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California Dreaming

Young girl believes she has been impregnated by her mom's lover

I left Tyler, Texas heading to San Diego, a 1,400-mile trip. I had driven almost 700 miles and was still in Texas. I was approaching the dusty dirty little town of Pecos, Texas, when I spied a young girl hitchhiking. Normally I pass hitchers by, but this lonely looking young girl tugged at my heart strings and I pulled over. I rolled the side window and she peered in.

“Young lady, are you all right?” I asked.

“I will be better if I can catch a ride,” she replied.

“Are you going somewhere local?” I asked.

“No, I’m heading to California,” she said.

“Well I’m heading to San Diego, but I was planning on finding a place in Pecos to spend the night. I assume you have no place to stay. If you are interested, you can spend the night with me and we can head out for California in the morning,” I said.

With a bit of fear and trepidation in her eyes, she slowly responded, “I sure could use a place to stay and your offer to take me to California is very tempting, but I need to tell I’m not a whore and do not pay with sex.”

“Young lady, I’m old enough to be your grandfather and I’m not a pedophile, so you have nothing to fear from me.”

“What the hell, Columbus took a chance and I’m going to take a chance on you,” she said as she got in my car.

“By the way, I’m Alexander Morrison, you can call me Alex. What should I call you?”

"My name is Sarah, but I prefer being called Wendy,” she replied.

Conversation slowed as I looked for a motel. Finally spotting one that didn’t look too bad, I pulled in. I got a room with two beds explaining to the clerk, I was traveling with my Granddaughter.

The room was nothing to brag about but seemed relatively clean. The bathroom fixtures were old but everything was in working order.

“Why don’t you take a shower while I order us some food.” I said.

“I don’t have much money,” she relied.

“Not to worry. What would you like?” I asked.

“A cheeseburger with fries and chocolate shake would be nice,” she said.

As she headed off to the shower, I picked up the phone and called the front desk to place our food order. Shortly before the food arrived, she came out of the shower draped in a bath towel. If I said it did not cause my cock to jerk, I would be lying. She plopped down on one the beds as we heard a knock on the door.

After I paid for the food, she began to immediately devour the cheeseburger and fries. Obviously, she had not eaten for some time.

“When did you last eat?” I inquired.

“Not since just before noon yesterday,” She responded.

I shook my head and offered her my fries, which she hesitantly took. As I ate my food, I asked her how she arrived in her current situation. Between gulping her food, she spilled out her story.

Her father had been killed in Vietnam and her mother had remarried when she was ten years old. Her mother was a waitress at a truck stop and married an over the road truck driver. Her step father was rarely around, but when he was, he was kind to her.

Truck drivers are a horny lot and her mom was constantly hit on and on occasion a truck driver would get lucky. Her mom was not a flaming beauty, but was not hard on the eyes and had tits and ass that grabbed the attention of most of the truckers.

When she had turned sixteen, one of the truckers accidently knocked her mom up. Her mom had quickly arranged an abortion. Once when her stepfather was home, he became suspicious when her mother refused him sex. Something she had never done before. She was still recuperating from the abortion. When her mom confessed the reason for not having sex, her step father stormed out and was never heard from again.

Her mother divorced him and immediately took up with the driver, whose name was Walter, that had knocked her up, and he moved in with them.

"One night I was not aware he was there and I came out of the bathroom following a shower draped in a towel. I shrieked when I saw him because I knew parts of me were exposed. He had obviously been drinking, as I could smell the alcohol. He grabbed the towel and ripped it from me leaving me totally exposed to his lecherous eyes. I used one arm to cover my breasts and the other hand I placed over my pussy. He grabbed each of my arms pulling them from my body."

“Little girl you have been hiding this from me for too long. Its time I not only get to see it, but time for me to fuck you. I’m going to give you the fucking you deserve!”

"Secretly I had been wanting Walter to fuck me for some time. I had heard him fucking my mother and could tell how much he pleasured her. I would masturbate furiously as they fucked."

"With that, he dragged me into my mom’s bedroom and threw me onto the bed and quickly undressed."

“Now I’m going to show you what your mom likes so much. She loves my big cock,” hHe said.

“Walter you can fuck me, but please do not cum in me, as I’m not on the pill,” I said.

"He grabbed me by my hair and drew my head to his cock. I could literally see it growing. It was huge! Holding my hair in one hand, he took his cock in the other hand and began rubbing it across my face."

“As much as I want you to suck my cock, I need to fuck you. However, you will suck my cock,” he said.

"With that he let go of my hair and spread my legs and presented his big cock to my pussy lips. He paused long enough to rub the big mushroom head up and down my slit before ramming it in. The pain I experienced was excruciating and my screams had to be heard a half a mile away. The initial thrust allowed about a quarter of his cock in. He kept thrusting until his cock banged up against my cervix causing additional pain. Once fully inserted, he held for a while and the pain subsided some. Then he slowly began fucking me picking up the pace as he did. The pain was being replaced by feelings of pure pleasure."

"Pretty soon he was slam fucking me, as the pleasure only got better. I was no longer in control of my body, it was controlling me. I began fucking back."

"I could feel a huge orgasm coming on. As a thundering orgasm rolled over me, my wet pussy opened up and more readily accepted this monster cock. He must have sensed it as his thrusting increased until he blasted my pussy walls with a huge load of cum. My fertile pussy had just been thoroughly fucked. I must have blacked out for a while, and as I awoke, I felt his cock being rubbed across my lips."

“Now baby girl time for you to suck my cock,” he said.

"I opened my mouth to protest, which was a big mistake, he pushed his semi-hard cock in my mouth. While not completely hard, it reached my throat and yet was not fully inserted. And I could feel it growing in my mouth. I began to gag, choke and drool. Also, my eyes were tearing up."

“Your mom became a great cocksucker after she learned to deep throat. She was a fast learner and now it’s time to see how fast you learn.” he said.

"Unable to talk, I hoped he would see the pleading in my eyes. If he did, he didn’t let on."

“Do as I say. Just try and relax your throat muscles and breathe through your nose. If you do it properly my cock will slide into your throat and I will be able to fuck your mouth and throat, just like I do your mom.”

"I thought for a while I was going to die, but by sure power of will, I was able to relax my throat muscles and breath through my nose. Just as he said his cock slid down my throat. Once his cock was fully inserted in my mouth and throat, he began a fucking motion. Thankfully he was not slam fucking my mouth and throat as he did my pussy. My increased saliva acted much like a lubricant and the fucking was going along smoothly."

"Walter was grunting and telling me what a good little cocksucker I was, as I realized this was not nearly as bad I had expected. For the right man, I might learn to enjoy doing this."

"I had lost all sense of time, so I had no idea how long he fucked my mouth and throat, but he finally bellowed, 'I’m Cumming,' and let loose his big load that went directly to my belly. The strange thing is I did not taste a thing until he slowly withdrew his cock, as the big head crossed my tongue, I could taste a few drops of cum. My very first taste of male sperm. Maybe I am a whore like my mom, I thought."

"Walter rolled off me and in no time was sound asleep. I rose and went to my room. I was basking in the pleasure I had received from the fucking I had just received and how much I had enjoyed sucking his cock. Then it hit me, oh my god he came in my fertile pussy! I’m knocked up for sure. I had to get out of there."

“I ended up sleeping under a bridge that night and have been hitching all day. I’ve come about a hundred miles before you picked me up. I want to get to California where I understand there are many women’s clinics where a girl can get an abortion free, in case Walter has impregnated me.” she said.

To say she had tugged at my heart strings with her story, would be a great understatement. I told her to go to bed and try to get some sleep and I would get her to California. Then I headed off to the shower. When I finished, I found her sound asleep in a fetal position. My heart was aching for her. I also felt ashamed because, as Wendy told her sad story, I was experiencing a hard boner like I hadn’t experience in a long, long time. It took some time before I finally fell asleep.

I had a troubled sleep as visions of Walter fucking Wendy flashed through my mind. I don’t think my boner subsided throughout my dreams.

Then as the sun began to peek in around the window shades, I felt a warm wetness around my cock. Damn if it didn’t feel like my cock was being sucked. Something I had not experienced since the passing of my late wife. My wife was never a great cocksucker, but I always fully appreciated her efforts.

I was leery of opening my eyes but finally managed and saw the lovely little Wendy down sucking my cock.

She looked up and said, “I only got a small taste of cum from Walter and wondered what a full load would be like.”

With that she was back down on my rock-hard boner sucking me. I had to caution the inexperienced lass to watch her teeth. She had no trouble taking my modest five-inch cock in her mouth, as it did not reach her throat. It had been well over a week since I last masturbated, so when I finally came, I gave her my biggest possible load in her mouth. Which she savored before swallowing.

“You know Daddy, that was delicious. Oh, is okay if I call you Daddy?” she asked.

“Baby doll, if you continue to suck my cock like that and you can call me whatever you like, but in public you better call me Granddaddy,” I replied.

I had intended to make it to San Diego in two days but decided to stop and spend a night in Tucson, AZ.

There in a Mexican styled motel, this man of sixty-two fucked the sixteen-year old Wendy after explaining to her that I had a vasectomy years ago. Afterwards she sucked my cock for a long period trying desperately to get another sweet load of cum without success.

The following day, as I drove through the Yuma Desert, Wendy was down sucking my cock again and she got her just deserts. I was worried she was fast becoming a cum slut.

Upon arriving in San Diego, I found a women’s clinic and dropped her off. I gave her a couple of hundred dollars in cash and told her I would return in a couple of days.

I headed down to the San Diego Naval Base to meet my grandson, Toby, who was leaving on a six-month West Pac cruise that would take him to Australia, somewhere that I had always wanted to visit.

That night Toby extolled me with stories about all the pussy he had bagged since he had been in San Diego. He said, "Granddad, you can’t believe how good the Mexican girls suck cock, even the young ones." Little did he know that Grandpa probably had better.

Two day later I showed up at the women’s clinic to inquire about Wendy. I was told after she was examined and found not to be pregnant, she left and had not returned.

It was a sad, lonely drive back to Tyler. But I swear, as I drove through the Yuma Desert, I could feel Wendy sucking my cock.


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