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Carolyn's Client The Second Chapter

Carolyn continues to use her body to win Phillip's business.
Carolyn’s Client. The Second Chapter

Tuesday afternoon & Carolyn is at home preparing for meeting Phillip Robertson. Since last Thursday everything had been a bit of an emotional blur. After driving home from his office, she had run herself a long warm bath and sat in it contemplating how she had allowed him to use her body as he pleased. The weekend had come and she had argued with her boyfriend Brett about anything and everything, brushing him aside when he wanted to make love. She was so distracted and feeling so confused. Her sleep patterns were disturbed and over and over in her mind she tried to decide between meeting Phillip’s demands or telling him she wasn’t going to see him again.

The big thing was though, on checking her emails Friday morning, there was a large forward order for a group of medicines from Phillip. Enough to meet her sales budget this month. Her Manager was overjoyed & Carolyn couldn’t help but appreciate Phillip for this order, as she was sure he had told her it would be Wednesday morning before she received this.

So here she was, putting on her tight blue short cocktail dress, with gaping cleavage and her best pair of heels ready to drive and spend the night at his apartment. Carolyn had no desire to come home tomorrow morning in full view of her neighbours dressed in the same clothes she had gone out in the night before, so she was throwing a tracksuit along with her toiletries bag into a gym bag, when a message appeared from Phillip on her phone.

“Tonight Carolyn, you are to walk in my door and seduce me with all the lust that you have inside of you. The front door will be unlocked, but please lock it behind you. Hope you appreciated my last product order.”

“Oh God” she thought silently “can I really do this?” as she picked up the gym bag, her handbag & keys and walked out her door.

Twenty minutes later, shaking like a leaf, she had parked her car outside the address Phillip had given her last Thursday and was opening that unlocked door. She found herself inside an immaculate modern and expensively furnished apartment. She turned the lock on the now closed door and turned around to see Phillip entering the living room, wearing nothing but a thick white bathrobe.

Placing her bags on the floor, she took a deep breath and walked hesitantly across to him until she was only two feet in front of him, not knowing what to do next. After what seemed like forever, but was probably only a few seconds Phillip spoke.

“Seduce me Carolyn.”

Carolyn paused for a few more seconds, before submissively placing her arms around his shoulders and kissing him on the mouth. Phillip met her kiss and his arms also came around her, before leading her into the large bedroom from which he had come from.

Although she was hardly aware of her surroundings, the room’s main feature was a large timber framed bed, with only a white satin top sheet upon it, little other furniture bar a modern leather chair which more resembled a sofa. There were two separate doors leading to the ensuite and dressing room.

Guessing what was required of her next, Carolyn resumed the passionate kissing that she had commenced in the living room.

Phillip’s hands began to roam across her back, eventually squeezing on the cheeks of her arse, from beneath the low hemline of her outfit.

“Tonight Carolyn, you are to be my complete whore” was whispered into her ear. “Your cunt, tits, arse, mouth & mind are to be all mine & I am not going to prompt you on how to serve me. If you want that order that I promised to you tomorrow morning, work your arse for it and please me!”

The words rang through Carolyn’s ears “if he wants pleasure, I can give this prick that” she thought and she pushed him towards the bed, until he was lying on it with his legs dangling to the sides.

Quickly she tore open the belt holding his gown together and looked down at the way his cock was already starting it’s rise to meet her. Going down on her knees beside the bed, she gently grasped the shaft and pushed it back towards his stomach then rang her tongue over his balls, before ever so slowly licking from the base to it’s circumcised tip. Phillip was fully erect now and she continued the licking and eventually she could hear him sighing and begin to gently writhe.

“You are enjoying this, aren’t you Phillip?” she paused to say, beginning to feel in control herself.

“Oh god yes” he groaned back.

Stopping her ministrations, she rose to her feet, reached behind to unzip her dress, before slipping it off her shoulders and pushing it’s tight fabric to the floor. She stood there in her heels, with her hands on her hips and allowed Phillip’s hungry eyes to devour her body.

She was feeling very much in control now, until Phillip spoke confidently and full of authority.

“Before next Tuesday I want that hair around your cunt waxed off. Now get on the bed and fuck me!”

This sudden command startled her and took away the control she had begun to feel within herself. Nonetheless, as Phillip pulled himself further onto the bed, with her heels still on she climbed onto the bed and sat astride Phillip. She knew her pussy juices were flowing freely enough to ready for him, so she guided his cock into her and sitting upright began to ride him, whilst he stared directly into her eyes.

“Tell me how you love doing this Carolyn” Phillip spoke again, grunting with pleasure as he did so. “ tell me how you love using your body to make money for yourself. Tell me what a whore you are.”

And Carolyn did just that, over and over again as she fucked him to a climax.

Afterwards, they lay beside each other on the bed for a time, until Phillip finally spoke.

“I hope that you enjoy Thai food. I have ordered some to be delivered shortly. Don’t try and get dressed. I want you naked for the rest of the evening, but you can leave those shoes on.”

They sat opposite each other across the large timber dining table, making polite conversation as they dined and sipped the expensive French champagne that Phillip had opened. He asked questions mostly relating to her company and it’s products and it was though it was just another sales call to Carolyn, expect that she was naked and had just had sex with this guy who was once again wearing his bathrobe.

At the end of the meal, Phillip invited her to sit with him on the leather sofa facing his large screen TV, which he turned on with the remote control.

She sat right on the other end way from Phillip, the cool leather against her naked flesh.

"Don't be shy Carolyn" Phillip commanded "come up here to me."

Carolyn slid along the sofa until she was right beside him, his left arm immediately going around her shoulders and his hand cupping her left breast. With his other hand he flicked on the remote, until the screen was filled with a pornographic movie, of two women engaging in oral sex with each other.

Carolyn sat watching in silence, feeling at unease, but unable to take her eyes from the screen. She wasn't a lesbian, she wasn't bi-sexual, "does Phillip think I will enjoy this" were her thoughts.

"Aren't the beautiful?" Phillip asked after a few minutes.

One was Asian, her darker skin contrasting against the very white skin of her lover, who had masses of red hair.

"I guess so" said Carolyn quietly, not knowing what else to say.

"Have you ever fucked a girl yourself Carolyn?" Phillip asked, turning her chin towards to him with his right hand.

"No" she said much more forcefully.

"But I'll bet you have thought about it. Thought about having another woman's breasts pushed against yours, imagined what it would feel like to have a woman eating your pussy and for you the taste of her's."

Again Carolyn answered with just one word "no."

"Really" Phillip replied "I'm not sure whether to believe you. But to each our own. This video is one of my favourites. I know both of these ladies personally. They love fucking a man too, but really get off on each other's juices. Who knows, one day I may introduce them to you, but for now, I think I'll turn the TV off and let you perform for me instead. I'm going to watch you play with yourself"

Carolyn couldn't disguise the look of horror that must have come across her face, her cheeks reddening.

"Lay on the floor in front of me with your legs wide apart so I can see all of your cunt" he said, removing his arm from her shoulders.

For no other reason than that she knew even if she at first resisted, eventually she would give in, she moved off the sofa to the floor and did as he asked. She had masturbated in the presence of boyfriends before, so the experience wouldn't be completely new to her.

"Possibly when you do this by yourself, you may use a vibrator, but tonight, I want you to use only your fingers, so don't muck around, get to it"

Obligingly Carolyn moved her hand to her vagina and began to gently stroke her outer lips, before moving onto her clitoris. She moved her hand and fingers in familiar movements, feeling her wetness growing with increasing stimulation. "Shit, I'm actually enjoying this" Carolyn breather silently to herself.

As she stroked and teased herself, she found increased self confidence until she could look Philip directly in the eyes, his eyes meeting her's rather than watching her fingers dance inside herself. She was starting to feel in control, especially when Phillip opened his bathrobe to reveal an erect penis that he began to stroke himself.

The stare continued along with the hand and finger movements, passion evident in both their faces and body movements.

They remained in their positions, both masturbating in front of the other, until firstly Carolyn came with a gush of writhing & gentle screams of pleasure, followed by Phillip, his semen squirting across his bare legs and the floor.

…to be continued.

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