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Head nurse taught a lesson?

I stood in the darken house, my heart beating rapidly as I awaited the arrival of my victim for tonight. I was sweating a little with this mask on my face, I was dressed in all black. I felt in my pocket and fingered the blindfold and handcuffs I had there, I was as ready as I would be. I saw the headlights flash on the wall as she drove her car into the driveway. I heard her car door close as she got out of her car and headed to the front door, I was waiting right behind the door. She stuck her key into the lock and turned, I grabbed her hand as she reached for the light switch.

“Leave the lights off” I whispered firmly as I covered her mouth with my gloved hand, “stay still and you won’t be hurt.” She was a petite, almost tiny lady, she struggled a little at first but realized she was no match for my strength, I lifted her up and head to the bedroom.

“Be still” I hissed at her, as I pulled the blindfold out of my pocket and put it over her head. “Do as I say and you will make it through this just fine” I added as I tied her hands behind her back.

“Please, don’t hurt me” she murmured tearfully, “I will do whatever you say”

“Good then this is going to work out just fine” I said mockingly, “lay face down on the bed and do not turn around” I ordered. She laid down with her tied hands behind her back. “Don’t move.” I went into the other room and retrieve my little black bag. I took a knife out of the bag and begin to cut her cloths off, first her little black sweater, then the white nurse uniform she wore, leaving her in white stockings, white panties and bra and white stockings. I took my hands and rubbed them over her body from top to bottom, I felt her shiver under my touch, she also let out what sounded like a moan to me. “So you like to be in charge huh? You are the head nurse at the hospital, aren’t you? Well tonight I am in charge, I will do with you whatever I like, hopefully you will enjoy it”

“Do I know you?” she asked. I grabbed her roughly around her neck and pulled her to me until my mouth was right at her ear “I know you, after tonight you will know me” I said “I’m in charge, you will do as you are told?”

“Yes” she answered.

“Just call me Sir, you understand” I said cutting off her wind with my hand, putting pressure on her neck and then easing up, just to let her feel my strength.

“Yes Sir, please” she said through her tears.

“Now you are to remain in the position you are in now, no matter what, I want you face down and ass up, understand!” not waiting for an answer I brought my hand down hard on her ass, making a sharp delicious sound, she yelped and I let out a small laugh. I whacked her ass 9 more times, each time harder than the last, she did not scream out but jumped with each spank, the street light shined in her bedroom window allowing me to see the reddening of her ass under my slaps. I rubbed her ass and she moaned, I asked her if she like that and not knowing what to say she whispered yes.

I moved her white panties to the side and stuck my fingers right into her pussy, as I suspected she was wet, she let out a low moan and I could tell she didn’t want to like it but she did. I stuck my fingers all the way in her pussy, playing with the roof of her pussy, reaching for the elusive g-spot, I moved my fingers in an out of her, her breathing quickened and she start to tremble, then she squirting all over my hands, I looked down with pride at my handiwork.

“You are such a whore” I sneered at her and slapped her ass hard. I moved her across the bed, bringing her head over the sides, I released my hard dick and stuck it against her lips, she hesitated a minute and then opened her mouth to take me in. “Suck me you snotty bitch, suck my dick deep” I said to her as I wrapped my hands in her hair and pulled her close as I stuck my dick deep in her throat, I felt her starting to gag and stayed still until she adjusted, then forced more into her mouth. I fucked her mouth deeper and deeper, occasionally reaching over and slapping her ass, I twisted her over so that she was now lying on her tied hands and pulled my dick out oh her mouth and leaned over her face so that she could lick my balls and the crack of my ass which she did without me telling her to. I reached down ad pinched her nipples hard, one and then the other, after fucking her throat deep for another few moments, I pulled out and looked at her she was a mess saliva running down her chin, she was trying her best to lick as much as she could with her tongue, I took my dick rubbed it across her face smearing saliva everywhere, I reached down and lifted her up, she was so small, I bit her neck, I sucked on her breast and softly bit into her nipples, biting and then rubbing them, then pinching them, I slapped her breast a stinging smack and she cried out, I massaged them and she cooed. I licked her pussy and she moaned deeply, I sucked on her clit roughly, licked her asshole, she started to shiver and I know she was having an orgasm, she convulsed for a few minutes before calming down a little, I bit her inner thighs and stood up, my dick poking out like a spear waiting to plunge into its victim.

“Please free my hands, I will not give you any trouble, please” she pleaded, I could tell she was being sincere so I released her, she faced me and threw her hands around my neck, “I am yours, do whatever you want with me, please Sir”

“Lay down and put my dick in your pussy, open your legs wide” I ordered, she pulled her legs all the way back and put my dick into her wet pussy, “Now I’m going to make you mine” I said as I plunged my dick deep into her tight wet pussy, she pulled her legs back over her head allowing me full access. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her into each thrust, I put my hands around her neck and held her tightly as I continued to fuck her violently. She began to moan, laugh and cry as I continued to pound her pussy, I slipped my hand under her and stuck my finger in her ass hole, roughly, she let out a yelp from the sudden intrusion. I fucked her so hard making a slapping sounds as our bodies smacked against each other loudly, sweat pouring off of both of us. I pulled out of her pussy and turned her on her stomach, easing my dick into her asshole as she screamed, I kept pushing until half my dick was in her, I could feel her ass squeezing my dick, damn she was tight, I pushed in a little more, I could feel her loosening up, I pushed violently burying my dick to the hilt in her ass. She stopped moving and so did I, I wanted to give her time to adjust because I was going to fuck her within an inch of her life. I massaged her neck and back, kissed her neck, tongued her ear, I turned her head to the side and stuck my tongue in her mouth, she kissed me back massaging my tongue with her, she relaxed and I took the opportunity to start fucking her ass. I fucked her ass for about an half hour until we were both trenched with sweat.

“Fuck me Sir, fuck my asshole, oh my God, I’m cumming again, Ohhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed. That pushed me over the edge and I started to pour into her, filling her ass until the cum leaked back out, I pounded her as I came deep in her ass. I could feel her asshole squeezing every drop of cum out of my dick.

“Well how was it baby? You like that rough stuff don’t you? You and your fantasies” I said with a smile once I had caught my breath.

“You sure seem to be getting into it, I’m glad you didn’t tell me when you would do it, the surprise made it seem more real” she said with the blindfold still on her face. She gave me a kiss and squeezed my dick.

"Thank you baby" she said with a beaming smile.

This was her fantasy, we had talked about it and tonight I decided to grant it to her. She is actually a head nurse at a big hospital and one of my most sexy and adventurous fuck buddies. Another fantasy realized.

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