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Capture The... Me? Part 1

Game goes in a different direction...

We were on the way to my boyfriend's family cabin up in the hills.  I was looking forward to it.  Spring break at our college just couldn't come fast enough.  I had packed a small bag with very little clothing.  I was planning on laying in the sun on the dock of his pond and getting an all-over tan.  The only other clothing I packed was a bikini, some denim shorts, and a few tops.

On the way to the cabin, I was feeling frisky and teased him relentlessly.  I sat sideways with my feet in his lap, teasing his cock with my toes. I stretched my legs up onto the dashboard and slid my hands sensuously up and down.  At one point, I slipped off my bra underneath my shirt and hung it from the rearview mirror!

When we pulled up to the secluded gate that marked the beginning of their property, he had me slide over to drive the truck inside while he closed the gate behind me.  As he locked the gate and walked back to the truck, I slipped my shirt off.  The look on his face as he approached the driver's window was priceless.  My little pink nipples were so hard, knowing he was going to take me soon!

He smiled and ran around the truck, getting into the passenger seat. 

"Just follow the road," he told me as he reached over and began playing with my bare breasts. 

I put my bare foot on the gas pedal and began driving.

"You're so fucking hot!" he told me as I drove across the bumpy road.  My breasts were bouncing and jiggling with every bump.

When we approached a level stretch of the road, he said, "Stop right here.  Put it in park."

I stopped the truck as he said and looked around,  "Why here?  There's nothing... unh!"  

As soon as I had put the truck into park, he had reached over and grabbed my hips and violently pulled me over to him.  My whole body was dragged across the truck seat until I was on my back.  My head had just missed hitting the door as he bounced me across the seat.

Tom opened the passenger door and maneuvered his way out and then reached over and practically ripped my shorts button open!  He undid the button and grabbed the two sides and totally split the zipper right down the middle!  The shorts were ruined completely as he now grabbed the remaining material at my hips and pulled them down my legs so hard that he bounced me a foot closer to him.  

My little pink thong didn't stand a chance at this point.  

It hurt when he grabbed the side of my thong and pulled it so hard that the material gave way right between my ass cheeks.  My pussy lips were violently split and tugged when it slid through them.

Naked in less than four seconds.

On my back on the truck seat.  Knees up.  Heels on the edge of the seat.

Legs pushed open wide.  

Totally exposed.

The last I saw of his face was the powerful lust in his eyes and he pushed himself forward, his hot tongue splitting the lips of my pussy and his lips wrapped around my clit as he sucked it into his mouth.

His hands reached up around my thighs and grabbed both of my breasts in his hands.  Fingers and thumbs immediately going to my nipples and twisting, tugging, pulling, and pinching.

He licked me gloriously for a few minutes and then he pulled back, allowing the cooler outside air to land on my exposed, wet pussy.  

He stepped back, pulled his shirt up and over his head, and started undoing his belt.  

I arched my head up to see him undo his pants.  He quickly unfastened his belt and the weight of his pocket knife, wallet, and phone sent the shorts sliding to the ground.  He pulled his boxer briefs down and stepped out of them and then approached me again.

"I'm going to fucking fuck you!" he growled as he climbed up into the truck and onto my body, my legs widening to accept him.  He's bigger than me so when he braced his body with his head on the truck seat, his mouth was just above my ear.

"Fucking take my fucking cock!" He growled again, his hot breath in my ear.

I was just about to take a deep breath and guide him into me when his cock found the entrance of my pussy.

"Wai..." I muttered as, without any more preamble, he slid his hot, throbbing cock into my pussy.

Fuck, yeah!" he practically yelled as he began to pound me.  I do mean pound!  The truck shook back and forth as he used his knees on the seat to give him more leverage to ram me.

I was moaning and grunting helplessly with each forward thrust.  I could barely get a breath as he pulled back before he was slamming into me again!  

"Fuck! Fuck! Fucking you!" he kept growling into my ear.  

His left hand worked it's way underneath us and I felt him grab my right ass cheek.  He gripped it hard in his hands and I only thought he was pounding me before.  Now he had a death-grip on my ass and I didn't have any strength to fight him if I wanted to. 

His right hand reached up and wrapped it in my long, red hair and he twisted it in his hand until he had a good grip.

"Now!  Fucking take it!" he grunted and he lunged forward. 

His cock was inside of me and his weight combined with his thrusting was hitting right on my clit.  He pulled upward with his right hand and it felt for a second like he was going to rip my hair out!  My eyes watered with the sharp pain.

Slam! Slam! The truck was literally rocking back and forth!  When I opened my eyes all I could see was a rapidly moving truck ceiling. I couldn't even focus on the sun visors because they moved violently out of sight with each powerful thrust of his cock and hips.  

Oh, hell yes, I came!  His thrusting was rubbing so hard and fast against my clit and he kept pulling my hair each time his cock slammed into me. He didn't even notice or slow down.  My spasms were barely felt as he continued pounding me, thrusting deep and almost pulling out each time.  

I think we could have gone a lot longer but the hot cream from my pulsing pussy must have been too much to take.

"I'm cumming!" he yelled.  He slammed me a few more times and then froze on his last thrust. His body tensed up and I could feel his thick cock inside of me grow just a bit larger before he shot his load deep into my pussy.  

"Fucking, YES!" he yelled out as he pulled back and thrust into me hard again, shooting off another spurt of cum inside of me.

I lay there underneath him as his cock spurted a few more times.  

Finally, he collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily and rapidly.

I couldn't move.  He was so big and his weight kept me pinned to the seat. I was breathing heavily too, but just couldn't get enough air because of him holding me down.  Finally, he pulled out and grabbing my hips, he pulled me forward to until I was out of the truck and standing on weak legs in the grass.

I had to reach up to hold onto his neck because I felt so faint and weak.  

My poor pounded pussy! Now that it was not sealed with his thick cock, it was leaking our combined juices.  

I let him go, and turned to look inside the cabin for my shirt or panties, just something to wipe my pussy with.  I braced my hands on the truck seat and took a deep breath.  

I should have realized the view I was giving him.

Naked college girl.  Long red hair cascading wildly down my back. 

Bare ass exposed with long legs and my feet on tiptoes.

In seconds, he was on me again.

I tensed for it and soon felt the heat of his cock as he worked it up and down my pussy lips.

"Fuck, yeah baby!" he yelled as his cock slid inside of me again.

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