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Camping Adventure

A young female camper is seduced while she is sleeping.
You couldn’t believe you let your friend talk you into a camping trip in Colorado, just the two of you camping out in the mountains.  The first day starts off well enough, amazing scenery, crisp dry air, and you spot me hiking on the trail alone. As I pass you two you both comment on how hot all the climber guys are out here.  You two continue to enjoy your hike until you find a place to set up camp.  

You’re surprised how as soon as the sun goes down you are instantly ready for bed.  Your body is completely exhausted from the day’s travels and altitude.  At some point in the night it starts to pour down rain and your tent is far from water proof.  Not sure how you two missed the whole but you flee back to your car for cover a half a mile away.  On the way you notice another tent and before you can stop her, your friend tapping on it asking if you two can come in.

I’m all alone in the tent and I gladly let the two of you in.  After a few minutes of conversation I turn my back as you undress and jump in my family sized sleeping bag.  Relieved to be warm and dry you begin to dose back asleep.  

Because of the closeness of the tent you and I are constantly bumping and pressing against each other as we sleep.  At first you were nervous about sleeping naked next to a complete stranger, but you have to admit you enjoy my hard warm body next to yours.  Without even realizing it you are pushing your beautiful butt back into me.

Without even thinking about it my hand finds the back of your thigh.  After a moment I begin moving up your hip and back down.  I do this very slowly and continuously.  You pretend to be asleep and are curious to see how far I’ll go.  You can always cough or roll over if I get too close you tell yourself, but right now you are enjoying being touched.

My strong hand makes its way up your side all the way to your ribs and on its decent down I trace your hip bone barley brushing my finger tips down the front of your thigh.  Your heartbeat has quickened as you hope your friend is sound asleep.  

I make my way up your other thigh and make circles across your stomach.  My circles are getting larger until I’m brushing the top of your public hair and the bottom of your breasts.  

Still pretending to sleep you can feel my throbbing rock hard cock pressing against one of your cheeks.  You can feel yourself getting wet with anticipation as you wonder if I know how hot you are at this moment.  

I roll you on your back and you make sure to quickly close your eyes.  With your eyes closed pretending to sleep still you now feel even more nervous and excited.  You can feel my warm breath on your chest then my tongue and lips admiring your breast.  I finally make my way to your nipple and you accidentally let out a sigh.  

I suck a little harder on your nipple as my other hand discovers how wet you are.  You bite your tongue to keep from moaning aloud but your body is definitely giving you away.  You are on your way to cumming really hard when I stop everything.  It feels like an eternity and you are dieing to open your eyes to see what the hold up is, but you also don’t want to give yourself away either.  

After what feels like an eternity, you feel the warm skin of my muscular body on top of you, as I’m getting into position.  You know its coming soon and your heart beats even harder and your face is flushed.  I let the hot tip of my cock rub your clit a few times and shivers run up your body.  I lower my thick prick to your opening and just hold it there.  You are dripping wet at this point and the first inch of my shaft seems to be slowly sucked in to you by your sheer desire.  I quickly pull out and you feel yourself letting out a little whimper.  I slowly push myself back into a little deeper this time.  I repeat this a few times letting you savor every sensation as I inch my cock into you.  

Once I’ve got as much of my cock into you as you can take.  I hold still for a moment knowing that I’m completely filling you.  My hard cock feels like electric velvet sending a current of sensations through you.  I very slowly thrust in and out of you grinding my cock against the top walls of your box.  You’ve given up trying to keep quite at this point and are moaning with delight and hanging on to my broad shoulders for dear life.

You still can’t bring yourself to look at me though so you turn your head toward your friend as your whole body is tightening up with pleasure.  To your shock you can see her rubbing herself feverishly as she’s been watching this whole show.  This pushes you over the top and wave after wave of ecstasy are released and ripple through your body.  Your pussy clinches tightly on my cock and a loud moan roars from your body.  

Your climax triggers your friend’s finale and she lets go too throwing back the sleep bag and roughly grabbing her breast with the other hand.  I pick up the pace pounding into you harder and harder.  I grab your breast and with the other hand squeeze your hip hard while I’m pushing all the way into you now stretching you to your limits.  You continue to moan loudly as you feel yourself building up again.  

I finally let loose and pump my thick hot cum deep into you.  You cum again and I keep thrusting slowly winding down the rush of sensations.

Afterwards we all burst out laughing as we can’t believe what just happened.  We drift off to sleep and in the morning you two continue on your hike.


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