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By the Light of the Moon

Sometimes anonymous sex is best for everyone involved.
Sleep is a funny thing. One night, you sleep like a baby...the next, you're transformed into a whirlwind of jumbled images and tossing limbs. I think it was the heat that got to me so badly. Heat does funny things to you too. Makes the mind melt into a little puddle of crazy. Tonight, I was particularly miserable. My body couldn't seem to get comfortable no matter where I lay, and my head was filled with fever dreams of naked, tangled bodies slick with sweat. The good kind, from fucking each other like animals until you're both panting and sore all over.

Finally, I managed to thrash so hard I flipped into open space, coming down quickly on the floor beside my bed. I jerked awake, staring at my ceiling for a moment and trying to place myself. Then I realized what had happened and sat up, letting the sheet pool around my waist to bare my small breasts.

Heat spindled through my body, tugging the flesh between my thighs into slippery wakefulness. Still half asleep, I thrust a hand under the sheet and teased my pussy apart, finding my clit with a fingertip and rubbing around the sensitive nub. As arousal pulsed through me, the movements became more bold, and soon I was flat on my back with my knees apart, thrusting two fingers inside my sopping wet pussy at a rough pace. I whimpered, squeezing my eyes shut and letting my mind wander where it wanted to go. Immediately, flashes went through me- taut muscle covered in smooth bronze skin, sweat trickling over a flat chest topped with nipples adorned by steel balls on each side. I wanted to bite them, following down the ridge of his abs with my teeth, lick the sweat salt from his skin- an orgasm seized me, at the same time I realized who I had just been fingering myself to. My back arched from the force of the pleasure rolling down my body in waves, making my nipples tighten into pink nubs, my pussy suck at my fingers greedily, and my eyes roll back in my head.

In the aftermath, I lay panting, damp fingers resting lightly on my belly. My mind struggled with the fact that I'd gotten so worked up over the thought of just looking at the man that had reduced me to tears the week before.

Jaiden Cross ran the mercenary company I had recently been hired onto as a secretary, in some effort to clean up the business a little. He was surly all the time, and had a temper with the shortest fuse I'd ever seen. It seemed like we were fighting every day, yet... I sighed, and crawled back onto my bed, rolling on my belly and pushing my face into the pillow with a groan. Yet, I finished my thought begrudgingly, yet, if he asked to sleep with me, I'd be in his bed before he finished the sentence. This burning desire had taken me suddenly; the week I had been really steamed up about something, and stormed right into the locker room to find him. Jaiden had been fresh out of the shower, with only a towel wrapped around his waist, water dripping down that deliciously firm back of his, as he faced away from me. I moaned, as my body fired up at that mental image, and rolled onto my back to face the ceiling again. Something had to be done about this.

It wasn't until morning that the idea planted in my dreams came to full fruition. I was eating cereal, reading the newspaper, when it struck. The spoon in my hand paused halfway to my mouth, and I wondered what the hell was wrong with me. In waking hours I would never swallow my pride enough to admit I was attracted to Jaiden, but if he were asleep, and I happened to be conveniently nearby... I immediately dismissed the notion as ridiculous and went to get ready for work.

The sun was rising rapidly by the time I got into the spacious downtown office that housed the mercenary company. It combined an actual office; a parking garage for their heavy duty vehicles; housing for the men; and storage for their equipment. I had no particular interest in any of that besides the list of inventory that was dropped on my desk once a week, so I hardly left the front lobby most days. My heels clicked delicately on the tile flooring, as I wandered about, turning on lights and flipping the lock on the door so it was open for business. I was tidying up the waiting area when my ears caught the sound of the inner door opening. My body tensed, then relaxed, as I saw it was just one of the other team members, Nick. Tall, dark, and packed with muscle like most of the men there, he moved with surprising grace, stopping next to my desk and smiling at me.

"Morning, Skye."

"Hey Nick, what's up?" I greeted him.

"Oh the usual. Sheffeld broke his arm last night on that retrieval we were doing."

I grimaced, and came over to him.

"Oh no! How is he doing?"

"Eh, okay. Takeshi has him on some pretty strong medication. See his arm didn't break so much, shatter," he said, referring to the company medic, Rin Takeshi. "Anyway, Jaiden's looking for you. We've got our hands full and inventory needs doing."

"So he wants me to do it." I guessed, raising a slim eyebrow, and he nodded. I sighed, but grabbed the inventory clipboard from my desk, and switched the phones over to the headset I settled in my ear before walking further back after Nick. He slowed his pace, so I could keep up, and we made small talk through the maze of hallways until we reached the service elevator that went one floor down, to where everything was stored.

"Nick," a familiar voice said from behind us, and I felt my cheeks flush.

That heat traveled down my entire body, as I turned to see Jaiden heading for us. The uniform he usually wore had been reduced to fatigue pants and a thin tank top, and his dark brown hair was lined with sweat. Grease streaked his hands, and across one cheek. That really got my libido going, but then he opened his mouth and ruined it, as usual.

"Get to the garage. The Hummer is acting up again, bitch almost took my arm off. And speaking of temperamental bitches- I'll escort her down."

"Can't see that ending badly," Nick muttered, then grinned sideways at me. "Watch your blood pressure, love."

He strolled away, and I stepped into the service elevator with Jaiden. I focused on my list, trying to keep things civil as long as I could. At this close proximity there was no escaping him. He smelled like grease and gasoline, and I was so hot for him I was sure flames were going to burst from me any minute. Show me the girl that says she doesn't like a grease monkey, and I'll show you a liar.

"So why is it that you're down here?" I asked, as we stepped into the cool, florescent lit concrete room, lined with black metal racks and cabinets stocked with all sorts of weaponry.

"Someone needs to babysit."he replied, taking the clipboard out of my hands to look at it.

"Hey! Give that back, you're going to get grease on my list!" I protested, but he was bigger, and stronger, so trying to pull it away was pretty much out of the question.

Instead I glared at him until he split the stack of paper in two groups, and handed my half over.

"Jerk," I muttered, stalking over to the correct cabinet and unlocking it with my set of keys. "Nick said you had your hands full, why don't you go back upstairs. I can do this."

He snorted, but didn't grace that notion with a response. I rolled my eyes, then paused, as I saw what I would be counting. Immediately my idea from that morning came rushing back as I started going over the restraint kits. My gaze crept to where Jaiden was eyeing a cabinet full of ammunition; and I indulged myself a little, imagining his wrists bound to the top of a bed frame, unable to move. My fingers found a box of gags, and I turned back to my work, a small smile creeping over my face.

"I'm pretty sure there are laws against gagging someone." I said aloud.

"Not if they bite you," he replied casually. "Are you really going to talk questionable morals with me?"

"The hell does that mean?" I shot back, moving to the next shelf and listing neat numbers on my list.

"You're the one working for me cupcake."

"I work for the company," I gritted out. "And don't call me cupcake."

"Is Sugar Tits preferable? Oh, wait!" He laughed, and I felt my cheeks flush.

Unconsciously, I folded my arms over my chest, which barely topped a B cup. Jaiden only dated busty blondes, if I recalled correctly. They had to be tall, and leggy, and smart, but not too educated. God he was picky, he was glossing right over the one woman that could blow his mind! When I realized I was referring to myself, I was a little disgusted. I refocused on my work, and kept my mind firmly there for the next hour.

The first night in, I felt sure I was going to be caught every step of the way, as I slipped into the living quarters in the very back of the building. Holding my keys together, so they wouldn't make any noise, I found the one I was looking for, as I crept through the main room to the back hall that held the personal rooms. Jaiden lived at the very end, and abruptly my heart was thumping, as I slid the master key into his lock, let myself in, and closed it silently.

His apartment was cleaner than I would have thought, but it was still very evident that a man lived here. Alone. I found his room easily, and entered it. By now my eyes were adjusted to the darkness, so I picked out the bed with no trouble.

Jaiden was soundly asleep, sprawled out flat on his back with one arm up over his head and the other dangling off the edge. Amazed at my good luck, I removed the restraints from my pocket, and crept closer. I then thought of something else, and slipped a light blindfold over his head. Adrenaline pulsed through me, as he shifted a little in his sleep, but then he quieted, and I continued. Soft nylon cuffs went around each of his wrists, and I very gently slid his hands up on either side, binding them to the bed frame. I nearly jumped out of my skin when he shifted again, and looked up. He realized he was bound, and I heard him take a breath. Was he going to fight? Yell? I made what I hoped was a soothing noise, stroking shaky fingertips down his chest. Gradually his body relaxed, and he settled in to see where this was going.

I could feel how damp my panties were, eager to get on with things, but instead I took it slow, running a light hand over his stomach, and down to fondle his cock through the thin sheet. Jaiden's hips lifted against my hand with a hissing breath. To my delight, he slept naked, and was already half hard from the soft contact of cotton on bare skin. My touch grew firmer, more assured, as he started to stiffen, and I allowed my free hand to slip under my own pants, cupping the heat of my sex and rubbing my pussy through the wet fabric at my crotch. The rigid flesh under my fingers was now at full mast, and throbbing just as eagerly as I was. I pulled the sheet down, and my eyes widened at his size. Just over six inches, lightly veined, and hard as a rock, it was making my mouth water just looking.

Unable to help myself, I leaned in and kissed the soft head, swirling my tongue around him. He groaned softly, and stirred a little more. Quickly, fear and lust mingling inside me, I popped back up, and scrambled out of my pants. I straddled his hips lightly, watching him look blindly around. He pulled at his restraints again, and I guided his cock an inch into me. A light shudder rippled over him then, and his head flopped back. I removed my hand, sliding a little further down. God he was thick, I thought. Even with how wet I was, it was difficult sliding him past my tight inner flesh, and finally, I dropped my full body weight down, and his entire length was forced inside me. I barely bit back a moan of pleasure, eyes going wide, at the feeling I was stuffed to the brim. Gradually it changed to a pleasant stretching sensation, and I started to rock my body, sliding him in and out of me.

Jaiden pulled at his bonds, lips clamped tightly over a groan of pleasure, but I was busy working myself into a frenzy, lost in the glory of finally having him inside me. My hips bounced up and down eagerly, pounding his solid length inside my slippery pussy. He was starting to move with me now, and I had to bite back a noise of pleasure. Something was building inside me, pressure that needed to be released, and a second later I felt the dam inside me burst. An orgasm struck with paralysing force, and my back arched, head thrown back. At this angle my body lifted a little, and Jaiden took that opportunity to pound my pussy with a surprising amount of force, jackknifing his powerful body up to slam his rigid cock into me, until I was sure I was just going to melt into a puddle of satiated flesh.

A groan slipped from him then, shortly before I felt him stop, and warmth touched my insides. He slumped back onto the bed, and I let my quivering body stay atop him for a long moment before I finally came back to my senses. Gently, I lifted off, and got to my feet, slipping back into my panties and jeans quickly.

A glaring problem faced me now. How was I going to release him? He was quiet, but I knew he was awake from the tension that coiled in his limbs. The minute I uncuffed him, he was going to be on me, and then I would be royally screwed. Well, more screwed than I already was, I thought, as my pussy gave an appreciative throb while I stared at his naked body laid out in front of me. Obviously listening hard, he turned his head my direction, and even though he was blindfolded, I felt unease flicker through my senses. Finally reaching a decision, I made his bonds looser, and pressed the key into his palm. Immediately he reached over to his opposite wrist, but I slapped his hand lightly, and made a noise that I hoped sounded negative. He fell still, and I slipped out of the door.

Once I was out of the apartment I broke into a light run, sure he would come after me, but to my shock I made it down to the parking lot, and out onto the road. Waning adrenaline combined with my orgasm was making my sleepy, and I barely made it into my small studio apartment before I crashed on the couch, and slept like a baby for the rest of the night.

The next morning, I woke feeling sure it had been a dream. A really screwed up, really hot dream. But then I got to my feet, and felt an immediate soreness between my legs that assured me I'd really gone through with my crazy idea. Jesus, what was wrong with me. I pondered the definition of consent in the shower, as I washed my hair, and by the time I was getting dressed for work, I was feeling thoroughly guilty.

At the office, I was ready to actually admit my guilt when Jaiden passed me, whistling under his breath. I could only gape at him a little, as he greeted me with a cheerful, "Morning!" Then he walked on, and disappeared into the back. Holy shit. Was that all it took for him to be civil? The first conclusion my mind jumped to was that he knew it was me, but in the next moment, as I settled behind my desk, I dismissed that as ridiculous. He probably just needed to get laid. And now that I was thinking about it that made more sense. The man worked harder than anyone I'd ever met- running a mercenary crew was no walk in the park.

I took that day's calls and appointments with my usual friendliness, but inside I was a seething mass of anticipation. Already, I was planning to go back, though I didn't know if I dared to do it tonight. He might be waiting for me. Somehow, that got my pussy even wetter, and I spent lunch hour coming up with all sorts of juicy scenarios, most of them involving him pinning me down and fucking me senseless.

That night, I dressed darkly, no panties this time. The entire drive over to the compound I was just winding myself up. Butterflies filled my stomach, and I touched my pocket nervously several times, making sure the fresh pair of restraints I'd "borrowed" were still there. Before I'd gone out tonight, I had checked online to see just how common these soft cuffs were. I didn't want to use something that our company had to order specially, that would be a giant tip-off. But as it turned out, I was safe. They were mass produced, and I could borrow as many pairs as I liked, if I decided to continue this little venture.

My entrance was just as smooth as last night, and as I crept into Jaiden's room I reflected that we really needed better security. This time he woke right as I was finishing his second wrist. I froze, realizing I hadn't had time to tie his legs down, but he remained still.

"You're back."

"Mm," I made a soft noise of agreement, and his head hit the pillow again.

"Why didn't you gag me? I could have yelled."

He brought up a good point, but I wasn't exactly in the mood for a conversation. Leaning down, I pressed my mouth firmly against his. He tasted faintly of mint, and when I drew back he licked his lips. Quickly, I slid out of my jeans and shirt, pulling back the sheet to find that he was already fully hard. Was it the anticipation of a good fucking, or did he just like being tied down? In any case it was great for me, so I settled myself over his hips, rubbing him teasingly along my slit to torture us both.

My pussy was already sopping wet, enough that a small drop of moisture slid down his shaft, and the head of his cock was covered in my juices. He caught his breath, as I slid down on him, with more ease tonight since I wasn't so nervous. God this man could fill me up. Slowly at first, I started to rock up and down, picking up the pace as I went and daring to brace my hands on his lean hips, digging my nails in. Jaiden groaned a little, pulling at the ties holding his wrists up, and I reached up to slap his arm without missing a stroke.

After that he lay still, though I could see it was getting increasingly harder for him, as his breath started to hitch, and his cock got thicker. The way he was squeezing against my inner walls felt incredible, and in no time I was close to an orgasm myself. One hand found my clit, and I feathered light fingers over the engorged nub while the other left his hips to cup one of my breasts and pinch the hard nipple there. I bounced on him hard enough to rock the bed a little, head thrown back with my lips parted in pleasure. Jaiden was pulling at his bonds in earnest now, and bucking his hips up against me. The extra force was ramming him in even deeper, which of course contributed to making my screaming climax come ever faster. I clamped one hand over my mouth, as my pussy clenched, muffling the whimpers that came out of me in a steady stream. This time I retained enough presence of mind to make sure he came too, hard enough that his back arched, and after my mind came back, I slid off him onto legs that felt like jello, thinking I could really get used to this.

I went back every night that week. You'd think one position all the time would get boring, but not so. It was still exciting, knowing that he had no idea who was doing such mind blowing things to him. I think I also had a certain amount of smugness when he treated me like shit the next day, as usual, and all I could do was smirk as I remembered him begging to come in my mouth when I'd teased him the previous night. I tried out a gag, which was pretty hot, but found that I liked it better when he had it off. Every so often he asked a question about who I was, or what I wanted from him, but I kept my mouth sealed and answered with more sex.

It was on the eighth night that disaster finally struck. After all, I wasn't going to get away with this forever, was I? I came into his room late like usual, though I picked a different time every night to avoid a pattern that he could follow. Moonlight streamed across the bed from his open blinds, and I really should have picked up on that little difference, but my focus was on getting him tied down before he woke up. I leaned across his body to fasten his first arm up, and the next instant happened so fast that it didn't register until he was on top of me. Looking back, he reached up with his free hand and grabbed me, rolling, so he was straddling me. In another lightning quick movement he had my extra cuff around my own wrist and tied up to the bed. He made short work of switching the other one from his wrist to mine, then sat back and yanked his blindfold off. Oh shit.

For a minute all he could do was look confused, as he stared down at me. Then his brain kicked in, and he said, "Skye...?"

"Well I have to admire you for taking me down blindfolded," I said the only thing I could think of, and he shook his head a little, planting a hand on either side of my face and leaning down with a thoughtful look to contemplate me more closely.

I really thought he was going to do something painful, or at least leave me here while he called the cops, but instead he seemed to shrug a little, and pressed his lips against mine. My mind was confused, but my throbbing pussy was more thinking along the lines of 'more sex!', so I didn't exactly put up a fight. Not that I could have done much with my hands tied. Jaiden snaked his tongue into my mouth, and I moaned a little, opening for him willingly and letting my tongue do some probing of its own. I felt his rough hands push under my shirt, and strip it up over my head to rest at about the level of my wrists. His mouth dragged down to my peaked nipples, and a whimper escaped him, as I felt teeth scrape across the sensitive skin there.

"I take back every time I've ever made fun of your tits," he said, between sucking and biting each of my breasts. "They fit perfectly in my mouth."

No argument here, I thought, as I shivered and squirmed under his ministrations. Jaiden shifted off me then, unbuttoning my pants. I lifted my hips for him to get them off, and heard them hit the floor right before he was on top of me again. This time his full weight pinned me to the bed, not that I minded. He kissed me again, and I felt him undo my cuffs, freeing my hands quickly from my shirt to wrap my arms around him, kissing him back hotly. My thighs parted, and without breaking our lip lock, I reached down with one hand to guide his cock against my entrance. Jaiden's hips shoved forward, and I whimpered, as he filled me. This angle was deliciously different, and I spread my legs wide to give him the best access, as he started to fuck me. To his credit he obviously knew what he was doing, making the experience quite pleasurable, and he kept most of his weight propped off me on his elbows. I let him, aware of the steady stream of whimpering coming out of my mouth and unable to stop myself, as his thick cock battered the mouth of my womb with every thrust. I clawed at his arms with a mewling noise, grabbing him around the neck and pulling him down fully on top of me. My arms and legs wrapped around him, and I raked my nails down his back, body rising to meet every thrust until I was abruptly flying. I think I cried his name at one point, and I know he bit my shoulder hard, as he came, but for that moment of flying space and pleasure, I didn't care one bit.

Gradually, I relaxed enough to slump back on the bed, and he stayed on top of me, sucking in uneven lungful's of air and trembling a little. "Fuuuck, Skye!" He drew the word out on a groan against my neck, then lifted his head to look at me, green eyes still bright with desire. "Now that that's out of the way, do you mind telling me what the fuck you were thinking?"

"You think guys have a patent on thinking with their dicks?" I retorted wryly. "Look, you're too much of a jackass for me to admit I'm attracted to you-"

"So logically you decided to sneak into my room and tie me down, blindfolded, to fuck me."

"Would you like me to apologize?" I arched a questioning eyebrow at him. "I'll even sit here quietly while you call the cops if you want."

"What? Hell no it was hot...just slightly unsettling," he replied, rolling off me. I was surprised when he wrapped an arm around my shoulders and pulled me against his chest. "Am I really that bad?"

"Well, you make fun of me all the time, call me a bitch on a regular basis, and you've made me cry on several occasions, so, yeah, you're really that bad," I said, and he looked down, brows furrowing slightly.

"I made you cry? Christ...look I'm just used to dealing with my crew. And you can really be hell on wheels when you want to be."

"I know." I shrugged nonchalantly, and one corner of his mouth kicked up. On that note I sighed, and rolled over to sit up. "So what do you want to do now? Leave it here?" I asked, as I found my jeans and pulled them on. My insides were still all rubbery so I almost fell over, and ended up sitting again while I buttoned my pants and looked for my shirt.

"Is that what you want?"

"Does it matter?" I snorted. Ah, there it was! I moved to pull my shirt on, but Jaiden stopped me, pressing his bare chest against my back while his arms traced mine to stop the movement.

"I don't know, there's something to be said for "fuck me like you hate me" sex," he said in my ear, making chills run down that side of my body. "I think we could do that particularly well." One of his hands cupped my sex, pressing his fingers in until I sucked a sharp breath back. Oh yeah, this was gonna work out just fine.

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