play dumb to see where she was going with it.

"...I think we should do it. I think we could pull it off."

I raised an eyebrow slightly. "You're not talking about re-working the database structure, are you?"

She touched my arm lightly, and the additional unexpected contact felt like a tiny electric shock. When did Katie get so intimate? "You know exactly what I'm talking about, and yes I'm serious. I think we should try it. We both hate this place...what do we have to lose?"

"You've obviously lost it," I said. "Which one of us do you it?"

"Both of us. At the same time."

I could tell by the look on her face that she was serious. Possibly off her rocker, but definitely not kidding. I contemplated what she'd said and as ridiculous as it sounded, frankly, the thought really turned me on. I shifted around a bit to hide my rapidly growing hard on. Before Katie had a chance to notice and probably tease me about it, she looked at her watch, "Crap! I'm late for my call…gotta go!"

I spent the weekend replaying the conversation with Katie in my head. She HAD to be kidding…just fucking with me. Weird sense of humor on that one, I thought. Eventually I managed to push it out of my head, but not before putting the imagery to other uses first.

Tuesday morning, I had gotten my head on straight for the most part. After a few hours of fielding calls, an instant message from Katie popped up, asking me to stop by her office. Assuming it was project-related, I hustled down the hall and poked my head through the door.

"What's up?" I asked.

Katie motioned toward the empty chair sitting next to her desk. "Have a seat, gotta tell you something."

I sat down, and Katie quickly leaned in close. "I've got it all figured out, don't say anything…just listen."

Over the next five minutes, Katie outlined her plan in great (and slightly rapid) detail, as I sat dumbfounded. Once again, I had to shift around in the chair to hide my arousal, but before it could get too out of control, Katie's office mates returned from their coffee run, so we quickly changed the subject and pretended to wrap up our conversation.

The rest of the day proceeded quietly, and I did my best to keep my mind on my work, until I passed Katie in the hall as she was collecting some documents from the communal printer. I stopped next to her.

"Hey, so…one question…" I started.

Katie turned to face me, smiling slyly. "Yeah, what is it?"

"You and I, we've never… I mean…" I'm so awkward sometimes.

Katie smiled wider and stepped close to me, bringing her lips a fraction of an inch from my ear.

"…Been intimate?" she whispered hotly.

Still in shock from her sudden change in demeanor, all I could do was nod slightly.

"Well, then I guess that will just make it a little more interesting," she muttered.

Katie quickly placed a soft, warm kiss on the corner of my mouth while lightly tracing my jawline with one finger, then turned back to her print job.

Wednesday and Thursday passed uneventfully, if not somewhat slowly. Every time I passed Katie in the hall, or sat in a meeting with her, she acted as if nothing was afoot. I found her nonchalance somewhat disconcerting, and started to wonder if maybe the whole thing was off. Friday morning, however, I dressed up as planned and headed off to the office, with butterflies aplenty whirling around in my stomach.

I ran into Katie almost immediately, and she looked fantastic. She wore a nice calf-length skirt with a subdued floral print that bordered on translucent in the right light. On top she wore a neutral blouse with a plunging neckline that was a bit more form-fitting than what she normally wore and which drew attention to the pale skin between her breasts.

I, on the other hand, with my limited wardrobe choices, tried to pick the most flattering dress pants and shirt that I owned, and of course slapped on a tie as well. I certainly didn't look like I'd just popped off the pages of GQ, but based on some of the comments I received from Katie and others in the office, the outfit had the intended effect. Also, I'd lightly sprayed some cologne, bought especially for the occasion, that Katie had somehow discovered was Colleen's favorite thing to smell on a man.

Faced with questions about why we were so dressed up (relatively speaking), we simply used a joint presentation as an excuse, which was basically true, since we were presenting to a group of director-level members of the project. In truth, it was all part of the plan.

The idea was that we would schedule a last-minute meeting with Colleen, right at the end of the day. The office usually cleared out pretty early on Fridays, with many people rushing off to spend time with family, and many of the rest joining up for happy hour at one of the many nearby downtown bars. Then, once everyone was gone, Katie would take the initiative (less threatening) and get the ball rolling.

As the day wore on, my anxiety grew, as did my increasingly-difficult-to-hide erections. Between the two, I was pretty sure I was going to pop one way or the other.

Finally, it was go time.

Katie and I showed up in Colleen's spacious office as scheduled, and began to set up using the wall-mounted flat screen to present. Per Katie's instructions, I had tweaked some of the graphics properties on my laptop, which caused some extremely annoying artifacts and flickering. After about five minutes, Colleen sighed and said, "oh for crying out loud, just bring your damn laptop over here and let's get this done."

Katie looked at me and nodded slightly. I disconnected the computer, and set it in front of Colleen. Katie and I both stood on either side of Colleen's chair, within pointing distance of the screen. Re-situated, I continued to speak to hold Colleen's attention. Meanwhile Katie fished a small but very powerful vibrator out of her purse which sat to the side, out of Colleen's field of view. Taking advantage of Colleen's attention being focused on my PowerPoint slides, Katie surreptitiously passed the small, pink, egg-shaped vibe to me, which I covered in the palm of my hand.

The next few moments would be the most critical, defining whether we'd be fired...or worse. The plan was to throw Colleen way off-balance, and take advantage of that moment to make our move. See, the thing about Colleen is she tended to get really riled up about people "wasting her potentially billable time" if anyone ever seemed to be less than prepared in a meeting or presentation. She's even come close to firing someone over a few facts missing from an important presentation. Yes, she can be that much of a bitch. So, with that in mind, Katie purposely deleted a key slide, and left out a few points we knew she wanted to hear about...and it worked.

"Wait a sec here guys," Colleen said, the irritation clear in her voice. "You've left out exactly the information I wanted to get out of this stupid meeting. I mean, you keep me late on a Friday, and you don't even make it worth my while?! You make the effort to get all dressed up, but you can't even make the goddamn TV work right? I expected more from you two!"

I mumbled a half-assed apology, and Katie stood there looking mortified (on purpose), and after a moment, a single tear traced a wet path down her cheek (on purpose). Colleen softened...barely.

"Look, don't cry about just need to get your shit together."

"But I...we...worked so hard to get this ready for you," Katie sobbed.

Continuing the ruse, Katie leaned over and slammed the laptop shut and started to walk away with it. Colleen roughly grabbed the computer out of Katie's hands. "We're not done here," she growled.

Katie stopped in her tracks, wiped away the forced tears, and shoved Colleen's rolling chair backward, which I grabbed and forced to lean backwards (always a fun trick if someone isn't expecting it). She then practically pounced on Colleen, straddling her lap and holding Colleen's face firmly. "You're right, we're not," Katie said, her voice low and husky.

"What the f-...mmmff," was all Colleen managed to squeak out, before Katie kissed her deeply. Between being thrown literally off-balance and having one of her employees sitting on her lap forcing her tongue in her mouth, Colleen had no idea what to do. Rather than fight, she just went limp.

So far so good - that was my cue to move in. I flipped the switch on the vibrator, and it came to life in my hand. It was a surprisingly powerful vibrator, given its size. With Colleen still in shock and physically occupied, I reached around from behind her and pressed the vibrating egg firmly against her crotch. Colleen's eyes flew open and she squealed as she dropped the laptop in surprise.

Rather than pushing either of us away, Colleen grabbed the arms of her chair. The only thing running through MY mind was "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck…can't believe this is happening." I have no idea what was happening inside Colleen's mind, but after a few moments, she seemed to relax a bit, which included her thigh muscles which had immediately clamped down on my hand. Colleen moaned quietly into Katie's mouth and I felt her start to move her hips just slightly to grind against the vibrator in my hand.

But, the initial shock was short lived; Colleen quickly pushed Katie away, and blocked the vibrator with one hand.

"What…the fuck are you two doing?" she asked incredulously.

"I'm gonna level with you, boss, you're a fucking cunt to everyone in this office, and as much as I'd like to slap you every time I see you…" Katie paused for a moment, and lightly caressed Colleen's flushed cheek, "…I think the better way to deal with this little problem is to fuck you…every way that we can think of."

Colleen just stared back blankly, at a complete loss for how to respond. Katie leaned forward and planted a small wet kiss on the corner of Colleen's mouth. Colleen didn't pull away.

A few tense moments passed before anyone said anything. Finally, Colleen broke the silence.

"OK," she whispered.

Katie gently grasped Colleen's hand, brought it to her mouth, and slowly swirled her tongue around Colleen's ring and middle fingers. "Touch me," she said quietly.

Tentatively, Colleen reached forward and lifted Katie's skirt, exposing her red lacy panties. I watched, basically dumbfounded, as Colleen slowly pulled the panties downward and slipped her fingers through the folds of Katie's pussy. "Fuck me, dammit," Katie practically growled, as a guttural moan escaped her lips when Colleen complied by sliding her two saliva-slicked fingers into Katie's cunt.

Katie nodded toward me, having obviously noticed the bulge in my pants. "Come on over...mmmm..., her voice trembled slightly as Colleen's palm brushed across her engorged clitoris, "...she's pretty good at this."

I couldn't decide if the look on Colleen's face was one of disgust or lust...possibly some of both. Either way, this was easily the sexiest thing I'd ever seen, Katie's thin legs splayed open as our boss slowly sawed her fingers in and out of Katie's clearly sopping wet cunt.

I felt like I was dragging my jaw across the ground as I moved the few steps forward to stand next to Katie.

Katie leaned over and kissed me gently, running her warm tongue lightly over my lips. "Get your cock out, silly," she breathed into my ear.

Slowly, I undid my belt, button, and zipper, and Katie reached over to help free my cock from my pants, gliding her soft and cool fingers over the head as she did. I almost came right then.

"Much better," she said, smiling. "Nice cock, I've been excited to see that all week." Then, turning back to Colleen she said, "well, you've got two hands...use them!"

Colleen rolled her eyes at us, and maintained her mixed look of lust and disgust. She hesitated slightly, but then did as she was told. Her warm, slender fingers wrapped around my shaft and she began to stroke me slowly but firmly. Katie and I locked lips again, both absorbed in our separate but simultaneous pleasure.

"I can't believe you're both fired, by the way. Fucking perverts."

Katie broke our kiss slightly to respond, "Fired...doubt it. Perverts...mmm...totally."

"Fine," was all Colleen said, and at the same time, began to ram her fingers harder into Katie's cunt and increased the friction on her clitoris.

Katie groaned and began to grind herself onto Colleen's hand. Her hips began to buck as her orgasm built, and Colleen released her grip on my cock and wrapped that arm around Katie's slender waist to keep her stable and to provide some leverage for the vigorous fucking she was delivering.

"Yessss..." Katie hissed, "fuck that...unhhh...I'm gonna come so...fu-...fucking hard."

Even without stimulation, precum dripped from the tip of my cock, forming tiny little globs on the carpet. Katie noticed this, and reached over to catch a small amount on her finger, then noisily sucked it off. She then faced Colleen again, clutched her face in both hands and kissed her deeply as a massive orgasm rippled through her body. Katie maintained the sloppy kiss for what must have been close to twenty or thirty seconds as wave after wave of pleasure hit her. She shivered and moaned into Colleen's mouth while her pussy clamped down around Colleen's fingers.

A few moments later, she leaned back and sighed. "That was INCREDIBLE," she said, looking at me and giggling slightly (I'm pretty sure I was still a bit slack-jawed at the time). "I think it's your turn now."

Katie stood up slowly and Colleen's fingers slipped out of her with a slight squish sound. After watching my boss fuck my coworker silly, I was so ready to cum that I was practically shaking.

Colleen stared at my dripping cock. "Alright, but you're not sitting on my feet are asleep."

"No problem," I responded as I helped her out of her chair, spun her around, and pushed her backwards so she was sitting on her desk.

Katie bent down and began to remove Colleen's shoes as I undid the button on her tight black pants.

"What the fu-," was all she managed to get out before it was my turn to silence her with a kiss. I sucked her tongue into my mouth, and she stopped struggling with Katie and I as we continued to remove her pants. "Up," I said, and Colleen complied by pushing up from the desk so I could slide her pants over her round but toned ass.

I grew even harder...stiffer and more sensitive than I'd ever been, as Colleen's milky white ass and thighs came into view. Once her pants were past her knees, I just left them there, wrapped around her ankles. I looked down to see a small, neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair framing her dark pink lips. I also noted with no small amount of satisfaction that the hair was slightly matted and glistening and that her clit just barely peeked out from between her lips. I reached down and slowly ran my fingers through the short coarse hair and lightly over her moist pussy, just barely grazing her stiff clit with my middle finger.

Colleen shivered slightly at my touch. I looked up at her dark brown eyes, and was surprised to see the look of disgust replaced by embarrassment. Her cheeks reddened slightly, knowing that she was exposed and vulnerable in front of two of her underlings. Katie wiggled out of her panties, and I saw the lacy red fabric, soaked through with girl cum, land lightly on the floor. After a moment's thought, she also removed her skirt, but laid it neatly over the back of Colleen's chair.

"Don't want it to get all wrinkly," she said, and winked at me.

Since it was my first chance to get a good look at Katie, I stopped to soak in the sight. Her hips were slightly bony, but not in an unhealthy way (she just had a very slight build), and her pussy was shaved completely bald. There was a distinct sheen of moisture covering it and part of the insides of her thighs, and her outer lips were red and slightly puffy. Like Colleen, her clit just barely poked out from between her very pale and delicate-looking inner lips. After letting me gawk for a few more seconds, she climbed onto the desk and sat behind Colleen, scooting forward as much as possible to let her legs drape over the edge next to Colleen's. Once again, the anticipation was almost too much.

I decided to hold out just a little bit longer, and knelt down in front of Colleen. I inhaled her scent, which was slightly musky and thoroughly intoxicating. It was clear that Colleen devoted a fair amount of time to grooming and cleaning. Katie slid her legs over Colleen's and forced them open even wider.

"What do you want?" Katie whispered hotly into Colleen's ear.

"Please...just...lick me."

I happily obliged by using one hand to spread her soft lips apart, releasing a small trickle of milky cum, which dripped down between her ass cheeks. Next, I sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. Colleen gasped above me, "oh fuck, yes, oh my god."

I alternately sucked and licked until she began to buck against my face. Abruptly, I stopped and stood up.

Colleen almost looked like she was about to cry. "What? Why did you stop? I just wanted to cum...please...please let me cum."

"In a minute," I said, smiling.

Her eyes met mine, and I stared unblinkingly back at her, relishing in the moment. With one quick motion, I slid my cock into her as deeply as I could. Still staring at me, her eyes went wide at the sudden intrusion. (A quick side note: I'm not by any means huge in the penis department, but my slightly above-average girth tends to catch a lot of girls off guard.) The sensation was INTENSE to say the least. I started to thrust, very slowly, not wanting to unload just yet, but knowing that I wouldn't be able to put it off for long. The velvety soft walls of her vagina squeezed and pulsed around my cock.

"You asshole, I didn't say you could do that," she said between quiet groans.

"Want me to stop?" I asked.

"Goddamn it, no," she sighed.

Katie's diminutive hands appeared from behind Colleen and started to knead her ample breasts through her tight blue thin sweater. She was also whispering something in Colleen's ear, and although I couldn't hear what she was saying, it seemed to be having a positive effect as Colleen's eyes were half closed and she was nodding slightly. One of Katie's hands dropped slowly down from Colleen's breast and dipped between her legs. I looked down to see one of Katie's fingers slowly rubbing small circles around Colleen's clit.

"Is she allowed to cum now?" I asked Katie.

"Yeah, I think that would be OK," she responded.

"What about me?"

"Cum in her fucking pussy," Katie said, smiling.

I picked up the pace, making sure each stroke went the full length of my cock, and savored every millimeter. I continued to hold back to make sure Colleen had a chance to catch up, but I soon realized she was just as close to the edge as I was. Colleen buried her face in my neck and panted, "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck," over and over. Feeling Katie's fingers flitting over Colleen's thoroughly engorged clit just made it that much better.

My strokes were firm and measured. As much as I wanted to just pound away, I wanted even more to take control of my orgasm and time it just right to match Colleen's. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long. The room went quiet except for the sound of heavy breathing, and the soft wet noises coming emanating from below.

I locked eyes with Katie as Colleen's entire body began to shake. I couldn't hold out any longer, and gripped Colleen's hips tightly while continuing to drive into her.

"Do it," Katie whispered.

The floodgates burst, and an orgasm like I'd never felt before (and never since, for that matter) hit me me. I held the back of Colleen's neck with one hand and her lower back with the other as I pumped spurt after spurt of cum into her…so much that it started to drip on the floor below us while I was still inside her. I couldn't speak, think, or even see straight; I simply gasped and continued fucking her.

At the same moment, as Katie realized my orgasm was imminent, she quickly increased the tempo and pressure on Colleen's clit. A few seconds later, Colleen grunted and gasped as her own orgasm overtook her. Gripping each other tightly, we both rode wave after wave of pleasure until neither of us could stand the stimulation any longer.

I slowly pulled out and watched as a massive amount of our cum (mostly mine) slowly drooled out of Colleen's pussy. Colleen twitched as Katie reached down with both hands to catch some, then simultaneously sucked one glob into her own mouth as she used two fingers from her other hand to place some on Colleen's tongue.

"Mmmmm," Katie mroaned. "My god that was hot. What's next?"

I gently pulled Colleen up from the desk and helped her step out of the pants and soaked panties still wrapped around her ankles, then pulled the sweater up and she raised her arms so I could pull it the rest of the way off. Katie unhooked the lacy white bra still encasing Colleen's tits and let it fall to the floor. After taking a moment to relish the sight of Colleen's magnificently large and round breasts, I gently turned her around to face Katie and guided her to a kneeling position on the floor. Still in a daze from her recent orgasm, she didn't question anything I did, and was clearly putty in our hands.

Katie had scooted up to the edge of the desk and was lightly and slowly stroking her own pussy while staring hungrily at our boss kneeling quietly in front of her. "Come here," she said quietly to Colleen.

Colleen obediently shuffled forward and stared up at Katie. "Good girl," Katie said as she pulled Colleen's face toward her bald pussy. Colleen muttered a barely audible protest before tentatively flicking the tip of her tongue across Katie's clit. "Ooooh fuck yes," Katie moaned, then pulled Colleen's face harder against her.

I bent down and pulled Colleen's curly hair back out of the way, and so I could enjoy the view as she lapped at Katie's pussy. It wasn't long before Katie started to buck against Colleen's face, and watching that, not surprisingly re-awakened my cock. Katie reached down to stroke the head lightly as I kissed her neck and fondled her small breasts, bringing her nipples to attention.

"You ready to cum on your boss's face," I teased?

"Oh god…yes…yes I am. So close."

"Gooood," I said.

Without warning, I pinched both nipples, bringing Katie even closer to the edge, and her hips worked even more rapidly, making it difficult for Colleen to keep up. Just as Katie was about to cum, I quickly pulled Colleen's face away from her.

"Hey!" Katie yelled, her pussy still grinding air where Colleen's mouth used to be.

"Wait," I said, then turned to Colleen. "Lay down," I instructed.

Colleen looked confused but wordlessly laid on her back on the rough office carpet and Katie gave me a sulky look.

I smirked. "Come on, you."

"Oh, I see..." Katie responded.

She quickly hopped down from the desk and padded over to where Colleen waited expectantly on her back, then slowly lowered herself to straddle Colleen’s head and bring her pussy within reach of Colleen’s tongue. She caressed Colleen’s face lightly. “Keep going.”

Colleen eagerly obliged, and buried her tongue deep in the folds of Katie’s pussy as Katie started slowly grinding against her face. I sidled around behind her, also straddling Colleen, and whispered into Katie’s ear, “your turn.”

My cock, still slick with Colleen’s juices slid effortlessly into Katie, and we both gasped in unison. The sensation of Katie’s pussy squeezing my cock combined with Colleen’s tongue running up my shaft and around Katie’s clit was out of this world. I fucked Katie slowly, taking time to caress everything I could reach – alternately rubbing her back, pinching her nipples, and caressing her ass. Reaching behind me, I could feel Colleen playing with herself as her hips bounced off the floor to meet her hand. Katie’s moaning grew more intense as she once again neared orgasm. I reached back and interrupted Colleen’s frenzied masturbation to wet my thumb with the cum now flowing freely out of her pussy, which I then used to massage Katie’s puckered asshole. Katie pushed back against my thumb, and I slowly pressed it into her ass, where I could feel myself as I fucked her.

The room was a mix of moaning, slapping, and squelching sounds as the three of us fucked with abandon…Colleen alternating between pounding three fingers into her cunt and fiercely rubbing her clit; Katie bucking furiously between my cock and Colleen’s face, and me drilling Katie from behind.

I’d like to claim we all came together, in one massive collective orgasm, but that wouldn’t be true. It was more of a chain reaction. Katie came first, with a short scream, as she pulled Colleen even harder against her cunt. Katie’s orgasm caused her pussy to clamp down around my cock, and the sensation was finally too much, as I pumped what felt like a quart of cum into her spasming cunt. A few moment later, as my cum, combined with Katie’s, dripped down to coat Colleen’s face, another massive orgasm wracked her body and she came hard almost hard enough to knock Katie and I over, her scream was muffled by Katie’s muff still planted firmly against her mouth as Katie rode the last waves of her own orgasm.

That was it for us, for that night. All three of us were beyond spent after the evening’s activities. Katie and I helped Colleen back to her chair, where we left her naked, cum still leaking out of her neatly trimmed pussy, and Katie’s juices smeared all over her face. She stared at as dumbly for a minute before finally speaking. “I can’t fucking believe you guys…I…I…” she shivered as an aftershock from her recent orgasm hit her, before continuing, “I can’t believe you just did that to me. I think you should go. We’ll talk about this…later.”

“Sure thing, boss,” Katie replied.

With that, we packed up our computers, and walked out the door together, still only partially clothed. When we got to the parking ramp and near our respective cars, I stopped and stared incredulously at Katie. “I can’t believe we pulled that off. I guess you were right about her.”

“Of course I was, silly,” Katie said before giving me a quick peck on the cheek and walking off towards her car. “And I can’t wait until next week,” she said over her shoulder.

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