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Cheap Move

Pai tried to sit as still as possible. She was sitting on Kastor's lap....
Pai tried to sit as still as possible. She was sitting on Kastor's lap, Moore was driving and Hunter, evil bloodsucking Hunter, was sitting so close to him she was almost wearing his t-shirt.

Hunter was just that, a hunter. Her prey was any man she set her sights on whether for sex or money. She was dressed and ready for her sport, her long blonde hair pulled back into the perfect messy ponytail . She had big blue eyes and spotless fair skin. She wore just the right amount of make up to look like she wasn't wearing any at all, while her pink lips were shiny with gloss. She was wearing a tight pink spaghetti strap top that shamelessly clung to her thin body and khaki short shorts that left very little to the imagination. Her long thin legs were a sight to see.

Pai gave her all the credit in the world. She was in awe of Hunter's power of persuasion, which is why she hated herself all the more for letting her come. She wasn’t shy about it and Pai was cursing herself for telling her all too beautiful roommate about her Saturday plans.

“So you‘re little friends going to work downtown at that new magazine. He must make a lot of money with that,” Hunter had asked on their way to Moore's place that morning

“I wouldn’t know, but I’m sure its pretty damn good,” she replied proudly about her friend.

Hunters interest piqued, she had stuck to Moore like a rash since she had met him that morning. Hunter had made a bee line for Moore, bypassing all his eligible single friends, treating them like dirt. She already had the low down on Moore and that was all she needed to know.
Pai sat looking stupid and feeling more so as Hunter fawned all over Moore.

Moore was a dream. He was tall with smoldering dark eyes and a slender, athletic, body. He had a gorgeous smile and he was fun, charming and very eloquent. His smooth silky voice causing her to get wet everytime he said hello. He didn’t speak as though he belonged working in a mall. So when he got the writing job for the popular local magazine and its website, it seemed natural.

Pai was kicking and cursing herself for telling Hunter so much about Moore.

She was beginning to hate Moore too; for being a typical guy, falling all to easily for Hunter's ample breasts, long blond hair and blue eyes. Not to mention that though they were supposed to be helping him move, Hunter hadn't done a damn thing and the tight tank top and extra tight denim boy shorts she was wearing were as clean as the day she bought them. Hunter didn’t have a hair out-of-place.

Pai however, looked like she had been through hell; sweaty, dirty, her dark brown hair that had been painstakingly lightened to dark blond for the summer, was wild and unruly even pulling it back into a ponytail had done nothing to help, she had short shorts too, but not by choice .

Hers had gotten caught on a nail while carrying boxes down the stairs and now half her ass was hanging out. It was a nice ass, she was proud of her own ample assets. Which Kastor was taking advantage of right at that moment.

Kastor was one of Moore's friends that they had met that morning. He was rude and gruff. He had worn sunglasses the whole morning to try to hide their previous night of debauchery Moore had said.

Aside from bossing her around and being a total dick, Kastor hadn’t really said two words to Pai. But his hands had lots to say. He would brush by her with his hand lingering on her back or brushing her bottom and when her shorts tore, he took to palming her exposed cheek.

Pai shouted and fussed at him and he would either ignore her or shout even louder saying she was crazy and no one was molesting her.

From what she could see of Kastor's face when they met, Pai was hoping Hunter would set her sights on him. He was taller, blond tousled hair, great body. If he and Moore were out the night before then they had left quite a few happy girls in their wake.

But now she was sitting on his lap in the cramped cab of the moving van, taking the last load of the furniture and boxes to Moore's new place. Pai looked over her shoulder at Kastor, to see that he was facing the open window his eyes closed behind his sunglasses. But his right hand had been stroking the length of her thigh. She had already elbowed him in the ribs twice, but it had done nothing to stop him.

She was hot, tired, sweaty, mad, horny and becoming more frustrated because the person she wanted to fuck was basically getting a hand-job right beside her.

Moore was trying his best to stop Hunter when seeing Pai look over from time to time but he too was losing his battle.

“We're here,” Moore said his voice cracking for an instant. Hunter piled out of the cab behind him and Pai reached for the door handled to get off Kastor's lap. She jerked on it several times as his left hand held her in place around her waist and the right one still stroking her leg. She continued to pull on the door until she realized it was locked while Kastor sat there, his eyes still closed, feeling her up.

She gave him another swift elbow to the ribs. He winced grunting with a chuckle.

“Jackass!” She then hopped from his lap and the truck.

The unloading of Moore's things were pretty much the same as before, with Pai and Kastor taking load after load up and down the stairs being able to use the elevator this time.

Pai had adopted Kastor's ill temper as they both huffed through the apartment bringing in boxes.

While Hunter and Moore seemed to be trying to decorate before everything was actually in the apartment.

“Are you coming or going?!!” Kastor said shoving past Pai heading down with boxes

“Well, sorry!!” She snapped coming back to reality. Kastor was so rude. She couldn’t get away from him, every time she turned around he was right there looming over her. Rushing her and badgering her. She couldn’t even sulk in peace.

Pai was sweating and getting angrier with every step as she bought the last load of boxes up. She almost stumbled into the apartment again, Kastor was taking the door off the hinges; they wouldn’t be able to get the sofa in if it wasn’t. Next would be the heavy-lifting.

Pai stopped a moment to look at Kastor, then away when he looked up at her. He had taken his sunglasses off and Pai was staring into his bright jade green eyes. He noticed the lingering look cocking his eyebrow and winking at her. She turned to leave and he smacked her roughly on her exposed ass cheek.

She turned back around, trying her best to glower at him, but the full view of his handsome face was throwing her off. Hunter decision to pursue Moore didn’t seem so bad after all.

She shook off the sudden rush of arousal, looking back at Moore. He was talking hurriedly on his cell.

“Shit,” he said hanging up.

“What's up?” Hunter said grabbing his arm overly concerned.

“Oh, its nothing really too bad, but I gotta go to the office,” he chuckled, “I never thought I‘d be saying that.”

Kastor wiped his brow waiting for the other shoe to fall.

“Sorry to do this to you, but I have to go in and sign some more paperwork before Monday and the guy that needs it signed will be out next week so I have to do it now... I hate to leave you like this, but you guys can hold off till I get back,” Moore said shrugging at Kastor. “Just chill and we'll finish this later,” Moore continued, going through a mental checklist while straightening his clothes that weren’t all that dirty either.

“No, you go ahead and take care of whatever and Paiwaket and I will finish up here.” Hunter had told everyone her full name and Kastor hadn't let it go.

Kastor smacked Pai on the ass, palming her cheek, when Moore and Hunter were talking. Pai turned, cutting her eyes at him, then punched him in the arm.

He pulled away rubbing his arm but still smiling.

Pai wanted to say she didn’t want to be volunteered for anything but the day had been such a bust she was just wanting to get it over.

“With me and Hunter, I guess we could get everything moved....”

“Well,” Hunter began in her silkiest, sweet voice, “I was actually hoping I could go with you Moore, and see your new office.” Hunter cooed, stroking his arm like she had done his thigh in the ride over.

Pai wanted to scream, Hunter hadn’t done anything. She looked just as fresh as she did when they started that day but Pai looked like she had been hit and drug by a bus and now she just wanted to cut out.

“I mean, I‘d love to but I’d hate to go and leave them without any help...” Moore looked at Kastor almost pleading with him to say it was okay.

“Take off dude, we can handle it.” Moore couldn’t even look at Pai , not that he would have noticed she was about to cry, her day‘s plans having gone down the drain.

“Remember dinners on me!” Moore said quickly leaving the apartment with Hunter in tow.

“See ya, Pai !” Hunter said smugly.

“C'mon Paiwaket.” Kastor grabbed the seething Pai and started rubbing her shoulders while pushing her towards the door before she could respond to Hunter.

“Lift with your legs or you’ll hurt yourself,” Kastor scolded Pai as they picked up the long sofa while heading out of the elevator.

“I know…I know!” she grunted.

“Do you?... then do it!”

“Shut up!” She strained as she lifted, powering with her thighs, smiling weakly at him. He stared at her for a long while, it made Pai somewhat uncomfortable but not totally in a bad way. She avoided his gaze. Wincing as she felt warmth other than sweat between her legs.

She walked slowly backwards to the apartment, Kastor shouting out directions. The sofa jostled as she was stepping backwards causing it to lean-to the side and caught her hand between the sofa and door frame

Pai howled in pain as she stepped back quickly, pulling in most of the sofa with her.

Kastor dropped his side climbing over the sofa and into the apartment nearly running to her.

“Are you alright?” he said trying to take her hand and inspect the damage.

“I’m fine.” She whimpered softly, stifling her tears. “Just leave me alone.” Her bark not as tough or convincing as she held onto her injured hand.

“Let me see.”

“Just let me go!”

“Let me see you, brat,” he said, taking her hand gently.

The fingers were curled and white where the blood had rushed away but was quickly turning red as it rushed back. He looked down at Pai . She was so sweaty from all the moving that he couldn’t tell if tears were actually present.

“If you were tired you should have told me, so you could rest.”

“I’m not tired! You shook the damn thing and I lost my grip!” she retorted bitterly.

“It shock because your tired and too stubborn to admit it!!” he shouted going to the kitchen.

The pain was hot and intense not only because she banged her hand but because of the crappy day she was having at the same time. Her clothes were torn, hair a mess and dirtier than she'd been since she was a kid. The more she tried to stop crying the more she did.

“Here.” Kastor reached for Pai but she pulled away from him. “Hold here, brat,” but she kept turning her head.

He grabbed her by the waist holding her still and reaching around to her injured hand. It was swelling quickly and the ice-cubes wrapped in the paper towels he brought caused her to wince and stiffen in his arms but she still kept her face turned.

He held her steady pulling her to face him as he sat on the edge of the sofa that had caused the problem; one hand on her waist while the other held the ice pack to her hand.

“Don’t be such a baby. It’ll be okay.” He saw her full lips pulled up in a pout but she didn’t answer. “Hey... Hey.” He lifted her chin with his finger.

Pai tried to hold her eyes shut.

“Does it hurt that bad? Is something broken?”

“No!” she said looking at him tears following now. She bit her lip to keep from continuing “I'll be alright.” She forced a weak smile. “Lets just finish.” She moved past him to the sofa.

“Hold on. Just hold on a minute. If you’re not tired I am, I was just trying to use you as an excuse,” Kastor said knowing that even now she'd never admit she needed a rest.

“You have an older brother don’t you,” he said

“Yeah. Why?”

“I don’t know. You just act like you have to be tough or whatever. You don’t have to be tough around me.” He slid back on the sofa.

Kastor stared at Pai while she tried not to cry, his heart melting. He had lit up when he saw her come in that morning, his hangover subsiding for a while. Seeing her smile and talk to Moore. And then watch the take over of attention by Hunter which he was glad for.

He had watched her lustfully all that morning, her muscular honey brown legs. To the flare of her hips into her small waist and large breasts. She had been wearing a sweat shirt, when they started and it had been long discarded after the first few trips up and down the stairs. Now her flimsy white t-shirt was clinging to every curve.

And when her shorts were torn exposing the better part of her ass, he was in heaven and couldn‘t resist, grabbing it or smacking it every chance he got.

He leaned forward, kissing her pouting lips.

Pai looked wide-eyed as he kissed her gently, coaxing her lips open with his tongue and slipping it in her mouth. The dull thud of pain in her hand seemed to subside momentarily while she relaxed into his kiss. She pulled away sharply, her pulse spinning.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“I’m just trying to kiss it and make it better.” He stood up looking down at her, hungrily. He stroked her arm lightly and she jerked from his touch. His eyes narrowed angrily

“He's not coming back you know, at least not for a while.”


“Moore. He wont be back for a while.”

“Well, he said he had to sign papers.”

“The buildings just a block away, that’s why he chose this apartment, because it's so close.”

“Maybe he had a lot of papers to sign.”

“Nah....” he said watching her face. Realization settled over her as her eyes darkened.

“Why do you want her sloppy seconds anyway?”

“I knew him first.”

“But she'll fuck him first,” Kastor replied in a matter-of-fact kinda way.

Pai had had enough. She held her hurt hand to her chest and pushed past Kastor , bending at her knees, she stuck her other hand under the sofa and began pulling it into the apartment.

“Woah, woah , super-girl, calm down. You’re gonna hurt your self, again.”

“I just want to get this over with .”

“Fine, let me do it.”

“I can help …”

“I know you can, but let me,” he said trying to pry her from her position but she wasn’t moving. Kastor stood behind her, his arms wrapped tight around her waist yanking as she held on to the sofa.

“Damn you're strong... let it go!” he said forcibly while pulling her. They fell back onto a pile of pillows that went on the sofa, Kastor trying to hold the almost hysterical and defiantly irate Pai down.

“Get off me.” He held her one hand out to the side while she was still holding her hurt hand to her chest.

“I like you,” he sweetly commented liked a little boy revealing his first crush, smiling down at her.

She stopped abruptly taken aback by his comment.

“You’re so cute,” he continued, looking intently over her face, causing her to blush fiercely.

That only seemed to infuriate Pai even more and she wiggled under him.

Kastor lowered his body onto her and started nuzzling and kissing her neck, searching for her lips as he did but she squirmed and moaned under him.

“Get off me.”

She found that his body on hers was confusing and exciting her.

“Who are you saving yourself for? Moore?” He pulled back, annoyed.

“When was the last time you had sex?” His sexy lips thinned with anger as he glowered at her while sitting up.

“None of your business!” she shouted jumping to her feet and going back to the sofa.

“That long, huh!” his voice was cold with sarcasm.

“Shut up!”

Kastor stood behind Pai pressing his body into hers. She was stuck with the arm of the sofa in front of her. The more she wiggled against him, the harder his cock got.

He reached around grabbing her breast and squeezing it.

“Quit it,” she said, trying to force her confused thoughts and feelings in order.

But he didn’t, and it felt so good. She really didn’t want him to. Her body responded opposite of what she was shouting, the sensation of his large hand on her hot skin was becoming unbearably exciting, as his hand kept mauling her breast; his cock grinding into her ass while he lashed her neck and ear with kisses and long licks and flicks of his tongue.

He positioned himself to the side of her, dipping his hand into the back of her shorts, her protest stopped by a rough and fervent kiss as his fingers found her slick slit, plying her lips and fingering her clit .

It happened so quickly Pai’s mind couldn’t keep up but her body was way ahead of her.

Pai arched her back up allowing him better access to her. Her mind muddled with anger, pain of her dully throbbing hand and uncontrolled passion that had been building all day.

Their tongues fought and slashed at each other in their mouths. Pai breaking their kiss to squeal in delighted excitement as Kastor sunk two fingers into her and fucked her. She began rocking her hips back into him. He stroked her moist neck watching with heavy lids as she enjoyed the new turn of event.

He stopped his finger thrusts suddenly, her eyes snapped opened to look around to see if they had been caught in the door way of the apartment


“Do you want me to finish?”

“Yes,” she pleaded.

“OK.” A triumphant smile lit across his face, “You be the look out and tell me if anyone comes down the hall.”


Kastor dipped behind her, brimming with sinister pleasure, pulling down her shorts and underwear to discover her hidden charms.

“Wait! I’m all sweaty and dirty!” Pai said, suddenly being hit with a wave of modesty.

“I know, so am I.” He slapped her ass. Then finally spreading her ample ass cheeks and taking in the musky sensual sweet smell of her. Then diving to her flesh like a large peach.

Pai arched her back again, a surprised mewl escaping, as she wiggled herself shamelessly onto his tongue.

She had never done anything like this before. She had just met him that morning and now she was about to come on his face. She looked out the door of the apartment, trying to pay attention in case anyone came up the stairs. Anyone on the top floors would have to take the stairs, they still had the elevator open from taking the sofa upstairs.

Kastor's persistent tongue bore into her as she spread her legs. He then lifted the right leg over the side of the sofa while sitting back and looking at her hot flesh before diving in again.

His tongue was magnificent and Pai bounced her hips on his mouth as he pressed into her, she gripped the sofa moaning loudly. Her emotions and body were out of control. Sudden spasmodic eruption took over her as she came hard and violently.

Kastor rubbed his thumb over the pulsing puckered entrance of her ass, raising the moans to sweet higher mewls while prolonging her orgasm for several more moments.

Pai began to slowly rock back into Kastor's tongue that didn’t seem to tire as her orgasms waned. She relaxed over the arm of the sofa panting.

Kastor stood, pulling off his shirt, and took back his position to curl over the blissfully exhausted Pai as she looked back at him happily.

“Thanks,” she said breathlessly not knowing what else to say in her current situation.

“Oh, I have more for you,” he said as his pants fell to his ankles and she felt him behind her pulling out his stiff hard cock.

He let it lay on her ass cheek. It was hot and sticky no doubt from sweat and pre-cum. He slapped her ass with his meaty member before stroking it between her legs dipping it into her juices. Kastor grabbed her thigh, that was still draped over the sofa and poked the mushroom head of his member into her sopping wet entrance, pausing there for only a moment before pushing forward.

It had been a while, several months, since she last had sex and Kastor moving inside her was a welcome change to all that. She gritted her teeth as she began to spread her legs wider to accommodate him and he just kept coming, deliciously sinking deeper and deeper into her.

Thankfully he finally bottomed out, his balls slapping lightly against her clit, sending ripples of pleasure through her.

Kastor had his head buried in her neck, nipping and sucking at her skin as he had entered her from behind, they both had paused taking in the feel, the perfect fit they seemed to have for each other. Before Kastor began to move slowly at first, for several minutes, his head still in her neck as he moaned.

Pai was trying to keep her eyes open and not get lost in the moment but it was getting very hard. They were still out in the open, in front of a door still off its hinges.

Pai let Kastor have control, like she would have been able to stop him otherwise, as he picked up his rhythm, long and deep then short, fast, forceful thrusts into her tight velvety sheath.

“Oh… Haaaannnn... Kastor it feeels so good. Faster… faster.”

All Kastor could do was grunt his reply and quicken his pace. His fingers dug into the tender skin of her hips fiercely. His body aching for release, but he willed himself not to come until she did again.

He groped at her chest, ripping at her t-shirt and bra, pulling her warm full breast free and seeking out the rock hard nub of her nipple pinching it.

Pai bounced her hip on the invading cock while letting her working hand sink to her clit and rub it feverishly. Her body was eager and ready for another orgasm.

A desperate and savage rhythm built between them. Kastor impaling Pai repeatedly on his flesh.

The dizzying pace was pumping blood, pulling and throbbing flesh, raising the heat between them, their bodies easily sliding into and against each other as sweat dripped from them both.

“Kastor... Kas- ... I’m cumming … I’m cumming…!” Kastor had been holding out for just those words, his body began moving like a piston into her. Pulling her hips back to slam against his and meet his thrusts.

He felt her pulse and grip him tightly as her second orgasm hammered her, wracking her body causing her to jerk and convulse around him.

Animal pleasure engulfed Kastor as he pounded into Pai , then pushed into her roughly one last time before exploding thick hot streams of cum into her, his body stiff while his fingers sunk into her skin as he did. She cried out happily. Her happy stuffed cunt milking all she could from him.

Kastor finally collapsed on Pai. They teetered on the side of the sofa until they both slid to the hardwood floor, spent. Pai draped over Kastor this time.

“What are you doing for the rest of the weekend?” he asked while lazily stroking her hair, several minutes later.

“You, I hope,” she said coyly. She liked being reckless and wild.

Her smile made him melt.

“Now that is the correct answer, brat.” He gave her a playful slap on the ass.

“I’ve been waiting forever to fuck you,” Kastor said finally his head clearing from the frenzy of lust.

“Then why were you so mean to me today.”

“Hunter..... I’ve seen her type a million times before. She went for Moore because she knew you liked him, just to prove she could. The fact that he's got a new great paying job doesn’t hurt either. If she knew I liked you, I’m pretty sure I would have been in her sights, too. ”

“Very clever.”

“I’m sure I’ll hear all about their escapade on Monday, at work.”

“At work?”

“Yeah, Moore's working under me now. I helped him get the job. I’ve been trying to get him on there for the longest time and a position finally opened up.”

“So you’re his boss…” An earlier conversation with Hunter made Pai chuckle.

Kastor kissed Pai on the forehead, his mind already racing ahead to the next time he would be inside her.

“He isn’t coming back tonight.” Kastor continued. “So, I think we should give him a little something as a house-warming gift.”

When Moore finally made it home the next morning all of his things were in his home, safe and sound. Hunter had passed out on the sofa as soon as she came in. Her back hurting from all the times they had sex on Moore's new office desk.

He was tired and headed to the shower. Moore looked down at his foot when he took a step in the bathroom, sticky thick fluid stringing from his foot to the floor.

“What the fuck is this? Is this cum...?!”

He would later find similar puddles of Kastor and Pai's combined contributions in every room in his new apartment.

The End

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