Caught by Mr. Peterson Part II

By sammyboo

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He moved his hand away and unzipped his pants. I looked at him to see if he was serious.
I smiled nervously and walked into his car. As I stepped in I made sure to keep my blazer closed; if he saw cum on my shirt I’d be dead.

Dave looked at me as he put his car in gear, “You look like hell, what happened?”

Something told me he already knew but I lied anyways, “It’s a really long and embarrassing story, but now I’m locked out for the weekend. Mind if I spend the night?”

Dave smiled at me, but instead of answering he simply pulled the car into his driveway and turned it off. We walked into his house and I headed straight for the bathroom. I turned on the shower and stripped off my clothes.

Stepping under the hot water, I started thinking of my afternoon with Mr. Peterson and soon was massaging my breasts under the water.

I moaned a little as I pinched one of my nipples and moved my other hand to my clit. The hot water running down my breasts and stomach felt amazing. I moaned a little louder as I stuck a few fingers into my slit. I moved my other hand to my clit and imagined it was Mr. Peterson doing this to me. My breathing got heavier and soon I felt my orgasm rushing through me. I called out Mr. Peterson’s name as the last but of the orgasm subsided.

I opened my eyes to find myself in Dave’s bathroom and sighed in relief. I stepped out and realized there was no towel.

Fuck, I thought.

I opened the door a little and peeked into the hallway. I rushed down to Dave’s room. I opened his dresser and pulled out a pair of boxers. I put them on and was looking for a shirt when I heard someone gasp. I turned to see face in the doorway and immediately covered my wet breasts. He laughed and walked over to his closet pulling out a white t-shirt and tossing it over. He made this big show of covering his eyes as I put the shirt on. The material of the clothes clung to my wet body and I could see in the mirror that the shirt was becoming damp from my hair and body and was easily transparent; my nipples visible and poking through the thin material. From the look on Dave’s face I knew I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

He gave me a wolfish grin and jumped on his bed. He grabbed the remote to his tv and put on a random movie. I sat on the other side of the bed and checked my phone for messages.

Scott: Hey babe ;)

Scott: You there?

I put my phone away. I couldn’t ignore him forever but I was afraid to face him. I noticed that Dave kept looking at my breasts.

I snapped my fingers at him, “My face is up here you know?”

He chuckled, “You know, I’m pretty sure Scott is gonna be upset when he finds out”.

Shit I’m screwed, but I decided to play dumb, “about what?”

“You know…”, he winked at me.

“Listen you can’t tell Scott. It was a one time thing and it won’t happen again”, I looked at Dave hoping he would keep my dirty little secret.

He was silent for a minute and then he put his hand on my leg.

He moved his hand up a little, “I wont tell Scott, but you have to do a little favor for me first”.

He moved his hand away and unzipped his pants. I looked at him to see if he was serious. When he didn’t say anything I moved so that I was leaning over him and unbuttoned his jeans. I opened his pants a bit more and pulled out his huge dick. It wasn’t even hard yet and it looked to be about 9” long. It was thick too, and I couldn’t help but wonder how come it never showed through his pants.

I grabbed it carefully and licked my lips as I began to give him a hand job. I felt it immediately begin to harden under my hand. I lowered my head while keeping eye contact and licked the tip of it. He smiled at me and put his hands behind his head, as if to enjoy the show. I wrapped my mouth around the head and I felt his dick go to the back of my mouth and back. I caressed his balls as I rhythmically began to deep throat him. It was so big I was choking but was still able to get a good amount in. I heard him groan and he grabbed a bit of my hair, pushing his dick deeper in.

We kept this going for a few minutes and then he shoved me back. I was lying on my back when he came over, pulled off the boxers I was wearing and stuck four fingers into my drenched cunt. I moaned loudly as he fucked me with his hand.

I grabbed the sheets as I began to violently shake, screaming “FUCK ME PLEASE. I NEED YOUR COCK IN ME NOW!”

He pulled his fingers out and held them out for me to taste. I took my time sucking my juices off each of his fingers.

Then he lowered his head tasting me as he gave my pussy a good lick. He positioned himself and slowly slid his dick into me. I was fucking Mr. Peterson less than two hours ago, but Dave’s dick made me feel so tight. The moment his entire cock was inside me I immediately began shaking and cumming. I dug my nails into his back as he began to violently fuck me.

Only the sounds in the room were from our grunts and moans and his balls slapping against my ass. He then turned me over and in one swift move was fucking me doggy style. He grabbed my hair roughly and pulled my head towards him as he pounded against me. It hurt but at the same time felt so pleasurable I had another orgasm right there.

He began thrusting into me even harder and faster and soon I felt it as he exploded his load into my tired pussy. It drove me over the edge and I began cumming all over again. He collapsed onto the bed and for a few minutes all I could hear was our heavy breathing.

To be continued...