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A walk along the beach leads to a fantasy fulfilled
I like the beach and always had an affinity towards water. On one of my typical walks along the shore I lost track of time as I often do. I walked for hours enjoying the surf lapping at the sand and the sun warming my skin. I found myself walking in an area I didn’t recognize.

I had realized it was getting dark. However, I noticed it really wasn’t that late. There were clouds rolling in. It looked like a doozy of a storm. I smiled to myself, I love thunderstorms, lighting and especially rain.

I noticed I had quite a few messages on my phone. It seemed I had been gone longer than I thought.

I needed to figure out how far from home I was. I saw a gazebo and decided to walk to it. I needed to let everyone know I was ok and I would be home in a ..mmhh maybe a few hours. I guessed it would take me awhile to get back. "I'd better see if anyone is available to come get me," I thought, "There is definitely a storm brewing."

As I was standing in the gazebo answering texts and deep within my own thoughts I realized I was not alone anymore. I quickly thought back: did I hear any sounds; I did hear a motorcycle but didn’t think anything of it. I slowly turned around to see who was there and also to start apologizing. I was after all, trespassing.

“I am really sorry; I know this is private property. I was walking and………….” I stopped in mid-sentence. There, about three feet in front of me, leaning on the railing stood, a 6 ‘ 4” something of a very yummy blue eyed man. He had a motorcycle helmet in one hand, and the other hand had a thumb hooked in his jean pocket. Mhh, nice package. “Oh umm,” I continued, “I am really sorry, I will be on my way there is a storm coming, I just need to find out how far from home I am. If you will just give me a minute, I will be off your property. “

He started to say something but at that moment the heavens opened up, and thunder ripped across the sky that shook the earth. I jumped, and he was on top of me in two seconds flat and had his arms wrapped around me before I could even blink. I put my hands on his chest and started to protest, “Hey I’m no damsel in distress”, but as I looked up into those beautiful warm blue eyes my breath caught and my heart skipped a beat. His thumb was resting in the shallow of my lower back and was rubbing back and forth. How long I stood there lost in his eyes, I have no idea.

I just remember his smile and he was going to KISS ME. Ah hell no, I don’t know this guy ….those thoughts slipped out of my mind as soon as his lips touched mine. I swear an electric spark went from his lips to my lower back, where his thumb still rubbed back and forth over my bare skin.

Lightening cracked and thunder ripped across the sky again. I was trembling. He broke the kiss and said, “I have wanted to do that for about two months now.” My mind was spinning, did I know this guy? Shit! I don’t remember, and believe me I would remember if someone kissed me like he just did.

His lips met mine again and all thoughts slipped away as his tongue slipped gently against mine.

He lifted me up onto the railing and I wrapped my legs around his waist. A coherent thought briefly entered my mind “seriously lady, you don’t even know him” it slipped away, all I could feel were his hands on my hips. Skin to skin contact with this man felt electric, soothing….shit! I don’t know this guy. It sure felt like I did, my body was responding as it never did before. I could feel something in my soul stirring.

He grabbed my hair and tilted my head just a little so he could get to my ear, as he nibbled and licked he whispered, “I have watched you on the beach. I have watched you watch me.” With that said he bit my neck and a shiver ran through me. This is my hunk on a boat, I realized. This is the man of my fantasies, the man that I watch as I lay on the beach. The man I watch as the sun warms my skin and thoughts of him heat me from the inside. I laid my head on his arm and whispered,” I have fantasized and dreamed of this moment. “

He looked into my eyes and with a smile on his lips, asks, “mhh what else have you fantasized about?” He grabbed my ass and pulled me towards him and I felt how hard his cock was. Good to know I was not the only one totally turned on. He set me down and grabbed my hands. “This is my home," he said. "I would love to take you inside and learn more about your fantasies”.

I let go of his hand with some hesitation… grabbed my phone and to let someone know where I was and that I would be a few hours. He gave his address and I repeated it on the phone. He didn’t ask who I called and didn’t even ask why I needed his address. He grabbed my hand and started leading me towards the house. For the first time I realized it was pouring.

We dashed towards the house… my hand slipped from his and I just stood there in the rain. It started to soak me, my clothes and my hair. He walked over to me thinking I had changed my mind. As he got closer I slipped my shirt over my head. He smiled and said, “Oh I’ve watched this too.”

I said,” you don’t think I saw you on the boat with your binoculars in the rain. I saw you watching me enjoy it, watching me masturbate. “

He slipped his hand down my pants and in between my legs; lighting cracked the sky and his fingers dipped in to my wetness. I arched my back to give him better access and he immediately found my g-spot. I was practically climbing him as he brought me to an orgasm in 3 seconds flat. Lord and lady what is this man doing to me? After my tremors subsided he walked to the door with me and opened it.

I was still feeling the effects of the orgasm as he came back with some towels to dry us off. As he dried me he undressed me. His hands were so warm, his lips were on fire, leaving molten lava trails as he kissed and licked. I was in a daze. He lifted me and sat me on a towel on the counter and I could feel his warm skin touching mine. When did he get naked? I have never felt like this! My mind was racing, my skin felt like it was vibrating at his every touch. I needed him to be inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he grabbed my ass again and scooched me forward. With that movement he buried himself in me, I tilted my head back and screamed as another orgasm rocked my world.

He laid me back and touched me, everywhere. Kneading my breasts, pinching my nipples, thumbing my clit, I couldn’t keep up, all these sensations were driving me over the edge again. I arched my back as another orgasm rocketed through me. Before I could come to my senses his head dipped down and I felt his tongue on my hips, his hands were spreading my legs and he slid two fingers in my pussy as he took my clit between his teeth and flicked it with his tongue. I screamed and thrashed. My mind screamed, I can’t take another orgasm, not this close together! He said, "ok, ok, relax beautiful." He gently licked me, as if he was cleaning me. He trailed down, kissing my legs, back up kissing my stomach and neck as he lifted me off the counter.

As I was just standing in front of him he spun me around and my hands landed on the counter to steady myself. He grabbed my hair and nibbled on my neck. I know I should have been a little scared, but the juices flowing down my legs told me I was beyond turned on. He asked, ”Are you ok?”

I said, “yes,” with a smirk, as I looked over my shoulder, “is that all you got?”

He said,” No, I do have more; I just don’t know how far I can go. We have never talked about this... or anything for that matter”.

I said “Well maybe we should talk about my dreams then, maybe the one where you bend me over the side of the boat and smack my ass as you fuck me so hard the boat is rocking. “

He let out a low growl, pushed on my back, and in one swift motion he slid his cock into my pussy.

I screamed and grabbed the counter for support; he grabbed my hips and pounded me so hard I knew I would have bruises the next day. I slid my hand between my legs and fingered my clit as he punished me from behind.

He gently slapped my ass and I screamed “Harder!”

He yelled, “Oh fuck!” and smacked again HARDER, then gently rubbed and smacked me again. My legs gave out as another orgasm pulsated through my body. He held me up and continued pounding me.

I screamed, "I’m cumming, I’m cumming!" and he grabbed my hips and released himself deep inside me. The feeling of his cock pulsing made me cum again.

He gently kissed my lower back, little kisses down to my ass where he smacked me and kissed the red skin. He asked, “Are you ok, Beautiful?”

I murmured “mm hmmm, never better. “

I heard a distant beeping, it did not register at first and then I realized it was my ride.

I turned around and hugged him. “It’s time for me to go,” I said.

He smiled and said, “What no cuddling?” I giggled and grabbed my cloths, but my shirt was soaked. I slipped my shorts on and he ran to get me a t-shirt.

It was huge on me and he grabbed me and kissed me hard, then licked my lip. “See you around beautiful.”

“Sure, sometime, on the beach.”

"How about tomorrow," he said, "I do need to get my shirt back” and threw a wink at me. How can I deny those beautiful blue eyes? I wondered. Why would I want too?

I smiled and said “Sure, tomorrow, same place?”

He responded, ”Ok, it’s a date.” I ran out of the house and got in the waiting car, already planning the next days walk on the beach….

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