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Caught sniffing panties

Caught sniffing house mates panties and forced to pleasure her
I used to live in a house share with 3 girls and 1 other guy. I fancied one of the girls (Chloe) like crazy, she was slightly larger sized and had massive tits.

One day when no one else was in I found a pile of her washing by the washing machine, she had left it there as the machine was being used by someone else. I looked around to make sure no one was about and started to look through her washing it wasn't long before I found a matching set of sexy underwear. They were silky blue panties and matching bra. The silky feel started to get me aroused. As did thinking what she would look like in them. I took the panties and raised them to my face and gave them a good sniff. I started to rub them on my mouth and nose. By now my cock was extremely hard.

Quickly I dropped my trousers and boxer shorts. I wrapped the bra round my cock and used it to start wanking myself. I continued to sniff the panties. Before long I was getting carried away and my pre-cum was dripping onto the bra, I also failed to hear someone come into the room.

Chloe was stood there watching me. She walked over and snatched her bra and panties off me. She then called me a pervert and stormed off.

A few minutes later I got a text message from her demanding I went to her room. I went in and to my surprise she was stood there wearing just the underwear I had been using. Chloe said that I had been a naughty boy and that she would tell the other house mates unless I did what she said.

She told me to get on my knees in front of her and to lick her pussy through the panties. As I got close I could see marks from my pre-cum on her panties. I bent down and licked her pussy through the panties. I could taste her wetness. She made me do this for about 10 minutes alternating between my tongue and fingers. By this point her panties were soaking wet.

She then made me strip naked and get on the bed on all fours. I could hear her getting something out of a draw. I turned around to see her putting on a strap on. I told her I didn't want to do that. She said if I didn't she would tell the others I was a pervert. I had no choice but to let her do it.

She got in position and roughly shoved the strap on into my arse. She wasted no time in starting to roughly force it in and out. She was clearly enjoying it telling me I was a pervert and was getting what was coming to me. She then surprised me again by whipping out the blue panties (she had taken them off when she got the strap on out) and holding them over my mouth and nose.

By this point my cock was rock hard. The strap on was pushing against my prostate which was really turning me on and the panties in the face was just making it so much better. I knew I couldn't hold it much longer, my cock and prostate was throbbing and I knew I would soon shot my load. I moaned to her that I was going to come. She quickly moved the panties from my face and wrapped them round my cock. The silky panties being rubbed by her round my cock was enough to make me lose it. I screamed as I shot my load into the panties. She continued to stroke my cock for a minute or two to get every last drip out.

She told me to get dressed and leave. As I was leaving she threw the panties at me and told me I might as well keep them. They were still sticky from my cum.

She hasn't mentioned it since and hasn't said anything. I still have the panties and every now and then I get them out and use them to wank off whilst fantasising about that day.

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