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Caught by Mr. Peterson

I was breathing heavily and moaning when I heard someone clear his or her throat.
I rushed down the street and into the school. Making it into my class just as the bell rang. 

A few people chuckled and Mr. Peterson laughed, “good to have you here Bree, on time. Maybe you’re turning over a new leaf.”

I sat in my seat and began the daily readings from a textbook. The class passed slowly, for my favorite subject I got stuck with Mr. Peterson, which isn’t a bad thing since he’s a good teacher, but it makes it so hard to concentrate in class when he’s sitting so close. He’s too hot to be a teacher. With his short but scruffy dark brown hair, the bright green eyes and his 6 o’clock shadow. I almost melt every time I see him.

The two hours passed slowly and the bell rang. I jumped up and scurried towards the door. A few people chuckled and I smiled at them as I left the room. It was no secret to the other students what I was about to do. I walked towards the wooden cabinet that served as my locker and I dropped my books into it and checked my reflection in the mirror.


I looked to my left and saw my best friend Callie strolling towards me.

“Where are you going for lunch?” she asked.

I told her how I was meeting up with my boyfriend down in the basement. We said goodbye and I walked down the stairway making sure no one was around before I walked into the old book room. It’s the room where all the textbooks are kept but no one ever goes in except during the beginning and end of the school year.

I saw my boyfriend Scott sitting on a desk leaning casually on a giant pile of the AP English textbooks.
He whispered, “hey” and I smiled as he pulled me into a hug and kissed me softly on my lips.

I kissed him back eagerly. Soon we were full on making out. He kept nibbling my neck softly and I moaned a little. He scooted back and pulled me onto him so we were both on the desk. My legs wrapped around him and my skirt up by my waist. He kept nibbling at my neck and I felt his large hands caressing my bare legs. One of them soon moved up and he rubbed one finger against the soft fabric of my thong. He pushed it aside and began to rub my clit. I moaned a little louder and kissed him on his lips biting him a little. God I was so horny I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter by the second. He pushed two fingers into me and started fingering me fast while keeping his thumb on my clit. I moved his school tie around and began unbuttoning his shirt, with his other hand he reached under my shirt and snapped off my bra. I took my shirt off and let the bra slide off with it pushing my 36 Cs into his face as he bit one of my nipples. I moaned loudly and began grinding against his hand and crotch. He stuck another finger in me, I couldn’t take it anymore I was moaning like crazy and soon I felt every muscle tighten and just as I was about to squirt I hear a noise. I froze and opened my eyes.

“Did you hear that?” I asked.

Scott kept fingering me as he responded, “Baby there was nothing”.

I could barely hear him with my left nipple in his mouth. I was breathing heavily and moaning when I heard someone clear his or her throat. 

We both froze and I turned to see my stunned AP English teacher Mr. Peterson. His cheeks turned pink and I couldn’t help but notice that he was staring at my breasts. I crossed my arms over them and began freaking out. Oh my god I’m so dead.

Scott began talking “oh god I can’t believe this shit I’m sorry. Wait you didn’t hear that. Listen we can explain.”

I pulled my shirt on and my skirt down grabbing my bra in the process and rushed from the room. I didn’t know what else to do! I couldn’t face him. I sprinted to the nearest bathroom and looked at my reflection. My hair had dried into sexy waves and my cheeks were flushed, I looked like I was just fucking. Shit I’m screwed. I called Callie and told her everything.

“Oh my god!!! What are you going to do?” She blurted out as soon as I finished.

“I have no idea” I told her honestly.

We talked for a few more minutes then I left school early and went straight home, what if they called home? I waited near the house phone but there were no missed calls or messages so I texted Scott.

Bree: hey shit sorry about running what happened?!??

Scott: nothing! I’m freaking out here after you ran out he just stood there and finally left the room

Bree: why did he have to walk in omg im so embarrassed

Scott: it’s kind of hot tho…you know him seeing us. He was probably watching for a while too

Bree: omg haha you would say that. He’s a teacher they don’t get into anything

Scott: I’m still horny you know…you got yours but I didn’t get mine =(

Scott: send me a pic!

Bree: Noooo! Hahaha

I rushed down the street struggling to push some papers into her bag. Damn it! I thought, why’d I have to oversleep again. I jumped over a soggy newspaper and picked up my speed hoping the rain would slow down. I had forgotten my umbrella in my room. Worst of all I didn’t have my keys and was officially locked out for the weekend since my parents left for a weekend getaway earlier this morning. Guess I’ll just sleep over Sam’s place or something. I finally saw the school and ran faster.

By the time I got inside I was completely soaked through, god this is so embarrassing, anyone walking by can see my bra. I walked into the bathroom and saw my reflection. My long wavy brown hair was soaked from the rain, luckily my eye makeup was still in place but I was right. My bra was completely see transparent through my uniform, which consisted of a white button down shirt and a plaid skirt that seems to have gotten shorter over the years. I searched my bag for the school blazer so I could put it over. As soon as I looked semi presentable I rushed down the hall to my first period English class. I opened the door and tried to walk to my desk quietly but Mr. Peterson saw me anyways.

“Late again Ms. Richards?” he smirked at me as he turned from the whiteboard.

I almost melted in my chair but I responded quietly, “um yeah I’m so sorry I got caught in the rain and…”

“Never mind I don’t even want to know we’ve already wasted enough time open your book and read pages 456-475.” he interrupted me before I could finish my feeble attempt at an excuse.

I reached for my bag and responded, “Yes sir”.

He left the room, probably to go get his coffee from the teachers lounge.

I sat in my usual seat and opened my book to review the reading. My phone buzzed and I looked at it.

Dave: heard about the incident =P

Scott’s friend Dave was sitting across from my and looked at me. I looked at him and saw him make a fingering motion with his hand then faked an O face. I laughed and a few people looked.

Bree: you pig, but seriously not looking forward to this class….hope Peterson doesn’t give me a hard time.

Dave: you know you really do want him to give you a “hard” time LOL I know I do =P

I looked at the text and put my phone away instead of responding. Just then Peterson walked back in and called the class to order. I noticed that he avoided looking at me the whole class and that his cheeks were a little flushed. The bell rang and I jumped up.

“Bree” I heard Mr. Peterson call my name.

“Yes Mr. Peterson?” I responded quietly.

I looked up and saw him sitting casually at his desk as if nothing happened yesterday.

He looked at me when he said this; “I need you to stop by afterschool we need to discuss your thesis statement on your term paper.”

I nodded and rushed out of the room. Shit, I was so not looking forward to having to talk to him. I mean I guess it had to happen eventually but still couldn’t it have waited a week.

The rest of the day passed slowly, and soon it was time to meet with Mr. Peterson. I walked slowly to his classroom as if I was walking to my death. I finally reached it and he wasn’t even in there! So I just took a seat in a random desk. A few minutes later he walked and closed the door behind him. He walked over and sat next to me,

“Bree, you know I don’t really need to talk to you about your thesis right?” he looked at me in the eyes as he asked me this.

I took a deep breath and finally responded, “I know”

He continued with his lecture, “if anything your thesis the whole paper in general is perfect. But it’s just that…” he stopped talking and struggled with his words; as if he didn’t know what else to say.

I was beyond shocked when he grabbed my face and kissed me hard on the lips. I just sat there as he kissed me so passionately I felt like I was on fire.

I finally pushed him away and got up for the door “Mr. Peterson what the hell are you doing?!”

He looked at me lustfully and said, “Don’t tell me that you don’t lust after me every class. I see the way you look at me. And then yesterday when the Harrison boy was all over you I wanted to scream I was so mad.”

He grabbed for my hand and pulled me back. Running his hands along my side. I looked away from his intent gaze and said, “Scott is my boyfriend, and no I haven’t been ‘lusting’ after you. And let go my arm”

I’m not going to lie, it’s totally hot that the hottest teacher in the whole town is ‘lusting’ after me but it’s so inappropriate. We could both get in so much trouble and anything with him would be cheating and I would feel too guilty.

He pulled me to him and kissed me again, he grabbed my ass and squeezed it tightly. I tried to push him off but he only tightened his grip on me. I broke away from the kiss but he only began kissing and nibbling on my neck.

I protested, “Please Mr. Peterson it’s not too late. We can stop now and pretend nothing ever happened.”

He didn’t seem to hear me and kept going but was now moving his hands onto my breasts, I smacked them away and made my way to the door but he grabbed me and pulled me back. Pushing me onto his desk I couldn’t help feel a little excited as to what might happen. He ripped open my shirt popping some of the buttons in the process and grabbed one breast roughly and began pinching around my nipple. Oh my god all the force he was using felt really good and was making me wetter. Still I should put up some resistance, he is my teacher.

“Mr. Peterson we shouldn’t be doing this. Seriously we’ll get in trouble” he ignored me again and simply pushed my skirt up and ripped off my lacy thong.

He stuck a few fingers in and began fingering my pussy violently. I immediately began to moan and shake from his skillful hand. As he did this he put his mouth down and began licking and sucking on my clit. Oh my god I was on fire. It felt so good. Soon he had four fingers inside and was eating me out. I began to tighten and shake and soon was squirting out all my juices. He drank them up hungrily and then stood up. He looked at me as I was lying there on his desk with my legs hanging over the desk breathing heavily. He licked his lips and unbuttoned his pants. At this point I just didn’t bother saying anything, he was just going to ignore any argument I put up. He pulled out his cock. It was pretty big, probably 8 inches but it was really thick I was. He didn’t give me a second thought and simply pushed it all the way in with only one thrust. I cried out and grabbed the sides of the desk to steady myself as he ravaged my pussy with his cock. He sped up his tempo and kept fucking me. I kept moaning loudly and he looked at me in the eye as he fucked my pussy with all his strength. My breasts were bouncing like crazy and so he smacked them leaving a red mark. This only drove me crazier and I was soon meeting his thrusts and moaning pretty loudly. I couldn’t help it and soon I was coming again, this guy had stamina he didn’t stop for a second. Suddenly he pulled out though. He grabbed me and turned me around forcefully. He began playing with my asshole. I put up protest and he told me to shut up, that he wasn’t done yet. He rubbed his dick against it and then used my own pussy juice as lube. After a minute and a quick burst of pain he was fucking my ass the same way he’d been doing to my pussy only minutes before. I was moaning like a wild woman. It only drove me crazier when he spanked me ass continuously, it was when he started fingering me during all of this that I went over the edge and started coming all over his desk, screaming his name the whole time. He pulled me off his desk and pushed me onto my knees. He shoved his dick into my mouth and I began sucking it with everything I had. After only a minute or two though he pulled out and began coming all over my breasts. Even after coming though his dick was still semi hard so I took it into my mouth and soon it was back to its long, hard, and thick glory. He picked me up so that I was straddling his waist and lowered me onto his dick. Then he fucked my pussy standing up

“FUCK my pussy!” I couldn’t help but yell at him; which only made him go harder.

Soon he was shooting his load deep into my pussy. He lowered me to the ground and I staggered a bit.

He didn’t say anything as he pulled his pants back on; I took that as my cue to fix myself up. I pulled my skirt down, and fixed my bra and shirt. Most of the buttons were popped though and so it wouldn’t close completely. I could see cum on my chest easily. I wiped my face for any extra cum and ruffled my hair a bit. I grabbed my bag and left him there without another word. I went to the bathroom to wash my face. I closed my blazer over my shirt and walked out. A hot shower sounded so nice right now. I was walking home when I realized I didn’t have the key. Shit. My parents were out for the weekend and I told the staff I’d be ok home alone. I called Callie but there was no answer. I tried again. Still none. I couldn’t call Scott he would know something just happened with one look at my face. Where was I going to go? I could try climbing into my window but I think it might be locked. I heard a car honk at me and turned to see Dave smiling at me from the drivers seat.

“Need a ride?” he chuckled.

To be continued...

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