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Broken By The Smoldering Fire In His Soul

Homeless she thought, what do I do? Staying in an apartment with people she didn't know, she felt uncomfortable when they had to feed her. Where do I go from here? In her short years she had lived a lifetime. One of the girls in the house invited her to a party across the way. It was some place to be so they went. The summer night was warm when they walked to the front door.

The house was full but what she saw was men, big men in jeans and biker cut-offs sitting and standing around the front door. They checked the girls out as they made their way inside. The front room opened up in to the rest of the small place where she could see most everyone right off. Her live-and-let-live attitude helped her stroll across the room and head for the little open kitchenette where there were some men and a couple of women standing and drinking.

Someone handed her a drink. It wasn't long after when she noticed the little space began to become cramped with some more men and a loud woman. The woman touched her long blond hair and said something to the men that she didn't catch. Although this made her somewhat uncomfortable, she ignored the woman and continued drinking her drink. She heard them laugh together and noticed they all had their eyes on her.

Moving into the main room, she searched for the one she wouldn't mind being with. He would be in a position to protect her. This was standard MO for her. The woman followed her and brushed up on her. She ignored the bitch and continued on her mission.

Back in a dark corner she spotted a trio of dark long haired men sitting alone. Looking at the man in the middle, she made her decision and chose him. Knowing the affect she had on men she didn't hesitate to beckon him with a bent finger. He did not move. He just looked at her with stern expression. Watching him she sat down in a vacant spot on the couch. She hoped he wanted her and hoped it would be soon.

She thought about an exit for a moment but then felt the koosh of the couch and the warmth of the drink in her hand. She hoped the man she had chosen would come and take her to a better place, a quiet place in the dark. She craved it and needed it, a safe place for a while.

Not seeing him move from where he was, she turned and found him there beside her. He asked what her name was and then took her face in his hands and kissed her. He knew she was his for the night. Helping her up, he put an arm around her waist, nodded to his friends and headed for the front door. She had never been on a Harley before. He kicked the bike over and told her to get on. The power and wind filled her with a little peace as they rode down the streets in a town she didn't know. It crossed her mind that she wouldn't be able to find her way back to the apartment. It didn't matter.

Pulling into a long dark drive next to a huge old house, he parked in the back. He handed her his gloves and helped her walk in the back entrance through the house to a large bedroom and placed her on the bed. Taking his clothes off she noticed his age and was comforted by the gentle quietness about him.

He pushed her back on the bed and removed her jeans and lifted her blouse exposing her bra-less breast. Sinking his face between them, he breathed in her sent and sucked her nipples. Straddling her, he stuck his hardness between the wetness he had created and fucked her tits.

She'd been there before. Keeping her eyes closed she knew what he looked like though the face and place had changed. She reached to touch him and felt the raw animal in him as he fucked her titties. Bringing his cock to her mouth, she opened and took him. His cum filled her mouth and she swallowed. Lying down, he closed his eyes for a while. She fell asleep. His hand in her woke her up.

Just a finger filled her young cunt. He probed and opened the tight thing before he came down on her with his shaft filling her completely. She wondered at his gentleness again and thanked her lucky stars for this. Her cunt was in constant state of rawness these days but his easiness felt good. It wasn't long before he started to cum.

With expertise, he pulled from her and shot his hot on her tits and face. She smiled for a moment and rubbed the cum into her skin and then rested. He touched her hair and looked at her for a few moments. She knew he thought her beautiful. It crossed her mind that maybe she had found someone with the look in his eyes when he saw her.

They fell asleep again until the first light. She woke first and laid there feeling the night before. He rose and washed in the shower. She followed him and washed herself in a daze. After their shower he told her to go to the kitchen and cook some breakfast. Making her way through the house, she noticed the other rooms and beds with people in them. Knowing there would be lots to feed she began to prepare a big breakfast.

The smells began to wake the others. They came in to get some. No one said much to her which was comforting. They looked like rough customers to say the least. The man she was with came in and sat to eat. She served him and sat with him. The others greeted him with a quiet respect which again comforted her. Maybe she was safe. He and she dressed for the day and set out on the bike for the better part of the day.

She stayed with him for some time. Liking the way he treated her exclusively. She knew he thought of her as his. It scared her a little knowing already he'd make her go and maybe even hurt her if another of the others were to touch her. She saw it in his face when another looked her way. The days and nights they spent together melded into each other in the haze. This life with the bikers was different. There was a unspoken camaraderie in that haze of unspeakables that went on through the days and nights. Feeling safe and wild at the head of this was touchy.

He was gone somewhere this night. The others partied hard as they came and went through the house. She retired to his bed. The big crazy man she feared came in the room leaving the door open. He hovered over her like a mountain casting a shadow over her body. Keeping her eyes closed, she pretended she was asleep. He knelt on the bed and pulled at her covers.

Another entered the room and knelt on the bed. She opened her eyes and looked at them and the others waiting at the door. Closing her eyes again, she wished the man she wanted would come back and stop this. She thought about what she'd see in his eyes when he found her this way. Didn't he know this would happen? Would he blame her?

They had her clothes off as she grabbed for the blanket. There were more men in the room now, laughing and staring down at her. She began to cry silently as she struggled.

His bedroom was cleared of men when he returned. She knew he was in the house but he did not come to her. It was morning when he finally entered and yanked her from the bed. Knowing he was angry, she cried again silently. She did not say a word. He frightened her to the bone. He tossed her through the house and out the back door. Going through the bedroom, he gathered her things. Finding the cut-off she'd patched with wings, he came unglued. Ripping the wings form it, he tossed it out the door with the rest of her things. She sat broken, and covered, by the smoke of the smoldering fire pit in the yard, broken by the smoldering fire in his soul.

The men had not raped her. One of them pitied the tears and terror in her eyes and called the others out of the room. But the one she cared for would not have believed even if he'd known. And so, she moved on again, always to remember the hurt and anger in those eyes.

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