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Camryn Takes Her Life Back

Revenge is a dish best served wet.
Darryl got to his office at the gym late, as usual. He had spent the night before at “Robert’s Place”, which was a little local pub where Darryl liked to try to pick up women. The pickings were slim so Darryl spent the night nursing a few beers and taking an occasional shot to keep things interesting.

As he got to his office door, he noticed an envelope taped to it. He looked around the locker room, hoping to see who might have left it there, but no one was around. He pulled the note from the door. He grabbed a Red Bull from his mini refrigerator and took a deep swig. He sat at his desk and opened the envelope.

“Dear Darryl. I know I said some terrible things to you the other day, but what you did to me was simply amazing. The more I thought about how you treated me, the more turned on I got. Do you think we can do it again, only this time, can I be the Master?….Can we do it tonight, please…Can you meet me at “Robert’s Place” at 11:00? We can grab a drink and then we can play. How does that sound? xoxo Camryn

Darryl realized he had been absent-mindedly stroking himself as he read Camryn’s note. He was only mildly surprised that she contacted him. He saw the way she responded to this treatment and figured that eventually she would be back for more. He got up and locked the door. He went back to his desk and dropped his sweatpants and stroked his dick. He thought about what he had done to her a few nights before and what it would be like to fuck Camryn again. Darryl closed his eyes, clenched his teeth, and ejaculated all over the front of his desk.

After cleaning up the mess, he spent the rest of the day thinking about the night ahead. Time crept by slowly. After work, he went home and showered. After shaving, he generously coated his face with aftershave, brushed his teeth, combed his hair back slick and moved to his closet to pick out just the right ensemble. Darryl picked out a pair of casual cargo shorts and a peach colored t-shirt. He looked in the mirror and smiled. He thought he looked like a young Charlie Sheen-type, before the booze and the drugs and the sleazy women. He couldn’t wait to get to “Robert’s Place”.

When he got there, he eased up to the bar. He recognized the bartender, Robert and got his attention. Robert came over friendly and smiling, “I understand you are meeting Camryn here. Is that right?”

Darryl nodded.

“She asked me to buy you a few rounds and tell you that she was running a little late, but that she would be here very soon,” Robert said. “What’ll you have? It's on me.”

“VodBull,” Darryl said, trying to sound cool.

“Coming right up,” Robert turned his back and began making the strong drink.

Darryl took a considerable gulp and in a matter of moments began to feel a buzz from the alcohol.

After a few drinks, he saw Camryn enter the bar. She looked gorgeous. She smiled and took Darryl's hand and let him to the back room of the bar. "Robert said we could have this room tonight. I thought it would be very sexy to have our fun here. Do you mind?" Camryn said.

Darryl nodded enthusiastically, "What do you have in mind, slut?"

Camryn wagged her finger at him and shook her head. "Just for tonight, you are my slut. You will do what I say. Do you agree?"

Darryl was too turned on to say no. "Yes, I'll do whatever you say, baby."

From now on my name is Mistress Camryn. Do you understand, slut?" Camryn said smiling.

"Yes Mistress Camryn," he said. He loved how she thought she was in control.

Camryn moved quickly. She grabbed a blindfold from her small purse and wrapped it around Darryl's eyes. She stripped him naked and laid him back against some sort of spongy surface. She extended his arms above him and secured them with a rope. She extended his legs out in front of him and secured them as well. He was already hard, thinking about the fun that was about to come. He was mind was a blur with thoughts of pure sex and the anticipation of what was about to happen as he lay there, helplessly on his back.

Darryl heard some commotion and realized that Camryn had opened the door to the room and other people had entered. He struggled against the ropes, but realized that he had no chance to break free. Camryn removed his blindfold and he saw that there were several peoplecrowded around them. The only faces that he recognized were Robert, the bartender, and Camryn and Haley from the office.

“You are tied to the same yoga ball you had me tied to two days ago, you fuck!” Camryn said. “How do you like it?”

“What are you going to do? If you lay one finger on me, I’ll call the cops. Do you understand that, you assholes?” Darryl spat out nervously. His attempt at acting tough wasn’t fooling anybody.

“I don’t think you will feel that way when we are through with you,” Robert smiled. He looked at Haley and Camryn. “Would you ladies like to get us started?”

Haley pulled off her top and began to unfasten her shorts, quickly slipping out of them. Camryn knelt in front of her, kissing Haley’s tummy. Camryn’s hands caressed Haley’s bare hips and ass. The onlookers crowded closer.

Darryl watched Camryn continue to kiss and caress Haley. He felt himself getting increasingly aroused and remembered that everyone could see him and his nakedness. He was embarrassed, but he couldn't deny the adrenaline that was coursing through his body. Darryl tried to look away to ease the building pressure that he was feeling, but he couldn’t bring himself to turn away from the two sexy women in front of him.

Camryn parted Haley’s plump pussy lips with her fingers and began brushing Haley’s wet clit with her tongue. Haley threw her head back and moaned loudly. Darryl wanted to stroke his cock desperately, but obviously couldn’t. His hands strained at the bindings, but there was simply no use in struggling.

Robert smirked, “Would you like some relief, my friend?”

“Fuck yes, you asshole,” Darryl said emphatically.

“Here’s the deal. I can offer you relief, but if you cum, you will be punished severely. Do you understand? Do you accept these conditions?” Robert said.

“Yes,” Darryl said in an almost whisper.

“What?” Robert said.

“Yes please. I need some relief. Fuck,” Darryl wailed.

Robert nodded to Haley. She went to her knees and slowly began stroking Darryl cock. She gradually increased the pressure and tempo of her strokes, and rather than easing Darryl’s problem, she made them worse as he was on the verge of ejaculating in her comforting hand.

“Please stop. No more. No more. Oh fuck,” Darryl cried fearing that his severe punishment was near.

Haley backed off. Darryl rocked back and forth on the yoga ball trying to prevent himself from cumming. Robert motioned two of the onlookers forward. The couple moved forward to stand directly in front of Darryl. “This is Chris and Ashton, Darryl. I think you will enjoy what they are going to show you,” Robert said.

Ashton quickly removed the light orange tank top that looked so lovely against her chocolate skin. She stepped out of her jeans and her skimpy white thong and stood naked in front of Darryl. She placed her hands on each of Darryl’s thighs and bent forward, her mouth less than an inch away from his throbbing cock. Ashton’s husband moved behind her. He grabbed her hips and slid his cock into her slippery pussy. He drove forward with three fierce, hard strokes and then pulled back to position the head of his cock against her tight asshole. He forced his way in and she growled and moaned in delight.

Darryl watched as Chris pounded his cock into Ashton’s ass. Her mouth never touched Darryl's cock, but it was always achingly close. Darryl tried to thrust his hips forward as she pantomimed the lewdest blow job that she could imagine. After what seemed like an eternity to Darryl, Chris moaned loudly and came deep into Ashton’s ass. Ashton stood up and lifted her leg up and straddled Darryl’s face. Her wet dripping lips were just millimeters from Darryl’s parched lips. Her juices were literally dripping onto his face as she fingered herself to a powerful orgasm.

As Ashton moaned, Darryl begged Robert for release. His balls were bluer than blue. He need to cum immediately. His hips were writhing, making the yoga ball bounce unsteadily. Darryl didn’t know how much more of this exquisite torture he could take.

Ashton and Chris collected their clothes and moved back into the crowd. Robert looked to Camryn, “What do you think? Are you satisfied with Darryl's torture?”

“Not yet,” Camryn sneered.

She moved back in front of Darryl and began taking her clothes off slowly. She revealed the still red welts that Darryl had inflicted upon her a few days ago. She caressed her full breasts seductively, careful to avoid the still tender spots on her body. Robert moved to her and lifted her up on the bar. Camryn lifted her legs up high. Her bare pussy was glistening and saturated with her juices. Robert leaned in and sucked her wet lips. Camryn moaned at his expert attention.

Haley moved back down next to Darryl. First, she dabbed Ashton’s juices off of Darryl’s face with her finger and put her finger to her lips. Next, she resumed stroking Darryl cock. She knew that he couldn’t last much longer as she stroked him faster. His pre-cum beaded at the head of his engorged penis. She licked the tip of his cock slowly.

Robert moved away from Camryn and two other people moved forward. The first was Jake. He was a rugged, shaggy-haired man who was about 6’5” and sporting a very muscular build. He stripped and moved between Camryn’s open legs. Darryl could not believe the size of Jake’s long, fat cock. He had to be at least ten inches long.

Jake entered Camryn with one deep thrust. He fucked her hard and fast. Her pussy was drenched. He treated her nipples roughly, pinching and squeezing them, but was careful not to handle the place were her breasts were still red and sensitive from Darryl's previous treatment.

Camryn moaned and motioned the other patron to her. His name was Perry. He dropped his pants and hopped up onto the bar, on his knees. Camryn took him into her mouth, nearly gagging on his long dick. He fucked her face furiously as Jake filled her pussy.

As the massive orgasm ripped through Camryn, Darryl could stand no more. He blew his load all over Haley’s hand. He had never cum so hard in all of his miserable life. He nearly blacked out. When he regained his composure, he saw Robert, Camryn and Haley laughing at him.

Robert said, “I believe it is time for your punishment, my friend. Camryn, I believe the ball or should I say balls are in your court.”

Camryn walked toward Darryl and smiled wickedly. “Do you remember what you did to me, you pathetic piece of crap?” Camryn held a long, thin jump rope in her hand, clearly showing it to Darryl. “Do you remember this?”

She wrapped the thin rope around his still stiff penis and balls and began to gradually tighten it. She smiled as she watched the look of fear in Darryl’s eyes intensify. She continued to tighten the rope and watched as his penis began to turn purple. She didn't intend to do any damage, although she would have loved to.

Darryl screamed, “Stop it. Stop it. Please don’t do this. I will do whatever you say. Anything please, just let me go, bitch.”

"My name is Mistress Camryn.Say it!" she released her grip slightly, but left the rope in place.

Darryl shook his head violently. “Yes, anything you say, Mistress Camryn. Anything.”

"Admit in front of all of these people that you fucked me against my will. Admit to them that tied me to this fucking ball and used me and blackmailed me. Do it now, slut!" she screamed.

He looked into the faces of the crowd and nodded, "It's all true. Everything that Mistress Camryn said is true."

Robert moved in front of Darryl. He was holding a piece of paper. “This is your resignation for your job at the gym. You will sign it and be gone effective immediately. You will leave town. If you ever return or cross path with Camryn or anyone else here again, your confession in front of all of these witnesses will land your ass in jail. Do you understand?”

“Yes. I understand,” Darryl said dejectedly.

“You have exactly two days to get your affairs in order and leave town. If you do not, my associates and I will come calling. Failure to comply will result in all of us landing your miserable ass in jail. Do you understand?” Robert said.

Camryn smiled as she watched Darryl sobbing and nodding his head, totally resigned to the fact that he had been totally beaten. She felt thoroughly satisfied with her revenge and had no doubt that she would ever have to deal with Darryl again.

An hour later, Darryl had been released and escorted back to his apartment. The other onlookers had headed home. Camryn, Haley and Robert were left hanging out in the bar, reliving the fun of the evening. Camryn thanked her friends for all of their help and asked Robert if he knew how to get in touch with Jake. She wanted his marvelous cock inside her again. She had never experienced an orgasm like the one Jake had given her.

Robert smiled and handed Camryn a piece of folded paper.

“I want you to come visit me after you finish up at the bar. I haven’t had enough of you yet. Robert told me that you would be perfect for me. After tonight, I can see that he was right. Please come to my place and fuck me. I need you. Robert told me to tell you that if you did not comply that there would be consequences. –Jake”

Camryn hugged Robert and Haley and headed to her car for her next adventure.
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