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Carolyn's Client. The First Chapter

My first submission, welcome comments and suggestions
  Carolyn’s Client. The First Chapter

Carolyn Forbes checked herself over in the full length mirror. “I look damned good” she thought to herself, before heading out the door to visit clients in her role as a Sales Representative for a large Pharmaceutical company.

At 28 years of age, with a firm and lithe body, constantly worked on in the gym and with yoga, yes, everyone thought she looked good. Today, in her new white silk blouse, over her tight black business skirt and standing in her high heels, with her dark hair flowing to her mid back, to any man, she looked more than just good.

Unfortunately, underneath the glamour, her head was in turmoil. It was almost the end of the month and the business quarter. She was still behind on her sales target and wasn’t sure if she was going to reach it.

Across the country, several of her colleagues had lost their jobs recently and she didn’t want to be the next. She loved her job, travelling around the city and several regional locations, meeting people and the freedom of not having a boss constantly looking over her shoulder. But she also knew her, or more correctly, her results were constantly being monitored by her Sales Manager and the Head Office bean counters.

The morning went well enough, calling on several smaller outlets and Carolyn added some more average sales to her results, but at 2pm she had coming up the appointment that she dreaded each month. Phillip Robertson owned a string of drug stores across the city and made all the buying decisions. He was one of her toughest clients, mainly because he liked to use his business size to negotiate cheaper wholesale prices for himself and wasn’t adverse to switching suppliers at the drop of a hat if it suited him.

As she pulled her car into a parking spot outside his office, which also had his home on the first floor, she felt herself getting sweaty and her mouth drying up, which often happened when she got nervous.

“Pull yourself together Carolyn” she breathed to herself as she alighted from the car and walked in through the front door, her I pad in her hand, hoping today that Robertson would be in a buying mood.

Entering through the door, he was standing there, his back to her talking to a young clerk at her desk.

Mid forties, tall and well-built, he turned around to see who had entered.

“Carolyn” he greeted her “right on time as usual and for once I are on time as well. Let’s head right into my office.” With that he gestured for her to lead the way and followed her to his large office towards the rear of the building.

Once there, he offered her a seat at the board table which occupied one half of the spacious room, with him sitting, as always, at the head of the table.

After pleasantries, Carolyn got down to business, detailing the few monthly specials her company always had on offer, before Robertson abruptly interrupted her. “Carolyn, every month you offer me these specials as though I am just another of your own man businesses – I probably buy more off you each month than all the others put together. I don’t want monthly specials – I want the best price all year round. Times are tough and I need to know I can buy my supplies at the best price always. Give me that and I’ll give you guarantees in advance of large purchases month after month.”

Carolyn thought quickly to herself, knowing that her Company would not do that. Whilst Phillip Robertson was a large client to her, in the worldwide operations of her employer, he was a small fish. She had tried to achieve this in the past many times without success.

“Phillip, you know I’ve tried but we can’t do that, your business is very important to me and try my best for you…” Phillip again cut her off.

“Then give me something else Carolyn and I’ll guarantee you my business”

“I’m not sure what else I can give you Phillip, perhaps some new marketing stands….”

“Give me yourself Carolyn” Phillip calmly said “and I will give you your largest order every month.”

Carolyn looked straight back at him, their eyes locked on each other’s, her mouth agape with shock, as she tried to comprehend what he was talking about.

“Every Tuesday night, from 6pm to 7am, I want you with me as mine. 13 hours per week and you’ll barely even need to work the rest of the week. I’ll buy exclusively from you on all the products that your company offers. All you have to do is serve me as I please”

Carolyn was still too shocked to speak as he went on.

“Your job cannot be secure Carolyn. In today’s environment, it would be hard to get another job. I can guarantee you financial security by being your biggest client and with my orders coming through, there is no way your job could be at risk.”

All Carolyn could do was stare back at him, whilst her mind panicked, until eventually she stammered “can I….ummm…can I…think about it….pleeeeeease….ummmm.”

“No” he stated in his commanding voice. “You decide right here and now or you walk out and we never do business again. Your choice. Your career.”

The two sat there staring at each other, but it was clear who had the control.

Phillip was the first to speak “Stand up, walk over near that wall or walk out that door and don’t come back.”

Carolyn’s mind continued to race, as she stood up. She needed her job, she had rent and other bills to pay. But she didn’t just, wasn’t the sort of woman that he was asking her to be. The thoughts kept racing around and around inside her. She was sweating profusely and her mouth was far too dry to speak.

Phillip could see she that was dumb founded but commanded her “walk over to the wall.”

Obediently she did.

“I want to see today what I’m getting Carolyn” he said, more softly, but still confidently. “Strip.”

Mind still racing, but hesitantly, her shaking hands went to the top button of the white blouse and started to open it, fumbling. “What am I doing?” she thought to herself, tears welling in her eyes, as one by one, she undid the buttons.

“Slip it off your shoulders and let it fall to the floor” was the next thing she heard.”Now do the same with the skirt.”

Carolyn’s fumbling arms reached behind her and she found herself unzipping it and allowing it also to fall to the floor, leaving her standing there only in heels, white satin bra and panties.

“Bra” was the one word she heard next and again her hands, as if by remote control obeyed and it was removed and also dropped to the floor, with her hands quickly covering herself.

Phillip stood up and approached her. He grabbed her by the wrists and put them by her side “never cover yourself again in front of me” he softly said. With that, his hands quickly went to each side of her hips, his fingers hooking inside her panties and he dragged them down to her ankles.

Stepping backwards a couple of paces he spoke again, ordering her to step out of the panties, but to keep her shoes on.

After she complied and stood there shaking “Put your hands behind your head and let me look at you. I want to see you turn slowly all the way around, so I can view all of you.”

Compliantly, Carolyn did as she was told, rotating all the way around.

Phillip then proceeded to return to his seat, asking her a series of questions. Did she use oral contraceptives? She does. Did she have a boyfriend? Yes, she does. Several others followed, before he commanded her to come to his side.

Standing him beside him, Phillip ran his hands over her body, causing her to shiver nervously. Standing up, he suddenly bent her over the board table, kicking his chair out of the way, it’s wheels moving it swiftly.

She knew he was undoing his zipper and suddenly he was thrusting inside her. Her face on the table, her mind still racing, asking herself why she was allowing this, will it stop, can stop it happening again?

After what seemed like hours, he finished, but her shame wasn’t complete. “Get down on your knees and clean me up with your beautiful mouth”

Submissively, she did just that, tasting herself on his penis, as well as his semen. As she did this, Phillip continued to speak, informing her that she was to return in five days time, the Tuesday at 6pm. She was to wear a dress, with nothing underneath and high heels, as though she was going to a nightclub. She was not to be late. The supply order she was expecting today would be emailed to her at 7am on the Wednesday morning, provided she fulfilled her part of the deal, the only difference being, that the order would be much larger than any he had ever given her before. With good performance, he would reward her with performance bonuses of even more substantial orders. No one else must ever know of the arrangement…the rules continued, as she continued to lick and now suck on his dick.

….to be continued….

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