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Cameron's Coming of Age Part I

Cam finally finds what he's been looking for, but will he know what to do once he has it?
Author's Note: This is my first story and blah-blah-blah. Next Sunday should be when I do Part 2. Sorry if it's a bit too long, but it's sort of part of the style. Don't worry, it does get to the juicy stuff, eventually. ;) Hope you like it! :)

Cameron and Liz had been friends for about 5 months now. They had met in a Spanish class at the local community college. Liz had caught his eye from the moment she opened the door. She had long, brown hair and brown eyes, a sporty build, softball-sized breast, and an "all-natural" appearance that immediately wanted him to compare her to the Greek Goddess, Artemis. Cameron, on the other hand, had long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a fairly average build. Most would say he wasn't in her league, but Cameron was the type to see that as simply a challenge to be proven surmountable.

After going to class for about a week and trying, unsuccessfully, to find a way to have an extended conversation with her, Cam finally gave in and simply went up to her after class and asked if she'd like to hang out some time. And that's how it all began. Now, skip ahead a few rejected sexual advances, a couple of drunken mistakes, and an overly eager boy and a spoiled princess to find the present. They had, at this point, become good friends.

They didn't hang out as much as when they had first met, but still went barhopping, hiking, or just out for a long walk on the occasional weekend. They would call each other and talk about their days when it suited them. Basically, what you would expect, the woman won out and got her interim replacement for companionship, while the boy assuaged his selfish desire through caring for another. A fittingly parasitic relationship that had been seen many times before and was, as we all know, waiting to be destroyed.

And so it was when Ellie came along. Ellie was this shy, blonde haired, green-eyed, diminutive little girl that had just started working at Cam's job. She worked in the office, while Cam was out in the warehouse, so they didn't see each other much at first, but, every now and then, they would have lunch together and, eventually, Cam had decided to make some conversation with her. Cam tended to be a very interrogative type so he was quick to bring her out of her shell. Asked her how she felt about her work, what her thoughts were about the people around her, whatever he could get from her so he could make a comment and make her smile.

Eventually, the subject came up that Ellie had quite the interest in movies. It just so happened, as often does, that Cam was somewhat of a movie buff, so he pursued the trial and error process of trying to find movies she watched and liked and spotting movies that she hadn't seen that he thought she would like. He had eventually found three prime candidates and asked her if she'd like to watch some movies after work. Ellie coyly agreed and Cam flashed her a smile as he pulled out his phone to take down her number.

Oh, how long he had waited! And how much sweeter it was that he had! After he saved the number, he noticed that he was five minutes late back from lunch, so, though he would have liked to been smoother about it, he quickly jumped up and knocked the table as he struggled out of his seat, barely getting out the words, "Alright, I'll see ya later!," before he stumbled through the door into the warehouse.

The rest of the day, he could barely keep his mind on his work. He kept checking his phone to see the time and, every now and then, got a peek at the number in his phone as his heart would swoon upon the sight. Then the time finally came. The horn blared throughout the warehouse, Cam rushed to put the broom that he had been distractedly pushing for the last 15 minutes of cleaning time for his shift, and he pretended to be calm as he casually walked towards the parking lot.

He walked out the warehouse door and saw her lingering next to her car, smoking a cigarette, and he knew she was as nervous as him. She rarely smoked, as he had come to find out. This eased the tension a little and he sauntered up to her, waving slightly to get her attention. She suddenly perked up as she saw him walking and he asked if she just wanted to follow him. She agreed and Cam smiled, said, "Okay," and went to start up his car.

They soon got to his place and he unlocked the door and opened it for her. Until now, he had forgotten that the place was in a bit of a disarray and he began to apologize for the mess, but before Cam could say the first word, Ellie said she didn't mind and that he should see her place. Cam smiled and took her hand, guiding her towards the couch. As he sat down, Cam went towards the kitchen and started popping some popcorn in the microwave.

"So, you haven't seen Big Trouble in Little China yet, right? We'll start with that one, I figure."

"Cool. That's the John Carpenter flick, right?"

Cam smiled, "Yeah, it's not quite as campy as Escape from New york, I don't think, but you'll get to see the Chewbacca/Predator lovechild, so it'll be good." Ellie chuckled at Cam's attempt at a joke.

The last few pops of popcorn lingered out of the microwave as Cam sorely anticipated to open the door to the microwave so he could sit next to that beautiful woman on the couch. Finally, the ding went off and Cam quickly grabbed the bag of popcorn, opened the bag and poured the contents into a waiting bowl.

"Do you like Parmesan on your popcorn?"

"I've never had it before. Sounds good."

 Cam sprinkled the Parmesan and gave the bowl a nice shake, turning around and waltzing towards the couch. Without even thinking about what he was doing, Cam laid the bowl resting on where their legs met on the couch and laid his arm acrossed her shoulder.

Cam thought, That gets rid of that awkward moment.

Cam looked over at Ellie and there was a silence as his eyes met hers. Knowing that she would be put off by advancing this quickly, Cam opened the drawer to his coffee table and pulled out the movie, ending the silence. Ellie was startled at first, but soon relaxed and leaned over onto Cam as he pressed play on the remote. The eery synth music typical of a Carpenter film filled the room and Cam's free arm went up to turn off the lamp sitting next to the couch.

They get to the part where the Chang Sing and the Wing Kong fist meet and Ellie jumps as Patrick Swayze's character runs over Lo Pan. Cam smiles and kisses Ellie on the top of the head and Ellie looks up at Cam. This time there would be no waiting.

Cam looked into Ellie's eyes and brought his hand forward, brushing her hair off her shoulder. He lowered his head and their lips locked. He gave her lower lip a tender peck and then partially opened his mouth, bringing his free hand up to her cheek. Her lips parted with his, and his tongue darted in, gliding along the roof of her mouth. She tasted sweet, and his heart began to race as his tongue wrapped the base of hers and caressed the soft underside.

 All the while, her hands had found their way to his sides and they began to creep up, sliding towards his chest. She felt the hair on his chest and shuddered at the animalistic heat she could feel surging within him, radiating with each of their heart beats as they seemed to beat in sync with each other. With his right hand, Cam traced a trail down Ellie's left cheek to the nape of her neck and pulled his mouth from hers as he followed the trail with light kisses. Upon getting to her neck, he bit softly but firmly, and Ellie's nails dug into Cam's chest in reaction.

Cam quickly grabbed at the neck of Ellie's t-shirt and, like water, Ellie pulled away, letting the t-shirt fly off and settle behind the couch. Cam got to his feet, mistakenly pouring popcorn all over Ellie's lap. Ellie grinned and simply followed Cam's motion as they left a trail of popcorn crumbs to his bedroom. Ellie stepped into his room and kicked the door behind her, pulling Cam's shirt over his head and pushing him onto the bed.

Cam's legs flew from underneath him, not expecting this sudden burst of strength from his delicate little girl and he kicked her, causing her to fall on top of him. His arms wrapped around her and he rolled on top of her, kissing madly at her neck, trailing down between her breasts, his hands firmly grasping at the bottom of her rib cage. He lifted her up ahead of him and began kissing her down her stomach, making a circle around her navel, and his hands slid down her hips pulling her pants off and resting on her mound.

Gently, he scratched her mound and tugged at the wisp of pubic hair that trailed to her tender lips. He felt the droplets of wetness that had collected like dew at her entrance and lets his index finger part her lips and expose her labia. Sticking his tongue out, Cam licked, leaving a trail of saliva and firmly followed his finger, splitting into her. A soft moan escaped Ellie's mouth as she ran her fingers through Cam's hair.

Cam's hands slid underneath Ellie's calves and began massaging , with his thumbs dancing towards the pit of her knees. He lifted her legs and opened them, giving him a decadent view of her love and began drawing an oval along her labia with his tongue. His hand went up along her inner thigh and gingerly pressed towards her opening, while his tongue pressed against her clit. His other hand unzipped his pants and slid them off his hips then reached up, clutching at her mound, while his lower hand slipped inside and began probing along the bottom of her canal.

With this, his tongue slipped inside and curled up along her, probing for the soft, spongy button underneath her and he began gently rolling his tongue over it, lifting his eyes and watching her sigh as he made his music. His lower hand slid out of her and found his other hand as his fingers formed a circle, meeting at her clit. He pressed with one finger as he let out a hot breath against her pussy, and let his other hand wander up, pressing down on her stomach.

Feeling how hard her clit was against his finger, he lifted his hand and let his tongue slide out and generously lap at her clit, sliding back down to her g-spot and back to her clit. his hands grabbed at her hips, pulling her towards him, giving him easier access to her inside. Ellie began to moan with a continuous rhythm now, her stomach pulsating with the movement of Cam's tongue. Thrusting her pelvis into his mouth, her fingers began digging into the back of his neck. He could feel her walls contracting around his tongue and pushed harder into her, letting his upper lip grace upon her clit as he motioned inside of her.

Harder she pushed onto him, faster, with sweat dripping off her thighs and sliding along his shoulders. Finally, she could take no more and let out a deep cry as her body shuddered away from his mouth. Eagerly, Cam dived towards her, wanting more, but Ellie's palm pressed against his forehead and she looked down at him with a flushed smile.

She then pulled him up towards her and Cam kissed her passionately, letting Ellie's juices rush into her mouth and the heat from Cam's chest radiated into hers. Ellie's arms wrapped around Cam and they rolled over, Ellie resting on top. Slowly, Ellie eased back towards Cam's hard erection and let it settle just below her pussy, writhing back and forth without letting his cock slide into her, only sliding along her clit as she prepared to pleasure him like he did her.

Not being able to contain himself much longer, Cam jerked toward Ellie, his cock popping into her. Ellie let out a shocked moan and Cam pulled away, afraid it might be too soon and she was still climaxing. Ellie let out a deep breath as she eased back onto him, letting him go deeper inside her. Slowly, she began grinding on top of him, letting her heart bounce back into the rhythm of his. She could feel his erection sliding firmly against her g-spot and leaned forward, still too sensitive to take the full pressure.

Cam's arms grasped her shoulders as she rose up and down, letting the scent of her waft up his chest and into his face. Reluctantly, Cam's hands began to ease off of her shoulders and fell beside him as he let out a growl that slipped into a relaxed sigh. Ellie smiled, knowing she had finally released the animal pent up inside him and kissed his neck, first lifting the small of her back, then throwing her shoulders up, letting the head of his cock, once again, slide up against her g-spot.

Cam's hand crept up, absentmindedly toying with her clit as it rose up and down off of him, his head swimming with the narcotic she was slipping into his mind. Ellie's hand covered his and pushed it away, pinning him to the bed. Her hair began to lift off of her body as she quickened her pace and the bed began to shake, the momentum carrying him deeper inside of her. Cam's hips began to involuntarily lift with Ellie's motions and Cam could feel himself boiling inside of her, ready to explode.

 Knowing that he wanted her just a little longer, Cam slid his hands away from hers and and pulled her away so she was leaning back. His head thrust up against her g-spot and Ellie began to scream in excitement. She could feel her walls tightening around his cock and could feel his cock jerking and twitching inside of her. Her fingers curled into the bed sheet as she leaned back and let her hair fall down her back, tickling her spine as it mingled with the sweat rolling down towards her ass. Ellie lifts up off of Cam as she reaches her second orgasm and Cam follows her, not to be denied the electric shock of being inside her while she climaxes this time.

Cam lets out a roar as if a dam had broken loose from his loins and pulls her hips towards him as he spills his seed inside of her. With Cam twitching on the bed, Ellie rolls beside him and their eyes lock as their hearts slowly relax and they feel their juices slowly leak out and onto the bed, the cold wetness bringing them back to earth as it settles against them. Cam's eyes close as he drifts off to sleep, feeling Ellie's warm gaze rest upon him, and Ellie soon follows suite as Cam embraces her in his slumber. About four hours later, Cam wakes to the sound of his phone ringing and looks at the screen to see Liz's name emblazoned across...
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