Carolyn's Client The Third Chapter

By Hetaurus

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Carolyn is beginning to enjoy her meetings
The following Tuesday came around very fast.

Carolyn, in spite of herself, had found herself thinking during the week, more and more about the past and coming encounters. Even driving between client meetings, her thoughts kept wandering back to Phillip and on one occasion she had found herself touching herself at a red light.

Now, here she was again, walking up to Phillip's door in her short red button up dress with no underwear and matching stilettos, with a strong sense of anticipation. "Damn it," she thought to herself. "I think that I'm actually looking forward to him."

It seemed to take forever for him to answer his doorbell, but soon enough he opened it. There he was, wearing nothing but a white towel-like robe, with damp hair as though he had just stepped out of the shower.

He said nothing, but stepped aside to allow her to enter, then grabbed her and planted a long passionate kiss onto her waiting lips. Closing the door as he did this, his hands then went behind her back and went underneath her skirt, clasping tightly her naked buttocks, squeezing and kneading them.

After a moment or two of this, he pulled away from her, to bring his hands around the front, unbuttoning the dress and pulling it off her naked shoulders to let it fall on the floor. Wearing nothing now bar the red stilettos, Phillip took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom which she was rapidly getting to know very well.

With not a single word so far spoken between them, Phillip abruptly pushed her onto the bed and fell on top of her, kissing her yet again. Before she had realized it, Phillip had snapped a handcuff onto her left wrist and was now raising that hand and the other above her head, locking her left wrist into the other cuff, restraining her to the bed rail.

"I don't like this...." she started to say, the first words spoken by either of them since her arrival. But Phillip put his fingers to her lips and uttered a loud, "Shoosh!" So she stopped talking.

"Tonight Carolyn, I have a very special surprise for you, so just lie there and enjoy yourself," he said with his strong voice.

"Avis, you may come in now," he called towards the open bedroom door.

Startled by this, Carolyn tilted her chin down onto the top of the chest, looking down her long body towards the door as a short young Asian woman came through, totally nude.

"Carolyn," Phillip spoke again. "This is Avis, a very good friend of mine, as well as my housekeeper. She is a very talented young lady and I am sure that you will appreciate those talents over the course of tonight."

"Phillip, I'm.... I.... it's one thing..... you and me..... but...." Carolyn stammered as she quickly worked out that Phillip was expecting a threesome!

"Carolyn, you will provide pleasure to me as I ask for it," Phillip calmly said. "And tonight, the three of us will all have some fun and be satisfied."

By now the Asian woman, who Carolyn guessed later to be around thirty years of age, was laying herself on the bed beside Carolyn. Phillip was now laying on her other side, but leaned across her to kiss the woman called Avis.

When their kiss ceased, both Phillip and Avis started to gently kiss Carolyn on the cheeks, then moving down her body, till each was gently nibbling on a nipple.

Carolyn, just laid there, not that she could move much in any event with the handcuffs on. All sorts of thoughts were racing through her head. 'Phillip has never hurt me, but will he? I'm not gay or bi. How did I get myself into this?'

So all that she could do was lie there, as they both moved lower and lower down her body, nibbling all the way, until eventually Avis re-positioned herself with her head between Carolyn's thighs. Phillip returned his head to Carolyn's face and kissed her softly whispering, "Relax, Avis is very skilled with her mouth."

Carolyn had never had so much as a thought of having sex with another woman, yet here she was with a total stranger flicking her tongue across the opening of her cunt!

Avis' tongue continued to flick and lick at her pussy, using her fingers to open it widely, helped by the wetness that Carolyn was oozing. Damn, she was now fully turned on, as Avis continued her gentle assault on her genitalia. Phillip continued to kiss Carolyn, as she began to writhe and push her hips up further and further into the mouth of Avis.

Phillip leaned back from Carolyn and spoke softly, "You are loving this Gorgeous, aren't you? So tell Avis and I as loudly and as crudely as you can, just how much. I want to hear you yell like a whore, Carolyn."

Carolyn looked at Phillip, with lust in her eyes. "Yes Phillip, I love this. Please give me your cock!"

"You can do better than that Carolyn. I want to hear about how wet your cunt is and how good my friend Avis is."

"Avis is good," Carolyn gasped. "She is making my cunt so wet, but it is your cock I want inside me. Fuck me with it Phillip. Fuck me!"

But now Phillip was doing nothing except lie there, propped up on his elbow, as he watched Avis eat Carolyn's pussy, as Carolyn writhed and groaned in her ecstasy.

The relentless tongue and lips continued to work on her, until finally, Carolyn let go, with a massive squeal of delight, as waves of pleasure rolled across her, until she was spent. Avis eventually moved up her body and gave her a long kiss on the lips.

Phillip was now moving and Avis also re-positioned herself on all fours, with her knees one side of Carolyn's chest and her elbows on the other. Phillip stood behind her and drove his long, erect cock into Avis from behind.

Carolyn watched from beneath as he fucked her hard and listened as Avis grunted with pleasure at his every thrust.

As Phillip was about to come, he pulled out of Avis and turned his cock until it was only inches from Carolyn's face. The white juices sprayed out across her face, then he laid back down beside her as Avis left the bed for the en suite, returning with a face cloth.

Avis gently wiped the semen from Carolyn's face, smiling at her as she did so, although she had still not spoken a word since entering the room earlier.

"Will you let my arms go now please?" Carolyn softly said to Phillip.

"No, not yet," he said, in his usual calm voice. "I am going to have Avis shave you first. I don't like all that hair that you have around your snatch, so I'm getting rid of it. Avis go ahead."

Again Avis went to the en suite, returning with a razor and a small container of warm water, shaving cream, and a plastic underlay.

Carolyn lay there incredulous. Incredulous that she hadn't said or protested at this. Incredulous that she was allowing this to be happening to her.

Without even being asked, she was even more incredulous as she lifted her hips from the bed to allow Avis to place the plastic beneath; although she did react when her naked skin lay back against the cold plastic.

Avis worked deftly with the razor, shaving the pubic hair from her as Phillip lay beside Carolyn, not speaking. As Avis finished, he moved from the bed to walk around to the base, looking at Avis' handiwork between Carolyn's spread legs.

"You will keep yourself like that for me from hereon Carolyn," he commanded. "Avis, please now take your pleasure from Carolyn. Fair is fair, after all." And he sat in the armchair beside the bed.

Still without a word, Avis climbed onto Carolyn, pushing her vagina onto Carolyn's mouth. Again, Carolyn was incredulous, as she tasted another woman for the first time, without a second thought. Like she herself was now, Avis was also cleanly shaven and Carolyn worked her mouth on her in ways that she had enjoyed men doing to her in the past. A couple of times, she gagged as it was difficult to breathe enclosed between the brown legs of Avis, as Avis wriggled around on top of her, her small pert breasts jiggling with excitement.

Carolyn had not even noticed that Phillip had again moved, until she felt his mouth working on her pussy. "Oh God, what a fucking slut I've become," she allowed herself to think as he ate her whilst she ate Avis, still handcuffed to the bed.

With a large moan, Avis came and slid off her to lie by her side. Phillip stopped his oral manipulations and lay on top of Carolyn, pushing his cock into her cunt and fucking her roughly. The thrusting went on for ages, as it was taking him longer the second time around to come and Carolyn was even starting to get a little sore. But she never complained and Phillip came inside her, then rolled off her to the opposite side of Avis and lay there exhausted with them both. be continued