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Casual Encounter in the Elevator

Obsessed co-worker finally gets his wish...
I have been observing her for weeks since she started at my job and we always exchange these looks, but I have not been able to speak to her yet. Every morning I would see her in the elevator at work and I would discreetly inhale her sweet perfume and instantly get aroused. It was pure torture to begin my day this way. I always tried to talk to her, but I couldn't even utter a word when I was in her presence. It didn't stop me from trying though.

One morning, the elevator seemed to be packed but she still managed to get on and luckily there was some space right in from of me. She was inches away from me and my cock came to life when I smelled her sweet perfume. I think she noticed because she pressed her backside into me quite firmly and slowly started wiggling and rubbing her ass on my cock. I was in total shock and my cock was getting was rock solid. My eyes wandered to the many people in the elevator and realized that they didn’t seem to notice. The elevator stopped on our floor and when she didn't get off I smiled to myself and continued to play her game.

We were both facing the door at this point and without even looking at me she held her sweater in such a way that it covered my cock. Her other hand then went underneath her sweater and made its way to my zipper. Before I could say anything, she pulled my zipper down and started to stroke my cock up and down. It felt so good and just knowing that the people going in and out of the elevator might see what she was doing really got me hot. All the while, it seemed liked she kept a straight face and continued to stroke my cock and then my balls. It felt so good I wanted to scream but with all these people around I couldn't so I had to force myself to be calm.

The elevator must have gone up and down a hundred times, but she kept going, stroking me up and down harder and harder. We finally were alone in the elevator and I slid my hand up her dress and I reached for her nice round ass. She kept pulling away from me and shaking her head which only confirmed to me that she wanted to be in control. I pulled her forcefully towards me to let her know that I will not be denied and I slid my finger inside her panties and found her weak spot because her knees almost buckled. She was fighting me but she just felt so good that I had to continue and ignore her protests. Then the elevator door opened and another person got on and then another and soon the elevator got so crowded again that it just pushed her fine ass further into my fingers. I could feel her grip on my cock get harder and I knew she was going to cum soon. So I stopped and I heard her gasp a little. I was so hard by then that I couldn't even think clearly. As the last person walked off of the elevator she finally spoke.

"Please don’t stop, please finish." She said breathlessly.

"I thought you did not want me to?" I said confused.

She did not even wait for me to react when she leaned back into me and with her own hand put my cock right into her pussy and let out a low moan. I moaned in ecstasy as I entered her tight pussy. She moved her ass in a full circle and I knew I was quickly ready to cum.

"I can't hold it in much longer." I said trying to concentrate to make it last longer.

She suddenly stopped and pulled her ass off my cock and squeezed it really hard, I couldn't stand the agony and I couldn't quite cum. I was breathing hard and held her hips urging her to let me put it back in.

"Not on my sweater you won’t!” She said in an offended tone.

Before I could react she let go of my cock and fixed her skirt and touched me one last time and as the doors opened she walked out and said.

"Come find me." Slightly laughing and quicken her pace down the hall.

I was infuriated and I only had enough time to put my cock back into my pants when I bolted out the elevator after her. I quickly caught up to her and she was so surprised to see me but I covered her mouth. I looked around and realized that there was no one on the floor so I grabbed her and forced her into a nearby janitor's closet.

“I am going to fuck you right now, not when you want...I'm tired of you teasing me!” I said whispering in her ear.

“No not right now, wait!” She said pushing against me.

“No! ... I said right now!” I said aggressively.

She fought me as I pulled her skirt up to her waist and slide in my cock back into her pussy.

“Don't! Not here, wait!” She said pushing me harder.

I had one hand on her mouth and the other inside her shirt and her breasts were so supple and plump. I could tell she liked my cock as she lean back into it. I held her hands in place and I muffled her screams and I pounded her mercilessly. I could hear her say no through my hand which only made me want her even more. The more she fought the more I would thrust into her. I was so hard by then and she was so wet that it felt like heaven at that moment. She was so tight I could not help myself. I started to kiss her everywhere my lips would land, I ripped off her shirt buttons and all, I ripped off her bra clear off. I roughly put her shirt as a blind fold over her eyes and I tied her hands with her very own bra. By this time she was whaling and moving around and said.

"Please don't, NOOOO!"

She got louder and louder and it only turned me on more and I knew it turned her on as well because she was so wet. I slid my fingers on her clit and she let out a moan that let me know I had her. I slid my cock out not wanting to let her cum just yet. I turned her around and mercilessly kissed, licked and bit her breasts. I then slid my cock back into her pussy and kept thrusting her over and over until I felt myself starting to cum. She kept moving around trying to get her hands free and I just held her hands in place and pushed my cock all the way inside her and I felt her shake and say.

"Oh my God I'm coming!"

We both then finally collapsed on the floor of the Janitor's closet exhausted waiting for our orgasms to subside. I pulled my pants up and as I kissed her on her mouth I said now you find me.

.....and with a smile I walked out leaving her on the floor dazed and confused.

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